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Opposite Attractions


My mountain bike ride left me muddy, and with a serious leg pump. Even after the 45 minute drive home from the local hills, my legs were burning, and I had to gingerly walk into my condo. I started the shower and began stretching my legs again. The hot water would be just the thing I needed to loosen up.

I finished washing myself off, scrubbing away the caked-on mud, making sure to pay a little extra attention to my crotch area. With my body still filled with endorphins, it was easy to create a super-hard erection. Just the thing I needed to get a good shave. I grabbed the bottle of gel, sprayed a good portion on my hand and lathered up my cock, balls, and ass crack. Placing the hand-held shower head on the floor, I leaned back against the wall tiles, and squatted down as I worked in the foam. I used my right hand to work my shaft, in a slow, but tight gripping stroke, encapsulating my cock head on the up stroke, and dragging my fingers across and under my balls on the down. My left hand reached behind me and stroked my crack and sensitive asshole. Probing my hole, I could feel my balls tighten, wanting to release their bounty across the stall. I got myself in a good rhythm, and brought myself to the brink when I stopped. Tightly squeezing my cock at the base, I kept my load inside, teasing myself. I had to shave first before I lost my erection.

I grabbed the triple-bladed razor and started with my ass. Having consistently shaved my nether regions, I only needed to make a few passes to clean up whatever stubble had grown back. I stood back up and started to put the edge on one of my bikini lines when I heard some one calling for me. It was Gail, my gorgeous, but platonic next-door neighbor.

We moved into our new development condos the same weekend. My friends combined with her friends made it a big party, and turned a moving day into a pleasurable experience. There seemed to be a mutual attraction that first day, but by the time our friends left late in the evening, combined with moving exhaustion, neither one of us was ready to make a move on it. Over the next year we realized we were not compatible as a couple, let alone roommates. Plain and simple: she's a slob, I'm a neat-freak; other than boring aerobics and pilates, she's not athletic in the least sense, while I can't play enough sports; she needs a lot of attention, and I travel a lot for business. Regardless of our differences, we had a solid friendship, and enjoyed each others company, and nothing further, until now.

"Jack? Jack where are?" she called, in my leg cramped state I did not lock the front door and she must have let herself in. "I need to borrow your can opener. I seemed to have lost mine again," she yelled out. Actually she had already lost one of hers before, and one of mine; don't ask me how.

I did not want her to find me because of my obvious compromising position. I was hoping she'd hear the shower and get the hint. When I heard her call for me again I realized I left both my bedroom and bathroom doors open. With the angle of my mirrored closet doors aiming at the clear glass enclosures of the shower stall, I could easily be seen as soon as she hit the bedroom entry. Just when I dropped the razor and exited the stall to try and wrap a towel around myself, she saw me.

I was somewhat hunched over, my hard cock pointing skyward and its tight ball sac forming a foundation to perch from, both covered in shaving cream. The cock slit was in plain view as my leakage of pre-cum had cleaned it off. I had just finished one side of my bikini lines, so I had a half cream-covered pubic mound. After she took in my manhood, I blushed as our eyes met. A Cheshire-cat smile spanned her face. Sing-songingly she called me: "Jack, you're such a big boy. I never knew what you were packing under your Lycra shorts every time you went riding. Silly me, I was always focused on that tight ass of yours." She approached me, her eyes burning with lust, and unconsciously licked her lips.

"I, uh, I, …," I was stunned, but could feel my cock swell with another rush of blood as it knew what it wanted. Now standing at the bathroom door, she was reveling in all that I had to offer. She was bare-foot and wearing a light and flimsy mid-thigh length sundress that buttoned from the chest all the way down the front. Not that she had it buttoned as about three buttons on the top and two from the bottom were unattached. Her good sized breasts did not appear to be in a bra, and her tan legs revealed she had recently been lying out at the community pool. "You, ah, you seemed . . ." I stuttered out before she cut me off.

"And what's with the shaving cream, pretty-boy. How'd you know I liked my fuck-boys smooth?" Walking into the bathroom, she passed me carrying the can opener. Placing it under my chin, she used it to stand me straight up. She lowered the toilet seat, and sat down opposite of the shower. Crossing her legs she flashed me a hint of hot pink panties. "Please, don't let me interrupt. Finish. Don't pay any attention to little ol' me," she said coyly as she grabbed the shower door, "Let's just leave the door open."

