tagInterracial LoveReverse Interracial Ch. 02

Reverse Interracial Ch. 02


I've never seen sex change someone the way it changed Bridget. By day, she was a loving housewife, completely happy and content to stay home most of the time -- watching TV, listening to music, cooking, and spending time with our four daughters (twins together and one each from my first wife and her first boyfriend) and her longtime best friend, Kim, who often came over. In about 7.5 years of knowing her, 7 of living with her and 4.5 of marriage to her, I can honestly say that I've never seen her lose her temper. She's very calm, even in the midst of hardship.

But when she and I have sex, she undergoes a dramatic metamorphosis and becomes a completely different person. She transforms into an obsessed and uncaring beast, more out of control than a wild animal in heat. One of my favorite examples was a Friday night in which I was returning from Atlanta after being there on business for nine days. At about 10:00 PM, while in central Tennessee, a little over halfway into my seven hour drive back to Louisville, I got a text message from Bridget. It read: "I don't give a fuck how late you get home or if I'm asleep then. The girls are spending the night with my parents and your bedroom nigger wants the fuckstick."

Those words instantly got me hard as a rock and I instantly set the cruise control at five miles per hour above the speed limit to avoid letting my excitement lead me to drive recklessly. Then about five minutes later, I got another text from her. This time it was a video file and knowing it was probably erotic, my hard on continued, now in anticipation of what she'd sent me. About 15 minutes later, I found a rest area and stopped there so I could watch the video, undistracted, though I never shut off the car. By that time, my underpants were soaked with pre-come. The video started with Bridget dancing at a private party while facing me - nude except for white running shoes and white socks that went almost up to her knees. Though her feet and especially her soles are my favorite part of her body, she's explained to me that dancing barefooted is too hard on her feet and knees. Techno music was blaring in the background and she was dancing like a maniac; amazingly agile for a 41-year old BBW. After about 30 seconds, she suddenly jumped and did a perfect 180, landing so that her back faced me. She then immediately bent over and performed one of my favorite visual acts - making her ass shake up and down like gelatin. She has a highly skilled ass that she often makes shake up and down several times in a second and hundreds of times in a minute. The video lasted 45 seconds and as soon as it was done, I took off, re-set the cruise control where it had been, and never made another stop until I got home, a little after 1:30 AM.

I walked into the house still running on adrenaline, knowing that I was about to have Bridget's chocolate body again after nine days. It was completely quiet and all of the lights were off except in our room. The door was open and I walked in and found Bridget nude on our king size bed, sleeping heavily, lying on her front with her soles staring up at me and spread a little over shoulder width apart. I quickly stripped and got down on my hands and knees at the end of our bed, burying my face in her soles, which I consider to be the two most awesome sites in the universe. I worshipped them thoroughly and enjoyed them as much as ever. During the worshipping, I massaged her calves and felt much dried up sweat, making it obvious that she hadn't showered since coming home from dancing. That excited me because I love to taste her ass crack right after she dances.

So I slid up, with the intent of coming back to her soles later, took one ass cheek in each hand, and spread them apart as far as I could. Her ass is an optimal blend of fat and muscle and my second favorite part of her body. I slowly ran my tongue up and down her crack, licking up and savoring all the sweat that had built up between those fat cheeks. It tasted so fucking good and sexy. After I'd licked up the last bit, I gave her a zealous rim job for several minutes before going down a few inches and giving her perineum (the area between her ass and cunt), which also had its share of sweat, a good tonguing.

That's one of her more sexually sensitive areas and that seemed to be what woke her up. Within a minute, she started softly saying "Mmmmmmmmm" over and over. She said it very calmly, stopped for a deep breath, then did it over again. After repeating that a few times, she said in a voice sounding equally tired, happy and horny, "Your bedroom nigger missed you!"

"I missed you, too, Hon" I replied.

I slid up so that the front of my body completely lay on the top of hers. Her face was on a pillow and facing left, so I leaned over her left shoulder and faced her, which lead to a long, slow, passionate kiss. My hard on quickly returned to the massive level it was on when I got her two phone messages. Feeling it sandwiched between my body and hers, she suddenly interrupted our kissing by grabbing the hard on very tightly with her right hand, smiling, gazing deep into my eyes, and saying "Master, may I please lick your fuckstick?" That's what she often says when we're in BSDM mode. We weren't this time, but I appreciated the reference.

Smiling back at her, I said, "Yes, you may!"

