tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMaking Tim Happy: Expanded

Making Tim Happy: Expanded

byAlan D©

Author's note:

This is a major rewrite of the original story. Your input told me I had rushed you through the development of their relationships and left too many things unexplained. Hopefully this will make it all clear to you….

Any comments?


"You're missing the show," said Eric with an evil smile.

"What do you mean?" answered David, totally nonplussed.

"He's doing it again, - I can't believe he gets away with this stuff! The money helps, of course, but still…" Eric shook his head, an incredulous look on his face.

"What the hell are you talking about?" said David, getting annoyed.

"Jim Evans," said Eric, - "He's got another foxy babe giving him a hand job right there, at the table. He is such a sleaze-bag, and doesn't he just look the part. I can't believe these women put out for him all the time."

"Jim Evans? That jerk! Where?" asked David, his interest suddenly peaked.

"Right behind you, at the table in the alcove, and she's a looker, - very classy, - much too good for someone like him. – No! Don't turn around!" He stopped David in the nick of time.

David realized he could get a glimpse of the table in the mirror on the wall behind Eric, and moved his chair slightly to get a better view. They were in 'Umbria', an up-market restaurant in Springfield, 100 miles from David's hometown, having a leisurely business dinner after attending a conference.

David could see the woman in sort of a side view, since she was half facing the man she was sitting closely beside. Her long wavy black hair hung over most of her face, and she had her hand down underneath the table as she leaned forward. Evans was leaning back, eyes closed, with a shit-eating grin on his face, clearly enjoying himself. He did look like the sleaze-bag he was, David thought; she really was much to good for someone like him. Her outfit was simple but elegant and what he could see of her figure was very impressive.

"Shit, you're right, Eric!" Dave said, suddenly seeing the unmistakable signs of the woman's arm moving up and down in the jerk's lap. "How do they get away with this in the middle of a restaurant?"

"Like I said, - Money!" said Eric. "You know he has lots and lots of it, he owns big chunks of every town in a 100 mile radius from here. I heard he just tips the waiter, the Maitre D' and the manager a few hundred each to leave him alone, and if anyone complains, the manager will sort it out. It's sick, really!"

"Shit, she is going to give him a blow job right here! I can't believe this!" David was blown away by the action at the table behind him. The woman's body language showed that she wasn't at all happy about the development, - she resisted at first, but his hand behind her neck had her bending down and almost disappearing from view. Pretty soon her head was bobbing up and down in his lap. David and Eric were taking it all in; David was too shocked to say anything, but Eric kept up a running commentary.

"She's doing a great job on him, - long slow strokes now, - he's enjoying the hell out of it. He's looking around the place now, to make sure everyone sees what a big guy he is, getting this 'lady' to blow him wherever and whenever he wants. Oh, - she's speeding up, - he's getting ready to blow any moment. Look at his face getting red, - yep there he comes, looks like a good one, - one, two, three, four, - five, - Jesus, six spurts, no - seven. Here she comes up for air, - she doesn't look happy about this, wiping her mouth and having a drink."

"I can see it too, Eric," said David, getting annoyed with his colleague. 'But you're right, she doesn't look happ.., - Holy Shit, that's Claire!!!!"

"You know her?!" asked Eric incredulously. "Does she put out for everyone, or does she go for the money?"

David was dumbstruck, but his mind was working overtime. "Claire!" he thought. "But that's impossible! No, it is her all right. But…" He suddenly realized that Eric was waiting for an answer. He shook himself mentally and realized that Eric would be the last person he wanted to tell anything to.

"No, that's not her, - he said. Looks a little like her, - for a moment I took her for someone I used to know in New York, but she would be older that that now." Eric looked at him a little funny, but decided to let it go.

They went back to their conversation, now that the show was over, but David kept looking at Claire in the mirror, trying hard not to give Eric any reason to probe some more. He realized suddenly that Eric had stopped talking and was looking at him again. "You sure that's not her?" he said, a little suspicion in his voice.

"Yes, I'm sure," said David. "I keep looking at her, but it definitely isn't her."

