tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 10

Spreading Seeds Ch. 10


Chapter 10- Insemination Man

I had dreams of Audrey's soft pink pussy the night before. I woke up with a hard on and because I was to be on duty that night, did not even think about pulling my pud. That would have been worse than if I had cum in Audrey the night before. Not only would I waste my seed, I wouldn't have the joy of putting it into Audrey's quivering quim.

I got up and went to wash my face and clean up. Mike was in the baths washing when I joined him. Mike had been on duty the night before and was gently washing his dick. I nodded to him and got a bucket of water to bathe.

Mike smiled at me, "Morning Josh," he said and rinsed his dick. "Boy I tell you these Burney girls are really horny. I had two of them that really couldn't stop. I swear my cock is chafed."

I said, "Didn't you warm them up?"

"Yeah, I licked them both for a good four or five minutes. One of them came twice before I fucked her, but I don't know what happened, they both cooled off on me and got real dry before I could cum in them."

I grinned at him, "Maybe it's your little dick?"

"Yeah that must be it," he laughed. "I expect you have that happen a lot."

"Never," I said and grinned, "My girls always stay hot and wet. I guess it's my sweet personality."

Mike picked up a towel and started to dry off, "Yeah, I guess I should be sweeter, I'll try some honey next time."

I finished washing and dressed for breakfast. Mike and I walked over to the Dinning Hall and when we entered, Wini came over to us and said, "How are you this morning boys?"

I hugged her and said, "I'm ok, but Mike is a little chafed."

Wini looked at Mike and chucked him under the chin, "Do you need a little oil Mike? I've got some in the back. I could put it on for you" Wini fluttered her eyes at Mike and leaned in close to his face, making kissy faces at him.

Mike smiled at her and patted her on the cheek, "No, ah, thanks Wini, I had some in my kit, but thank you for the offer."

We ate breakfast and went down to the Trading post. Mike was on counter duty and I had some inventory work to do. Things were slow since we had gotten settled and I sat around for a while in the back, mending some harness. The day dragged on and I spent most of it talking to Sarge and Mike, except when I wrote a letter to my mom. I wrote her a letter every so often, more as a kind of diary, since my letters wouldn't be delivered until we sent a mule train to Davis. Still it filled my afternoon and when dinner time came, I was ready to get going.

When I got to the dinning hall I checked the bulletin board and checked out the number of women who were on the insemination list. Only three had been added today and I didn't recognize any names. Since the women who were in season could demand service for a week after their names came up that meant there were could be as many as 50 or so eligible for service at any one time. I saw that there were only 28 on the back lists so it was a kind of below average night. Most of the women on the lists got to the Baths for service immediately after their names were added. Some came in every night they were eligible, some didn't come at all.

My name and Roger's were on the lists as having insemination duty tonight. Roger's name was followed by two hearts that had been added after the list had been put up. My name had three so I figured I'd have a full night.

I went in and had dinner with Roger Oster and a few women that he had attracted. There were a couple of them that were really hitting on Roger and tried to get him to go back to their house after dinner, but Roger was on duty with me and he declined, but asked them to come to the bath house that night.

Beverly, a cute brunette about late 20's grinned and asked, "Since you're on duty does that mean you'll service anyone who asks for it?"

Roger grinned, "Well we have to do the women on the lists first. But," he took her hand and kissed it, "Afterwards we can accommodate others."

Beverly giggled and said, "I'll come by later Roger. You promise to help me with my… my needs?"

Roger kissed her hand and then said, "We all have needs Beverly," he sucked her forefinger into his mouth and slid it back and forth in his lips a little. "Even I have needs."

Beverly blushed and giggled a bit. "I see," she said, "Perhaps we can address our mutual needs?"

Roger smiled and nodded, "Perhaps we can. I'll need to see how many women on the lists come tonight. I may be too tired to fully address your needs Beverly, but tomorrow I'll be off duty and have more time."

Beverly took his hand and kissed it, "Perhaps you'd like to come have dinner at my house tomorrow. I could fix you a nice little desert and we could discuss our needs a bit more?" Beverly took his forefinger and licked it a bit then sucked it into her mouth. She pulled it out while sucking it hard, her cheeks caving in as she did.

Roger laughed and stroked her cheek, "That is very kind of you Beverly. I would like to have a home cooked meal. I'm very fond of sweets."