She suddenly used her body weight to roll me on my back and slid down, taking as much of my length as she could in her mouth. When she's in the mood, she can make her blow jobs last 30 minutes or more, but this time she clearly wanted me to come as quickly as possible so I could get hard again, fuck her, and hold it for a long time. She knew that I wouldn't be able to hold a nine-day load very long. Rather than doing as she usually does - giving a long workout to my scrotum and the area under my spout, my two most sexually sensitive areas - she went straight to aggressive mouth fucking, acting like my fuckstick was food and she hadn't eaten in nine days. And I was proud that it was her favorite thing in the whole world to have in her mouth. I really wanted her to use her magical tongue and take it slow, but seeing how hot and out of control she already was, I let her have her way. With her eyes closed tightly and her lips squeezed just as tightly around my shaft, she mouth fucked me like her life depended on it and I shot her a extremely big load in less than a minute; easily one of the biggest I've ever shot. She quickly swallowed the whole thing, then grabbed her cigarettes and lighter off the nightstand and went out to the back porch to smoke, while I law down and slowly drifted to sleep.

Suddenly, while lying on my right side, I felt Bridget aggressively jacking me off. I don't know how many minutes it had been since she left but I don't think very many. Based on her breath, I think she had just finished her cigarette. The thought of her standing nude outside, with her bare soles on the concrete or grass, smoking under the moonlight while the cool Summer breeze grazed her luscious body, got me back in motion. Though I hadn't come close to fully regaining my libido, I did start to get hard again pretty quickly. But before my hard on was even full, she threw me on my back, violently jumped on top of me, and put me inside her.

I reached up with my hands and all of her fingers interlocked with mine while our eyes locked on each other. The closeness and intimacy was through the roof. She now acted like her life depended on this fuck. Being 41 and a veteran of approximately 8,000 fucks over a span of nearly a quarter of a century (about 5,000 with her first boyfriend, 2,500 with me and a few dating partners/one night stands in between), she knew exactly what she was doing. Despite going as fast and as rough as she could, she expertly raised up exactly to the point where my head began, then jammed herself down on me at full force, and caused me to nail her G spot with every thrust in and out. She also kept squeezing her cunt on me as hard as she could, holding for a few seconds, letting go, and then repeating the process. That made her cunt feel much younger than it actually was.

While she was riding on me, most of the noises that came out of her mouth at first were simply grunting and growling. She was so aggressive that my thighs ached from her ass scraping against them so hard. But I didn't care. She was bringing both me and herself so much physical pleasure and I was also gaining extreme visual pleasure as well.

"How do you feel, Bridget?" I asked after a few minutes.

She was so aggressive that her words came out only in grunting, but that just made her sound more sexy. She simply said "I'm fucking you with my cunt."

Those words got me even much hotter than I already was. The words "fuck" and "cunt" have always done a lot for me, especially when Bridget said them. When she and I are alone together, she has one of the filthiest mouths I've ever heard, and I love it. "That sounded so fucking hot, you chocolate whore," I told her.

"You want me to say it again?" she asked.

"Oh yeah," I gasped in ecstasy.

"I'm fucking you with my cunt. I'm fucking you with my cunt. I'm fucking you with my cunt. I'm fucking you with my cunt. I'm fucking you with my cunt. I'm fucking you with my cunt. I'm fucking you with my cunt." And she went on to say it dozens of times. Doing so seemed to affect her as much as it affected me. She got a little hotter every time she said it. Then when she was saying it for I guess about the 50th time, it came out as "I'm fucking you with my..." followed my hysterical screaming. Maybe because we rarely had sex when no one else was home and because we'd rarely gone so long without sex before, I'd never seen her lose control like this. She was so loud that it actually hurt my ears.

Because she was now shaking so violently, I let go of her hands and grabbed her hips to keep myself inside her. And her convulsions were enough to send me over the edge. I realized that at any second my orgasm was going to hit and that it was going to be as great as I'd ever had. And I was right. I was suddenly struck by a feeling of euphoria that consumed my entire body. I shot her only a little come but my orgasm was giving me the greatest pleasure humanly possible. My orgasm faded out after about a minute and I still kept her inside me until hers faded out a few seconds later, by which time she was sweating profusely.

She then took my fuckstick out of her and collapsed on the bed next to me with her eyes closed, breathing heavily, and not saying a word. I reached between her 46DDs and felt her heartbeat, which I timed at about 150 beats per minute. I think she was asleep within 30 seconds of lying down. I was exhausted, too, and went down to the other end of the bed, where I rested my face on her soles. That night they were my pillow, as they often are. It felt great to be home.

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