On The Block


* This story was spired by, and contains, a scene from the comic book: Gohr #1, by The Hun, used with the artist's permission. *


Gar blinked at the harsh glare of the mid-morning sun. It was the first time he had been out in the daylight since he'd been brought to the slave auction-yard the day before.

The crowd let out a great cheer at the sight of his tall, muscular body, his 12 inch erection drawing even more attention than all the rest of his brawny physique combined.

And there before him on the platform was the main reason for his throbbing tumescence - his 18 year old son, Dev, bent and tied to a wooden framework, his knees spread to either side and wide-open asshole on full display to his father's lustful gaze.

All throughout their captivity in the holding pens beneath the platform Gar had been chained to one wall while his son was attached to the opposing wall, giving Gar a perfect view of his son's delectable body without being able to do a damn thing about it. And with his hands tied behind his back he had been unable to reach his throbbing hard-on to stroke it off - much less reach for the boy's hot young bod.

Even now his hands were still tied firmly behind him, a handle by which his progress toward his son's waiting target was prolonged. But the appetites of the depraved slave-auction attendants was famous throughout the land - he knew the audience was waiting to see some hot father-son action. And he knew he wouldn't disappoint them, not after the priming he'd gone through over the last 24 hours.

Slowly his handlers brought him closer to the spasming hole that was the focus of his attention. Well, that and his hard, throbbing, pre-cum leaking studcock. He wanted to shove that monster - fully as thick as his son's forearm - up that hot chute and just ride it to orgasm after blinding orgasm.

The tip reached Dev's body, Gar's cockhead grazing against the top of the boy's crack. Gar bent his knees, docking without use of his hands into Dev's body as he took another step closer, pushing the purple, leaking head into his boy's sphincter.

Slowly, oh sooo slowly, the rest of the shaft pushed into his son's fuck-hole, long practice having done nothing to reduce the tightness of the channel against his thick member. Just as it seemed he would get to slam his crotch against those delectably high, round cheeks, Gar's progression was halted, the bindings on his wrists pulling him up short.

Arching his back, Gar managed to thrust another inch into his son's tight asshole, but could go no further, the last two inches of his cock unable to reach that warm haven within his son's spasming boycunt. So, unable to move forward, he pulled his hips back , pulling out till only the head remained inside the boy's rectum, before thrusting forward with all his might, his desperation to cum overriding all other considerations, such as modesty or concern for his son's comfort. Not that he'd ever put such things before his own pleasure in the past, when he'd fucked the boy at home.

The horny crowd surrounding the platform cheered as the hard fucking began to speed up, Gar grunting and groaning as he ruthlessly sought release. Free-men were openly groping themselves and each other as they witnessed what they knew was an incest fuck between the two up-for-sale slaves. Gar was to be sold as a breeder-stallion, while his son was clearly prime bottom-boy fuck-slave material; howling and bawling as he endured the rough fuck, his boy-dick was red and throbbing between his thighs where it was forced downward by the wooden framework, leaking as much pre-cum as his father's cock had done before it was buried in the boy's straining body.

Gar's first orgasm wasn't long in coming, but was long in cumming as he shot spurt after spurt up the tight little ass. But, even as the jism was spewing, his pace never slowed, as his ardeur was barely even leveled, let alone being anywhere near quenched.

Bellow him a deep moan was forced out of his son's body, as the boy gave vent to his own release, the pounding of his fuckhole forcing his boy-cum out his cock, shooting down his legs and onto the stage floor.

Gar's sex hunger for boy-ass was hardly a new thing brought on by his captivity - he'd been sating himself on (and in) his son's body for years, as was a common practice for fathers in their district. Gar's own father had initiated him into mansex when he had been a young strapling, holding him down and plowing him for hours on end after a hard day's work on the family farm.

It wasn't till after Gar's third climax up his son's boycunt that rational thought was even remotely possible. Not that his thoughts strayed far from the subject at hand; nor were his relentless thrusts slowed by the lessening of the urgency in his still-tight balls, churning the man-milk he'd spewed into butter that squirted out around his bulldick onto his thighs and down onto the stage, joining with the puddle of his son's cum.

Gar looked around at the crowd all around him, noting the many soldiers looking hungrily at his son's lewdly displayed body. He knew then, with a certain amount of resignation, that Dev was likely to be sold off as a military whore, given to whole squads at a time to keep them happy between missions. The idea was saddening because it would mean that this would be the last time he got to pork the boy himself, and so he decided to make the most of his last shot at his son's tight boypussy. Who knew when his studcock would get into an ass this tight again.

