tagSci-Fi & FantasySecret in the Secret Ch. 07

Secret in the Secret Ch. 07


She awoke with a snap, for a second there was a tightening knot of fear in her gut, her not knowing where she was. She lay there in a panic until her mind registered that she was in the prison, and that she was in the bottom bed of a bunk bed. Jenni's soft snores could be heard from the top bunk, and this very ordinary sound calmed her. I'm safe now, I'm safe... She let out a breath.

Then she remembered the hands that had held her so compassionately, the warmth of the guard that took care of her even though she had no obligation to. Sitting there, lost in her own thoughts, she wished Amanda was here still. But she was a guard, she had other things to do, it was selfish of Emily to expect her to be holding her still when she woke up. She tried to get back to sleep, sensing the early hour due to the quiet of the prison. But her mind was restless and refused to shut off.

She paced the prison, trying the door. To her surprise, it opened. Oh well, there's a few hours before breakfast, time to look around the prison I guess. She walked down the hall, pausing when a lone guard walked past her, but the redhead only gave her a curt nod, probably a silent good morning. She started walking a little faster, eager. The prison had a library, which she was all too eager to check out; it would probably get quite boring being locked up for such a long period of time.

The guard librarian looked up briefly when she entered; she gave a small smile and received one in return as the guard returned to whatever she was doing. It was a very subdued atmosphere in the morning, Emily noted, the feeling of sexual energy was a lot less now. She walked down one of the aisles of the fiction novel section, her eyes scanning the titles to see what would catch her eye.

Watch duty in the security room was always boring, and today was no exception. Sitting in the security office, Amanda stared at the monitors, trying to suppress a yawn. The door to the office opened and she looked up. Stevens walked in sluggishly, looking dishevelled; her hair was rumpled and there were several buttons on her work uniform that were unbuttoned, her white undershirt showing a glimpse of her muscular chest. "Where have you been?" Amanda asked, though already knowing the answer. "The warden wanted to see me." Stevens mumbled before collapsing on the couch, her head resting against one of the armrests and her feet on the other. She closed her eyes. Amanda offered her a bottle of water from the mini fridge, bumping it against Stevens' hand. The woman opened her eyes and took the bottle with a grunt of thanks, chugging half of it.

"Are you excited for tonight?" Amanda asked, keeping an eye on the screens but still looking over at Stevens. Stevens chuckled, shifting so that she was comfortable on the couch. Even from a distance it was impossible to miss the grin on the woman's face.

" Do you even have to ask? It's been a month since our last hunt." Stevens scratched her chest idly, looking at the monitors. Amanda looked over at the screens to see a small figure sit down at a table in the library, reading a book. After realizing who it was, Amanda quickly switched the camera angle with a subtle move of the mouse. Stevens was looking somnolent now and had stopped paying attention to the cameras.

"Who are we with this time?" Stevens asked, closing her eyes. "Cell block A." Amanda said, switching back the camera angle and zooming in. Emily was reading her book, a serene look on her face. Amanda smiled faintly. She wouldn't get a chance to see her today, she was group leader for cell block D and there was quite a bit of preparation to do before tonight's hunt. She was glad the young woman seemed to be handling last night events.

"Mmm....they're good." Stevens said non-committedly, her words were already thick with sleep. Amanda looked over at the sleeping woman before back at the screens, putting the library camera window into the corner of her computer screen. She would keep an eye on Emily today.

The sharp night air smelt of fresh pine and earth, and Amanda inhaled it deeply, filling her lungs with the fresh scent. It was getting dark now and the inmates having all been locked into their cells already, the prison was silent.

Except for the excited voices of a small group of women as they headed for the exit of the prison. Once outside Amanda ran off the cement path, curling her toes into the soft earth. The group leader for cell block A, a tall dark skinned woman, walked beside Amanda silently. They reached a clearing overlooking a cliff, and Amanda was lost for a moment, looking out into the darkening vast dark green.

She looked over as one of the guards from cell block D headed towards the forest with one of the women from cell block A. They were both nude, their pale skin shining in the contrast of the darkening forest, their long legs easily covering the distance, almost as a dance, in sync with one another, graceful in a way that Amanda could never be. They were laughing, and when they walked their hands brushed against each other's. From the way they looked at each other, Amanda doubted that they would be doing much hunting until later in the night. That was fine, there were many hours until daylight.

