tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Just Desserts Ch. 03

Julie's Just Desserts Ch. 03


Two stern faced male guards led Julie through the police station's warren like corridors. They had to hold her arms for balance because the exhausted, female cum covered American was still not fully recovered from her ordeal at the hands of the three Mexican criminals she had shared a cell with. She was dazed and had a glazed expression as she was led to a small stone room to be interviewed and only somewhere did it start occurring to her that she'd better get herself together because this would be important. But in truth she was tired, exhausted and groggy from her experiences and her pushy, boorish normal attitude had been all but replaced by a poor little girl attitude and that would not cut any ice in this type of place with these type of people.

There were three people all crowded into the short room when the guards deposited the prisoner into it. Hector Ramirez, a hardened grizzled veteran of a policeman with a noted dislike of Yankees. Rosario Martinez, Hector's female equivalent. And Michael Pena, who was nominally Julie's lawyer as she had 'apparently' not used the right to call one. The three sets of eyes on Julie as she entered could in no way be described as friendly.

Rosario hauled out the plastic chair across from them and pushed Julie towards it roughly.

"Sit there bitch!" she growled menacingly.

Julie shivered as she sat and looked to the men to see if either was sympathetic to her plight. She got nothing in return. Ramirez took over the interview without further comment.

"You know that the Mexican authorities do not like foreigners who traffic in drugs lady. Do not shake your head and claim your innocence you were caught with the drugs red-handed, we have witnesses and proof there is no doubt."

"But I didn't, I ..."

She broke off as the Ramirez thumped the desk with the palm of his hand.

"Enough Yankee! Enough lies! Are you so stupid that you think we cannot get a conviction with this evidence? You are guilty, it is clear, all that must be decided is how long a sentence you will get. That is all, everything else is clear! We are not here to decide your guilt we are here to offer you a deal. A deal that may yet save you from a jail term, who knows."

At this Julie perked up, she was sure that she would be facing a time inside a stinking Mexican prison for this, convinced that the people who had framed her would make sure she ended up inside. The naked beauty turned to her court appointed advisor and looked enquiringly at him. In a deep voice he said to her.

"it is true, they do not have the space in their jails for people like you. Tourists who get into trouble. They just want to get you out of the country as quickly as possible. The evidence against you is overwhelming, I would advise you listen to whatever deal he offers you."

Julie was happy for someone, despite not sounding enthusiastic, to be on her side and just nodded and listened.

"Good. It is easy. This will save us many hours of man time. We fast track your case to the local court tomorrow. You plead guilty to the charges against you and in return you will not go to jail. You will be ejected from our country and not allowed to return. You will have all your money taken from you in the form of a fine. And other than that you will be free to go. How does that sound?"

It sounded like exactly what the frantic blonde wanted to hear. A way out of this waking nightmare, some light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel. She nodded eagerly at the swarthy detective as he continued.

"There is, however, one thing you must do to gain this deal. One thing that if you fail to do will almost certainly see you not only charged but imprisoned for your crime."

Julie did not like the sound of that but was alert enough to know that she really did not have much choice in this situation.

"What is it?" she asked tentatively.

Ramirez smiled, his female colleague smiled even wider, ever her sullen council broke into a smile as the Detective explained.

"All you have to do American is to ensure that we three here (he pointed at the other two in the small room) leave here completely sexually satisfied. That you have taken care of our every whim and that we are pleased with your efforts. That is all, if you do this then the deal will be signed by both myself and your council and by tomorrow night you will be back on American soil."

After the night she had endured and her memories of her experiences in the village she and her friends had stayed Julie should not have been surprised by this offer. She looked from face to face and noticed the three of their faces twist and turn into leering, perverted versions of what they were second before.

She looked to her council but he was too busy checking out her figure to give her any advice, that told her all she needed to know. Broken and defeated by her experiences Julie saw only the easy way out of this situation and nodded that she would do what they wanted of them.

"That is a good decision American, really the only one you could make. You can begin by crawling over here and realising my dick, it wants to know what your lips feel like on it."