There were also a number of free-men and their sons in the crowd, giving Gar's muscular, hairy body appreciative looks, admiring the way he was able to maintain his erection and the stamina he displayed in his constant hard thrusts. Many a Daddy was obviously thinking how hot it would be to see Gar in action on their own sex-slut boys' fuckholes. To give his prospective buyers still more incentive to purchase him, Gar began varying his strokes, going from a quick, hard pounding to slow long glides up his son's cunt. This type of long-dicking drew out involuntary moans from the boy as his prostate was given a slow massage and soon caused him to once again shoot his load down his legs.

As the boy's fucktunnel spasmed in orgasm again and again, Gar sighed nostalgically, thinking back to all the years he'd waited for his son to grow from baby to child to the age when his father could finally get his dick into the boy without tearing him in half. Oh, the fucks he'd enjoyed in this ass, the pleasure he'd taken in watching his friends plow this hot furrow - soon to be lost to him forever. It made a man want to slam his bulldick hard into a hole and never pull out again. Or maybe that was just his studpole wanting more pleasure, even as his balls were preparing another load to shoot into the boy.

"Oh, yeah, boy, give it up for Daddy! Squeeze the cum out of my fuckrod!" Gar grunted as his pace once again picked up, shoving his hips forward as far as they would go, his low hanging balls swinging and slapping against Dev's bent cock at the end of each thrust.

"Dad!" came the shocked cry from Dev's mouth, as he realized for the first time just who it was who was using him so violently. Somehow it had not occurred to the boy that he and his father would be matched up on the platform - he had been sure they had been separated for good when he'd been take while his father had been left behind in the holding pen. Admittedly, the style of fucking had seemed familiar, but then, every son's-father in his home village had had the same style of bullfucking, as he well knew - since he'd been under pretty much every single one of them at one time or another, while his father had been on top of one of their boys.

Dev's already flaming cheeks became even more flushed as he realized the depraved spectacle they presented, the fact that it was his father using him as a fuckhole somehow worse than the idea of a stranger pounding his boypussy, making him shoot cumload after cumload. "No-o-o-oh, D-ah-ah-ah-ahd!" he panted, his words distorted by the relentless ramming in his rear, which he swore he could feel in the back of his throat. "Stoh-oh-oh-ohp!" In a further attmept to get his father's attention, Dev clamped down his internal muscles, trying to halt his father's thrusting and get him to listen. Unfortunately, the amount of cum already pumped into his rectum meant that, while Gar felt the tightening of the hot channel he was fucking, it was only as additional grip and friction on his slippery cock, inciting him to dump yet another hot load into the already overflooding passage.

Gritting his teeth against the pleasure the hot flood induced, Dev began wriggling as much as his bindings allowed, trying to dislodge his father's studweapon from his burning pussy, desperate to stop the lurid show he found himself a part of - even as his own swollen cock twitched and spasmed with lust.

Seemingly unaware that his son had spoken, Gar kept up his barrage inside the boy. Huffing and puffing with the exertion, he grunted out, "Damn! If these ugly bastards would just untie me, I c'd lay down right on top o' you..." huff, puff, "Get a good grip an' a lot better angle..." puff, huff, grunt, "Fuck your brains out! Hey, hold still, son!" Gar seemed to acknowledge Dev for the first time, "All that wigglin' around is ruinin' my stroke!"

"Garsh, Dad, you' cummed up in me five times already, an' your big ol' horsecock's still bone-hard! Aw, fuck! I'm cummin' again, with everybody watchin'! Aw, please, Dad! This is so humiliatin'!" Dev cried, tears flooding his eyes as cum gushed out his bent boydick over and over.

"Haw! Look at you, layin' there, blushin' like a virgin! Hell, boy, I' fucked you in public lots o'times!" Gar's thrust took on a quickened pace, remebering.

"Wull, yeah, but that was just in front o' the neighborin' farmers an' their boys," Dev said, his own voice strained, his breath getting knocked out of him by the harsh pounding, "Everybody nekkid..." pant, pant, "All you Dads showin' each other how you was fuckin' us of a night..." pant, pant, "Deep an' hard!..." pant, moan, pant, "Making us groan an' grunt an' cum!" Dev couldn't help moving back to his father's thrust at the memory of those nights. "Then all the Dads tradin' off..." pant, pant, "Fucking each other's boys till mornin'! But that wasn't like this here..." groan, pant, moan, "Gettin' fucked in front o' total strangers!"

