tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPutting on a Show

Putting on a Show


I heard the giggling downstairs and turned my music up slightly to drown it out. Amanda, my girlfriend, was hosting her first lingerie party for her friends. It was something she had decided to do in her spare time and, seeing as she was a natural born sales-person, I was sure she'd manage to shift a few bits and pieces to her friends. I had been banished to the bedroom for the night, as there was going to be 5 drunk, giggling girls trying on underwear in my front room. How I wanted to be a fly on the wall there! I fondled my balls casually as I imagined them all spending their hard earned money on lingerie and sex toys, modelling them for one another.

The party had been going for an hour or so when I heard footsteps creaking up the stairs. I paused my music and listened closely; whoever was approaching was trying to be sneaky about it. Suddenly the door burst open and all four of Amanda's friends burst into the room giggling and stumbling, a couple still with wine glasses in their hands. There was her sister, Rhia and three other friends, Jemma, Nicola and Hannah, but no sign of Amanda.

'Nathan!' Rhia said, giggling. 'I hope we weren't... you know... interrupting anything!' The insinuation that I had been wanking was clear and brought fresh giggles from the rest of the girls. I flushed a little and smiled.

'Hi girls... are we all a bit giggly and tipsy?'

'No' Jemma pouted.

'We need your opinion on an outfit,' Hannah stated, reaching behind the door and dragging Amanda into the room. 'She doesn't know whether you'd like it or not. What do you think?'

'Wow,' was all I could gasp as my scantily clad girlfriend was thrust before my eyes. She wore a see through, baby pink nightgown which fell to the top of her thigh and left nothing to the imagination. Her large, natural tits were clearly visible through the fabric, she had taken her bra off and her nipples stood proud and erect on her chest. She was proud of her slim and slender body and obviously felt no embarrassment at being almost nude in front of her friends. She still wore her knickers, but beyond that, she may as well have been nude. She adopted a mock look of shyness as she twirled for me. My cock began to swiftly stiffen in my boxer shorts.

'Well?' Hannah asked, raising an eyebrow and glancing towards my crotch, where a tent pole was beginning to form.

'I love it.' I said finally, drinking in her youthful, firm beauty.

'We can tell!' Jemma said, drawing all attention to my state of arousal; the fact that I was wearing loose fitting boxers and just a pair of tracksuit bottoms over, had given plenty of room for my cock to grow and show. A moment of silence filled the room as I felt all eyes staring at my cock. An almost overwhelming desire to pull it out and show it off nearly got the better of me. I was proud of my cock, which was above average in length and was nice and thick, I wanted to squeeze it roughly and make the purple head swell and throb for the girls. It was now so stiff that it ached; finally it was Nicola, a shy looking, geeky girl with long, straight black hair that broke the silence.

'We should leave Nathan in peace,' she said, although her eyes kept flicking to my throbbing cock. The girls reluctantly left; on her way out Amanda tipped me a wink and shook her tits side to side for me, causing them to jiggle on her chest.

'Save that for later,' she mouthed as she left.

I was shocked at what had just happened, but put it down to the wine that the girls had been drinking. Amanda had never been shy and retiring with her body and she loved to get naughty in public places; but she had never so brazenly bared herself before her friends and sister like that to my knowledge. She also seemed quite comfortable with everybody checking out my cock too; I was intrigued to see if anything else would happen as the night went on.

Inevitably, something did happen. Around a half hour after they had burst into the room, I heard my name being called from downstairs. Feeling nervous and excited I padded down the stairs and knocked on the living room door. 'Did you call me?' I asked through the door.

'Come in Nathan!' I heard Rhia's voice from within. 'We need another opinion!'

I pushed the door open, expecting to see my girlfriend in another revealing outfit, but the first person I saw as the door swung open was Amanda; who had re-dressed in her jeans and shirt. As I stepped into the room it became clear to me that the opinion was required for Hannah, a very slim and slender woman who had large, natural breasts for her frame. She was quite plain looking most of the time, but had a subtle prettiness; her face was framed by her naturally curly brown hair. I gasped as I saw the outfit that she wore; it was pure slut schoolgirl, her breasts were almost bursting out of the tight shirt, which had only one button and left her smooth, flat midriff completely exposed too. The skirt covered less than a belt would and her red French knickers were clearly visible; black fishnets completed the outfit, showing off her slender, toned legs and pretty little feet. She twirled as I stood, mouth agape, giving me a great flash of her tight, round ass.

