tagSci-Fi & FantasyOnyx Dreams Ch. 21

Onyx Dreams Ch. 21


Chapter 21: Justice Demanded

When Tom awoke, he was sitting in the waiting room of a police station, Cyrus smiling beside him.

The secretary looked at the two of them, her eyes widening when she spotted Tom. "I'll go get the chief," she stammered and raced toward the back to speak to two officers who were pouring coffee.

Cyrus nodded and sat, flicking through some particularly graphic photographs of his mother's murder. A tape marked, 'Confession' lay on the table with several more marked 'witness' and numbered accordingly.

The oldest of the pair came to the front with the secretary. The man looked at Cyrus. "Can I help you, son?"

Cyrus put on a bright cheery smile and nudged Tom, "Yeah, I'm here to turn in the guy who murdered my mother."

"That's a pretty serious allegation son. Do you have proof? Have you filled out the correct paperwork?"

"Don't need paperwork, his confession and several witness statements are on tape there. I also have a DNA sample that will match his proving the hair sample you guys found there is his. That enough?"

"Are you a detective from another division? You look kind of young to be one."

"No, I'm the son of the victim and I made a citizen's arrest. Since the people I thought would've turned him in were in fact hiding and protecting him."

The officer forced himself to be patient. "Please come back here with me for a moment. Larry, go ahead and talk to the other fellow. Cindy please take everything this young man has brought and start processing it."

"I want him arrested in case he tries to escape. I don't want to have to watch you guys let him get away."

"We can take care of ourselves, young man. Just come with me please."

Cyrus nodded a moment before rising from his seat and moving towards the chief. "Of course."

The chief led Cyrus to his office. "You made a citizen's arrest? When did the murder occur?"

Cyrus looked calmly at the chief, his eyes disturbingly cold. "Twenty three years ago. I only recently discovered who the culprits were."

"Son, we will do what we can but these things take time."

The coldness of Cyrus voice seemed to grow exponentially as he slowly leaned forward, resting his knuckles on the desk, his pupils deep dark voids of black. "If it takes longer than a week, then I'll begin to wonder. After all there is a pile of evidence there that'll take three days tops, to process in a lab. If he goes free then I'll be holding you responsible for letting a murderer loose on the streets."

"We will do what we can. On that you have my solemn word."

"I will hold you to that chief, you won't like the consequences if you don't do everything you can..."

"Are you threatening me, son?" the chief eyed Cyrus. He didn't like the young man's attitude or behavior. It seemed off to him some how.

Cyrus didn't answer as he turned from the chief and silently exited the room, the air softly humming a malevolent melody of the potential future.

* * * * * * Katherine and Julian made it back to Isaac's monastery in silence. She still couldn't believe the rage she had seen on his face. It scared her. But she would worry about that later. Right now she had to speak to Cyrus' father.

Isaac and Martha were cleaning up the mess Cyrus' anger had caused in sober silence. There was a tension in the air that neither dare speak of. Their timing of telling Cyrus that he wasn't adopted had been unfortunate and the result truly unpredictable and shocking. He had seemed so docile in his youth, only when he had attended Anthony's monastery did his behavior change. Perhaps it had been a bad decision to send him there.

Katherine quickly walked up the driveway and around back to the kitchen entrance. She knocked lightly on the screen door before opening it and stepping inside. "Isaac, we have a problem." She bent over and picked up a shattered glass bowl and threw the pieces in the trash.

Isaac straightened up, his face pale and shaken. When he spoke it was a tone of dread and fear, "What has he done Katherine?"

"He went to confront his mother's killer. He injured women, teenagers, and men before taking the clan leader and dropping him from the highest point. Julian and I rescued the leader but Cyrus was not listening to reason."

Isaac was frozen as the import of her news sank in. "Did you stay until he left? Do you know where he is now? We must find him, I did not predict that he would take this so badly."

"No, I did not stay. He seemed calmer than when I first arrived. I do not know where he is. I can ask Julian to "listen" for him."

Isaac nodded and placed a smashed photograph on the counter top. It was of Cyrus as a young boy paddling in the waves. "He never used to harbor such resentment to people...perhaps the seer was wrong when she said he would be the savior of prophecy?"

Katherine gasped. "Don't say such things! Seers are never wrong. Vague yes, but wrong? Never. Maybe before he can be a savior he has to lose his way," she suggested though she thought it highly unlikely.

Isaac shook his head and leaned against the counter top trying to find a solution in his mind. "No, I have not sensed confusion in his mind. I have, however, been able to see that his mind is set on one thing. He believes that dragon law is wrong. Perhaps he is to be a savior, but not one for us. Perhaps he is to be a savior for the other side?"

"No," Katherine gasped. "Do not say such things, milord!" What Isaac was hinting at was sacrilege. Everyone knew the dark ones still lurked about and that the draconic prophecy uttered so many millennia ago foretold that one would rise for the dark who used to be of the light and that the savior for the light would unite all. "No, I will not believe that!" "Katherine, do not be naïve. Take a moment and look at what we have been told and know to be true. We all know of the trouble that occurred at the Fertility ceremony yes? And the attempt on the high priest's life. It is said that one day, darkness will be needed to bring forth the light. Sometimes to do the right thing, darkness is the only path that can be taken."

"I cannot believe that! Not and be a dragon rider!"

"I hope that I am wrong Katherine, I really do. For now, all we can do is wait, listen, and hope that the council does not catch word of what has happened, or things may decline faster than we can control." Isaac stared out the window and silently prayed for his son.

"Agreed." She then tuned her mind into her Julien's mind. {{Julian, please listen for Cyrus and let me know where he is.}}

There was a pause and then Julian replied {{He's coming back this way and he's pleased about something.}} Katherine looked at Isaac. "Julian says Cyrus is on his way here."

"I just hope he hasn't done anything stupid like involve mortals in our ways." Isaac nodded and cleared the last of the debris away, sitting down at what remained of the table that had once dominated the kitchen.

Katherine shrugged. "I'll leave you to talk with him. I'm going to the lake to give Julian a bath."

Isaac nodded a little wearily and waved vaguely in the direction of the lake. "Just remember and clean up any scales he decides to shed."

Katherine chuckled when Julian let out an indignant roar. "Don't worry, I will."

Isaac smiled slightly at the roar and motioned for Martha to sit with him, he was beginning to worry about the happiness his son was now feeling. He could sense a dark cloud on the horizon looming ever closer to their lives.

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