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If Only She Had Known


I was about 26, married about 3 years. I had just taken a job in another city where my wife would sometimes join me for a week at a time. The rest of the time she stayed at home and I'd return home from Friday until Tuesday morning. One of the weeks my wife was not there, a bunch of us got together after work in a nearby tavern, as often happened. Out of the blue, one of the women I worked with came and sat on my lap. I didn't know her that well. She was new and we just hadn't had much of a chance to talk. She wanted me to dance with her.

"Just relax and don't worry what other people think. Dancing is just a socially acceptable way of making out and feeling up a member of the opposite sex," she said, trying to shock me.

"I wouldn't mind making out with you, or feeling you up" I responded. "I just would be really uncomfortable doing it on the dance floor.

"Why don't we just do it right here?" I replied trying to equally shock her. She avoided my question.

We talked for a while longer and she could feel my growing erection. "Well I see you are enjoying my sitting on your lap" she said, "and that answers one of my questions."

"What was the question?" I queried.

"I wondered if you were asexual," she replied.

"To the contrary I find you both very attractive and stimulating, as my growing erection proved."

"It did, it did, and thanks for the compliments, verbal and tactile."

"My pleasure, as you have already observed. What other questions did you have?"

She was a very direct and inquisitive questioner, as if she had very little social filter, or so it seemed.

She was hot and she knew it. She was a wearing a dark red semi-transparent blouse, Her modest white bra quite visible, enclosing what I estimated were some pretty nice 36 C cup breasts. Her tight black wool skirt clung to her ass that was round and high. Her waist was incredibly narrow, which emphasized the size of both her ass and breasts. She had teased, very blond hair, which was a style of some more citified people of the day (mid 70s). But I was more the country bumpkin, hippie type with my longer wavy hair and beard. I later found out she was Polish and had grown up in Chicago, which explained her more sophisticated style of clothing and hair style.

As she sat there on my lap, I only wished that she was a little more of the mother earth type, so that she might have been braless. As she talked to me though, I thought that I could see her nipples rising up in her bra. I put my hand on her ass and rubbed it gently.

My initial impression was that she probably had guys falling all over her all her life. Contrary to the popular prejudices about blondes being dumb, I've always found them kind of intimidating. But that probably says more about me than blondes. I was kind of amazed that she was focusing on me, I was not the only guy there, and there were a lot of guys more handsome than me. She clearly was trying to seduce me, I think she took it as a challenge.

"How often do you have sex? And do you have any lovers other than your wife" she quickly responded without a pause.

"You don't pull any punches do you?"

"Should I, or are you just stalling before you answer?"

This was getting interesting real quickly. "I have sex about once a day, on average when we are together."

"Do you really have sex that often, or are you just trying to impress me?"

"Why would I want to impress you?"

"Don't you want to get into my pants?"

Her questions kept coming. This was definitely getting interesting. I suddenly realized this conversation was going way farther than the typical conversation with a work mate of the opposite sex. I wondered if I was comfortable with where this conversation was going. I didn't wonder that long though. What the hell. A little talk never hurt.

"Of course I'd like to get in your pants, but I wouldn't have to lie to you about how often I have sex to do that."

"Are you that sure of yourself, or do you just realize how horny I am?"

"Sorry. I've just found in life it is always easier to tell the truth. That way I don't have to remember alternate versions of the truth."

That seemed to silence her for a few seconds. "What did you mean by 'on average?' " she next asked.

"Well, sometimes we miss if we are busy or one of us is tired, but sometimes we have a double header."

"Wow" she said, "I never would have guessed.

"I suppose I should be offended by that remark, but I won't be. Now it's time for me to ask a few questions," I said.

"Ask me whatever you want. You've been good about answering my questions."

"How many lovers did you have before you got married?"

"I was a virgin, as hard as that may be to believe."

"That's not hard to believe. Should I find it hard to believe?"

"Well, it is just that growing up in the sixties I felt like I was the only virgin left."