The couple behind him called for the bill, just as Eric excused himself to go to the bathroom. As soon as Eric was gone, David turned around and looked at Claire. She must have felt her eyes on him, because she suddenly looked straight at him and went white as a ghost. Her mouth dropped open and she started shaking. Panic stricken, she got up and left the table almost at a run. Jim Evans looked at her disappearing back, then at David. David shrugged and turned back to his table. In the mirror he could see Evans get up and leave as well, - a pile of bills on the table would take care of any unpleasantness.

David took a long swig of his wine glass. Jesus Christ! Claire, - of all people. He got mad, then sad, then mad again. He was in no mood for further conversation when Eric came back, and the evening ended soon afterwards. David headed for his hotel, his mind in a spin. The bitch! How could she treat Tim like that? She deserved to be horsewhipped!

Back at the hotel he had another drink and thought seriously about Claire, and Tim, her husband, - a close friend at college, who married Claire after a three-week romance. He had been best man at their wedding, for Christ's sake! He was getting mad again. Did Tim know about this, he wondered, - it didn't seem possible. He was sure Tim would be deeply hurt if he knew. How could she do this to his old buddy?

David wondered what had happened to their marriage. He knew it wasn't going so well, but this?! According to Tim, Claire was not a very loving wife. Whenever he met her, he was struck by her aloof and prim manner. Despite a dynamite figure, she always dressed so conservatively as to be downright depressing, and he couldn't remember ever seeing a glint of humor or love in her eyes. She would constantly give Tim a hard time, and she would be ruthless with David, if she felt he was leading Tim astray in any way.

He hadn't been seeing Tim a lot lately, they were both busy people, but Tim had confided in David at a low point about a year after their wedding that they would only have sex when Claire took the initiative, and that wasn't often, and although it was good when it happened, she just left for the bathroom as soon as it was over. And here she was, giving head to a sleazebag in a restaurant!?!

She needed a lesson, he decided. And since Tim was never going to give it to her, HE would! And he had all the ammunition he needed.

* * * *

When David came home a few days later, there were a whole bunch of messages on his answering machine, all from Claire, - sounding more and more agitated for every new message. They all said pretty much the same thing, - I want to talk to you…. don't make fool of yourself…. I want to see you right away…"

The phone didn't take long to ring again. "Hello, this is David."

"David, you are home at last. I want to talk to you right away!"

It was Claire, of course. David's hackles rose at her imperious tone, She was obviously going on the attack, - he expected nothing else, but he thought that seeing him in the restaurant just might have given her a wake-up call.

"I think you had better come over," he said and hung up. She was there in 3 minutes, she must have been calling from her car, somewhere just around the corner. She was dressed in her usual conservative outfit, her hair in a bun, with no make-up, and looking aggressive.

"David," she said, arms akimbo and glaring at him. "Before you make a big mistake, I want to warn you about saying anything to anyone about the other night! It's nothing like what you obviously thought, and Tim would never believe you anyway, so unless you want to lose a friend, just keep your big mouth shut!"

David burst out laughing, he couldn't help it .Did she actually think she could browbeat him into keeping quiet about the whole thing? Or was it just bluster, covering up her fear of exposure?

Claire's face darkened in anger and she raised her hand as if to hit him. Still laughing, David grabbed her arm and shoved her down in a chair.

"Sit down and shut up!" he said forcefully. Claire suddenly looked less angry and aggressive, but wasn't ready to fold by any means. His laughter obviously riled her.

"What do you think you're doing, David?" she hissed. "Have you started hitting women now, - too afraid to take on a guy?" David sat down opposite her and folded his arms, saying nothing, but clearly waiting for her to stop ranting. She sputtered a few more invectives, then rose from the chair again.

"I said SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!" David suddenly bellowed, his cool finally evaporating. That had an effect! Claire's face showed some uncertainty this time, and she did shut up, even if her mouth was closed in a hard grimace and her body language said she was still not ready to listen.

David said nothing, just waited her out. Slowly her anger was replaced by insecurity and worry, as she looked at his implacable face. David waited until he felt she was listening and then calmly asked: "Claire, how do you feel about Tim? Do you love him, - have you ever loved him?" Those clearly weren't the words she expected, but they triggered total collapse in her, shocking him with its suddenness. She must have been frightened under her hard exterior.

