tagFetishMs. Marca Ch. 52

Ms. Marca Ch. 52

byMs. Marca©

I had seen this guy a few times at one of the places my girl friends and I go for a drink. A place that we don't visit on a regular bases, beer and popcorn/peanuts is not my type of place. You ask for a glass of wine and they open a bottle that has a twist off cap, I know they got that for $1.98 per bottle. The label has the time of day they put the juice in the bottle no year is needed. You get the idea what type of place I'm talking about. However they got some fine flesh leaning on that bar and playing pool and drinking longnecks. One had got my attention, but he didn't know it, hell you guys never know anything.

The tall drink of water, a real hunk, had ask me for my phone number the last time I was in the place. Pay attention I'm going to teach you ass holes a few tricks.

Lesson #569 This is called playing hard to get!

I told him I was married and I don't see men, you got the wrong girl! He had introduced himself as Bubba…why do men go by nicknames is the dumbest thing I have ever known them to do. (God what a fucked up name) But sometime you have to over look the downside they present, this is so true when you see him in tight jeans and what a ass and that bulge he had on him, ..oh that made my thong get damp, will I guess a name Bubba is not all that bad.

I soon learned he was a hard hat that did heavy construction. He had to be 6' 5" 260# and his muscles had muscles. I found out that construction workers don't always work on days when it rains or the weather might cause problem with pouring cement or something like that, but anyway, he is off during the week sometimes. When he was off he would go to this same old beer and popcorn place around noon.

Lesson # 869 Gentlemen this is how you set a guy up to make a play for you. " pay attention!"

I called the bar and ask to speak to Marca, I could hear the bartender call out " Marca telephone" you can see this is a real top-drawer place. "Anyone named Marca here! No Marca here… you want to leave a message for her? Yes please tell her that something has come up and Sue can't make it for lunch…thanks!" Do you see what I have done, every hard Dick in the place knows that Marca may or should be in that bar or why else would she get a call here. The smart guys or asking that bartender what did that message say that was left for Marca?

I dress in a rained out type of day a bright color type of dress, you know something to show off my 5' 10", 140#. Lots of leg showing, the top of the dress will revel my 40DD and it will be tight enough for them to see the 23 x 38 figure below the 40DD. I get to the place about 1:30 PM and go in looking for someone and I see him over by the pool table but I don't act like I even notice him. I head for the end of the bar to take a seat at the bar and still keep looking around for someone. I step up onto the barstool and make sure lots of leg is showing before I swing it around under the bar. I order that 18-hour-old white wine and keep looking around trying to see if someone is here.

"Hello Marca how are you?"

"Oh hi, …I'm sorry I forgot your name!….It's Bubba…oh yes… how have you been?"

We had small talk, he told me why he was not working today and how the afternoon was a bore. (Boy could I change that) "Bubba you should be out doing something to work on your mind on a day like this and not here." The look on his face..(Why am I here… god this was the dumbest thing I have done…will in the last few weeks)

"Lady your Marca… yes…you got a message your friend Sue can't make lunch!"

As I sat looking at the note the bar tender handed me I keep thinking.. (OK Bubba do something hard hat..think..ask to buy me lunch..ask to buy me a drink..ask me to just set and visit..just ask me to FUCK… God Damn do something I can't set here looking at this paper forever…oh I forgot…he is a hard hat)

"Bar tender I need my tab!"

"Marca do you need to go, let me buy you a drink!"

"Oh Bubba the wine is not very good here, but don't tell the bar tender!"

"Marca can I take you someplace where it is good." (Damn the boy is getting better)

Lesson #169 (This is where I hand the ball off to Bubba..run Bubba..run, the fucken end zone is between my legs. Score you motherfucker, score!)

"Bubba..I'm married I can't go to a place that I might be seen with a good looking man like you, that would get me in trouble at home."

"Marca I can stop and get a good bottle of wine and we could go to my place if you like!" I look at him and give that look like are you a gentleman, are you going to be nice?

"Will I don't want anyone to know that I was at your place, I guess it want hurt just this once. But why don't I get the wine and I need to make one more stop and this will give you a few minutes to get your place cleaned up. I know you guys I bet you haven't taken the trash out in a week and I bet the bedroom is a mess your clothes are every where."

