tagMind ControlStart of the Plan Ch. 06

Start of the Plan Ch. 06


Chapter VI

Her belly full and her tongue no longer feeling like a piece of leather, Sparkler started to think again. Unfortunately, thinking didn't mean she was getting control back. Her treacherous body was following Kira out of the mess towards something the ebony-skinned amazon had called a "Reinforcement Room".

Hearing that had been the last push Sparkler had needed to stop obeying mindlessly. 'Now I obey under protest,' she lamented. A trickle of pleasure cascaded down her spine at the thought. 'Stop using of that word. It's not helping. Just think of the situation as doing as you're told...' The trickle became a small stream soaking her brain. 'Hmmm, following ordersssss... Mistress's orders...' The stream turned into a river. 'I obey... Obedience is peace... Obedience is pleasure...'

Sparkler's eyes unfocused and Slave X happily continued on behind Kira. She simply stared at the other slave's swaying backside, letting it mesmerize her as ghostly hands teased her body.

They entered an empty room with what looked like a dentist's chair in the middle. There were several cabinets and the like lined up against the walls but Slave X didn't really have an eye for any of that. What did catch her attention was the bike helmet attached to the chair by several cables. It looked familiar...

The sight of the chair jolted something within her, a feeling of fear. Kira turned around to face her, blocking the blonde's view of the chair. "Strip," she ordered Slave X.

It was with relief that Slave X obeyed. She happily embraced the peace-filled joy of following that order and used it to quell the nascent fear. But it didn't take long, so after kicking off her sandals she stood in front of Kira.

The amazon's cursory inspection showed no awareness that she was looking at a naked, aroused woman. Kira stood aside, giving Slave X a clear path to the chair. "Sit down in the chair."

The superheroine's eyes returned to the chair, the fear returning with a vengeance. There was something wrong; she didn't want to lose... something. Slave X frowned, but didn't move to follow the order. 'I want to, don't I? No, earlier I was... someone else? Wanted to... escape? It's so hard to think... What's going on?'

"I..." Sparkler licked her lips. 'That's my name! I'm Sparkler and I'm a... a super-something.' Her frown deepened. "I-I'm afraid... I can't..." The air seemed to be getting thin. "I lost... you took..." Something, something important.

Kira's expression didn't change nor did she speak. She just moved in front of Sparkler and knelt before the befuddled superheroine. Who sucked in her breath when Kira buried her face in the blonde's crotch. Kira wasted no time on foreplay, but simply began to work the heated flesh.

Sparkler's eyes rolled up in their sockets while Kira busily sucked out what was left of the crime fighter's consciousness through her pussy. Thought fled from Sparkler again. Her hands clutched Kira's head on their own so that the blonde could hump the unresisting slave.

Like before, it didn't take the superheroine long to cum, which she did with a cry and even more frenzied humping. Breathing hard, Sparkler went still with her head bowed, her hands now resting on Kira's shoulders to keep her up. And she simply stood there, her earlier turmoil forgotten. Everything was right with the world again.

Kira looked up, her face still covered in the crime fighter's juices. Her lips moved, sound came out of her mouth and a new thought entered Slave X's mind. 'I'm going to sit in the chair, yes, of course. I can rest there. That makes perfect sense.' Her legs shook a little, but she managed to make her way to the chair and collapse into it.

Her fellow slave appeared on her left, followed by darkness as a helmet descended over her head. For a moment the universe was as blank as her mind, but only for a moment. The face of Mistress appeared in front of her. "Good morning Sparkler! How are we feeling today?"

Slave X felt something like recognition at the name. 'Sparkler? Did Mistress give me a new designation? No... it's old, I've been called... I called myself that... just now, didn't I? Yes, that's it. I was Sparkler and then I met Mistress Mesmeri...Mesmeri!'

Sparkler could almost feel the mental components of who she had been, no, who she was, come back together. 'That's it! Fight that bitch... shake it off, I can do this.'

"Oh my," Mesmeri broke in. "Seems like someone is in need of a reminder of what she is."

'Oh shit.' Sparkler realized something. She was still wearing that damn helmet, the same one that had been meddling with her mind and was now hooked up directly to one of Mesmeri's machines. 'I've got to get it off!'

Her hands went up. They moved so slowly, like they were going through molasses. 'Go up, up! Move, dammit. I need to get this off of me.'

