Mother, Sister, Brother Cabin Fever


"I would have had an erection, as soon as she walked in the room naked. I would have already been all over that hot, sexy bitch."

"Don't call my Mom a bitch, you bastard."

"Sorry, I meant no disrespect," said Tony leaning away and raising his hands, as if warding off Vinnie's anticipated blows. "I only meant the word bitch as an endorsement of how hot your Mom is and as an endearment as how fond I am of your mother."

"Fuck you, Tony."

"Sorry, Vinnie, but don't let me stop you now from finishing the story. Please, for the love of God, continue."

"It was so dark in the room and even after my eyes adjusted to the dim moonlight, we could barely see anything. Every time she moved or took a breath, I could feel her patch of pubic hair rubbing against my thigh. The anticipation, expectation, and connotation of my Mom's naked pussy against my naked thigh gave me goose bumps, along with an even harder erection. I so wanted to reach down and touch her. I so wanted to reach down and feel her, before fingering her. I so wanted to make sweet love to her, but I knew it'd be wrong and I knew she'd rebuke me. Totally innocent in her intent to come into my room for comfort, even though we were lying there naked in the dark, incest was a line that I just couldn't cross but that didn't stop me from wanting to cross it."

"Jesus Christ, Vinnie. Jesus Christ. Then, what happened?"

"With my arm around my mother and her sleeping so close to me, trying to fall to sleep, I couldn't. I was so hot and horny and my cock was so very hard and throbbing that I thought I was just going to explode with cum. Then, when my cock started to involuntarily pulsate, unable to stop it or move away without disturbing my Mom, the head of my cock pushed against my Mom's forearm."

"If that was me, lying there naked with Connie naked up against me, I would have already shot my load," said Tony.

"I could have moved, I suppose, without disturbing my Mom. In hindsight, I should have moved, of course. Perhaps, with a bit of self-restraint, I could have stopped my cock from pulsating and pushing against her forearm, but it felt so good to push my cock against my Mom. Treading new and forbidden ground, maybe I was hoping she'd notice. Maybe I was hoping she make the first step and take me in hand and stroke me. Maybe I was hoping she take me in her mouth and suck me. Truth be told, I was hoping she would."

"Oh, my God," said Tony crossing himself, before stroking himself.

"Did I do that? Did I give my son an erection?" She looked down at my cock, before reaching her hand down to ever so lightly touch and finger the head of my cock with her fingertips.

"I can't believe she touched your cock. I would have exploded my load right then and there," said Anthony, "if your Mom just looked at my cock, never mind touched my the head of my cock and she's not even my mother. I don't know how you could have controlled yourself. You're a frigging saint, Vinnie, a frigging saint, that's what you are, a frigging saint, Saint fucking Vinnie."

"It wasn't like that, Tony, not in the way that you think it was. To have my mother touch me and finger my cock in that way, her touch felt like nothing I have ever felt before. Even though it may sound sexual to you, Tony, I swear, the experience of our lying naked together with my Mom fingering the head of my cock wasn't to me. Feeling her so close to me was all so innocent and all so loving and even though I had inappropriate incestuous thoughts and even though I had the hardest erection I ever had, I was able to squelch those incestuous thoughts and enjoy the mother and son bonding experience."

"Good God almighty, Vinnie, God almighty," said Tony stroking himself faster. "You've got to be fucking kidding me. Mother and son bonding experience my ass. I would have already had my cock in Connie's mouth, if that was me. Oh, yeah, she'd be sucking me off long before now."

"Are you done?"


"Sorry, Mom," I said embarrassed and feeling so much like the incestuous pervert that I was. "Maybe I should get up and put on something."

"No. You needn't do that," she said, as if cooing, while moving closer, getting more comfortable, and holding me tighter."

"Then, with my cock pulsating against her fingertips and her fingertips lightly fingering the head of my cock, enjoying the sensation of her gently touching me, neither of us talked. With my Mom touching me in that loving way made me so hard. Without her even stroking me, I felt as if I'd cum all over her fingertips. Anticipating what was about to happen, knowing she was about to take hold my cock in her hand, while wondering if she was going to stroke me, I didn't breathe. Unable to go beyond the point of no return, lying there quietly in the dark, while knowing we were about to cross the line from what was appropriate to inappropriate between a mother and a son, I waited for my Mom to make the first move and take hold of my cock in her hand and stroke me."