I complied but was still in a state of shock. I picked up the razor with a trembling hand and tried to finish my other bikini line. After two passes that were somewhat ineffective, I looked up at her to see she had unfastened the remaining buttons and was massaging her pussy through her satiny pink panties with one hand, and gently caressing her breasts with the other. It was this slap into reality that I needed to get my mind where it should be, and I let a moan of approval at her display. I started shaving my balls, using long slow strokes from back underneath up to the base of my cock. I made sure to look her in the eyes as I dragged the razor across my sac. Her hand motion on her satin-covered pussy was still slow, but more forceful as she dug her fingers into her gash. A wet spot was rapidly forming and expanding under her fingers as her pussy leaked its juice. I placed the razor against my cock's base and lightly shaved off the small amount of stubble, leaving my cock silky smooth. Placing the razor down, I worked the remaining cream into my newly shaved areas. Slowly jacking my cock, we stared into each others eyes as my hand angled it straight up my belly. Gail grabbed her panties and pinched them to ride inside her soaking gash. Pulling them tight against her pussy, she wedged them so far in that her outer lips enveloped the material, making part of them unseen. Her gyrations seemed to be focused on rubbing her clit. She let go of her breast, and with her free hand pulled her panties out and to one side and pushing a finger into her velvet tunnel. Her other hand's fingers slowly stroked her clit's hood, playing peek-a-boo to my eyes with its little hidden nub. In a deliberate pace of in and out, her finger became shiny wet; my hand had a vise grip on my cock, pumping at a good pace. I had to fuck her, so I grabbed the shower head to rinse off.

"Hey wait a minute; it looks like you missed a couple spots. You need a little help." She stood; dropping the dress off her shoulders, and took the razor in her hand. Stepping into the shower she grabbed the can of gel, and sprayed some on her hand. She smoothed it on the missed spots of my bikini line, and then surprised me by reaching under and smearing the remainder over my ass. Looking in my eye she whispered, "We can't forget back there, now can we." Enjoying her touch, I didn't tell her I already had done that part, and just parted my legs to her delight. Bringing her creamy hand to the front, she took hold of my cock and wrapped her fingers around its substantial girth. "OH," her eyes lit up, "you are a big boy. Such a handful." Barely touching my cock, she stroked its shaft a few times. "Ready?"

I nodded, and with a perfect touch, she shaved a path down my hip to the base of my cock. Sinking down to her knees, she expertly shaved the rest of my bikini area. Carefully rinsing my front, she wrapped her fingers around me again, pulled my cock down so it was pointing right at her mouth and gave my slit a gentle lick, letting a string of spit and pre-cum connect her tongue to my cock head. "MMM, tastes good." Her fingers dragged themselves in my ass crack. "We need to finish back here. Turn around and grab your ankles boy." My true uninhibited lustful nature was in full command as I did what she requested.

I stared at her through my legs as she studied my ass in all its glory. Her tongue ever so slightly hanging out her mouth as her hands fondled my firm and muscular cheeks. "Do you like what you see, cause I like what I see," I told her. Squatting like a catcher, her pussy had hypnotized me. My eyes had become fixed on her soaked panties showing a silhouette of engorged pussy lips.

"Well let me help you with the view, "she said as she stood to take them off. She wiped her wet panties across my lips; I tried to taste them, but she quickly tossed them aside. I licked my lips, getting a hint of the tangy essence she was offering. She squatted down again and I reached to caress her pussy as she reached to shave my ass. She quickly noticed my ass was smooth.

"Oh, I see, you shaved back here already. But you need some touch up." The razor slowly pressed on to my crack and cheeks. Up and down, and in cross strokes, she had me moaning in anticipation of her next move. A fingernail found my anus, and she lightly scratched it. "Oh yes, play with my hole. I like that." I confessed to her. My fingers found her pussy dripping wet as I rubbed her inner lips, squishing them against each other, and then pulling them apart. I had to taste her, so I pushed my middle finger in as far as I could. Her pussy was open and willing to take my sudden entry. Curling it as I slowly pulled it out; I scrapped the front wall of her tunnel. I was rewarded with a gasp and a good dollop of honey. I brought it to my mouth; our eyes locked, and I sucked on my juice covered finger. Pure sex: creamy, tangy, and delicious. "Good, very good. Do you always taste like this?"

"Always," she replied mischievously.

Dropping the razor, she focused her efforts on my asshole. Her rubbing, scratching, and gently probing caused my hips to start flexing. "Yes, just like that," I hissed. She lovingly teased me and coated my ass to her liking. She reached in between my legs and pulled my cock down straight. The pleasurable pain caused me to stand my back a little straighter. Her pussy became out of reach. I'll just let her satisfy me for now.

Her hand picked up its pace, milking my cock like a cow's udder. Cool water rinsed off the remaining shaving cream from my ass and balls. She adjusted the massaging shower head, and aimed a strong jet of water at my hole and sac. "Yeah Gail, right there, pound my ass." The water jet sent jolts up my back as my nerve endings tingled with the pounding. My legs were now spread as wide as the shower flooring would allow, and I had dropped my hands down to the floor for support. Gail removed the water jet, and shocked me as a firm tongue rimmed my ass. "OHHH YEAH! Yeah Gail!" my knees buckled as she firmly flicked her tongue along the puckered ring, "UUHHH GAIL, LICK ME! MAKE ME CUM!" Encouraged by my words, she buried her face in between my cheeks, wrapping her arms around my hips, grabbing my cock to continue stroking it. I had unconsciously risen on my tip toes as her tongue gently inserted into my ass, pulling on the interior of my ring as she brought it back out. "FUCK YEAH GAIL, FUCK YEAH! FUCK MY ASS!" She quickly inserted one of her thumbs into my ass, twisting it as she fucked me. Her other hand remained on my cock, milking it hard and fast. She bit my ass, her bottom teeth raking across the edge of my ring. "OOOOHHHH, HERE I CUM, HERE I CUM!"