"Did that bother you?"

"It did. I felt like everybody else was having a party that I hadn't been invited to."

"So why didn't you at least tell your husband you wanted to have sex before you got married?"

"I was afraid he'd not only refuse, but leave me too."

"Wow, pretty strong Catholic guilt."

"How did you know?"

"Hey, it's my turn to ask the questions, remember."

"Good, go ahead."

"When was your last threesome?"

"I've never had a threesome. Boy did I ever misjudge you" she said.

"How many lovers have you had since you were married?"

"I don't keep a count. Let's just say more than 10," she said squirming a bit on my lap.

"Catholic guilt still bothering you?"

"Damn, you have me pegged."

"l'll take that as a yes. Of all your lovers other than your husband, what is the most times you have made love with any one of them?"

"Three times."

"Not that satisfying, or do you just like variety?"

"I haven't really thought about that, but I guess it was the former."

Nobody was really paying much attention to us, and I had started rubbing her back and ass a bit more actively as I was asking her my questions. After a while, I put my hand under her blouse in the back and started rubbing her back on her bare skin. I couldn't get over how soft and tight her skin was.

"Your skin is very soft," I told her. "Do you use a special cream?"

"I always use Lubriderm and I always use Dove instead of soap."

"You should do their commercials."

"Thanks. Your hand feels good too."

I tried moving to the front so I could feel her breasts.

"Not here. Someone will see us."

"They are all to busy doing it the socially acceptable way, as you put it. Who needs to relax now?" I teased.

"Maybe we should go somewhere where we could do our own dance. We can go to my place," she suggested.

I knew she was married, her big rock attested to that. "What about your husband. I don't want to die young."

"He's away on sabbatical, but we have an open relationship anyway."

"Gee, guess who's shocked now? That could be another hour of questions, but just briefly, what does that 'open relationship' really mean?"

"Well in my case, it means that I have a very high sex drive and he realizes he doesn't. So we have an understanding that I can have other partners, as long as I am discreet. Which is why means we shouldn't leave here together."

"That is a small enough price to pay. I will just go to the men's room and then wait for you outside across the street."

"Great. I'll come along in about five minutes."

I was outside for about one minute when she came out.

"What happened to being discreet?"

"I'm horny and couldn't wait. Is that a crime?"

"Not in this state." We walked to her place, which was about a mile away. I should mention this was mid-winter in Vermont and it was about --10 degrees Fahrenheit, with a bit of a wind. and had been snowing that day. We held hands and continued our good talk as we walked to her place. She said she had never had anyone who would answer her questions so directly. I told her I'd never been questioned like that, nor asked any woman such questions. By the time we got to her place we were both aroused, and freezing.

"Let's take a Jacuzzi," she suggested.

"That sounds fun."

She brought me into her bathroom that was very sumptuous and had a nice Jacuzzi. She lit a bunch of candles and turned out the lights. We helped each other out of our clothes. She saw my cock and drew her head back.

"I didn't know you were that big.My husband is much smaller."

"Sorry about that, but I will be gentle and be sure you aren't uncomfortable at all."

After a quick shower, we took about a half hour in the Jacuzzi and had a lot of fun feeling our way around each other's bodies.

"I've never seen a real uncircumcised cock before" she said.

"Well it is real, and thankfully my parents didn't have my foreskin cut off. I used to be a bit self-conscious about that until I went to Germany in the Army and there it is the norm for men to be uncut."

She got into playing with my foreskin. I explained to her how sensitive that skin was and how, without lubrication, it allowed the penis to move in and out even while she held it tightly.

So after we finished our Jacuzzi and dried off, she said "I want to play some more with your penis to experiment with the foreskin."

"That is fine with me, but only if you allow me to lick your pussy while you play with my penis."

"Oh goody, my husband never eats me out." I was starting to feel really bad for her and the husband. If he really had such a mini cock he surely needed to learn to use his mouth and tongue to compensate. He was a college professor and way too intellectual to think of anything that practical I guess.

