tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJenna's Night Out Ch. 01

Jenna's Night Out Ch. 01


The day after Jenna and I made the trip to the convenience store the phone rang and it was Jenna. The previous night's escapades apparently had the same affect on Jenna as it did on me. She said she had never felt so exhilarated and wet. As soon as she got home she dropped her clothes and grabbed the vibrator getting herself off more than once. She said that she never thought that she would ever consider exposing her boobs in public and now she was thinking of taking the next step. Although she said she didn't think she would have it in her to go totally naked out in public. I began instantly formulating a new adventure.

I told her that I felt the same way at first and that she could always count on me to be with her. I knew I would need to bring Ed in on this and that he would certainly be a willing accomplice. Jenna said she would need to think about it, but I could tell she was starting to get excited just talking about it. As soon as I was off the phone with Jenna I called Ed and told him what had occurred the previous night and how it had gotten Jenna so excited. We talked on the phone for awhile and developed a plan for initiating Jenna into full public nakedness. A few days later Ed and I had that little adventure at the mall.

A few days after my shopping trip with Ed I called Jenna to see if she would be free Saturday night. She asked straight off what I had planned and I told her that we would be joining Ed for drinks, dinner and dancing at a little out of the way local club. I had been there before with Ed and did not have any problems when I somehow had lost my clothes. They in fact told us that we were welcome back anytime. I knew this was just the place to introduce Jenna to full public nudity.

I told Jenna that once all the details were worked out that I would call her and tell her what to wear. She began telling me she had something in mind but I said that I was going to decide what she could or couldn't wear Saturday night. She said she trusted me but that I had better not tell her she would be only wearing shoes out that night. I told her she would be leaving her house fully clothed and that eased her mind. I guess she never thought to ask what she would be wearing home. So much easier that she never thought to ask. I called Ed and told him we were set for Saturday night and could he please make the preparations we had discussed. He said he would call me when everything was set.

It was only Thursday and I was so anxious for Saturday night to get here. I went in to my bedroom to begin selecting my outfit for Saturday night. Now as most of you know who have been following my adventures I usually only wear a skirt and top or a dress and some sort of footwear but not this time. Since I already knew what was to happen that night I could not wear one of the new dresses I had just bought. The reason for this will be revealed later but some of you may think you know where this is leading.

I looked in my lingerie drawer at my very limited selection and chose a barely there white lace bra and a very small white lace g string. The bra was almost totally see through and the g string was a small transparent triangle connected to some very small strings that held it together, the back was almost non-existent. Then I moved onto the closet and selected a skirt that I have had for many years. It is very short maybe just 10 inches from waist to hem. and black in color. I decided to try it on to see how it looked. I was already naked so I pulled the skirt on and buttoned it up the side. I looked in the mirror and could see that if I unbuttoned the top button I could pull it down to sit low on my hips. Doing this the skirt was maybe two inches below my pussy.

I liked the look and so off came the skirt and I looked for a top. I finally chose red button down blouse that I would tie at the waist so it would expose just a little skin between it and the skirt. A pair of sandals I had bought on clearance and I was ready for Saturday night.Friday morning I got a call from Ed telling me everything was set for Saturday night. I then called Jenna to tell her what she should wear. I told her that this place was not fancy so don't wear anything really fancy. I said to be sure and wear a bra and panties which seemed to surprise her and also make her feel more at ease.

I said that she should be sure to wear a skirt and a blouse not a dress. Also that the skirt should either have buttons from hem to waist or a zipper. Then I said to wear some sort of blouse that buttons and maybe shows a little bare belly.Jenna said that she should have everything I asked and I told her to come over to my house about 8 pm Saturday night and Ed would meet us there and drive us to the club. I was so excited at the thoughts of what was going to happen the next night.

I just had to do a little reading and get out my favorite little toy, my pocket rocket. I felt so much better afterwards. I went in took a nice hot shower and off to bed. Saturday was a lazy day just doing some housework while I continued thinking about the night to come. Before long it was time to start getting ready. I took a bubble bath, made sure all areas were free of hair, put on my Tommy Girl perfume and began to get dressed. I thought about putting on some thigh high stockings but decided I should wear pretty much what jenna was wearing.

I put on the bra which felt a little strange since I rarely wear one. I pulled on my g string then put on the skirt once again leaving the top button open so the skirt could sit a bit lower and cover a little more at the bottom. The blouse was last, I tied it so it showed some skin and on went the sandals and I was ready. I wore no other accessories just the clothes and sandals. I poured a glass of wine and waited for the others to arrive. Jenna was the first to arrive and she looked great. She had on a skirt almost as short as mine that also had buttons all down the side and her top was tied and just showed maybe an inch of bare skin between it and the skirt.

I refilled my wine glass and gave Jen a glass as we talked about the night to come. She was visibly nervous because she knew that I was intent on her being naked in public and that I would certainly be losing my clothes before the night ended. She admitted to being very turned on when I was naked in the store and she was topless. She said that she would most likely get topless again in public but didn't know if she could get naked. I told her that I would be with her and that she should just relax and trust me as well as Ed. One more glass of wine for Jenna and then Ed arrived. He opted to get going and wait until we got to the restaurant/club to have one.

Unlike most times I stayed fully dressed as we drove to the club. Soon we had arrived and saw there was more cars in the lot than I have seen before. We parked and as we were walking up to the entrance I saw a sign advertising an auction that was to take place at 11 pm tonight. Jenna saw the sign an said that maybe they would have something she would like to bid on. Ed and I looked at each other and winked.

They were going to collect a cover charge starting at 9:00 but it was just 8:30 so we didn't need to pay. I doubt they would have charged us even if we did arrive after 9 pm. We went and got a table near the small dance floor that had a small stage on the far side of it. The waitress came over and we ordered a round of drinks and said we would also be ordering some food aw well. Before long we had our drinks and shortly after we had our food. We sat and talked for about an hour listening to the music from the jukebox. Shortly after 9:00 a DJ came on and took over playing the music. He started telling everyone to get up and dance and have a good time. The auction was to come later.

I love to dance especially when I know that I will be the center of attention. I knew that with as short as my skirt was that I would be flashing my tiny little g string quite a bit. Jenna also loves to dance but felt a little shy dancing in her revealing outfit. I finally got her out there and before long both of us were shaking it and showing off the very tiny g strings we had on. After a few songs we took a break and the DJ announced that the auction was to begin in about an hour. He said that all proceeds would go to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I love New Orleans and have been there a few times so I wanted to help raise as much money as possible to help the devastated areas on the gulf coast.

Now I of course knew what was to come as did Ed but Jenna was still clueless. Soon it was time for the auction to begin. The DJ introduced the owner of the place and he said that he needed volunteers to offer services like a landscaper offering to do someone's yard and so on. Well the auction started off a bit slow but they did make some money. When it looked like it was going to be a bust Ed got up and said he had an idea that maybe would help increase the donations. He approached the stage and whispered to the DJ. Next thing the DJ looks at me and says " Nikki please join me on the stage". I try my best to look surprised and after some hesitation I join him on the stage.

I will post again in a few days



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