When I came out of the Dinning Hall I checked the lists again and saw that Roger's name was now followed by four hearts and mine by three.

The women had started to adding hearts after our names to sort of make a claim on the listed inseminators. Sarge had instigated that and it had caught on. Sarge generally checked the hearts out on his way out of the hall. If there were too many he'd assign a few more men to leftover duty to kind of ease the load. I figured Beverly wouldn't get many of her needs addressed tonight.

I went back to the Kiva, shaved and got my stuff together. I got to the baths well before Kid's hours were over and tried to drum up some shampoo business. It was kind of slow until a group of five teenies came and sat on the ready bench looking at me.

One of them a girl about 16 came over and looked me up and down then asked, "Can I get my hair shampooed Mr. Perkins?"

I smiled at her, "Have you got five cents?"

She grinned and held up a pink chit, "Oh yes Mr. Perkins. I got my mom to give me a chit, is that alright?"

I grinned and said, "Perfectly, What's your name dear?"

"Rachel," she said and just stood there grinning.

"Well Rachel, take off your robe and I'll get some water."

Rachel looked back at her friends who were giggling and opened her robe. She was lovely. She was kind of tall and she had long ash blond hair. Her firm little tits were very nice and her bush was very sparse. She hung up her robe and sat in the chair. I came around in front and adjusted the foot rest. It didn't need it really; I just wanted to get a better look at her sweet little pussy. She grinned at me, she spread her legs a bit as I lifted the foot rest to adjust it.

I went to get the water and when I came back Rachel was giggling at her friends on the ready bench. I figured she was looking for a cheap thrill; her hair was pretty clean and very soft. I leaned her head back and put her hair in the basin. As I poured a little water on her hair I asked, "So Rachel are you in school?"

She babbled about her schooling. I washed her hair and massaged her neck a little. She liked that and her warm skin felt pretty good. My view of her pretty little titties was divine and I had a bit of regret that it would be another two years until someone could suck her sweet nipples that were getting hard as I rubbed her head and neck. Of course I'd be long gone and someone else would have that pleasure.

She talked a bit about her schooling, she was just about to finish up her general education and was going to study to be a nurse, she told me. "I want to help people," she said, "I think being a nurse would be good, don't you?"

I rinsed her hair out and emptied the basin, "Yes Rachel. I think that you'll make a very good nurse," I said, thinking about her tits. I rinsed her hair again and squeezed the water out of it. She grinned up at me and I was really tempted to kiss her lips. Her mouth would be sweet and she'd probably moan if you pinched her cute little nipples. I put another weasel on the pile and was able to stay soft, but just.

I dried her hair and put a towel around it in a turban. "There you are Rachel, Come again won't you?"

She got up and gave me a smile, her eyes were sparkling and she looked down and said, "I will Mr. Perkins." She looked up at me and gave me a blush, "It was wonderful Mr. Perkins, Thank you."

I reached out and put her robe around her soft smooth shoulders and patted her cheek, "Just give your chit to the guy in the snack shop Rachel and thank you."

Rachel turned to her friends on the bench and the five of them, giggling and laughing, moved off toward the snack shop. I watched them go and shook my head. "There goes the next pack of cock hounds," I thought.

I turned back and was rinsing out my basin when I saw Gloria Bitterwater bathing on the duckboards. I waved at her, "Gloria come over and let me wash your hair."

She smiled and nodded. She poured a bucket of water over her head to rinse the soap suds off her slim teen body. I watched her, maybe I shouldn't have but she was cute. She dried herself off and came over shielding her small breasts with a towel.

"How are you doing, Josh?" She grinned at me. "Did you get a good look at Rachel?" she asked grinning at me. She rubbed her crotch with the towel and punched me on the arm. "I saw you looking at her; you should be a little less obvious after all she's not legal yet."

I gave her a serious stare, "What ever do you mean Gloria? I didn't do anything wrong. She was just getting her hair washed. Can I wash your hair?"

Gloria smiled and asked, "How much do you charge?"

I smiled at her, "For you it's free, after what you did for Barb it's the least I can do."

Gloria grinned and tossed her wet towel in the basket and looked at the chair. "Maria told me about the chair Josh." She looked down at the seat and then up at me, "She told me you wanted the seat made so a woman had to show you her pussy." She looked at me and smiled, "You like to look at pussies?"

