tagLetters & TranscriptsNight Is Coming Ch. 02

Night Is Coming Ch. 02


Um, hi.

I feel really strange doing this but you wouldn't believe how many times I came just reading your letter. You aren't some kind of weirdo, are you? I hope not. It's so scary how you know how to touch the inside of me, the heart of me with your words, as if you know me. Do you know me? I wonder if you're someone that I see every day, a kindred spirit that passes by, reaching into me and touching me as you move by. I want to know you. I want to touch you and look into your eyes and know that it's me that you want, that you belong to me.

How is it that you came to be? You say in your letter that I created you but how did that happen? The way you describe yourself is a dream that I've had for a long time, since I was a young child. I used to imagine that a prince came to rescue me from the loneliness that I was feeling; a prince that swept me off my feet and worshipped me as if I was a princess. I would dream of being ravished and loved until I fell asleep, my pussy filled and my sleep dreamless. And I would dream that when I awoke, my prince would still be there, eager to prove his love again.

When my mother died and left me alone, I thought about you all the time, making up situations where you'd come and save me. Shall I tell you my favorite one? I'd be on a train on a dark and stormy night and I'd be sobbing my eyes out because I was lonely. Feeling utterly dejected and depressed, I shower and hop into bed, managing to cry myself to sleep before I could think twice about it. I'd dream about you then. I'd dream that you were gently stroking my face and then, when I opened my eyes, you were there. You told me how beautiful I was and how lucky you were to have me. Then, you kissed me.

I've never been kissed, Night. Not really kissed. I've had a few close calls but I've never had a kiss like the one I dream that you gave me. Slow and sensual with plenty of tongue. You kiss me so deeply in my dreams that my toes curl. Never, ever had that happened before. I just love how you cup my face with your hands and run your fingers through my hair, how your fingers caress my scalp. I feel warm all over and I want more. Your hands slip under the blanket, finding my breasts and gently rubbing my nipples.

Oh, how wonderful that feels! I shiver as I feel them harden under your fingertips, then you squeeze them, making my toes curl even harder. You whisper that you want to suckle mother's milk from my breasts, that you want to drink my essence and your lips move and cover each in turn. The flick of your tongue sends bolts of electricity into my already weeping pussy and I push your mouth down harder onto my breast. Your teeth feel so good! You move down my stomach and quickly find my clit. And within seconds, I am gone, cumming so hard that I feel like I'm going to shake apart.

You lift your head and smile at me, moving over me and giving me a deep kiss. I want you inside me. I want to feel your skin against me but you tease me. You bend and kiss my nipples again, licking and sucking them until I am trembling again. Now. Your whisper makes me shiver even harder and I whimper as I feel your rod rubbing against my hole. You drive the breath out of my throat every time the head pushes my mound up and rubs on my clit. I am so ready for you. Please take me.

You slide in and we both moan together. I'm so wet and so ready for you that you slide completely into me. I can feel every inch of you and my pussy muscles clasp you tightly as you move inside me. I close my eyes and move with you, loving the feel of your mouth on my neck and your breath on my cheek. I can't believe how much love I feel from you and I want to cry with happiness but the way you're making me feel ... I can barely catch my breath. Your beautiful cock is pounding me, pounding me and I ... I'm cumming, covering you in cream, so much cream that I can feel it running down my ass crack.

I'm so overwhelmed that I fall asleep. When I awaken, I am alone again with only sticky thighs to remind me of our encounter. I find no cum, though, so I am depressed again, believing that I had a wet dream. I try not to cry as I dress and gather my luggage, heading for the outer door now that we've reached the station.

I am ecstatic to see you waiting for me, a big bouquet of flowers in your hand. My prince has finally arrived.

Listen, I have to go to work. I don't know how you're getting in here but I'll leave this on my pillow just like you left the other one. Please. I hope you're not a weirdo ...

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