tagBDSMSpanking Night Ch. 01

Spanking Night Ch. 01


My wife and I had just booked the cruise of a lifetime! Los Angeles to Hawaii, then on to Samoa, Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Tahiti and back to Los Angeles. Twenty-eight days. No planes, hotels, or taxis.

It took every cent we had but we have been dreaming of a cruise like this for years and now we were going!

Although the transportation, stateroom with a balcony, and food were provided, they still charged for alcoholic drinks, and shore excursions.

We needed some extra cash. I received and email from a BDSM club that we occasionally attended. They were having a "Spanking Night" and needed some dominate females to help with the spanking.

My wife had never done anything like this but decided it might be fun. The club was paying $20 for ten minutes of spanking. In 3-4 hours, my wife could earn enough to see us through our cruise and have some cash to spare.

She decided to call the club and get more information. She talked to Mistress Shelia who told her she would have to come in for an interview and possibly some training first. They arranged a time to meet.

My wife Angel is more of a submissive than dominate but she thought the change may be fun and she was interested in exploring this side of her personality.

I was rather turned on by the whole thing because I am a closet submissive myself and imagining my sweet wife, dressed in a revealing, black leather, outfit with a submissive male or female stretched across her knees while she smacks their bare bottomd really was getting to me.

She left for her appointment about noon and told me she shouldn't be gone too long and would call me on her cell phone to let me know everything was ok.

I wasn't too worried because we had been to the club a few times and everybody who worked there seemed friendly.

I received a call from her a few hours later f stating that everything was fine but there was more to the training that she had realized and she would be a little late. She assured me that Mistress Sheila and Master Dan were training here well and she would tell me all about it when she got home.

Master Dan, I thought to myself. Isn't he the big, black, muscular guy that we had seen at the club with the piercing eyes and cruel smile that liked flirting with my wife? Come to think of it, she always seemed to act like a schoolgirl when he was around. Hmmm.

Well, my Angel's a good girl, why was I worrying? She would be home soon and then I could get the whole story.

It was getting quite late and now I was beginning to feel somewhat alarmed. I started to call her cell phone just as the phone rang.

"Hello darling," Angel's voice sounded a bit breathless, "Sorry I am running late but we have just finished the training and Sheila and Dad are going to a party with some of the other Doms and though it would be a nice opportunity for me to meet them. Don't wait up, I may be late. Bye sweetheart."

I didn't even have a chance to speak. She sounded different, kind of cool and aloof. Oh well, she must have been in a hurry. Not to worry.

I had some trouble falling asleep that night. I always do when my Angel is not by my side, but this was a little different. She was out with a bunch of BDSMers, my sweet little submissive Angel. Like a lamb among the lions.

I finally dropped off to sleep. A few hours later I felt her slipping in bed beside me. It was 5am! She felt hot and sweaty. I reached down to rub her bottom. It felt swollen and hot. She winced.

"Don't touch me there; I'm too sore and exhausted. Let's just sleep. I will tell you everything later." She whispered.

I got up around 9am. Angel was still sleeping. I decided to make her breakfast in bed with coffee. Something I rarely do, but it looked like she had had a hard night.

"Good morning darling, is that coffee I smell?" Angel's voice echoed from our bedroom.

"And toast, eggs and bacon." I replied.

I brought the food to her. She looked quite frazzled in the light of dawn. He hair was messy, her make- up smeared, her eyes were glazy like smoke from a distant fire.

"You OK?" I inquired.

"I feel wonderful," she replied, "exhilarated. I had an amazing night. I will tell you all about it after breakfast. I'm famished!"

My curiosity was really getting the best of me but I patient waited until she had consumed her breakfast including more bacon and toast. She usually wasn't this hungry in the mornings.

After eating she told me to strip and she then handcuffed me, pushing me down on the bed on my back. She then proceeded to straddle my face with her cunt just inches from my nose and mouth.

"I want you to listen to me," she said. "Just smell, lick and taste my pussy. No talking until I am through. If you interrupt me, I will get dressed and leave you here for the day. Do I make myself clear?"

I nodded my head, dumbfounded. This was not the sweet wife I knew but a strong, demanding dominatrix, completely in charge. My cock grew hard and I felt myself falling into a trance, unable to do anything but follow her orders.

She slowly lowered her sweet pussy to my mouth. I smelled, tasted different. A mixture of her juices and a man's cum. It was intoxicating. She then began to relate her experiences of the night before.

To be continued.

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