I smiled at her, "Get in the chair Gloria, "I'll help you get that rat's nest clean."

She laughed and sat down, "I think you need to readjust the foot rest Josh, I can barley touch." She said looking back up at me. She was grinning and winked at me.

I went around and adjusted the foot rest, and got a very close look at her sweet little pussy. She glanced down and winked at me, "Take a good look Josh," she whispered, "That's as close as you'll get to it."

I just grinned and went back up to wash her hair. Her dark brown hair was still wet from her bath and was pretty dirty from being out in the dust. I washed it with shampoo and rinsed it. "Wow Gloria your hair was dirty. What did you do, rub it in the mud?" I drained the basin in the urinal again and poured more water through her hair.

She laughed, "No I got caught in a dust devil and it blew my hat off. I've wanted to get clean again all day."

I lathered her up again and had to get more water for her rinse. When I got back there was a slender mid-20's brunette standing there in a robe talking to Gloria. The brunette smiled at me and asked, "Are you Josh Perkins?"

"Yes," I said, "What's your name?"

"Alexis. Alexis Winslow, I wondered if… Well I need…" she couldn't finish the sentence.

"You need to be inseminated?" I asked. "I saw your name on the list tonight. I'm surprised we haven't met before."

She blushed and nodded, "Yes. You are on duty tonight aren't you? I mean as an inseminator?"

"Yes, but I don't start that until after the kids leave Alexis. It will be an hour or so before we could begin. That is if you want me to, you know, inseminate you."

Gloria piped up and said, "Josh, don't let the soap dry on my hair. It will make it dry as straw."

I turned to Gloria and dipped some water on her hair, "Why don't you have a seat Alexis. I'll come find you in a minute, after I finish Ms. Bitterwater's hair?"

Alexis smiled at me and patted Gloria on the cheek. "I'll see you later Gloria." She looked up at me and smiled, "I'll just wait on the pedestal for you then." She turned and walked away, her hips moved very nicely and I thought maybe I'd hit the jackpot.

"Josh, are you going to finish my shampoo?" Gloria said.

I looked down at Gloria, "Right, Do you know her?" I started rinsing Gloria's hair.

Gloria nodded, "Yes she's my economics tutor. Since I'm out on the range all day, I get tutored at night. She's very nice." Gloria looked up at me, "Are you going to do her Josh?"

I poured water on Gloria's hair and squeezed it dry. "I think we may get something arranged," I said.

"Well treat her right Josh, for me ok? I like her a lot and I think she'll make a fine mother. She's really kind and sweet."

I poured off the basin and began to dry Gloria's hair with a towel. "You know Gloria you need to use some oil on your face. You're in the sun so much you need to protect your skin. You'll have wrinkles before you're 20 if you don't."

I put Gloria's hair up in a turban and got a half pint of olive oil out of my carrier and began to spread oil on Gloria's face. She ginned and let me spread the oil over her face and neck. Her skin was smooth, nice and soft. I got to her collar bones and stopped. "Here spread some over your shoulders and do your hands and arms where you get sun."

While she rubbed in the oil I emptied the basin again and wiped it out with a towel. I was looking at Alexis on the pedestal and thinking of how she'd look without the robe. I looked down at Gloria and she was spreading oil on her cute little breasts and was making sure it was rubbed into her nipples very well.

"What are your doing Gloria?"

She smiled and pulled her nipple, looking at me, "I like the way it feels Josh. This is very nice." She grinned at me and pulled her nipple and made a face that was half way between a grimace and a leering grin.

I shook my head, "Well do that at home Gloria not in the baths during kids hours. You can rub it all over if you want to at home."

She blushed a little, then looked around, put the stopper back in the bottle and handed it back to me.

"No you keep it and use it on your face every night. When you need more, bring the bottle back to me okay. I'll refill it."

"Thank you Josh," She stood up and went to get her robe off the hook. I did the same and went to talk to Alexis.

Alexis was talking with another woman on the pedestal, when I came up and sat beside her she smiled and said, "Mr. Perkins I'd like to introduce Nell Bascom. Nell, this is Josh Perkins."

"Pleased to meet you Nell, You're on the list tonight too aren't you?"

Nell grinned and nodded vigorously, "Yes Josh I understand you're on duty tonight?"