"Can you give me one hour and here is my address, I'm out of here!" (I just love a slick talking son-of-a-bitch. He is so smooth!)

I get to his place about 10 minutes late, but the smile on his face told me I was on time. We said our hellos and I was invited in. One bedroom apartment with a all male look, playboys on the coffee table. (I think that table has never seen a coffee cup, but lots of beer cans had left the rim stain on the wood) It was just after 3:00 PM and I had taken off my bra and thong when I stop and got gas after I made my stop at the OLE Wine Shop and Wlgreens, had to make sure I had my health aids.

I sat down in a over stuff chair I think it is called a laz-e-boy..what a piece of shit! But with the light from the window and my short dress and no panties, Bingo he got to see a view of the promise land and I don't think the boy is Jewish. I kept crossing my legs and the dress would ride up with each move and when I leaned over my 40DD got his eyes off my snapper and on to the hills. (He may go blind at anytime)

Lesson #769 Gentlemen this is how a lady gets undress without him knowing it.

I want you boys to think about that I'm going to get undressed with out him knowing it, some of you are saying no way! This is Marca..don't bet on it!

First the dress I had on was a old one and I didn't care if it got anything on it, but with white wine your not going to see much of a stain. On your second glass of wine, the boy did have a wine glass in his place, when he brings it to you make sure your setting down. When he hands it to you watch his eye to make sure he want see you but as he turns around and walk back to his chair. Pour the wine over your tits and have most of it run down your cleavage and the rest on the front of the dress.


Than stand up and try and wipe the mess up with your napkin, (are you guys with me on this?) He will run and get a towel and something for you to wipe it up.

"Bubba I'm sorry I hope I didn't get any on your lovely chair! …Oh don't worry about that old thing." (I wasn't you hunk, believe me I wasn't)

Wipe for a minutes are two this gives the wine time to soak the dress to your skin and allow the nipples to show though the material. You got to keep pulling the material so that it clinks to your body and with no bra on, need I say more.

"This wine is sticky and what a mess, Bubba can I wash this out before it stains, can I use your bathroom?"

Oh Marca yes here let me show you where it is and off to the bathroom we go and I take my bag so I could get my goodies ready. As I go in I turn and ask him with a shy, head down look. Do you have a shirt I might slip on while my dress dries… one like you have on is OK (He had on that long sleeve blue work shirt cowboys wear.)

I took a quick shower to get that sticky mess off me. I wash the dress out and hang it up in the shower so it would drip dry for a while. After I get dried off I apply fresh perfume, touch up my make up, and use just a touch of pussy gel (black cheery) to the fold of my lips. The other lips for you who don't know. I slip on the shirt and put my 4" heels back on and you got to see this picture. Gentlemen I was hot, covered up, but I looked hot. I come out of the bath and can see I'm making this boy's boring afternoon a whole lot better. He looks at me and tell me "Marca you're a beautiful woman even in a old work shirt." (Hon..if you like this your going to go wild when I take this shirt off)

"Bubba your so sweet!" and I move up next to him and reach up and kiss him on the cheek. He puts his arms around me and put his lips on my open mouth and Frenched me long and hard and as he is kissing me he runs his hands up under the shirt and feels my tight firm ass as I pucker it to make it buns of steel. His lips traced down my neck and to my nipple, which he took into his mouth and began to lick and suck it. Already hardened by the slut feeling I had, the sensation was like a direct connection between my nipples and my clit.

(Big boy it's 4th and goal, you better have one in the play book) He moves his other hand up to my breast and feels my rock hard nipple and I moan and drop my hand down to his crouch. (OK I was hitting below the belt, that is a personal foul, it's 1st and goal)

He drops down on his knees and went right to my pussy and began to kiss and lick me. "Oh god Marca you are so good you taste like candy!"

"Baby I got sweet love and if the right guy can make me see fireworks he get all my candy! Bubba it's your turn to shower and I'll be in bed waiting for you."

When he came out of the shower all he had on was the towel and I could see the outline of his cock. This was a big guy!