She removed her clothes, leaving them in a neat folded pile on the ground. She soon realized that the others were quickly pairing off as well. Stevens was making a beeline for her and she quickly grabbed Angel's hand. "Angel, shall we?" Angel's eyes twinkled in delight. "Of course, lieutenant."

They distanced themselves from the rest of the group, traveling deeper and deeper into the forest. Pretty soon the voices of the others faded and all that remained was the sounds of their own feet, muffled against the ground and each other's soft breathing. Amanda closed her eyes, letting her senses clear. There, in the east. She let her eyes adjust to the darkness and looked over at Angel, who was crouched on the ground, looking in the same direction. They could have taken the young buck swiftly in a moment, while he was still sleeping. But they both wanted the chase.

Amanda pressed her foot down on a fallen branch, snapping it in half. He was up in an instant, his pupils large to catch the moonlight, spotting them. His muscles rippled as he dashed away, leaping over small bushes and rocks. Amanda's blood pounded in her heart, every fiber of her being celebrating the chase. He ran faster, faster, and they kept pace. His heart reached its limit and failed, he collapsed onto the ground, causing branches and stones to fly into the air, sliding a feet before his body settled on the ground.

They stood beside the body, short of breath. It was her fault and she knew it, she should not have let the chase run so long. The buck had run himself to death, and they were without a kill. Her body still buzzed with energy, tense. "Well, let's get this back to the clearing." Amanda said in a strained voice. She looked over to see Angel next to her, excitement clearing showing in her body in the form of a flushed face and though she tried not to look, she couldn't avoid seeing Angel's small, pink erect nipples. Angel was running her hands over her own body, clearly unsatisfied by the hunt.

"Pull yourself together, Angel." She commanded, turning away. It was a mistake. She immediately felt Angel's hands come up from behind her to caresses her breasts, squeezing them hard before releasing them. "Please...you feel it as much as I do, you need release." Angel's soft voice begged from behind her. She felt Angel pressing her body against hers, feeling Angel's nipples against her back, her buttocks touching Angel's front. Her brief moment of hesitation was enough for Angel.

Amanda's hand dropped down to grab her, stroking her engorged member, running her hand up and down the smooth shaft. Amanda groaned, feeling every stroke send her closer to the edge. "Wait." She opened her eyes and turned around, silencing Angel's protest with a quick "sh" and pulling Angel to a tree, leaning against it. Angel dropped to her knees, knowing what Amanda wanted. The blonde ran her tongue from the base of Amanda's phallus to the tip, relishing every moment.

"Put your mouth on it." Amanda commanded, and Angel immediately obliged, taking as much of Amanda's member as she could, sucking hard. "Harder." Amanda closed her eyes, losing herself in the carnal pleasure. It wasn't long before she was close, and she put her hand on the back of Angel's head, forcing the other woman to stay with all of her member in her mouth, and she came with a groan, her hand squeezing the back of Angel's head. She let go and saw Angel swallow her cum before looking up.

Satisfied, Amanda stood up, taking a few deep breaths. "Amanda?" Angel whimpered, her eyes wide with panic when it looked like Amanda was going to leave her there. She was still in a kneeling position and grabbed Amanda's hand. "Heh, calm down, I'll take care of you." Amanda said, her mind clear now that she had relased. Angel let out a relived sigh and reached for her again. "No." Amanda said, pushing her hand away. She knelt down and pushed lightly on Angel's shoulders, guiding the woman to lie down on the grass, using her one knee to push the woman's legs apart.

"Amanda...." Angel let out a soft moan when she realized what she was going to do.

She kissed the inside of Angel's thighs, pulling away when Angel's hips bucked up to try and take control. Amanda teased Angel some more, taking her outer lips into her mouth, running her tongue over it but purposely avoiding Angel's clit, her hands running over Angel's smooth thighs. She could hear Angel begging again, could see the wetness leaking out from her onto the grass below. "Please Amanda, I need you."

She finally wrapped her mouth around the erect clit, sucking it while Angel moaned in pleasure, the blonde wrapping her legs around Amanda to keep her there. Amanda slid two fingers into her, feeling Angel's vaginal muscles tighten around her. Angel climaxed with a shriek, her muscles tightening hard around Amanda's fingers until it was over. The woman relaxed with a release of a breath, lying back onto the grass with a pleased and dazed expression on her face. Amanda wiped her fingers on her stomach before sitting up. "We should get back to the others."

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