tagCelebrities & Fan FictionStarfucker Ch. 03

Starfucker Ch. 03


It was while I was at work the next day that I got another phone call from Jordan; she asked me if I wanted to pop by her place after work. I asked her why, but all she said was that she had a friend visiting that I might like to meet. I agreed to go over and took directions to her house. I then settled back down to my work, my mind constantly drifting back to the previous night with Kate Lawler in my car. The stains on my car seats had mostly come off, but there were still patches, and the insides still smelled faintly of her sex. I then began to look forward to this evening at Jordan's; she'd been one hell of a fuck before, hopefully I'd be receiving similar treatment later.

Before I even realised, it was time to leave work; I'd hardly done any work since the phone call three hours previously, but I didn't really care either way. I said goodbye to my colleagues, and made my way to my car; I got in and set off in the direction of Jordan's house. All the while wondering what she had in store for me when I arrived.

I managed to find her house in a fairly nice area, it was a fairly large detached; not bad for a person who makes her living doing nothing basically. I strolled up the driveway, loosening the tie on my shirt and unbuttoning my top button. I knocked on the front door, noting that the curtains for the front room were drawn so nobody could see in. I was just about to knock again when I heard muffled footsteps on the other side of the door. The door was opened slowly by a very sexily dressed Jordan. As I looked her up and down I felt my dick stiffening in my trousers. She wore a pair of knee high, leather boots; crotchless, black leather panties through which I could see the pink of her pussy lips. On her upper body she wore a black leather waistcoat which met just below her huge bra-less tits; I could just see the deep pink of her areola. In her right hand she held a leather whip which rested softly against her right thigh.

'Hey there sexy boy' She said, 'come on in, welcome to Mistress Jordan's love shack.' I was about to speak up and say that I wasn't into slavery when she interrupted me; 'don't worry, I'm not gonna make you my slave; I want to treat you.'

'Oh, well ok then, I guess.' I replied as I stepped inside her house onto the wood panelled flooring of her hallway.

'Follow me,' she spoke as she walked past me, caressing my ass softly as she passed; she wiggled her tight ass cheeks as she walked and I felt my cock stiffening even more in my trousers as I followed her into the room which had the drawn curtains. 'Aden' she spoke as I entered the living room, 'meet Miss Tara Palmer Tomkinson.' I followed her gaze into the corner of the room, where, sat cross legged right in the corner; was the glamorous IT girl, Tara Palmer Tomkinson. Another celebrity who was famous just for being famous basically. She had appeared on a show on the television, something about celebrities being stuck in a jungle, I'd never paid much attention to it. But what I had paid attention to before was her looks; she was very tall and skinny, more elegant than gangly. She had long, smooth legs and a very pert ass; with extremely tiny little tits. She almost had no tits at all they were that small, but beautiful in their own way. She had long brunette hair with blonde highlights in it that fell loosely around her elegant face.

She was completely naked, except for a pair of tiny pink, cotton ankle socks covering her pretty little feet. Her well trimmed pussy looked fantastic, her pink fleshy lips were slightly parted and her pubic hair was neat and very short. Her tiny little nipples stood erect on her tiny tits. She didn't smile at me, but instead gave me a sultry, yet sexy look; similar to that of a child who isn't getting their own way.

'Tara... aren't you going to say hello?'

'No, fuck off.' She said in her middle class London accent, her lips pouting even more.

'Aden, please take a seat,' Jordan smiled graciously at me, 'I do apologise for the rudeness of my slave. Let me just correct her and I promise she'll be nicer next time.'

I nodded my assent and sat down in a huge leather armchair so I could watch with interest what may be about to unfold before me.

Jordan made her way over to another armchair which was the exact same as the one I sat in; pretty much directly opposite from me. She sat, spread her legs and patted her thighs. 'Come here Tara, don't make this worse on yourself; accept your punishment and then be polite to our guest.'

Tara grudgingly stood to her dainty little feet; she stuck her tongue out at me, a kind of childish gesture which, surprisingly was highly arousing at the same time. She looked apologetically at Jordan, 'please don't spank me mistress.' Her eyes widened to form a kind of puppy dog look. The kind that said, 'how could you possibly punish me? I'm a good girl.' Jordan however was having none of it; she reached out and grabbed her by the arm, yanking her into position, bent over Jordan's thighs, her tight ass pointing skyward and within whacking range of Jordan's whip.

Busty dominatrix Jordan wasted no time in bringing the whip crashing down on Tara's tiny little ass. I felt myself becoming aroused as I watched Jordan disciplining her 'slave'. Tara pouted all the way through, grimacing with pain as Jordan whipped her now bright pink ass. 'Are you going to apologise?'

'No!' Tara said defiantly, causing Jordan to bring the whip down harder on her little ass; my cock was now stiff as a rod in trousers watching the display. What surprised me most was that, although the whipping must be causing some distress, Tara moaned with every whip; her face a cross between sheer pleasure and excruciating pain.

