tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIn The Prison Ch. 02

In The Prison Ch. 02


There was silence for a few moments, then the men cheered and clapped! They loved the first "show", and knew there would be nine more that day. It was a feast for men, and we were the smorgasbord. Drinks and snacks were served to all of the men, while the female prisoners were left strapped to the tables and given a little water. I think that was the hardest thing, the knowledge that we were strictly entertainment, would be left strapped to the tables for hours waiting our turns, and watching and listening to the other women as they were driven out of control of their own responses. We never knew what form of entertainment would be our lot; it varied with each session each month.

I never could decide if it was better to be on one of the first tables, so that your time was quickly over, or to be on one of the last tables, so that you didn't have to lie and listen to all the others after your turn.

I moved my head and looked at each of the newbies. The one on the right was clearly a wreck, sobbing and praying, her whole body shaking. The one on my left was very quiet, she was a blond with big blue eyes, and I could see all the questions in those eyes, but she didn't utter a sound. Both of the newbies had been in the prison a few days, long enough to get some idea of the place, but nothing to prepare them for this long day ahead.

The break only lasted about fifteen minutes, long enough for soldiers to water each of the prisoners. The audience of men sat expectantly, waiting for the second "show". This was my fourth time participating, if you could call it that, and the one thing I did know was that each show was different, always new elements and techniques. It amazed me how creative the warden could be, if indeed he was the mastermind behind it all.

Soldiers approached the second table in each line, once again in groups of three. Two soldiers of each group carried bolster-type pillows; the third carried what appeared to be a video camera. This I had not seen before. The women's heads were raised, and a smaller bolster put under their necks. The hip straps were released, and a large bolster put under their buttocks, raising them at least six inches. They now had a little room to move their hips a little, which was interesting, as this had never been the case before. Somehow the extra freedom gave me a bad feeling, and I did not think it boded well for them. The cameras were positioned between their legs on tripods, and pointed directly at their pussies. The soldiers pressed a button on each camera, and then we heard the huge monitor hum. The picture flickered on, and there were the four naked pussies, much enlarged and wide open for everyone to see. The prisoners were all regularly shaved, so you could see every detail, every fold, their clits peeking out, and the juicy evidence of their responses to the earlier "show". All the women gasped in horror, the four on display immediately burst in to tears. To have your most private areas so blatantly exposed to so many! The men in the audience yelled their approval, and leaned forward in their chairs, eagerly waiting.

The soldiers at the tables began, one at each prisoner's head, one on each nipple. It was soon evident that this session was much different from any previous. The soldiers moved so slowly, teasing, licking, sucking. I think it was soon obvious that each excelled in what he was doing; you didn't have to be the woman on the table to get that. I watched fascinated as a soldier at our second table kissed and caressed the face of the woman, licking her lips, sucking at them, caressing and kissing her cheeks, forehead, and stroking her hair. He nuzzled down her neck, so softly, then sucked his way back up, gently stroking her lips with his fingers and then inserting them into her mouth, slowly and teasingly. He didn't have to force her lips open, they were already parted unconsciously with her dazed response. I had never seen such a sensual lovemaking of a face in my life. I couldn't help but be mesmerized by it.

A groan from the men in the audience pulled my eyes to the screen, and you could see the obvious effect on the four women. All four pussies were opening, the clits were swelling, and one had juice seeping from it, and it was moving as the woman was starting to thrust with her hips. I looked back at our row, and it was the woman there who was thrusting her hips. The two soldiers at her breasts were using the same slow method as the soldier at her face, teasing, sucking her nipples, kissing her breasts all over, squeezing them with their fingers. They knew exactly when to vary their movements to keep it exciting, obvious by the way that all four women were now moaning. The other three were fighting it, they kept trying to move their faces away and hold their hips woodenly still. You only had to look at the monitor to know that it was a lost cause, as their pussies were now all open wide and wet, clits swollen tight. One by one they gave way, and all four pussies were now humping and gyrating on the screen, begging for release. For the rest of us, it was like we were in their bodies, so vivid were the sounds and the screen, and our bodies tingled as our imaginations stroked us.

The soldiers kissing their faces stopped, unzipped their flys, and mounted the tables, straddling the woman on either side of their heads. The small bolsters had tipped their heads forward, and their mouths were at the perfect angle for the men to fuck. Two women offered no resistance, the other two tried, but it was a quick matter of the soldiers' fingers in the sides of their mouths and their cocks were in. The soldiers thrust slowly, but deeply, while the soldiers at each breast worked them expertly.

The effect of the cocks was profound, once again you could hear sighs and flys unzipping in the audience, and I turned again to the monitor, to see their pussies thrusting and gasping on empty air and invisible cocks. More and more frantically the pussies moved, searching for release that was very difficult to find with no clit contact. The soldiers at their mouths were not holding back their passion, they were grunting and groaning and thrusting faster. The women's nipples were now being pinched and pulled, and the women themselves were moaning and mewing, uncontrollably. I wanted to touch myself so badly, my passion heating up in unison with theirs, but there was nothing I could do for relief.

One for the four pussies suddenly spasmed, once, twice, then suddenly it just let go, spasm after spasm, with juice pouring out, the clit jumping hard. The woman on the table screamed in her throat, and I saw a lot of the men in the audience, their jaws open, eyes glazed, pump their cocks in unison with her spasms. Her orgasm seemed be the catalyst, the second pussy jerked, spasmed, and began cumming, then the third followed, shooting juice out in unbelievable strong contractions. The men in the audience were groaning and jerking, cocks jumping and erupting. The fourth woman finally came, and it was spectacular, she screamed so hard I don't think she noticed how hard the soldier was pumping her throat, and her orgasm was the longest, going on and on, driving all the women on the tables crazy as we watched and heard. None of the men in the audience were able to hold back, they all gave in this time. It would be a little while before the third "show" began.

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