tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPlans Formed in Bath Ch. 2

Plans Formed in Bath Ch. 2


Xena loved her daughter and would hate to give her up to another woman, seeing as she already had to share her. But she was willing to let go for the love of Eve and her happiness. Though she'd grow to miss the constant stories of evil Livia and her sexual conquests over Amazon slave women. She'd still help her little girl achieve her happiness...

With Gabrielle's hand laying a sharp smack upon Xena's thigh to bring her out of her thinking trance.

"Xena." The bard chuckled softly as she sat in her lovers lap, "Since when have you been too lost in thought to notice two Goddess sisters fucking each others brains out?"

"Never of course." was her silent reply.

"Thinking of a way to help Athena and Eve?"

"Yes, but also thinking about how much I'll miss her." Xena was always on the verge of tears at the thought.

"I have an idea, one you've probably come by, but still." Gabrielle babbled in her usual way.

"and whats that?"

"To seduce the rest of the gods as we did Athena."

"You're right."

"About it being good?"

"yes and about my coming by it..."

"How do we start?" Gabrielle asked.

"How else... the youngest most corrupt of the bunch first, women mainly." Xena answered.

"So that would be?..."

"Discord & Aretmis." was the reply.

"Two you have no hope of possibly winning over!" was the snarling voice of Artemis from the far end of the bath hall, with Discord by her side, and her twin brother Apollo before her.

"NO!" Athena's voice rang out as she spotted the God and two Goddess with weapons trained on the Warrior Princess and her daughter.

"Traitor to our father and our ways!" Apollo snapped at his older sister. "The bitch from Rome must die!"

"But why?" Aphrodite pleaded. "Why, when she doesn't even want to hurt us."

"Because she can, that's why!" Discord scowled.

"When a threat," said Artemis, "Then the threat must perish."

"Listen to me sister!" Athena pleaded standing before Eve. "You have all given your trust and faith in me all our lives... trust me now when I say that we cannot take their lives."

"...and why not?" Asked Artemis.

"Because!" the thundering voice of Ra shook the great bath chamber. "Should battle come through your hate, then death will fallow a battle you cannot possibly win against the one warrior mother of the blessed daughter. Stand down and live... live through the joys of the flesh and live through the triumphs of life."

"NO!" Artemis's voice rang out in a hateful scowl. "we cannot surrender to mere mortals!"

"Then open thine eyes and witness the greats of life's lust can be offered, should you see no destiny in it, then draw upon us and seal thy doom."

Ra's thundering voice sunk to a low quiet as he moved back away, somehow motioning through some psychic message to Xena, Gabrielle, and Aphrodite, to move back against the wall with him while Eve sat still in the middle of the large bath with the love struck Athena with her.

"Upon this and should you desire more, then many other forgiveness's shall be broadcasted to your eyes in the future come."

The twins and their cousin stood afar as the two lovers in the great bath sat one before the other. Eyes locked in ecstasy as their hands slowly reached out to roam upon the flesh of the other.

Their soft flesh seeming to call out in a loud bright light as their hands explored the tenderness of the body of the other.

Their lips slowly puckered together as they slowly moved forth to one another. The room almost fading to a large shadow with a one spot light shining bright upon the lovers in their lustful loving moment.

Ever so gently did Athena bring Eve into her arms in a soft embrace while their lips roamed one other, tongues passionately swirling within between the lips of the other.

Eve reached down with her right hand and firmly help Athena around the waist as her left hand moved slowly down to her wet and almost well exhausted vagina. Fingers probing lustfully in and out of the wet orifice.

Athena's hips thrust forward almost immediately as the young girls touch overcame her senses. Clouding her mind with the rush of blood and her body with the poisons of lust. Her body humping almost wildly into the former Roman bitches fingers.

The touch of cruelty hadn't left Eve from her former life she led when she would be close to bringing the Goddess to her peek before stopping to let her shake and whimper for relief. A sinister smirk coming to Eve's lips with ever withdraw of her fingers made.

Until she told the Goddess to just relax and stay right where she was.

All waiting in anticipation of what the young wanton girl would do.

Slowly descending into the water, Athena felt Eve's familiar tongue and kiss upon her pussy lips. Driving her near the brink almost instantaneously.

All marveling at the young girl under water, eating away at the Goddess cunt.

Athena shook and moaned aloud, almost collapsing if it had not been for Discords sudden appearance behind her, holding her cousin so that she might not fall before Eve finished.

Xena's lips curved into a triumphant smiled as she witnessed one Goddess surrender to the show that was presented to them.

"Eve!" Athena gasped aloud. "oh EVE!!! Don't Stop! Please don't stop! I'm almost there,...I'm, I'm... of fuck! I'm cumming!!!"

Athena convulsed violently as her orgasm came strong from the stimulations of the beautiful underwater nympho taking her.

A gasp of aw came from Artemis's lips, and a notable hard on from her twin brothers pants, as they stood by and watched their older sister shaking in an extreme orgasm brought one by their mortal enemy.

... "Conclusion to come in Plans formed in Bath 3."

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