Jordan dropped the whip to the floor and pushed her index finger inside her slave's tight little pussy. 'You're getting off on this aren't you? You dirty little bitch.' She pulled her finger out of her pussy and thrust it in my direction. 'Look how wet she is.' She said, as I saw how her finger glistened with moisture. 'Go lay down on your back on the table.' Tara was about to protest, but Jordan was having none of it; 'Now!' She commanded, Tara didn't argue; she made her way to where there was a very sturdy looking oak table in the corner of the room.

She mounted it and lay down on her back, her pussy on the edge of the table and her pretty little feet dangling over the edge; her legs were so long that her feet almost dangled all the way to the floor. Jordan turned to me; 'Tara wants a big, hard dick; that's why I called you.' She stood and moved over to me; she began to undress me as she spoke. 'I want you to go over there and fuck her hard with that big, thick cock of yours.' She was incredibly close as she undressed me, I could feel the heat radiating off of her amazing body; as she unzipped my fly and pulled my trousers down she crouched down real close and moved her face and mouth real close to my raging hard on. As she pulled my boxers down she opened her mouth slightly and let it hover just above the head of my dick; breathing hot air slowly onto it. I had to fight it to not cum there and then, she was so sensual. Finally she had me stripped naked and she moved away, letting me stand up and move towards the table where Tara Palmer Tompkinson was slowly playing with her clitoris.

No words were spoken as I moved in between Tara's opened legs and slowly pushed the head of my cock up against her open pussy lips, which glistened with their moisture. She still had a look of defiance on her face, but that was mixed with lust now; her finger still rubbed softly against her clit, and she made no attempt to stop me as I slowly pushed the first few inches of my dick inside her tight, extremely wet pussy. Slowly I began to fuck her, I reached down and took hold of each of her ankles as I thrust in and out of her. I liked the way the soft cotton of her socks felt in my hands; I imagined her pretty feet wrapped around my dick wearing these socks.

'Are you going to thank Aden for giving you what you want?' Jordan spoke as I began to thrust my entire length in and out of Tara's tight snatch, feeling the walls of her pussy gripping my shaft. Tara just shook her head; 'I knew you'd say that, you need further punishment.' Jordan said as she too hopped onto the table, it was sturdy enough to easily take both of their weights; Jordan stood at full height on the table and placed her feet either side of Tara's head, the pointed toes of the leather boots facing me so I had a perfect view as she squatted down, her crotchless panties showing her swollen, pink, pussy lips.

Jordan sat her full weight down on Tara's face, grinding her wet pussy on her slave's nose, and forcing her to pleasure her orally. Jordan was really loving it; moaning and wailing as she felt Tara's tongue entering her fleshy folds and exploring. She continued this process of lifting her pussy up to give Tara breathing time before grinding back down onto her face. I began to fuck her harder, feeling her getting wetter and wetter; Tara was fingering her rock hard nipples as she was used and fucked by both me and Jordan, her orgasm rapidly approaching. She wrapped her ankles tightly around my neck and I moved my hands to her waist, where I gripped her to allow me to fuck her harder.

Jordan meanwhile had made herself orgasm and was busily cumming on Tara's face, her juices dribbling down her cheeks and chin, she moaned and shuddered, her gigantic boobs bouncing up and down. Jordan finally finished cumming, but stayed in the position she was, her pussy hovering slightly over Tara's face. I watched with growing excitement as Jordan began to pee all over her slave's face. The slightly yellow fluid came spurting out, splashing onto Tara's willing mouth and face. This act seemed to turn her on no end as I felt her thrusting herself even harder onto me cock as Jordan pissed on her face.

I felt my own orgasm approach as Jordan continued to piss a seemingly endless stream of her golden juice onto Tara's face. In between gulping down the fluid she was moaning and screaming as her orgasm overtook her body and she began to wildy thrash and buck on the table top; her pussy gripping my cock like a vice and sending me over the edge as I began to pump wave after wave of my seed deep inside Tara's tight pussy. Her little titties jiggled on her chest as she continued to cum. The flow of piss that cascaded onto her face had slowed and stopped, but still Tara continued to cum, and as a result, my own orgasm continued. I came more than I thought I could, emptying my entire load deep inside of her vagina.

Finally I finished cumming and as I removed my cock from Tara's pussy, a stream of my milky fluid ran out of her opening in rivulets and pooled underneath her ass crack on the table. I slowly dressed myself as I watched Jordan go down on Tara and lick up the majority of my seed from her slave's pussy. I told Jordan that I was leaving; both her and Tara looked upset at my news, but I promised them both that I would be seeing them again. Jordan gave me a little wink and said she would phone me in the next few days with another surprise. I thanked her and made my way out of the house reflecting on how much my life had changed over the past few days since meeting Jordan for the first time in the nightclub.

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