"Make the first move? Are you kidding me? What are you saying? What the Hell were you waiting for? Wrong with me? What the Hell is wrong with you? As if she came in your room with a neon fucking sign around her neck that read, fuck me stupid, she came in your room naked, while, no doubt, knowing you were naked, too, for God's sakes," said Tony. "I would have already pushed her head down on my prick. I would have already made her blow me. Oh, yeah, she'd be sucking my cock long before now, that's for sure. Suck this, Connie. Blow me, you incestuous slut."

"Don't call my Mom a slut, asshole."

"Sorry, Vinnie. I'm just so aroused that I don't know what I'm saying. Please forgive me."

"Do you want to hear the rest of the story or not?"

"I do," said Tony. "Please continue."

"I can give you some relief," she said.

"Oh, my God," said Tony.

"What do you mean?" I looked at her through the dark and watched her staring down at my cock, while fingering the top of it.

"I can make you relax," she said looking up at me, while touching more of my cock with her fingertips, before taking more of it in her hand.

"I'd very much like to relax with you, Mom, I said naively thinking that we were going to actually fall asleep together and not have sex with one another."

"I can give you pleasure," she said.


"For such a guy that has it all together, sometimes you're such a dope, Vinnie, not to know that you Mom wanted to fuck you and not sleep with you," said Tony with disappointment on his face.

"Now knowing exactly what she meant, I looked at her through the dark and watched as she reached down and cupped my balls, before taking hold of my entire cock in her hand. Then ever so slowly, she gently stroked me."

"Fuck, Vinnie. Fuck. I can't believe your mother was giving you a hand job. I'd do anything for your mother to give me a hand job."

"Let me tell you, Tony, I've had a lot of hand jobs in my life, but I've never had a hand job like the one that my mother was giving me. When she cupped my balls, I thought I was going to explode. Even though her hand was tightly clasped around my cock, even though she was stroking my big prick, I still didn't think of what she was doing as sexual. Her touch was so loving and she was so gentle but focused to get me to cum that I didn't want to disappoint her by not cumming. I guess I wanted to show my Mom that I loved her enough by cumming for her."

"Oh, my God, Vinnie, oh, my God. This story is driving me insane with desire for your Mom. I wish I were you. I so wish I were you. I wish Connie was my Mom. I wish your mother would give me hand job, I do, I really do."

"Then, when she slid down the bed, kissed my cock and licked my cock, before taking my cock in her mouth is when I knew what she really meant by giving me some relief and relaxing me."

"Oh, my God! Fuck me! Fuck me! Are you kidding me? Your mother was blowing you? Connie was sucking your cock? I don't fucking believe it."


"I can't believe your Mom sucked your cock. I'm shocked. I'm insane with desire for her. Did she really suck your cock?"

"She did."

"What was it like, Vinnie? Tell me. What did it feel like to have your mother suck your cock? Is Connie the cocksucker that I imagined she'd be?"

"It was wonderful, Tony. It was a feeling that I've never experienced before."

"Now tell me that you didn't take your mother giving you a blowjob as sexual."

"I didn't. You just don't understand, Tony, but it wasn't like that. Honestly, it wasn't as sexual, as much as it was loving, a mother's love for her son."

"I don't fucking believe it. Unfucking unbelievable, I just don't fucking believe your mother blew you and you believe that it was an act of love, instead of an act of incest. What are you President Clinton? How you can think a blowjob isn't a sexual act is beyond me."

"You're supposed to be helping me through a confusing time, Tony. I won't continue, unless you stop interrupting me and disrespecting my mother."

"Okay, sorry. My lips are sealed."

"The sensation of her warm, wet mouth felt better than any blowjob I received from anyone."

"Better than the one the Christine Anderson gave you Prom night?"

"Much better?"

"Better than the one Diane, that hot college cheerleader in college, gave you, after winning the football game?"

"So much better."

"Jesus Christ, Vinnie, I'd sell my soul to be you. I'd do anything to have your Mom suck my prick."

"Wait. Not so fast. I haven't even told you the good part, yet," said Vinnie with a sly smile on his face.

Anthony looked at his friend, as if he had hit the lottery.

"The good part? That wasn't even the good part, yet? Are you serious? Are you fucking kidding me? If your mother giving you a hand job, before sucking your cock is not the good part, I don't know what is, unless, wait, don't tell me that your sister walks in on your Mom sucking your prick," said Anthony with a laugh that told Vinnie that he really didn't believe she did, that is, until Vinnie nodded his head in the affirmative. "Are you serious? Did Angela see Connie with your cock in her mouth." Tony looked at his friend incredulously. "Did she?"