I looked to Amanda who was studying my reaction, her face slightly flushed. 'What do you think?' She asked; I noticed her nipples poking through the fabric of her t-shirt and realised that she remained bra-less. 'Will her boyfriend like it?'

'I think so.' I answered, mouth dry and cock rising to attention as I drank in the sight of Hannah from head to toe, staring at her chest, willing the button to give and allow her breasts to spill free.

'We don't have to ask if you like it.' Rhia giggled as I realised that once again, my cock was the centre of attention.

'While you're down here, we've got a favour to ask you honey.' Amanda spoke to me, but stared straight at my cock. 'Jemma wants to buy one of these comedy thongs for her husband,' she said as she pulled out a thong which had a banana as a pouch. 'But she wants to know what it looks like on, and you're about the same size as him.' She threw me the thong. 'Be a dear and model it for us.'

I didn't know what to say. They wanted me to get almost naked and parade for them in a thong? Was this some kind of test from Amanda?

'Come on Nathan,' Jemma interjected, 'help your lady to make a sale why don't you?' I shrugged my shoulders and left the room, taking the thong with me into the kitchen; I would do it if they wanted me to, but I wasn't about to get completely naked in front of them... just yet.

I stripped myself off in the kitchen, my cock bouncing up and down happily as I finally freed it from its restraints. I gave it a couple of minutes to shrink a little as I couldn't really squeeze it into the tiny, tight thong otherwise. I looked in the mirror and thought that the thong looked pretty foolish, but I guess it was supposed to. I wasn't ashamed of my body; I did a bit of exercise, but I was naturally slim without being really toned. I thought I looked ok.

Judging by the wolf whistles and cat calls I received as I strutted into the living room, so did my girlfriend and her friends. I warmed quickly to the attention and put on quite a modelling show, twirling and performing a few little moves to much giggling and lewd behaviour. My cock was never less than semi-erect and loved the attention that the girls were paying. By this time Amanda's face was fully flushed and I could tell that she was getting incredibly turned on by showing me off this way. Her face wasn't the only one that was flushed and, by the time I decided to put a little end to my show and retreat to the kitchen, the whistles and calls had died down to a sexually charged silence. In the kitchen I decided to leave my boxer shorts off and only re-dressed into my bottoms and t-shirt. I picked up the discarded thong from the floor and walked back into the living room, where the girls were drinking again but not really chatting.

'Are you buying these then?' I asked as I tossed them to Jemma. She caught them and giggled.

'After that performance? It would be a crime not to!'

'Everyone's bought loads baby!' Amanda exclaimed delightedly, before lowering her voice to a conspirational whisper, that everyone could hear anyway; 'Nicola even bought herself a sex toy... but shh' she shushed loudly and looked at her shy friend; 'she's shy about it and doesn't want anyone to know that she masturbates.'

'Amanda!' Nicola protested as she fidgeted in her chair and flushed a deep red colour, making her look cute and sexy. I laughed and took a seat on the floor at Amanda's feet, grabbing her bare foot and idly rubbing it for a minute.

'Mmm, that's nice.' She purred 'You give such a good foot massage. 'Hannah says that her boyfriend never gives her a foot massage.'

'It's true' Hannah spoke from across the room; she still wore the slutty outfit and didn't seem embarrassed at all by the fact that the whole room could see her knickers. 'That's why I bought some massage oil tonight to encourage him to give me one.'

'I've got an idea.' Amanda spoke, 'why doesn't Nathan give you a massage right now? Then you can tell Phillip how you like it when he gives one.' I couldn't believe I was hearing this; Amanda knew how turned on I got from giving foot massages. She actually wanted to watch me touch her friend in a very sexual and personal way.