"David, please don't say anything to Tim," she pleaded, - tears running down her cheeks." I made a terrible mistake, and I am sorry, - I really am!"

"Do you love him, Claire?" David repeated

She was sobbing now, just scared and unhappy, no anger left in her. "Yes, I do," she whispered miserably, "I do love him, the other night…"

"I don't want to know what happened," said David, cutting off her explanation. "I just needed to know that so I can decide what is best for Tim, - helping him get rid of you for good, or trying to make his life less miserable with you still there as his wife."

Her crying slowed down and she looked up, puzzled. "What do you mean?"

"If I thought you didn't love him, I would call him up right now, tell him everything and be his star witness in the divorce", David said. "He would soon be much happier than with the life you have made him suffer. Only problem is, he still loves you, which I don't understand, but it's a fact" Her face showed some life at that.

"But because of that, I will no longer stand by and watch you make him so miserable. So if you have any interest in keeping your marriage and the big house and the fancy car and everything else, you will do EXACTLY what I tell you to do. Any sign of balking, and I will go back to the first plan, because then I will know it will never work."

"What do you want me to do?" she asked, - hopeful and apprehensive at the same time.

"I don't know yet," David said. "I need to talk to Tim first, and find out what HE wants. But I'll let you know. In the meantime you will be NICE to Tim! Do you even understand what NICE means?"

"I understand", Claire whispered, but there was hope in her eyes, knowing that David wasn't just going to blow the whistle. David wasn't too sure about her sincerity, it had been a little too quick and convenient to just proclaim love and get out of jail free.

"Do you agree to do exactly what I tell you to do? Do you understand what that means?" She looked uncertain again, getting a mental image of all kinds of things he might ask of her. "I won't hurt you, and I won't hurt Tim, but I am sure I will make you very uncomfortable with some of the things I will ask you to do."

Claire thought for a while and nodded. "I will do exactly as you say, as long as you stick to those rules. Don't hurt Tim and don't hurt me!" David was happy to hear that she put them in that order; that was already a major step forward.

"Stand up," he said suddenly. Claire hesitated, but did as he asked, understanding that this was how it would be. "Take your clothes off," he said, still in a calm and neutral voice.

Claire stood stock still, her face a mixture of shock and anger. "You little shit!" she exploded. "I thought you were actually going to be nice, and all you want is a piece of the action. Go fuck yourself!"

"I won't deny that I will enjoy this," David replied with a faint smile, "but this won't hurt you and it won't hurt Tim. I won't do anything terrible, and besides, you are hardly in a position to call the kettle black."

Claire calmed down a bit, but wasn't ready to go along. David sighed. "This isn't going to work, you know. I will just call Tim and get this over with. You will never do this willingly, - I can see that now."

Claire suddenly became cooperative. "No don't!" she exclaimed. "I'll do what you want, just don't tell Tim!" David said nothing as she reached for her blouse and started unbuttoning. He just sat and watched as she took her clothes off. She was just undressing; there was nothing erotic in her actions. David still felt himself get hard as she slowly revealed her body in all its glory, - for glorious it was.

She was quickly down to her bra and underpants, which were tan colored, utilitarian, heavy and sexless. She looked at him pleadingly, but he stared her down, and she sighed and continued. Taking her bra off she blushed and her breathing became a little faster. She dropped her bra by her side and let him look at her, her arms hanging by her side. David was pleased that she didn't try to cover up. Maybe she was going to cooperate after all.

Her breasts were magnificent1 High and firm, medium sized with no hint of sag. Her skin was flawless, with faint tan lines, accentuating the nakedness of the breasts. Her nipples were a deep rose and were hardening under his gaze. He nodded for her to continue. She was hesitating now, not wanting the last vestige of dignity to disappear.

She turned her back on him and slid her ungainly underpants down her shapely legs, revealing a perky bottom and a small tattoo where her back became two cheeks. As she bent over, David could see her pussy lips emerging, plump and inviting, almost covered with black curly hair. She stepped out of her drawers and after a brief hesitation, turned to face him.

David was enjoying himself, "maybe too much," he thought. "How do you feel?" he asked Claire. She looked puzzled that he should ask such a thing.

"Embarrassed," she said with a frown. "Why are you doing this to me? I don't even do this for Tim!"

