tagBDSMMy Girlfriend, My Slave

My Girlfriend, My Slave


"It's open!"

I opened the door and stepped into the small single dorm room. With the new semester starting, it was a bittersweet start to our senior year of college, as it could be our last year together.

My girlfriend was laying on her back on the single bed, her fingers interlaced beneath her head, her long black hair flowing around her upon the bed. The way her breasts strained at her favorite faded Ghost in the Shell t-shirt drew my eyes, and her knowing smile drew my gaze back to her angelic face.

"Like what you see?" she quipped, arching her back slightly. While most other college coeds would likely feel dismayed by a guy focusing so much on their breasts, my sweet Anna enjoyed having her breasts viewed, touched, suckled...

...bound, hurt.

Closing and locking the door behind me, I crossed over to the window, closing the curtains and thus greatly dimming the natural light. "There were three things I missed most while I was working in the desert this summer," I said.

"Oh?" Her bare legs slid together as they changed position, allowing me a very brief peek up underneath her black miniskirt at her white panty.

"Making love to you, dominating you... and simply being in your presence."

Anna smiled again, spreading her arms and inviting me to join her upon the bed, upon her. After slipping off my sandals, I accepted, aligning my body with hers, my weight pressing her into the bed as her arms enveloped me and our lips joined for the first time in three months. The kiss began a little tentatively and awkwardly, but quickly blossomed into a familiar urgency, just as a familiar, urgent lengthening made itself known between us.

"I've missed you so much," she whispered as I kissed her neck, her hand holding my head in place. "I've missed this, being under you, suffering for you..."

I lifted my head away from her neck. "Do you want me to hurt you now?"

"Yes!" she admitted, pleaded, her voice soft yet full of a need which few would ever understand.

I am clearly not a Master, but I do enjoy occasionally hurting my sweet Anna, listening to her gasps and cries of pain, although I do not like to see her cry. She is clearly not a slave, but she enjoys a bit of pain, struggling for me as the sensations wash through her body.

After another lingering kiss, I slid off my beautiful girlfriend, and sat on the edge of the bed. "Do you have any supplies here, or should I go to my room and get mine?"

"I have the usual," she replied, smiling – no, beaming. She practically leaped off the bed and rushed to the closet, retrieving a small black carry-on bag and brining it to the bed. "I also have something I want to try..."

"I'm game if you are," I replied, her enthusiasm becoming rather contagious. Granted, I had not expected to be hurting her again so soon, but the prospect of listening to her squeals made me eager to learn what she wanted to try.

Anna unzipped the carry-on and produced an unopened bag of clothespins. My smile widened as I imagined her body bristling like that of a porcupine. "I know exactly where the clothespins should be placed," I announced softly, menacingly.

She handed me the clothespins, then reached into the carry-on bag again, this time retrieving a new black leather whip, its tails long and wide. She presented it to my nose, and I inhaled its intoxicating scent. "Smells good," I noted.

"Whip me, please," she requested, "while my breasts are dotted with the clothespins."


I sat on Anna's bed, leaning back against the wall, avidly watching as she dressed again. As she put on panties and a skirt, all seemed fine. But as she put on her bra, she hissed through clenched teeth, her breasts still quite sensitive following the pinching of the clothespins and the following whipping.

"How do they feel?" I asked, gesturing toward her chest.

"They hurt," she said, the discomfort evident in her voice as she finished donning the bra, "but in a good way."

I smiled. "Good."

My girlfriend smiled in return, moving a little gingerly as she put on a t-shirt. After adjusting her hair, she approached and mounted the bed, her legs straddling mine as she leaned in to kiss me. She groaned loudly into my mouth as my hands rose to her chest, roughly groping her breasts and purposely exacerbating the discomfort she already felt...

In time, we both stood, prepared to go out for dinner, but Anna turned to me and took my hands in hers, gazing lovingly into my eyes.

"Thank you," she whispered. "I've missed that."

"So have I," I replied softly, squeezing her hands. "But tonight, I think a long cuddle and perhaps an even longer lovemaking are in order... just you and me, in the dark, just two souls reveling in each other."

"Well, I do have another request..." Anna admitted. "It's something I've been thinking about all summer long..."

"Name it," I responded. "If it's in my power, I'll do whatever I can."

Releasing my hands, she hesitated, then knelt before me. I was a little surprised, not sure what to think.

"Please, Master," my girlfriend practically whispered, her eyes fixated upon my feet. "Please accept me as your slave, Master."

I had also given this very situation plenty of thought during the long hot desert summer. "This is a choice you make freely?" I asked, needing to hear her answer to my question before I could feel good about entering into this change in our relationship.

"Yes, Master," she replied. "Freely."

"Stand," I ordered, and she did.

"Look at me," I commanded, and she complied.

I took my girlfriend, my slave, into my arms, hugging her fiercely, crushing her aching breasts against my chest, enjoying her soft whimper of discomfort. I dropped a hand to her rear, seizing one of her previously-whipped lower cheeks and causing her to again whimper in discomfort.

"Your first command," I informed her, "is to take off your panties and leave them here. You'll be pantyless this evening."

Anna hesitated again, and I was not surprised, for I knew that she had never previously been pantyless in public. As we walked down the corridor and down the stairs to my car, she was clearly nervous, yet she was also happier than I had seen from her in a long, long time.

My girlfriend had just become my slave, and we had nine months of my loving dominance and her loving slavery ahead of us... at least.

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