He came over to where I was setting up in bed with just a little of the sheet covering my pussy and watched me as I played with my hard nipples and smiled at him. He picked up a beer that I had put on the night stand for him and took a big long drink and than looked down at me and said "What do you think of this." He than let the towel drop and his big rod stood up as if it were at attention. He took a step toward me and just held it in front of my mouth and I went right to it licking and kissing just the head and running my tongue around the rim.

Lesson #1269 How to measure a cock with out a tape or ruler.

My hand across the palm is 3 ½ inches, so if I took his cock in my hand at the base and stacked my hand one on top of the other if I have 3 hands of cock he is 10 ½ inches. The best kind are 2 hands and 2 inches on top for me to lick and suck and kiss, but hey who the fuck is counting?

Lesson #3269 Making sure he keeps his FUCKEN MOUTH SHOUT!

I lick the tip and kiss and than I start taking as much in my mouth as I could. "Oh baby that feels good but I got get me some of that sweet pussy, "

"Bubba I can't do this I'm married I got to get up and go home, I'll get in trouble if I'm found out!"

"Marca no one will ever know, I promise you no one will ever find out!"

"Bubba I know you guys you will tell every man in that place and they will all be trying to get me in bed!" (As of this date only 8 of them had tried but I had Bubba at the head of the list) "No way Marca I don't want any of them hitting on you. Baby you know they will try and get in my pants as soon as they know you had me in bed! Marca no one will ever know. Bubba if any one tells me are ask me about this afternoon you will never see my ass again you understand? YES GOD YES!"

Lesson #1069 Make them learn to eat and keep on eating pussy

"You want to have some more candy?" ( When he took his shower little did he know I put more of my black cheery gel on my middle finger and smeared this on the inside of my pussy lips.) "But my nipples needed to be kissed and suck first..can you help he with that? I loved the way you were licking me when I was in the kitchen and sucking my hard nipples!"

Bubba didn't say a word he just went down to my breast as if they were magnets. The more he sucked, the hotter I got. He sucked and rolled my raised nipples between his teeth and flicked his tongue across the love point. His hand lightly began to move up the inside of my thigh, causing me to get even wetter. His head dropped to between my outstretched legs, and he started to lick my upper inner thigh. I sighed as his tongue first made contact with my clit and it felt like little explosions wracked my body. I was beginning to cum from the feel of tongue and lips on my sopping cunt

"Lick my candy! Bubba lick it good, eat all my sweet juices, that's it baby run that tongue up deep in me get that good candy, it's up in me deep!"

He inserted two fingers into my dripping hot cunt, and began to finger fuck me while continuing to suck and lick my clit. I was going crazy, urging him on, begging him to lick and eat me, make me cum. I put one hand down on his head and tried to guide his tongue and lips to my clit. Oh …that is so good Bubba… yes eat me good ..yes baby....yes make me cum…eat my candy. YES, YES, YES, YES!!….Finally I did, and as I erupted, he bit my clit, which sent me well over the edge. I pulled my legs up and back over my shoulders and reached down and pulled my pussy open wide so he could drink my juices.

"Don't stop Bubba, suck my cunt dry..suck my juice…OH YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH… lick my candy sauce…OH BUBBA YES!!.. is it good baby?"

Holy shit I've never tasted pussy like yours, Jesus you juices just flowed out and I wanted more of it, I can't believe how good you taste you smell..your just unbelievable.

As I lay back panting, he moved between my legs. Kneeling on the bed between my obscenely spread legs, he rubbed the tip of his huge cock now dripping with precum. I felt his cock up next to my fold. I looked up at him and smiled at him,

"No baby you got to work for that big thing to have me, I say when you get any! I'm not just a piece of ass for you to eat and fuck! I say when, you better learn that real quick! Bubba you know you only ate me half way you didn't do a complete job! My brown rose bud has to be licked, Frenched and sucked before you have had me oral all the way!"

With his eyes open wide and jaw dropped he mumbled out…"Marca I can't I've never licked a woman's ass, I can't do that..that's not clean!" I put my hand up to his face and put a finger up to his lips…"Shooooo…baby, I'll teach you how to be a ass lover. Bubba my juices from my ass are as good as my pussy and you will beg me to let you lick and suck my ass that I'll promise! Bubba your going to be my boy when I finish with you, your other whores are just over night sperm banks."