'That would be so nice.' Hannah spoke as she uncrossed her ankles and bounced her dainty, stocking clad feet up and down.

'Step to it then Mr' Amanda said, prodding me forward with her foot. 'The rest of us will watch, maybe the others can pick up a few tips too for their men.'

'I need your stockings off first.' I said to Hannah, who simply raised her eyebrows.

'Well take them off then,' she replied. With trembling hands I reached out and touched her right thigh, inches away from her panty covered pussy. Her skin was cool and smooth to the touch. 'Your hands are lovely and warm,' she whispered as I rolled down her stocking. Her feet were beautiful, with tiny toes and a high, curved arch; I loved the way that the stockings rolled off of them. My cock throbbed and twitched, fully erect by the time I had removed both of her stockings. Hannah watched as I stripped her stockings, her eyes ablaze, chewing her bottom lip softly as she saw how her feet aroused me. She handed me the oil.

For the next ten minutes I became absorbed with my work, massaging each foot expertly and with all the care and attention that they deserved; how her boyfriend could neglect such perfect little feet was beyond me. Every now and again she would let out a contented purr to let me know how much she was enjoying it; not that she needed to make noise, as the deepening wet patch on her panties told me all I needed to know.

The others watched intently, nobody spoke. The four other girls squirmed every now and again in their seats, their faces flushed with arousal. Nicola's face was so red by this time that I thought she might actually explode. Precum oozed from the tip of my cock and I longed to take Hannah's foot to my mouth and suck on her perfect little toes. I knew that I shouldn't cross that line though, unless Amanda asked me to. I had to stop eventually though, because I knew that if I continued much longer that I would get carried away.

'Wow,' Hannah gasped as I gently laid her foot to rest on the floor, 'that was unbelievable! I've got tingles everywhere.'

'Did you enjoy that too sweety?' Amanda asked, her voice thick with lust. I looked at her and nodded. 'Show me,' she whispered, trailing a finger lightly across her stomach, 'show us all.'

The room fell absolutely silent as I stood to my feet and looked around the room. 'You sure?' I asked Amanda, as I hooked my thumb underneath my t-shirt. She bit her bottom lip and nodded. I lifted the t-shirt up and tossed it aside, standing before the room now in only my tracksuit bottoms, my cock throbbing and stiff. I slid them down slowly, revealing my swollen member to the five women in the room, drawing gasps and soft moans in response.

'I told you that it was thick,' she said to the room 'he always gets this turned on by giving foot massages. Almost as turned on as I get receiving them.'

'You're not the only one,' Hannah said, 'I'm so wet; I've never known anything like it.' Amanda gasped softly.

'Play with your cock for us all Nathan.' Amanda said to me, caressing her breasts openly now in front of her sister and friends, 'show us all how you wank.'

Standing in the middle of the room, dizzy with excitement and adrenaline I took hold of my cock and gripped it tightly, feeling 5 pairs of eyes on my member. I couldn't believe how turned on I was and I almost came there and then with the sheer excitement of it all. Slowly I ran my hand up and down its length, looking around the room as I did. Amanda had slid a hand under her t-shirt to better play with her tits, she looked me in the eyes as I masturbated; I had never seen them so full of lust and passion before, I couldn't quite believe how much this turned her on.

'It's so thick,' I heard Jemma whisper. I took a step over in her direction and stood before her, working my hand up and down the length so that she could have a good look. I heard a gasp from beside her and turned to watch Hannah as a hand disappeared into her knickers. I couldn't believe she was going to play with herself too! I watched the shape of her hand as she began to rub circles around her clitoris as she watched me wanking. Precum dripped from my cock and landed on the wooden panelled floor at her feet. She saw this and rubbed her toes into my fluid, gasping with pleasure as she did.

I turned back around and saw that my wife too had slid a hand into her jeans and was now masturbating along with me, rubbing her pussy as she watched me masturbate for her friends. Jemma and Rhia began to rub themselves through their jeans too, but Nicola sat and squirmed in her chair, completely flushed, but not touching herself. I stepped forward in her direction, gripping my cock and working my hand up and down it for her. She shrank back slightly from it, gasping for breath as she did. Her breath caught in ragged gasps and she gripped the arms of the chair she was sat in, her knuckles turning white.