"She did."

"She did what?"

"She walked in my room."

"Oh, fuck me," said Tony. "What did she say? Tell me, what did she say, when she saw your prick in your mother's mouth?"

"I told you it was dark, so very dark. I don't think Angela saw my Mom sucking my cock. Besides, it wasn't so much what my sister said, as what she did."

"What she did? What did Angela do, Vinnie? Tell me. What did Angela do? She's such a sexy slut."

"Don't call my sister a slut, you Neanderthal."

"Sorry, Vinnie, sorry. I only meant that Angela was a slut in the nicest possible sense of the word. I meant it as a compliment. I'd never call your sexy sister a slut. I love your sister."

"Okay, okay, enough," said Vinnie. "Well, even though it was dark, I could clearly see that Angela was naked, too."

"Oh, fuck me," said Tony stroking his cock. "Oh, my God, I'd give anything to see Angela naked. She has such a hot body. So, what did Angela say, when she came in the room?"

"I couldn't sleep, she said. Can I sleep with you, too?"

"Oh, my God. Are you kidding me? Your sister asked to sleep with you, too. I don't fucking believe this."

"Yes, she did."

"So, Angela knew that you're mother was there sleeping with you. Right?"


"Oh, my God. You're right this is the good part."

"May I finish the story, Tony?"

"Sorry, Vinnie. Sure, go ahead. What did you say, when Angela asked you if she could sleep with you, too? Of course, you said, yes, right? Christ, you'd never say no to having your naked sister sleeping with you and your naked mother. Right?"

"Shh, just stop talking, Tony. Please, just stop talking."

"Okay. Sorry. I won't say another word. I promise. I'm done talking about--"

"Shut the fuck up!"


"Sure, I said knowing I was already aroused and erect and hoping that Angela would finish where my mother had left off."

"Your sexy sister can sleep with me any day, any day, Vinnie. Sorry, Vinnie, but I just needed to say that. I just wanted you to know that I'm in love with your sexy sister and, of course, with your mother, too."

"Shhh!" Vinnie eyed his friend to silence, before speaking again. "As soon as Angela appeared in the doorway, my Mom removed my cock from her mouth, moved up to me, and made herself comfortable beneath my arm, while Angela climbed in bed and made herself comfortable beneath my other arm. So there I am naked in bed with my naked mother on one side of me and my naked sister on the other side of me. To feel both their breasts against my ribs and both their pubic hair against my thigh excited me to no end."

"I'd give up a winning lottery ticket to have your naked mother on one side of me and your naked sister on the other side of me. I'd give anything to feel their naked bodies up against me," said Anthony cowering from the look that Vinnie shot him. "Then, what happened? Tell me. Then, what happened?"

"Well, we stayed like that for a long while, the three of us sleeping together naked. To be honest, I couldn't sleep a wink. It took all the self-control I had not to reach down and grab my mom's and my sister's ass but, as if it was all a dream, a surreal sexual fantasy, I feared that I'd scare them away by being so sexual."

"Oh, my God. I would have been all over their sexy, shapely bodies. I would have been feeling them and touching them everywhere," said Anthony stroking his cock faster. "I would have fucked Angela right there."

"Then, as if I was dreaming, I felt someone lightly touching my cock. Feeling so much like I was experiencing a sexual fantasy in reality, it felt so good. Of course, after my Mom gave me such an incredible hand job and blowjob, I thought it was my Mom wanting to continue where we stopped."

"Who was it, Vinnie? Tell me. Was it your mother or your sister?"

"It was Angela. Angela had her hand around my cock and was giving me a slow, delicate, and sensual hand job, even more incredible than the one my Mom had given me. With just the exact right amount of pressure, as if her hand belonged there, her hand felt so good wrapped around my cock."

"Wow. I knew Angela was a sexpot."

"At that point, after spending days with my sister flashing me, my Mom and sister undressing in front of me and practically walking around naked, and with them sunning topless and walking the beach naked, and me walking around naked, too, I was beyond being able to stop from crossing the incestuous line. Then, with me holding my Mom and my sister in the water and masturbating them, while rubbing up against them, and with my mother coming in my room naked and giving me a hand job, before blowing me, I was so frigging horny that I was past the point of no return."

"You're a saint, Vinnie, a fucking saint possessing all that self-control. I would have already been out of my mind. I would have already lost my load. I would have gone past the point of no return a long time ago."