"Shee-it! Do the math, baby! With all them big grungy soldiers in this here crowd, you're prob'ly gonna wind up a fuckslave in the army barracks! Yeah, here on out, you're gonna get raped non-stop by more total strangers than you can handle!" Gar shot a new load, just thinking of all those other men, picturing in his mind's eye all the miles and miles of dick his boy was going to have shoved up his boypussy. He only wished that he might be there to see it. The gods knew, he'd gotten off watching his friends when they'd all hammered away up the boy, even as he'd done his best to turn their boys into paraplegics.

As wave after wave of cum shot into the boy's asscunt, the crowd went into a frenzy, cheering Gar on and commenting on the sheer volume he could still manage to pump out after so many orgasms, as the force of his unabated thrusts caused the cum to shoot back out the boy's ass onto Gar's stomach and thighs, even splashing onto his pendulous balls.

Gar could see young boys push to the front of the crowd, licking their lips as they watched the gushing manslime, some bold boys even reaching up to run their hands into the quite-large puddle of studcum Gar was standing in, which now extended well towards the rim of the platform; some then licked their hands, savoring the flavor, while others rubbed the cum onto their chest or hard little peters, bringing on their own orgasms.

The older men held back, enjoying the show, and doubtless waiting till Gar's seemingly indefatigable cum supply wears out - after which it would be "sample the slave-boy" time, where any, and probably EVERY, man in the audience would get a chance to ride the boy.

But for now Gar was just hitting his stride. His initial adrenalin rush was wearing off, but he was far from drained, ready to start the slower fucks of a seasoned stud, shunting his swollen daddydick up and down the fuckpassage it had broken in so very well, all those years ago.

Dev also began focusing his blurry eyes on the crowd, noticing all the uniformed men. None of the uniforms had a crotch, so he was able to see everything the soldiers had to offer. While it was true he was scared of the sheer volume of men an average army encampment had, he thought his life thus far had been a more than adequate preparation - plus, they probably wouldn't make him get up at the crack of dawn to work in the fields all day before going back home at night for the sex his father could give him till the following daybreak. Fuckslave couldn't be harder work than that! While it was ture there were a lot of soldiers, there were only so many hours in the day, and even assuming he got raped a steady 24 of them, that still only allowed for so many people to get at him at a time. And surely he wouldn't be the ONLY boy servicing the horny soldiers' needs.

Although, looking around, he was disappointed to see that not many soldiers seemed to have his father's equipment - most of those dicks couldn't be more than 8 inches! The only man he'd ever taken who was that small had been a traveling peddler, since everyone in their district was related in some way or other and huge horsecocks ran deep in their gene-pool. If he hadn't felt the man's hips slamming against his ass, he probably wouldn't have noticed that he'd been mounted at all.

With that thought, Dev made two decisions: One, he wanted to be sold to the army - maybe sheer volume would make up for individual lack of size. And, two, he was going to make the most of having his Dad's huge fuckrod up his pussy-ass while he had the chance - who knew when his cunt would be so well fed again?

And so for the rest of the day both father and son worked hard to squeeze as many cum-loads as they could out of Gar's dick, each dick-spasming cum-shot working Dev's ass-ring and prostate to give him an orgasm as well.

It was an hour after sundown when the two exhausted future-slaves finally ran out of steam, Gar's still impressive dick deflating and falling out of Dev's swollen, red asshole. Gar's head fell forward, his chin resting on his sweaty chest which was moving rapidly up and down as he stuggled to catch his breath, his knees threatening to give out any minute, so weak did they seem. Dev himself had actually passed out once or twice during the grueling day, and now lay drooling from both ends - saliva dripping unopposed from his slack-jawed face while Daddycum flowed freely from his thoroughly opened rectum.

Both just barely noticed when one of the slavers climbed up on the stage beside them and announced, "All right, good sirs, you've all witnessed what these lovely specimens can do with each other. Tomorrow you'll all get your chance to try out the boy's hot butt for yourselves, right here on this platform in front of everyone else at the auction-yard. Or, if you'd rather, you can milk the stud-bull on the next platform over. Bidding will begin at midday, the day after tomorrow. Thank you."

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