Lesson # 4569 Getting to know his sex life style and how kinky is he

"Bubba when was the last time you had some pussy?"

Last Friday night! "Baby that has been 5 days since you shot your load, you haven't had any sex since than?" No Marca I don't fuck someone every night! "But you jerk off every night just before you go to bed don't you!"

Bubba face went red, he had been found out I don't do that I never had to do that…not with the cock I got! "Bubba the playboys on your coffee table all have the pages ear marked to where your favorite babe…and you need them to help you jerk off! Bubba your 26 and you have a hard-on every 90 minutes baby I know about men, I know what they do! Bubba I know what a man needs and how to make a man shoot off without touching your cock!"

"How many times do you jerk off Bubba, how many times a day do you?"

With that shit eaten grin and red face he mumbled out once a day..Bubba how many? Sometimes I do it late at night. "Baby just tell me the truth. Some afternoon I'll have you jerk off for me and I may use one of my vibrator on your ass and make you go off big time." His cock jerked when I said that, he may need my finger up his ass to help him go off.

Lesson #68 How to almost have 69 Or give a BJ he want forget

"Here baby lay down next to me I need to show you how a real woman makes a man feel like he has been made loved to."

On his back I began moving his cock flesh up and down, sliding my hand over his hard, stiff shaft. It felt exciting to be touching his monster cock. I couldn't contain my curiosity as I used my free hand to cup his balls and finger his ass. I shivered as I held his prick with one hand and his nuts with the other. His big, hairy balls were hot and sweaty on my palm, and I crooned a raspy sigh just imagining the huge cum load stored in them. " Bubba I love your balls they are as big as lemons I can't get but one in my mouth at a time oh I know you have lots of cream for me!"

I leaned my face forward, bringing my lips an inch from his swollen cock head. I could now smell the intoxicating aroma of his maleness and the scent nearly overpowered me and I was forced into action. I touched the tip of his cock head with my lips. I ached to have his prick in my mouth, to feel the pleasure of it stretching my lips, clogging my throat.

"Baby my mouth is my second pussy it will treat you right it will make you cum and I want you to cum a cup full I want to drink your cum!"

I moan and groan as I sucked his cock, telling him I savored the taste of him and soon was no longer content to just taste his cock head. I sucked vigorously and drew in several more inches of his prick between my lips. My mouth slid down over the veined flesh, creating a tight ring as I gobbled up inch after inch of his hot cock. Then I flattened my tongue and arranged my mouth to allow myself to take in more cock until, at last, my lips nudged the bristly clump of his dark pubic hairs. I stop when I had all of him in my mouth and looked up at him..made eye to eye contact, than I went to pumping his rod with my mouth as I looked at him.

He looked down at me and began to cry out how good it was asking me not to stop, telling me how good my mouth was. I took my hand off his shaft and put my middle finger up his butt and began to butt fuck him.

That put him over the top, he was going to shoot. I felt the surge of his cock just before the first blast of his cum juice splashed against the back of my throat. I jumped involuntarily, but I kept my mouth locked firmly in place, forcing myself to receive every drop of his salty cum.

The spewing fluid shot from his prick in thick ropes. I gulped and swallowed, barely having the ability to catch my breath. For a panicky moment I feared I might actually miss some of his milky load, but I managed to drink it all down.

I squeezed his balls, then his cock root. I wanted to make sure I had completely drained him before freeing his prick from my mouth. Then I let his softening prick slide from my lips and stood up slowly.

I bent over and kissed him on the lips and than I kissed him open mouth and gave him a mouth full of his cream and as it went in his mouth I squeezed his balls this made him swallow it. "Oh Marca I never did that before ..taste my cum…baby your going to eat a lot of cum..most of it from my pussy"

"Honey I need to wear your shirt home my dress is not dry!"

Your not going I want to fuck you! Bubba you can't get that cock up until sometime around 10 tonight. But when you do just think of my candy drippen pussy and you will go off quick when you jerk.

"Marca I like the way you looked at my cock all afternoon!" I smiled an evil grin before saying playfully " So when do you have your days off!"

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