Two other hands grabbed her wrists and held them. Sparkler tried to yank her arms out of their grip but wasn't having much luck. The edges of her vision were suddenly awash with color, bands of light pulsed and undulated were now lining her vision. At the same time music started to come out of the helmet's speakers. Sparkler's strength drained out of her body. The strong, unseen hands placed the crime fighter's hands on the arm rests, then slightly repositioned Sparkler's legs.

"Look into my eyes Slave X." Mesmeri's voice didn't drown the music out, it wove into it. And then it went straight into Sparkler's mind. The blonde knew what looking into those eyes would do, she remembered it now. But her eyes did as Mesmeri ordered anyway. Those dark orbs swallowed Mesmeri whole, the superheroine didn't even get the opportunity to try and look away.

"That's good," Mesmeri purred. The words felt like they were stroking Sparkler's spine. Like an owner would do if his dog had been a good boy.

"But you'll soon feel even better, once you've helped me get rid of the last of your pesky resistance. And you want that now, don't you? Say "Yes, Mistress"."

She didn't agree with that at all. But that didn't seem to matter to her body. "Yes, Mistress." Sparkler shivered as fresh arousal started to ooze into her psyche. Then gasped when something long, slick and thick slid into her lubricated pussy swiftly followed by an equally slick but thinner intruder that glided into her ass.

"Let's begin with today's lesson. It's about you, well, a part of you: the Sparkler part, to be precise. She isn't real, you know. It's just a persona you made up. A disguise that you're no longer wearing. Sparkler doesn't exist. Repeat."

Sparkler didn't want to, she felt that she did exist. But her mouth was no longer under her control. "Sparkler doesn't exist." The tubes started to pump in and out, but never actually left her. Sparkler gasped again.

Mesmeri seemed to have noticed her response. "You like that. And of course you do, it feels good to agree with me."

The words tumbled out of Sparkler's mouth. "Ooooh, yes."

"So you want to agree with me. You agree with everything I say. Repeat."

"I agree with everything you say." Sparkler wanted to deny that claim, but it was difficult to believe in that denial when she was just saying what Mesmeri was telling her to. When it felt so good to agree.

"The more you agree with me, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more you agree with me."

"The more I agree with you, the better I, ungh, feel." The tubes were picking up the pace. "The better I feel, hmmm, the more I agree with you." Yes, that was so true. Sparkler didn't even notice Mesmeri hadn't told her to repeat the words.

Mesmeri returned to the subject of Sparkler. "You invested all your strength in Sparkler. Sparkler has the power, the training." Of course, Sparkler was the superhero. Who'd ever heard of a superheroine named Emily? Mesmeri continued, "All your resistance is bound up in Sparkler. Repeat."

The superheroine didn't even bother to resist that. It was obvious. Emily was just a civilian. Sparkler was the one who went up against supervillains like Mesmeri. "All my resistance is bound up in Sparkler."

"But Sparkler doesn't actually exist. You already agreed she didn't, so how can you draw strength from a non-existent person? How can you resist the pleasure of obeying me if that resistance is a figment of your imagination?"

Sparkler... didn't know. She thought there was a flaw in the logic but she couldn't really think right now. Looking deep into Mistr-Mesmeri's eyes took so much of her attention and the rest was busy with focusing on how good she was starting to feel. How wonderful it felt to be fucked in both holes while Mesmeri was fucking with her mind.

"Your resistance isn't real, keep repeating that. And believe it more every time you say it."

"My resistance isn't real." The tubes started to vibrate now, eliciting a groan from the captive superheroine. "My resistance... OH FUCK... isn't real, my resistance isn't... so good... real, my resistance isn't real."

The words started to pound into her head with the same beat as the music, the same tempo as the tubes pumping in and out of her body. "My, ah, resistance... OH GOD... isn't... fuck... real, yesss!" She started to say the words again, to think them, to believe them. The words became more real, more sensible, each time.

She was so close now, so close to...to... With a wordless shout, Slave X came to the agreement her resistance wasn't real. The tubes didn't relent, they just kept pumping as the blonde superhero's muscles uselessly tried to grip the invaders. But she managed to stay still somehow, except for her head, which was thrown back.

The tubes sawing in and out in a more sedate pace now, Slave X came back down to earth panting and sweating.

"That was very good, my slave. And for you as well," Mistress punned. "And now that I have your complete and willing attention, we can start your real training. Let's start with your desire for me, your ultimate fantasy of pleasing me." The image panned out, showing Mistress's nude body. "You will start to fantasize about touching me, kissing..."

With a mewl, Slave X latched onto the vivid wet dream Mistress was describing to her. The one that showed her what her true desires were, the desires Mistress was giving her.

To Be Continued

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