tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLittle Spouse on the Prairie Ch. 08

Little Spouse on the Prairie Ch. 08


*Note: I am a great fan of these books but those who have read the series know that Laura is a child at the beginning of the series. I have taken the liberty of making Laura eighteen years old so that she can tell her story of learning how to become a loving wife on the prairie. I am also using the visuals of the actors that portrayed the members of the Little House community in the television series.*


Laura stood and met her mother's soft mouth. She never knew that a woman's mouth could be so soft and warm. Caroline's tongue gently explored, sliding over her teeth and wrapping around hers until Laura was vibrating with excitement. Her father's hands caressed her back, moving around to grasp the tie on her drawers and pulled them down, pressing kisses onto the soft, white globes of her ass. His attentions made Laura gasp in the middle of the kiss and Caroline smiled, kissing down until she reached her breasts, sucking one of the fat nipples into her mouth. Laura cried out, shivering in her mother's embrace.

Charles parted Laura's asscheeks and starting at the top of the cleft, he let his tongue trace the perfumed length, pausing to rim the soft pink pucker before thrusting his tongue inside. Laura moaned again and Charles moved aside so that she could lay down on the bed. Caroline watched as her husband straddled her daughter's buttocks, laying his meat pole between her cheeks. Laura shook at the feeling of her father's cock in the crack of her ass and whimpered lightly. He got up and Caroline turned her over, trading places with Charles between her legs.

Laura nearly screamed when her mother's mouth met with her pussy. Her mother's exploration was much different from Reverend Alden's. Where he was frantic, she was calm. Where he was rough, she was gentle. She carefully pried Laura's pussy lips apart, licked her lips at the pooling cream and dove in, tongue first. Charles smiled, straddling Laura's shoulders and laying his dripping pole on her lips. She gazed up into her father's dark eyes and sensuously let her tongue wrap around the head before she opened her mouth.

Her father groaned as he sunk his cock into his daughter's mouth. She tried to concentrate on sucking him but her mother's deft tongue was stealing her mind with each stroke. She whimpered, humming against her father's tool as she hurtled toward a mind-blowing orgasm. Charles pulled out of her mouth when she came, kissing her instead and enjoying the fierceness of her response. Gasping for breath, Laura sat up and she and her father looked down at Caroline, laughing when they saw that her cheeks were shiny with Laura's cream.

Caroline took her place on the bottom, opening her legs and urging her daughter to partake of her pussy cream. Laura didn't need much prodding; she leaned down and tongued her mother's cunt until Caroline was moaning. Charles took the opportunity to stick his cock into his wife's mouth, enjoying her vigorous sucking until he couldn't take it any more. Laura stepped aside and let her father take her place, watching with great awe as his thick cock disappeared, inch by inch, into her mother's juicy pussy.

Laura moved to the head of the bed, straddling her mother's head. Caroline welcomed her daughter's sweet cunt, making her tongue a pole and letting her grind down on it as it slid into her pussy. She quivered and came again, letting the cream slide down her mother's tongue. Charles leaned forward and targeted Laura's breasts, sucking each into his mouth, then moving to her mouth as he continued to pump his moaning wife. Laura came again, just as her mother came and the action of Caroline's pussy muscles clamping around Charles' cock made him explode into her.

Laura rolled to the side, shuddering as her pussy still pulsed but then surprised her father by pushing him back until his cock slid out of her mother and took the wet, flaccid piece of meat into her mouth, thoroughly cleaning him. Charles gave his daughter a kiss, then moved, watching with a fatherly smile as she moved down and ate the cum from Caroline's throbbing pussy. Her mother came again, forcing Laura's face into her cunt and grinding until she came a second and third time.

Lying between her parents, Laura reflected on the things she had learned in the last few weeks. In a few short hours, she would become Mrs. Almanzo Wilder and the lessons would have to sustain her for the rest of her life.

"We love you, Laura." Her father's words and their arms around her lulled her into sleep. When she awoke, she was alone in her parents' bed and the wedding dress had been laid out on Grandma's rocking chair.

Time to get married. She sat up, smiling as tears coursed down her cheeks as she arose. She put the dress on and looked in the mirror, admiring her reflection. "I am Laura Ingalls, " She whispered. "Soon to be Laura Ingalls Wilder and I am ready to be the little spouse on the prairie."

With a second glance at her parents' bed, Laura turned to the door with a smile. And clasping the tongue-in-groove latch and throwing the door open, she confidently stepped into her future.

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