tagNonHumanRunnin' the Game 02: Frag 'Em All

Runnin' the Game 02: Frag 'Em All


Disclaimer: This story is based in the Shadowrun [TM] universe and uses language, game mechanics, and other elements which are assumed to be copyrighted material of Fasa Corporation. The setting referred to as the CDZ, the rules governing it and the majority of the characters are creations of the author and use the rules set forth by Fasa Corporation.

* * * * *

Life is good here in the CDZ. Especially for mages; this place oozes power. Not all of it's good mind you, but this is one place where anyone with a scrap of power can make good. They just have to keep their head down and mind their own little corner. Marcus Deacon should have listened to those words, and not his dick.

Marcus was a student at Virginia Tech's School of Magic. From what I've been able to gather, he did fairly well. But he had this itch which he never could ignore. He liked sex more than magic. And once he began to find out how powerful he could become, it was only natural that he would combine his magic with his first love: wet cunt.

As a freshman he went through all of the typical stress that a freshman goes through. And like so many freshmen, sex was his release. He quickly got a rep for being in bed with whoever would spread their legs for him. He was especially fond of metahumans: orcs, elves, dwarves, and even trolls. There was hardly a night he wasn't inside one cunt or more cunts. His roommate, a mundane studying to be an engineer, soon requested to me moved to another room. Not because Marcus was a walking, talking hoop, but because he couldn't get any studying done with Marcus steady fragging this cunt or that cunt. I guess the turning point had to be the night when Marcus walked into the room with a female troll, stripped her, then went about fragging her hoop... literally... while his roommate was still there.

At first, Marcus chose his cunts in the time-honored tradition: bars and frat parties. And there was never a shortage of parties; nightly Blacksburg PD had to break up a party that had gotten out of control. Marcus hunted those grounds like a pro. He'd wait until there was a girl too drunk, stoned or chipped to say no, then make his move. His words were sweet and he never once used his magic. All that changed once he found out how to control other people's emotions.

The first time he tried it was on me. I go by the name Glam, and I am a confirmed lesbian. His spell wasn't strong enough to control me, but it was enough to slot me off. It was blind luck that we were both walking back from a night class AND the VTPD weren't on patrol; that brief spell battle would have gotten us both expelled. But it was fun. And it also let me know that someone was using magic to get laid. Nothing new, but those who tried it quickly learned to watch who they whammy. Marcus never did learn. That's why he's no longer in the CDZ.

From what I have been able to gather, he was on his way from one of the bars in town. On his arm hung a beautiful chica... with breasts crafted by the finest docs in the CAS. I know who she is, and I figured he was in for the shock of his life. They went to his dorm room and apparently fragged. The next day, he was gone. Poof. Left a neat little paper trail. Full of remorse for having done what he did to all of those girls. He was even nice enough to leave their names.

But if you've even heard of shadowrunning, then you know how funny neatness is. It generally means one of two things: professional intervention or mojo extreme. While I haven't personally done any shadowrunning, I know a drekload about it. My home is Seattle; shadowrunning is close to becoming a taxable job there.

I happened to know a student who helped run the security for Marcus' hall and asked if they happened to jack in and see the show. They did, and I got a copy of the fun. At least... it was fun for me and the red head... and her friends.

Marcus didn't waste time trying to worm his way between her legs. He locked the door, then turned around and mauled her tits. You could tell they were done by someone with way too much skill if body sculpting; they sagged just enough to look real while sticking straight out from her body. Real professional work. And expensive. Not something mom and dad shell out the creds for.

And Red wasn't just standing there. Her hands ran over Marcus' body. If you didn't know any better, you'd just assume she was horny. Not so, chummers; she was looking for weapons and foci. Female cops before have patted me down; I know the routines (official and UNofficial) all too fraggin' well. But I know Red; she ain't a cop. This was going to be fun.

Marcus had gotten his fill of just touching her breasts and set about removing her clothes. Her outfit looked no different than any of the other joy-girls roaming the night in search of a quick lay, but I doubt Marcus was looking at her fashion taste. And Red was stripping him at the same time. But what really caught my eye was the fact that neither one of them got in the other's way. It was beauty in motion to see.

Once she was clad only in her bra and panties, Marcus went mouth first onto one of her stiff nipples. And I had to admit that Marcus was well hung. It wasn't as big as Stanley, my personal dildo modeled after a gay troll I know, but it was not too shabby for a human. Red wrapped her hand around it and pulled it a few times. I could see the thin drop of drool in its tip. And Marcus seemed to enjoy the sensation; his moans were getting louder with every pull. So loud, in fact, that he never heard her mutter. I wonder what he would have done if he had heard.

The next thing I know, Marcus shudders once then goes totally limp. I could see his eyes light up, as he knew something was wrong. He screamed out, asking her what she had done to him.

"Nothing. Yet. Just wait dear little man. You'll get what you wanted. And what you deserve." Her voice was smooth and hypnotic. I chuckled; Marcus was in for one wild ride.

Red flipped Marcus onto his back, muttered a few more words, and his body reacted. He stopped moving when he was on all fours. I couldn't see his face, but I knew what he was thinking. He should be so lucky. A shimmering behind Red revealed three of her friends. Two elves and an orc. All female. All dressed in synth-leather lingerie. Which reminded me to drop by Solid Gold Lingerie and pay Sid a visit.

"What are you gonna do with me?"

"Just give you a taste of what you've been doing to us."

"Us? Who's US?!?!"