"Lesson 1: You will undress completely for Tim and let him look at your naked body whenever you are together in the bedroom. You will sit naked on the bed and spread your legs, and you will find opportunities to bend over and shown him your ass. You will not wear any clothes when you go to bed! Do you understand?"

Comprehension and relief dawned in her face. "You mean you aren't going to fuck me?" she said finally. "I thought…"

I know what you thought", David said, "and you should be ashamed of yourself for jumping to the worst conclusions. I was glad to see that you did as I told you anyway, though." Maybe, just maybe, she IS willing to do what I ask of her, he thought

"What do you want me to do now?" she said uncertainly, obviously worried about where this was headed.

"If you understood what I was trying to get across to you, get dressed, go home to Tim and BE NICE TO HIM!" With relief, she reached for her underwear. "Leave those," he said. "You won't need them tonight, and go braless every day as much as you can. You will learn to enjoy it."

She put on her other clothes and looked at him. "What are you going to talk to Tim about?" she asked, uncertainty obvious in her voice. "Can I be there when you do? And I want to tell you about the other night. It isn't what…"

"Stop, - I don't want to hear about that disgraceful episode. And no, you can't be there when we talk, - this is between Tim and myself. He will never open up and be truthful with you in the room. You just have to trust me!"

She left, and David saw her to the door. Her unfettered breasts were alive under her nondescript blouse, and her nipples were hard. She noticed his glance and blushed again as she walked away without saying goodbye. David closed the door and headed for the phone.

* * *

"Hey, Tim, Its Dave, - Long time no see, - What's happening?" David made his first post-apocalyptic call to his friend.

"Hey Dave, - how's tricks, Dude?"

They chatted amiably for a while, trivial talk; just two buddies catching up and shooting the breeze. David slowly brought the discussion around to Claire, and Tim's voice took on a tired, resigned tone.

"Dave, what can I say, - I married her because I loved her, and I intend to stick with her, no matter how miserable I am." David could hardly contain himself, thinking about Claire's deceit and betrayal. How could that bitch just walk all over his friend?

"How about a drink and a talk, Tim?" David said after a while. "We can catch up, - and maybe we can sort you out, this thing with Claire is killing you, man."

They decided on a watering hole, and soon found themselves, drinks in hand, relaxed and talking amicably. Tim was doing well in his real estate business, had some big deals going, he said. David described his consultancy business; both of them had seen success and were comfortable in their work. Neither of them had been that successful with romance in their lives. David described a series of short-term relationships, some had the makings of something more, but nothing had come of them, and they had just let it end, each time.

Tim's unhappy marriage was next on the agenda. "She is so cold and, - well, - uncaring, I guess. I try to kiss her, and she backs away, - I try to cuddle her in bed and she turns over to face the wall. I want to see her in a bikini; she wears a one-piece that would have suited my grandmother. I'm not a sex-fiend, Dave, but a man needs some comfort and love in life." Tim was more outspoken that he usually was, - maybe David's sincere interest encouraged him to be more open.

"I even had a brief affair with my secretary, but that didn't work out, - I should have known…"

"What happened with that?" said David, interested and a little concerned.

"Well, it just didn't work, - we were hot at first, but she was always after me after the first few weeks, wanting to do it this way and that, and there was no pleasing her. Nothing I did was right. So in the end, she quit and left and I actually didn't mind. It hadn't done much for me, and it didn't help with the Claire situation. I just want that to work, but if anything it's getting worse."

"So let's do something about this, Tim," said David. "Let's make a list of things you would like to see changed, then we'll prioritize them and go after them one by one. We'll get this sorted out yet, just you wait and see."

Tim laughed; self-deprecation mixed with genuine mirth. "You're too much, Dave," he said. "Why didn't we make this decision four years ago, then I would have been happy now. Oh hell, - what makes you think she will ever change, for Pete's sake? I mean, she loves me in her own way, but change? – I don't think so!"

"It's worth a try, though, Tim, - isn't it? If it fails it fails, and you're no worse off. If it works, you are looking at a new life, my friend, - a new life." David could see Tim was thinking about it, his face looked happier, as if he could visualize it happening. David decided to strike while the iron was hot.

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