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Hot Wax


I enter the room wearing nothing but a sheer pink spaghetti strap night gown and and an open white silk robe. Only a little light from the hallway and the glowing from the numerous candles on the headboard of the bed light the room. I see my sexy Jenny kneeling on the bed naked and tied as I had left her several minutes before. I admire her body nice and slim I can tell she stays in shape from her 6 mile hikes in the mountains of Massachusetts.

"Hello my slut," I say trying to sound sexy yet commanding at the same time.

I see her shiver as she hears my voice again. She has no idea what to expect. "Hello Mistress," she replies her voice sounds a little nervous.

I walk over to her and firmly push her so she is face down in the bed. I look down and admire her soft, smooth skin. I lightly run my hand up her calf to her thigh and give her a quick spank on the butt, "Ouch," she screams as my hand meets her skin leaving a red mark. Quickly I reach my hand and spank her on her other butt cheek "Ahhh," she yelps again.

Moving up her body I grab her hair and lift her head up. "What is your business here slut?" I ask her in a commanding tone.

Her body shivers. "T...t..to please you M...M..Mistress."

"And how do you wish to please me slave?" I ask

"Any way you see fit Mistress."

I turn her body over so she is facing up and I straddle her waist. Seductively I remove my robe as it falls over her shins. Leaning down I lick my way up her throat, under her chin up to her lips and give her bottom lip a light quick tug with my teeth. I slowly lower the straps of my gown lifting it off in a sweeping motion revealing my nicely tanned and toned body to her. I lightly drag it over her face so she can smell the sweet scent of my body before dropping it to the floor below. I dangle my hair in her face. "You smell lovely Mistress," she moans in ecstasy her body straining against the ropes she is tied with.

I slap her face quickly. "I don't want to her your voice," I yell at her. "You only speak when you are spoken to or asked to speak understand you dirty skank?"

"Y...y..yes Mistress, I'm sorry," she replies and I see tears escape from the corners of her eyes sliding down the sides of her head.

I grab her cheeks tightly with my hand, "Oh oh no crying, crying is for babies. I don't want to see anymore tears." I start to grind my pussy over hers I see her bound body respond and her breathing quickens. "Feel good slut?"

"Yes Mistress," she replies obediently.

My hands rise up and firmly squeeze her 34C breasts and pinch her nipples getting them hard. "Oooooooooo," Jenny coos her body responding.

Slapping her sharply across the cheek again. "I told you I don't want to hear you," I scream at her. "I see you just don't want to listen," I say grabbing her panties and stuffing them in her mouth.

I reach for the red candle from the headboard and hold it just over her tits and I see her eyes open up up in fear as she now knows what is about to happen. Jenny starts to squirm in her restraints and scream into the panties. Slowly I tilt the candle, the hot wax meeting Jenny's soft skin as her body rises up from the burning loud moans escaping from the panties in her mouth. "Oh yes feels good doesn't it slut?" I see the red wax trails hardening on her body as I return the candle to the headboard. I reach for the blue candle next holding it just over her throat as I tilt it and blue candle wax spills on her throat going down the sides onto the bed sheets. Again her body squirming and screams of pain and pleasure coming through the panties. I return the candle to the headboard and take out the panties from her mouth as she gasps for air to calm her breathing again the blue wax hardening on her throat. Whatever is not covered in wax is covered in sweat from the pain and the constant force she uses against her ropes.

"Will you be a good girl now Jenny?" I ask her sweaty body.

"Yes Mistress," she replies her breathing now calming a bit.

There are more different colored candles on the headboard but I decide to cut Jenny a break this being her first lesson with wax involved. I slide up her body planting my trimmed landing strip pussy on her mouth and my hands on the headboard careful not to touch the candles. Jenny's tongue works magic over and in my pussy I can tell she is definitely not a beginner at this. Shocks of pleasure are racing through my body I start to grind my pussy on her mouth and over her face. I throw my head back screaming, "Yes Jenny, yes Jenny." I can feel my orgasm building and I am about to climax all over Jenny's face. Lost in pleasure I start to shake the headboard totally forgetting the candles there. As my toes curl in and my back arches I climax. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes," I scream as I release myself over Jenny's face. As I come down from my orgasm I crawl off of her face and kneel beside her on the bed.

"Thank you Mistress," Jenny says.

"I said you are not to speak," I quickly blow out the candles the room goes black and I shake and rattle the headboard.

Jenny begins to scream in fear, "No please Mistress no..." the candles topple and fall spilling hot wax all over her tied body. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Jenny screams in pain the hot wax from all the candles coating her body.

I get off the bed and head towards the doorway. "Now get some sleep my pet, I'll see you in the morning," I say as Jenny remains tied on the bed and I leave the room and close the door behind me.

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