tagHumor & SatireInvisibility


byPervis Brown©

The wind whistles around the corner of the building. I see you bundled up in your coat with your scarf pulled around your neck. The ends whip in the wind and seem to wave tauntingly at me.

You are oblivious to me, but I see you. I always see you.

I saw you yesterday and the day before and everyday except last Tuesday when you called in sick, but spent the day with your mother shopping.

I have a lot to do, but I make time for you.

I remember vividly the first time I saw you but I don't know exactly when it was.

You were trying to park your car next to the music store and the space was too small. After too many attempts, you finally drove away. I waited for you to come back, but you didn't.

Today I saw you coming up the street and I quickly removed the barrier barrel I had placed in the parking space. You couldn't believe your good fortune as you pulled in.

I sauntered into the store, imagining that I was invisible. I always wanted to be invisible.

When I was a kid, I thought I could get into the cookies and ice cream and copy the smart kid's test answers when I was invisible.

When I became older, all I wanted to do with my invisibility was watch ladies without making them uncomfortable.

I wanted to be invisible because I love women so much.

I love the line of their bodies, whether they are round or thin. I like the way their hair fits their heads and I rejoice at the sight of their long, regal necks.

I sniff the air when they pass as inconspicuously as I can, so I can get just a whiff of their unique essence.

I listen to the bird-like sounds of their voices as they laugh.

I will move to a newly empty chair, so I can feel the fading warmth left by a lady's body. I dream and fantasize about the creamy softness of their flesh and the firmness of their breasts and buttocks.

Sometimes I sit with my eyes open, staring ahead and I can see the outline of a lady's legs through her silky, shivery dress.

My mind was easily trained for my special interests.

Now I walk into the store with my entire finely honed skills active and screaming with proficiency. I am a stalking animal...a puma on prey.

I move next to you and you are unaware. I pick up a CD and you are still oblivious to me and I worry a bit. Then I remember your disadvantage at not being able to see me so I become visible again.

"I have that CD."

Apparently you don't hear me.

"It's very musical."

I know then that you are trying to pretend that you don't hear me. I laugh inside to realize that you are already wanting me, but trying to control your urges.

Unfortunately, your weak will power will easily be crushed as I overcome your inhibitions with my practiced charm.

This is so easy for me. I choose a woman and she is powerless to resist me if I want her.

I do want you and I let my pheromones flow through the pores of my skin. They silently and invisibly waft into your nose. I watch for your eyelids to flutter when your animal need kicks in.

Generations ago, we were like animals and responded eagerly to an invisible scent. Now we attempt to negate and confuse our senses from that primal signal with perfumes and artificial scents.

But none can overcome mine and soon enough, you will unwittingly recognize my sexual power and be drawn...no sucked... into my desire.

I stand there and wait for you to discover me.

You are stronger than most. You might have a sinus condition that restricts your ability to breathe and you may be deaf as well. It doesn't matter to me, for I like a challenge.

I drop the CD, which lands near your foot. I lean down to pick it up and quickly try to sneak a peek up your skirt. You close your legs and move away.

I appreciate a good tease, so I follow you. You look through the new books on special table and leaf through Clinton's "My Life". You laugh as you set it back down, shaking your head.

I rush into the rest room and when I am sure it is empty, I grab a handful of toilet paper and stuff it into my briefs, pausing to check the bulge in the mirror before I go out looking for you again.

You are gone. Apparently, some crisis has occurred forcing you to leave suddenly. I look around the store, but see only old women with bifocals and paunchy guys in the car section.

Disappointed, I start out the door, but then I see you at the trunk of your car, and I race back to the CD's where I saw you and I find the one you were listening to.

I push my way to the front of the checkout to buy the CD and impatiently wait while they remove the theft sensor band, then I run out the door.

I am panting when I reach you. You look up. It almost seemed like a frown creased your face.

"You forgot your CD."

"No I didn't. I didn't buy anything."

"I know, so I bought it for you...no problemo."

I waited for your laugh.

You turned and started to get in your car, and I stood next to the door, with my hand on the doorframe.

"Get away from me, you fucking, weird bastard."

That was so exciting. She knew that dirty talk aroused me. My heart raced then, knowing she was my type.

"Can I buy you some pie?"

"Yeah sure. Why don't you meet me at the House of Pies in about 20 minutes."

"Great. Where is that? I have never been there."

"I am sure you can find it if you shove your head back up your ass and look around."

She didn't have to work so hard to turn me on. I was really excited now.

"Seriously now, no more kidding. What would it take to have some time with you, gorgeous?"

"Nothing you have, dickless."

"How about five hundred bucks?"

I fished into my pocket and pulled out a wad of hundreds.

She smiled and took my hand.

"I believe there's a hotel right here, darlin. So tell me more about yourself, handsome."

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