"Angela was the last straw. Feeling my sister's hot, naked body pressed against me and my cock in her hand, was all that I could take. Now with my sister coming in the room naked and giving me a hand job, too, I lost my mind, when I whispered, suck my cock, Angela. Blow me. Suck it. Suck my big prick, Angela. I need to cum in your mouth. Tony, I couldn't believe that I was talking like that to my sister, but I was deranged. I needed her to blow me, really suck me. I needed to cum in her mouth."

"Fuck me up the ass. Just fuck me up the ass. And did she, Vinnie? Did Angela suck your cock?"

"She did."

"Oh, fuck me. Just fuck me. Fuck me. I can't believe Angela blew you. I'd give anything to feel Angela's beautiful mouth, lips, and tongue on my cock. It's been my lifelong dream to cum not only in your mother's mouth but also in your sister's mouth, too."

"Are you done?"

"Sorry, Vinnie, sorry. Please continue with the best fucking incest story that I ever heard in my life."

"So, there I am getting a blowjob from my sexy sister, when my Mom puts a hand to my chin, pulls my face over to her lips and gives me a deep, wet, French kiss. I could taste my cock on my mother's lips, but I didn't care. The taste of myself on my Mom's mouth aroused me even more. Now, let me tell you, there's no feeling in the world better than my sister sucking my cock, while my mother is French kissing me."

"Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Vinnie. This is so fucking unbelievable. This is the best story I've ever heard in my life."

"Wait, Tony, I haven't even told you the best part, yet."

"The best part? Get the fuck outta here. Are you kidding me? You mean it gets better than this? How can it possibly get any better than your mother giving you a hand job and blowing you, and your sister giving you a hand job and blowing you? I don't know how it can possibly get any better than you making out with your Mom, while your sister is sucking your cock."

"Trust me. It get better," said Vinnie with a shit eating grin.

"To be honest, I don't know if I can take anymore, Vinnie. I'm ready to shoot my load right now," said Tony pausing his stroking. "I'm so close to cumming. I'm so close."

"Okay, then I won't bother telling you the best part and what happens, next."

"No, wait, that's okay, Vinnie. I can take it. Tell me, please. Tell me what happens next, otherwise, I'll never sleep for the rest of my life."

"Angela removes my cock from her mouth and, while still holding my cock in her hot hand and slowly stroking me, my Mom and my sister start kissing, French kissing, and really making out. My Mom and my sister are really going at one another now. They started touching one another everywhere. Angela was feeling my Mom's tits and my Mom was fingering Angela's nipples."

"Oh, my God. Sweet Mary mother of Jesus. Lord have mercy on me because with all that I'm thinking, I'm going straight to Hell."

"I moved out of the way to give them some room and watched them from the end of the bed. I was so tempted to turn on a light, but, fearing the illumination would end their incestuous lesbian love making, I didn't. That's when my sister climbed on top of my mother and, as if they were sailors on shore leave, the two of them started really kissing and making out. My Mom was fingering Angela's pussy, while Angela was fingering my Mom's pussy."

"You're right, Vinnie. This is the best part."

"Then, Angela slid down and fell between my Mom's legs. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, Tony. I couldn't believe my eyes. Angela was really fingering my Mom's pussy, finger fucking her, before she started licking her pussy, while still fucking her with her fingers and rubbing her clit."

"Get the fuck outta here. Get the fuck outta here, Vinnie. No fucking way. I don't fucking believe it. Now I really don't fucking believe you. Angela's not lesbian or bi-sexual. Angela would never eat a pussy. You're making this shit up now. I know you are. I love Angela."

"I swear to God, Tony. Angela was licking my Mom's pussy. Angela gave my Mom an orgasm with her fingers and with her mouth and then my Mom returned the favor. My Mom moved down between Angela's legs and started eating out her pussy, too. My Mom was really going at Angela's pussy, finger fucking her, rubbing her clit, and licking her. They were sex machines, Tony, they were so hot for one another. Never have I seen anything like this, even in the raunchiest porn movie."

"Fucking unbelievable. This is just so fucking unbelievable."

"Wait, I haven't even told you the best part."

"It gets better than this?" Tony looked at his friend with disbelief. "It can't possibly get any better than your mother and sister undressing and dressing in front of you, sunning topless, walking the beach naked, you humping them, while masturbating them, them walking in your room and lying in your bed naked, giving you a hand job and a blowjob, and French kissing you, before they had lesbian sex. How can it possibly get any better than that, Vinnie? How?"

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