The orc moved towards Marcus. She wasn't that big for an orc, but her bulk alone would make ANY dildo hurt his virgin hoop for years. But she wasn't wearing one, and didn't make a move for any place that could have concealed one. She made her way to Marcus and stroked his hoop with one hand. His squeal should have shattered the armor-glass window!!

Next came the shorthaired elf. She walked directly behind the orc and WAS wearing a strap-on. I don't know what it was made of, but it glowed with a light that looked all too magical. Marcus was going to get it good. Or so I thought; Shorty slid the dildo up the hoop of the orc. A low grumbling filled the room as Orc enjoyed the sensation. Which was funny; her hoop was totally covered by synth-leather. That's when I noticed the slit running down the back of her panties. Yep; definitely time to see Sid.

The other elf and Red decided to spend some time getting to know each other. Red was about a head shorter, but that just put her head in the perfect position to fasten her lips onto a nipple. The elf, a golden haired beauty that made my twat tingle, cooed softly as her hands slid over Red's body. No pat down here, chummers; this was purely personal. And through it all, Marcus yelled for them to tell him something.

I know he could smell the sex in the air. Even though I was viewing it on trid, I could smell it. Also doesn't help that it's been close to a full month since I've gotten laid. They never touched Marcus, pleasuring each other just within reaching distance. Orc was getting either her cunt or hoop filled with that glowing dildo while Red and Goldie had made their way to the floor and were busy eating each other out. Goldie had a LONG tongue on her, and I wondered what it would feel like to have that snake spend a night inside of me. Without really thinking about it, I unfastened my synth-denim jeans and slid a finger between my already wet cunt lips. One stroke and I was off into Orgasm Central.

And while I was busy trying to find my teeth, Red and her girls were screaming through their own orgasms. Or at least the elves were; Orc whimpered through hers. And we were joined by Marcus' yells. They took a moment to gather themselves, and I took their little rest period to remove all of my clothes. I wanted to be totally ready for the next scene. Just as I sat down, Red rose to her feet.

"Are you ready, little man?" she asked. I know I was ready.

Marcus yelled something, and then the other girls formed a semi-circle around him and began chanting. I couldn't understand the words, but the effects were very clear. The individual running the vid-feed zoomed in and I was greeted to a shot of Marcus' rear. Hoop, balls and dick had a new playmate: a cunt!! They stood there for a moment, admiring their work. So did I; that took control. More control than I'd seen one person wield. They didn't look taxed by the casting either. I wonder when the professors are going to get around to group castings?

Orc walked over to Marcus and slid a finger into Marcus' cunt. He yelped, then demanded that they undo their spell. All he got was a soft laughter from them. And me; I was going to enjoy his last moments as a swaggering cocksman. At least he could go frag himself when someone said it. Orc removed her finger; it was coated with clear female cum. Fully functional too!! I wondered if he had a clit, and Shorty answered my question when she stepped forward and began pulling on his clit.

And while she was doing that, I was pulling on my own clit. It's longer than normal, and one of the reasons I'm a lesbian. The one guy I actually got that far with went nuts when he saw my six-centimeter long clit. Figured I was a freak and bolted. Then ran his mouth. Bastard. But thanks to him, I found several women who were more than grateful to have a clit that long to suck on. I was well on my way to another orgasm when I noticed that Marcus was going to join me. I slowed down and timed it perfectly; we came together. I fixed my eyes on his dick as it twitched and danced.

Satisfied with the results, she moved away and Goldie walked over and began stroking his cock. It didn't take more than three pulls before it spat its seed onto the floor. The splat each shot made sounded funny. By now Marcus was begging like a cornered thief.

"Now, little man, WE are going to fuck YOU. You're going to see what it feels like to be used like a slut. And you're going to cum over and over again, and beg us for more." With those words, Red and her girls fell on Marcus like a pack of ghouls on a fresh kill.

They must have practiced this many times. Orc was chanting while Red spoke, and the end result was a huge bulge in her panties. Shorty moved into position, and laid Marcus on his side. When Orc was finished with her casting, she removed her panties and showed the world that she now sported a hefty piece of flesh hardware between her things. Goldie placed a hand down next to his dick while Red stood above his head. One chant later and she too was sporting a dick. Goldie chanted, and Marcus' mouth went slack.

"Now, you belong to us." And he did.

The only words to describe what they did to Marcus are these: they used him. As one unit, Shorty, Orc and Red filled his hoop, cunt and mouth respectively. Goldie sucked on his dick, swallowing him in one gulp. And they fragged him good; Marcus came over and over again. I don't know about his cunt, but I do know a thing about dicks. After they blow their load, the dick is super sensitive. But Goldie kept sucking. The sperm was being forced out of her lips as fast as he could pump it into her mouth, and still she sucked. But they weren't finished with him.

When I saw Orc pull her dick out of Marcus, I thought that she needed a breather. Oh no; she waited until Shorty stopped reaming him, then joined her!! Two dicks in one hoop!! Holy drek!! I slid two fingers into my own hoop and fucked myself through another orgasm while they totally reamed him out. He howled, but you could clearly see the wetness seeping through Goldie's fingers as four of them filled his Cunt. And all the while, Red was choking him with her cock. I could see cum dribbling out of the corner of his mouth.

"You'll be fine in about six hours, little man," said Red she dressed. Her friends had vanished again, leaving just her and Marcus visible. She left his room, leaving the door open long enough to let her invisible friends through. Then she closed the door. The trid went black, and I sagged into my chair.

That's what happens when you lead with your dick. Frag and ye shall get fragged, chummers. It's the law of the streets. I trashed that copy of the show; no need in having any evidence around. Besides... I have a good memory.

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