'My God Nic!' I heard Rhia gasp, 'are you coming?' Nicola nodded and screwed her eyes shut as she gasped and squirmed in her seat, climaxing without even touching herself.

'I can't take any more!' I heard Amanda exclaim. I turned and watched as she stood and stripped herself quickly, reaching into her box of tricks to retrieve a vibrator. I gasped as I watched her sit back on the sofa, next to her sister and press the head of the vibrator against her swollen, shaved pussy. 'Ohhhhh,' she gasped as she slid the head of the purple sex toy inside herself, coating it with her slick juices. Jemma too now decided to slide her panties down. I watched as she revealed a trimmed, blonde pussy and slid two fingers deep and easily inside of herself.

'This is so naughty and wrong;' I heard Rhia whisper as she rubbed her pussy through her jeans and fondled her large, fake breasts through her top.

'Yes it is,' Amanda, her sister, replied beside her, as she worked the vibrator deep inside of herself.

'I want to suck it.' Rhia whispered, her face flush, her hand pressing hard against her clit.

'Ohhhhh.' Amanda wailed as she came, squirting pussy juice onto the leather sofa, climaxing at the thought of watching her sister suck my cock. 'Do it,' she wailed as she came, biting her lip hard.

I couldn't believe what was happening. I watched, mesmerised as my girlfriend's sister dropped to her knees in front of me and opened her mouth. I removed my hand and guided my head into her warm, wet mouth; feeling her tongue slide up my shaft as it entered. My head span. I looked at Amanda, who sat, her eyes transfixed on her sister's mouth as she swallowed my length; working the vibrator frantically now in and out of her dripping wet pussy. I took a look around the room and saw Jemma hammering away at her pussy with her fingers, while Hannah, now pantie-less, was rubbing a small vibrator that she had no doubt bought earlier against her clit. The pool of her juices underneath her telling me that she had already climaxed at least once.

'Does my sister give good head?' Amanda moaned through gasps.

'Mmmm-hmmm,' was all I could manage as Rhia swirled her tongue around my head, fondling my balls with one free hand, while the other was busy in her own panties.

Moans of pleasure filled the room as all the girls, Nicola included now, played with their pussies while Rhia sucked my cock. I looked around and made eye contact with them all, letting them know how much they turned me on as they masturbated.

'Lay down.' Amanda spoke. I grudgingly withdrew my cock from Rhia's mouth and lay on the floor; without hesitation and to my delight, Rhia quickly pounced upon my dick once more, taking me deep in her throat and looking me in the eyes as she blew me. I knew I would not last much longer and, when Amanda sat on my face, I felt my climax coming nearer and nearer. I flicked my tongue out, eating my girlfriend's dripping wet pussy as she ground herself roughly on my face, achieving climax within seconds and flooding me with her juices. I could hold on no longer and felt my own climax hit me like a freight train.

I moaned into Amanda's pussy as I came hard, twitching and jerking on the floor as I emptied my load into me girlfriend's sister's mouth. She swallowed and swallowed, taking my load deep into her stomach, while Amanda continued to ride my face. Finally spent I felt myself shrinking in Rhia's mouth, drained and satisfied. The girls rolled off either side, gasping for breath following their own orgasms.

'Thanks for an unforgettable night' Nicola said as she hugged Amanda on the way out. She gave me a hug too, pressing her body hard against me as she did. 'Hope to see you both again soon.' As she left Amanda looked to me and laughed.

'She certainly came out of her shell a bit tonight!' She was the last to leave; the rest had gone shortly after we had all come down. Jemma and Hannah seemed slightly embarrassed by it all and Rihannnon didn't really speak after I had shot my load into her mouth, but all hugged us both on the way out to let us know that they didn't regret anything.

Amanda and I went to bed, but didn't mention what had happened just yet. I think we wanted to process the events ourselves. We went to sleep cuddling in the spoons position, drained and spent from our exertions. I knew we would have to talk about it the next day, but there and then I was just totally blown away by what had happened.

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