Ramirez was clearly in charge in the room and was going to have his fun first. He scraped the metal legs of his chair back noisily along the bare floor and stood as the blonde prisoner slipped off her chair and onto her hands and knees. The policeman's suit was old, crumpled, smelled, was stained and dirty – a bit like the man himself. Once Julie had crawled over to his feet she propped herself up on her heels and undid his belt, thinking the sooner this was over the sooner she would be free to go. His dick, when she hooked it out of his trousers matched his clothes, greasy, stinking and not much to look at, the prospect of giving him oral was not appealing at all. Still, it was more appealing than spending any more time behind bars in this godforsaken country.

It was a long, thin dick, covered in an impenetrable bush of black, wiry hair. Julie gripped it near its base and felt it stiffen in her hand before leaning forward and pressing her lips against the glistening tip. He gave a deep sigh before commanding her further.

"Now suck it Yankee! Suck it like the Puta you are!"

Julie took it into her mouth and nearly gagged at the strong smell and taste that invaded her mouth. It was awful but she somehow kept his dick in and slowly began to suck on it, coating it with her saliva as she bobbed her mouth back and forth on it.

The other two in the room watched her with an intense interest. How could someone be so stupid? So naïve as to fall for all this? Even allowing for what was a very good set up the dumb American bimbo should have seen through their games and ploys. But apparently not What fun they would have with one so fucking sexy yet so fucking dumb!

Julie tried to set aside all her fears and concentrated on what she was good at – sucking cock! The Mexican cop's cock was hardly what you would describe as a fine specimen but she worked it as well as she could, her well practised tongue slurping on its shaft, her lips sucking hard, she was starting to get into it a little when something hard and cold slapped against her naked ass. It was the long night-stick of Rosario Martinez and now it was probing at Julie's ass crack, looking for entry.

Julie had glanced over her shoulder to see what the intrusion was and instantly regretted it as Hector's fingers found her beautiful blond hair and jerked it viciously so that she had to go back to his cock.

"Never mind that Puta, you stick to sucking me off or the deal is off!"

She could not afford that so set back to work on his long dick was increased enthusiasm. The female officer was a particularly hard, sadistic woman with an almost irrational hatred of anyone with light coloured hair. She herself kept her own long, dark hair hidden whenever she was working, even today it was tied back harshly into a ponytail. She had not agreed with this plan with her male colleague and had to be convinced of it, which she had been in the end but she was sure she was going to make things as uncomfortable and unpleasant for the American bitch as she could. She watched as Julie increased her efforts on Ramirez's cock, the American's lips moving harder and faster, and she angrily slapped her night-stick down on Julie's exposed ass cheeks. Any efforts Julie made to complain were hopeless as Ramirez held on tight to her hair and kept her mouth over his cock.

After several more smacks with the baton the female officer pulled it up towards her mouth, spat on it and squatted down to face Julie's sexy ass. She burrowed the stick between Julie's butt cheeks, lined I up carefully with her anus before she shoved it forward and into her, impaling Julie's arsehole on the hard stick.

While the two police officers treated their prisoner like a spit roast Julie's court appointed lawyer leaned back in his chair and enjoyed the show. He lit a cigarette and unconsciously rubbed his hand over his trousers where his cock was stiffening. He watched Ramirez rattle away at the prisoners mouth urgently, he was so predictable, always the mouth and always fast and hard, no skill or finesse whatsoever. They had been pulling this trick on American prisoners for years now and never did Ramirez want any more than a good hard face fuck.

He was certainly getting one just now, his member was pistoning in and out of the American girl's mouth with ruthless speed and precision, causing spittle and froth to spill in long sticky trails from the corners of her mouth and plaster themselves messily on her chin. Julie barely notices that, her body has more than enough to cope with, what with being pumped hard from both ends. The cops cock thrusting into her throat while his hairy balls bash against her chin is bad but the real discomfort is from the night stick shoved in her ass. It is long and hard and being wielded by a sadistic bitch indeed. She has lost track of time as her petite body is buffeted backwards and forwards, her mouth and ass bearing the brunt until finally Ramirez jerks and spasms and grunts and fills Julie's mouth with his hot, sticky seed.

Some of it spills from her lips and in a flash he has his hand on her neck and is shaking her, shouting at her.