I smiled at Nell. She was a good deal bigger that Alexis, taller and broader. Her breasts were good sized and her hips spread her robe out a good deal. She was maybe early 30's and had a broad face with a cute little up turned nose. She smiled easily it appeared. I nodded, "Yes I'm on duty tonight. Do you need an insemination?"

Nell beamed and said, "Yes I want to try to have a baby. I mean I'm not getting any younger and I really like children."

"Nell is an early education teacher Josh," Alexis said.

"Oh, and I understand you teach economics." I said to Alexis.

"No, I tutor in economics and accounting, I'm an accountant. I work for the Black Brothers Trust," Alexis said. She smiled a bit, "I keep track of their investments and such."

I smiled at them, "I think I'll get a beer, can I get you ladies something?" I said as I got up.

Alexis smiled and got up to go with me. Nell started to get up then sat back down, "No thank you Josh, I better not. I'm supposed to be on a diet. I've been a bad girl." She grinned and patted her stomach.

Alexis took my arm and we went to the snack shop. Raule was behind the counter sitting on a stool and talking to an older woman about 40 or so. She had a big smile on her face.

"Hi Raule, Two beers if you please," I said.

He turned to us and smiled at Alexis, "And how are you tonight pretty lady?"

"Alexis," she said and extended her hand to him.

Raule took it in his and kissed her hand looking into her eyes. "Very pleased to meet you Alexis," he said and kissed her hand again. "I'm Raule Mathis."

"I know, you're well known around the village," Alexis said and chuckled a little.

Raule gave her a big smile and got two beers out. "Can I offer your anything else?" he said to Alexis.

"No, not tonight anyway," she said and took a beer from his hand.

"Put them down on the insemination tab, Raule," I said and took Alexis over to the table, pulled a chair out for her and sat down myself. I took a drink of my beer and asked, "Well what do you have to trade?"

Alexis smiled and sipped her beer. She sat the beer down on the table and looked around to see if anyone was looking. We were alone in the snack shop except for Raule and the older woman and they were admiring Raule's tool. The woman was leaning halfway over the counter staring down at Raule's crotch and Raule was whispering something in her ear and making odd gestures with his hands that couldn't be seen below the counter. Alexis turned back to me and opened her robe just enough to let me see her breasts. She smiled and rubbed one ruby nipple and it sprang up. It must have been 15 millimeters ( ¾ of an inch) long. She played with it for a while and it got very hard.

Her breasts were nice and firm, pale and more than a handful. She grinned at me, "What do you think? Are these inducement enough?" She grinned and put my hand on her firm nipple. I felt it, all firm and warm in my fingers for a moment then pulled it a little. She smiled at me then pulled her robe back to cover them.

I sipped my beer, smiled at her and shook my head, "Very lovely, but no that's not enough." I sipped my beer and said, "No I'd need something more. What I really need is a picture to hang on my wall. Are you artistic?"

Alexis frowned, "No I'm no artist. I was never good at art." Her nipple was still poking out under her robe and I could see she was thinking as she thought about what I asked for, as she sipped her beer. "Is there anything else that you want?"

I considered that a minute, I had all the food and shelter I needed. The Corps was paying me 21 dollars a month, while not much it covered my needs. I grinned, "I could use a couple of light weight shirts. Do you sew?"

Alexis frowned a little, "No I don't sew." Her face brightened up a bit and she asked, "Do they have to be from my hands?" Her face brightened even more when I shook my head. "I could have them made for you. I know a few seamstresses. It would it be a week or so before I could get them made. Would you trust me that long?"

I leaned over and patted her hand, "Sure Alexis. I'm flexible you could have a week. I'd like to have them in blue, if you could do that?"

Alexis grinned and her eyes sparkled a little, "I'd have to have your measurements. I mean you're pretty tall and I doubt she could make them right without measuring you." She felt my arm and smiled at me.

I patted her knee and said, "I could come by her shop and let her measure me. You'd have to tell me where her shop is."

Alexis smiled her brown eyes were nice and she had a long straight nose that wasn't too narrow. She had nice cheek bones and I thought she was very pretty, if a bit thin. She grinned at me, "I can tell you, or better yet, Can you come by for lunch tomorrow?"

I thought about it, "Yes, I'm pretty well caught up on the inventory and I could get an hour off after lunch, I think."

Alexis grinned and said, "We could fix you a lunch and that would give us time to get all your measurements. Why don't I meet you in front of the Dinning Hall tomorrow and I'll take you up to her house?"

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