"Do you do this for your wife often?

"Whenever she asks, but I seem to like it better than she does."

"That feels so great. What's not to like about it?"

"Beats me, but to each her own."

I licked her trimmed pussy from top to bottom and back again a few times. Then I pulled her lips apart with my thumbs and started sucking her inner lips, and then pushing one index finger and then my rolled tongue into her sweet pussy. As I began lightly licking her clit, she moaned and pushed her mound up into my face and grabbed may head with her thighs, squeezing very tightly.

"Oh my God," she shouted as she roared to an orgasm, her face, neck and chest turning bright red. I just kept licking her clit until she begged me to stop. "I have never had an orgasm with a man, before, only by masturbating. How did you learn to do that?"

"Trial and error, and a lot of reading. Early on I had a lover who faked orgasms. Some time after she left me heartbroken, she wrote and told me she had never had an orgasm during intercourse, with me or any other guy. Obviously I wished she had told me that before, but I vowed that no other woman would ever say that about me again. So you can thank her."

"But how do you do it?"

I try to read your responses to what I am doing to you. Sometimes it is easier than others. But the essence is really quite simple: I just make sure that my partner always comes before I try to have my own orgasm. Usually the first time is orally or manually. My own unscientific study shows a woman is more apt to have a vaginal orgasm if she has had a clitoral one first. It doesn't always work out that way, but every woman I've been with since my heartbreak has always had at least one orgasm each time we have sex. So as disappointing as hearing that was, I was determined not to let it become the story of my life. If I was only average in cock size, then I had to rely on something else.

"You've got me creaming just talking about it."

"You are a very sexual woman, Babe. And your brain is a powerful sex organ," I said.

"Can we get on to that elusive vaginal orgasm? I've never had one. I'm overdue, I want you in me now!" she said emphatically.

"Don't hurry. There's no prize for finishing first. We have all night to have sex. I want you to have another clitoral orgasm first. I think you can reach even higher. I'll penetrate you later, but first I want to watch you have another even more powerful orgasm. It is a real turn on to make a woman come. Won't you indulge me?"

"Of course I'll indulge you, but I've never had more than one orgasm at a time."

"Have you ever tried? All women are multui-orgasmic, some just don't know it yet."

"I wish that was true. But in my case I am quite sure it isn't."

"Why give up so easily? Earlier tonight you thought you couldn't have an orgasm with a man, so what is the harm in trying?"

"You win."

"If I am right, we'll both win. Tell me about your first sexual experiences."

She went on to tell me how she was raised in a strict Roman Catholic Polish family in Chicago. She couldn't talk about sex wit her parents, so that left her siblings and friends. Since she was the oldest, her siblings couldn't help much so she had to rely on her friends, but they were as clueless as she was. She said she learned how to masturbate when she was in an all girls college, She said she liked masturbating so much she almost rubbed her clit off doing it whenever she could.

As she went on I lightly touched her now very wet clitty and she jumped as soon as I did. I told her she was still very sensitive, so I was going to very slowly rub her pussy while we talked, but I wouldn't touch her clit again until she told me she was ready. She could just relax knowing I wasn't going to over stimulate her until she was ready. I would keep touching her so that she would get used to my touch. So I gently rubbed her well-lubricated pussy for a while as she told me about her quick courtship with her husband at the end of her senior year. They got married in secret and then told her parents. Her pussy continued to pour out more lubes. Finally, she spoke up.

"I think I'm ready to move ahead."

"Great. Let's take it slow. You are going to get there. Trust me. We just have to take it slow."

Soon, she had achieved a lovely plateau and I think she now believed she might have that elusive second orgasm. I rubbed her whole pussy with my flattened hand, rubbing her clit, but not singling out her clit. As she started moaning I then whispered in her ear. "I'm going to now focus on your clit and you will have a delicious orgasm."