Before I shot my first load, she quickly dropped her head underneath my swelled cockhead, and sucked it in her mouth. My cock throbbed, she stopped stroking me, and began rubbing just her thumb at that all sensitive V under my cock slit; she was experienced and good. Her thumb in my ass pushed hard against my prostate causing my cock to erupt. "AAHHH SHIT! YEAH!" It felt like a quart of spunk rocketed out of me. Her mouth remained locked as I filled her mouth. Her thumb pushed harder on my prostate, almost clamping down on my spunk tube, but my load could not be denied. I sent another dose of spunk into her mouth. She had to remove her lips to drain the excess out of her mouth, before she replaced her lip-lock my next spurt hit her chin. She extended her tongue, flicking my slit as my next couple of spurts jetted out. Just as I thought my last shot had finished, she popped her thumb out of my ass, causing a long stream of spunk to splash against her face. In my ecstatic state I was losing my balance and fell to a knee on one side of her.

Gail pushed me down on my back, wanting to mount me. I angled my feet outside of the shower as she swung a leg over me. Grabbing my still throbbing cock, she pressed her drenched pussy lips against its head, and with a release of her weight, impaled herself its full length, banging her hard cervix. "OOOHHHHHH," she moaned just before planting a sperm-filled kiss on my lips. She immediately began grinding her hips against mine, mashing her clit into my small patch of remaining hair. I used my tongue to clean my mess around her mouth, which she eagerly ate as I fed it to her. She grabbed my face with both hands burying her tongue down my throat as her stomach clenched, and pussy clamped around my cock. "UH-HUH, UH-HUH, FEELS SO GOOD! YES, YEEESSSSSSS!" Her body went rigid for a moment as her first orgasmic wave crashed across her body. Pushing herself up with her hands on my chest, she dug her nails into my flesh as she resumed her grinding.

I grabbed her ass cheeks, angling my pelvis to allow a better grind for her. Falling breasts encircled my face as she fell into me. Her grinding became more of a furious in an out rhythm, and my cock head was being pummeled as it bounced against her cervix. I flattened my tongue in her cleavage, allowing her thrashing body to direct where it licked. Her ass cheeks clenched on the out strokes of our fucking, and released on the in. Her pussy opening had a vise hold on my cock's base, as she went through another storm of an orgasm. "OOHHHH YOU'RE FUCKING ME SO DEEP. FUCK ME HARD FUCK ME HARD!" her voice was quivering, barely allowing her lungs to hold her breaths. "UUHHHH, UUHHHHH, UUHHHH YEAH!"

She pulled my head up by my ears and pressed her lips to mine. Our tongues wrestled hard, our teeth biting lips, tearing at each others mouths. "Fuck me big boy, fuck me with that big cock." She had come down a little from her pinnacle, so I made an effort to stand up. Neither one of us wanted to lose our coupling, so we made an effort to stay connected as I rose. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I stood, and walked to my bed. Laying her down, I remained standing, holding her legs high and spread as I began to plunge my cock. "Take my cock, Gail, take it all in!" I started to bang her cervix again, a spot she really seemed to enjoy. "Your pussy is so tight, Gail, squeeze my seed out, make my shoot again!"

"UUHHH, you feel so good. Stretch my puss! Pull me inside out!" She had her eyes closed, her hands roughly squeezing her bouncing breasts. Her eyes opened; a look of pure lust in them as she stared me down, "Come on big boy. Shoot your cum on me, I wanna see your spunk shoot out again! Paint my belly big boy; let me run my fingers through your spunk!" I climbed on the bed, sat on my knees and increased my pace. The downward angle of my cock gave me the tight sensation I was looking for. "Yeah baby I'm filling up! I'm gonna cum Gail, all for you!"

"Shoot me Jack, cover me. You pull that fucking dick out and shoot me!"

"AAHHH, AAAHHHHHH YEAH!" Pulling out, I grabbed my cock, pulled its skin down taunt and let my juice fly. My spasm started deep in my ass, lightening bolting out through my cock, I involuntarily closed my eyes and threw back my head. As my second and third spurts rushed out, my legs shook as a jolt ran down to my toes. My body locked, then released as my next shot of spunk came out, locked, and released again for the next shot. "Yeah big boy! That's it! Gimme what I crave! Gimme your spunk!" She cheered.

I could finally gain conscious control of my body as I opened my eyes and began stroking my last spunk remains out. Looking down at her, she was rubbing my flow over her flat tummy, and breasts. Making eye contact, she brought her sticky fingers to her mouth and flicked her tongue across them as she smiled at me. I gave my happy cock a few more squeezes when she curled a finger at me, beckoning me in for a kiss. I eased my barely erect cock back into her, causing her to bite her lip, and lowered my face to hers. Her gooey hands entangled in my hair as we kissed, dancing my spunk across our tongues. I lightly and slowly swayed my hips, giving us both just the right amount of sensations to enhance our afterglow.

"You are incredible! I can't believe I've been missing out on this for the past year," I told her. She just smiled demurely, and playfully pushed me off her and laughed, "Yeah your loss!"

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