tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHolly and Jamie Ch. 01

Holly and Jamie Ch. 01


During my freshman year of college I went out to a Sevendust concert with a couple of guys, Jake and Tommy, and my roommate Jamie. The guys shared another room in the dorm and we hung out together periodically. None of us had a significant other, so there was some flirtation in our group, but nothing more than that. I wouldn't say that Jamie and I were huge fans of Sevendust, but we had heard of them and enjoyed hanging out with the guys. Neither Jamie nor I had ever been to a hard rock/metal concert before and we were in for a surprise.

After the opening act, the crowd became livelier. The crowd noise increased, and the floor got packed with fans. Then it happened. About ten feet in front of us, a girl got up on the shoulders of a guy. I thought it was to just look around, but the crowd started chanting, "Show your tits!"

After laughing a bit, she reached down and pulled up her shirt, showing her bare breasts to all around. The crowd cheered, and people even started taking pictures with their cell phones. Jamie and I just looked at each other in shock. Even Jake and Tommy took some pictures, creating slight pangs of jealousy. She continued laughing as the guy turned around to give everyone a look. A few moments later, the crowd groaned as she pulled her shirt back down and came down from the guy's shoulders.

No sooner was she down when another girl popped up. The chants started immediately. She seemed to be having some sort of conversation with the guy she was on, like he was trying to convince her to do it and she was hesitant. But then she gave in, and pulled up her shirt and bra. She was quite flat, but the crowd didn't care as it went wild again and more pictures were taken. Over the next five minutes or so, several girls got up and gave the sea of horny boys a look at their breasts.

Then Jake nudged me, and asked me if I wanted to go up. I was shocked, but also excited thinking about it. Jamie had heard the question and was carefully watching my reaction. Then she started encouraging me as well. I still wasn't sure, so I turned it around on her, telling HER to do it, and the guys soon began working on her too. I then got carried away with the pressuring, and without really thinking about it, told her that I'd do it if she did it first. This caught her attention and she got momentarily serious, before saying "Deal" and breaking into a big smile.

As I realized what I'd just agreed to, I wanted to take it back but she was already being lifted into the air by Tommy. The crowd cheered at the new prospect and began the chant. She looked down at me and I could see the excitement in her eyes. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it slightly, causing a cheer from the crowd. But she was teasing, lifting it only to the bottom of her bra-covered breasts.

The crowd broke into a new chant, "Higher! Higher!"

Jamie giggled and looked back down at me and said, "Holly, you're next!"

She then looked out into the crowd, wrapped her fingertips underneath her bra and lifted the shirt and bra, releasing her breasts for all to see. The crowd cheered madly. I could see Tommy trying to look up, but it didn't look like he could see too well. Jake, however, had a close-up view of Jamie's tits and began snapping pictures. I gave a mock scowl, but it didn't seem to faze him. He certainly wasn't the only one taking pictures either. After several moments, she let her shirt drop down and got off of Tommy's shoulders. She looked at me and I could tell that she enjoyed that. She also enjoyed informing me that it was my turn.

As I got onto Jake's shoulders, I couldn't believe what I was doing. It felt like I had no control over what was happening. One moment I'm getting on his shoulders, then I'm being lifted up, and then hundreds and hundreds of people are staring at me, calling for me to flash my tits. I looked down at Jamie and see that she had a grin from ear to ear. So did Tommy as he looked up in anticipation. I couldn't believe that I was about to let him see my tits. I looked back to the crowd and watched the faces of several nearby guys, all eager for me to show my breasts. Not doing so was not much of an option at this point. After my deal with Jamie, I would never live it down. Besides, I too felt excited with all of these guys anxiously awaiting me to lift my shirt.

I then decided to just do it. I reached for the bottom of my shirt, and after one more look to Jamie, lifted the bottom to my neck as I closed my eyes. I heard the crowd cheer, and then boo. I opened my eyes in confusion and then it dawned on me that I still had my bra covering my tits. I reached down and grabbed the bottom of my bra, and lifted it to my neck. The crowd roared. I looked out to see all of these faces staring at me. I could also see a lot of cameras being held up, pointing in my direction. I couldn't believe that all of these people were going to have pictures of me with my breasts exposed. Luckily, most of them wouldn't know me. Then I thought of Tommy and Jake. I looked down to see Tommy grinning, taking several pictures of me. Jamie was using Jake's camera to take pictures too. I gazed back to the crowd and looked for a few moments more at the expressions on many of the guys' faces. Jake bounced up and down a bit, which caused my tits to do the same. The crowd responded with another cheer. I was so embarrassed and aroused at the same time. I figured that I was probably the darkest shade of red I'd ever been. I realized that my "flash" was probably longer than it needed to be, so I let my shirt drop and tapped Jake to let me down.

It took some time to recover after getting down. It was kind of a blur, but I think I hugged Jamie. I also noticed Tommy showing pictures from his camera to Jake, and Jake seemingly enjoying the view. I was just overwhelmed and somewhat relieved when the lights dimmed and Sevendust came on stage. The concert itself was anticlimactic. I couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened, flashing my breasts to a huge crowd of horny guys with many of them taking my picture. The expressions of several guys kept going through my head. I thought of Tommy, a guy that lives down the hall in my dorm, watching my tits and taking picture after picture. And I thought of Jake, looking lustfully at pictures of me. All I can say now is that it was quite a concert.

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