She was almost crying at this point and her entire chest and neck were getting very pink as she held her breath and pushed. Any further questioning would have to wait. "Don't stop. Please don't stop," she pleaded.

"Don't hold your breath yet. Just go with the flow, letting your orgasm build by itself. You'll go higher that way," I assured her. At that point she was just moaning, as if in pain. Finally, I told her to push and hold her breath.

At the same time I continued rubbing her clit as I stuck two fingers in her pussy at the same time. Almost immediately she clamped down on my hand with her legs and shouted.

She was really moaning now, almost constantly. She started crying "I'm going to come, I'm going to come!"

"Let it come Babe, let it come." I rubbed her now very large and prominent clit very hard and very fast. Her pussy was so wet I could hardly bear down, everything was so slippery. She exploded in an orgasm as she groaned loudly, tears pouring from her eyes as her pussy squirted. She didn't know what was happening; she didn't know about female ejaculation.

"Oh my God, I just lost control of my bladder."

"No Babe, you just ejaculated," I said. "You just gave me the best compliment any woman could."

She hugged me very tightly and started kissing me intensely.

"I now want to be inside that hot pussy of yours," I said.

"You can have my pussy whenever you want it, honey. It is now officially yours; you own it. That is the most intense orgasm I have ever felt."

"Don't sell yourself short. We have a lot more to explore tonight." I was rock hard at this point. "I'm now ready to work on that vaginal orgasm if you are ready."

"I told you this pussy is yours whenever you want it." Slowly I slid my cock into that wonderfully warm and juicy pussy. She just said "Give it to me. Give it all to me, and give it to me hard."

I obliged her. Her pussy was still quivering from her latest orgasm. Once I eased my way in, I pounded her as hard as I could and ground my pubic bone against her clit on about every other stroke. She seemed to have an orgasm, or series of orgasms, that lasted about a minute or more, though I sure wasn't timing it. I don't think I've ever felt my cock being squeezed so long or so hard. She was saying something, but not in a language I understood. She just held me tight and had a huge smile on her face whenever I looked. I pounded her for quite a while as she squealed in pleasure.

When I came, I could feel each squirt as it splashed as deep in her pussy as I could physically place it. Her pussy milked each drop from me. She later told me she counted eight quirts.

We were booth exhausted. I rolled onto our sides so I didn't crush her. We both fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms, still engaged. At some point, just as I was dozing off, I felt my cock fall out and a gush of semen followed. The bed was already so wet from her squirting it made little difference.

Early that morning we awoke to the sun coming up, we realized we hadn't closed any window shades. We took another wonderful Jacuzzi that morning.

"I can't get over that I had so many orgasms and that I had multiple vaginal orgasms," she said.

"You are a very sexual woman. Your only problem is you had set your sights too low. You just need to raise your expectations. Recalibrate. You need to let your body tell your mind what your limits are, not the other way around."

"Tell me more about female ejaculation."

"I'm no expert, but I know it's also called squirting, and indeed you did. It usually happens when you have a really intense orgasm. It's a sign of a very sexual woman, and indeed you are."

"I know I get really horny and I know I think about sex a lot" she said "and I have had a few other lovers since we opened our marriage, but I never expected or experienced anything like this. I want more."

"I think you've probably only scratched the surface," I told her. "You'll have more, but you have to be more assertive on your own behalf, demanding more from your lovers and telling them what you need and when you need it. I think your potential is much greater."

"What do you possibly mean? There can't be anything more intense than that. I think I passed out briefly," she said.

"Well according to the law of averages I'm far from the biggest cock you'll ever have. Surely you realize that a multi-orgasmic woman like you can accommodate many lovers. You will some day have multiple partners when you open your mind to that possibility."

"Oh dear," she said, "what Pandora's Box have I opened?"

"A great one," I said. "And with any luck I'll get to explore more of it with you."

We indeed did explore a lot more over the years. And that will have to be covered in later parts of this story.

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