"Swallow it Yankee, or is my cum not good enough for you? Well you fucking swallow it puta!"

Julie gasped and slurped the foul stuff down while the woman behind her finally plucked her club from Julie's ass and without hesitation plunged it into Julie's still open mouth. She didn't notice at first then the taste and smell hit her and she starts to gag but the cruel policewoman is in no mood to let Julie escape yet and holds her stick in place and Julie's head in place until releasing her after about a minute. It felt like an hour to the pretty American girl.

For the moment the two police officers appear to be down. Ramirez zips up his dick and resumes his seat across the table while the female officer wipes the end of her night-stick in Julie's blonde hair before sheathing it again and stepping back leaving Julie gasping on her hands and knees. The lawyer stubbed out his cigarette on the metal tray on the interview desk, scraped the legs of his wooden chair back and slowly go to his feet. He ignored the two police officers as he loosened his tie and looked down at his 'client'. He shook his head slowly before addressing her.

"My dear, my colleagues are so blunt, they lack finesse completely. All they want is to ram their weapons into you to humiliate you, not me. I have another way of showing you where your rightful place in the world is.."

With that the articulate lawyer turned his back on Julie and dropped his trousers so that his hairy ass was right next to her face.

"You will pull my cheeks apart and lick my arsehole, I believe you Americans' call it a rimjob or tossing the salad, whatever your tongue shall clean me out. We can call that my fee, don't you think?"

With all that she had been through since her friends had left her alone in this godforsaken country, from being drugged then gang banged, to being set up and arrested for drugs smuggling to being sexually assaulted in the cells by other prisoners what was one further indignation upon this American tart? Realising that the road home lay between the disgustingly sweaty ass cheeks of this man she hauled herself to her knees and prised his ass cheeks apart. She looked at her target in resignation and sadly reached her face forward, extended her tongue and began to lick around his asshole. It was degrading and disgusting but she did it anyway, aware that the cops were watching her with detached amusement now, kissing the lawyer's ass.

He pushed his ass back to bury her deeper in his ass as she swirled her tongue around the outside of his hole.

"Come on, don't you want the plea bargain? Put your tongue inside me and clean me out Yankee!"

The American girl fought back tears as she forced herself to fully extend her tongue and push it into his anus. The taste was vile but just the sheer knowledge of what a depraved act she was performing hit her hardest. She had always been a party girl, always happy and confident of her sexuality. A flirt, a cock tease even and never slow to make it with a guy she fancied (in fact it was that slutty side of her nature that had lead to all these problems on holiday) however, feeling that she had to do these things with these people was just awful.

"Mmm, that's it Yankee, fuck my ass with your tongue!" , the lawyer demanded as he pushed his backside further back onto her.

Julie couldn't see that as she tongue fucked his asshole his dick was getting harder and harder and finally when her probing tipped him over the edge he spun around and sprayed her face with thick, strings of his cum leaving her in a mess. The lawyer pulled his trousers up and the three regarding the kneeling, pathetic, cum covered American slut. Ramirez looked from his colleague to Pena and spoke.

"Well, are we done with her? Anyone got anything else hey want to do with her? No. Then listen up bitch, tomorrow you plead guilty like we told you and I will make sure you get fined and kicked out of the country back to America OK? You tell anyone about this 'interview' and I'll make sure you spend a long time in a nasty, Mexican jail cell, and you wouldn't like that, would you?"

It was a no brainer and Julie knew what she would be doing the next day.


"And having pled guilty to the crime of trafficking of narcotics I have no other recourse than to a custodial sentence. The fact you did, in fact, admit you guilt does count for you as does that fact this is your first offence in our country so I thereby sentence you to three years at the City Jail, with a option for parole after 18 months. Take her away."

Julie stood still in the court, hardly able to believe what she had heard. She was dressed in just an orange jump suit and her hands were cuffed, she looked from the dock down to the lawyer and the cops, they were already heading out of the court.

"No! I was told..."

Julie's pleas did not get any further as a guard buried a night-stick in her back that took the wind out of her and by the time she had semi recovered she had been ushered out of the court and into a deserted holding area. Only there did it all start to sink in. She had been set up and was now being led away to a Mexican jail....


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