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Summer Inspiration


This is a very experimental story. First person and present-future, so not my usual style.

Thanks to LaRascasse for checking my non-English-speaker grammar and ideas.



Sitting at the beach, my tablet in hand. The sun tanning my skin, the breeze easing the heat and shades protecting my eyes from the sun rays but also protecting my prying glance. My objective today is not to get sun-tanned. I'm looking for inspiration in the people around me. What could I write about next? Hundreds of people walking in front of me. Hundreds of stories they could be living. Thousands of ideas that can thrive in my mind.

Look at a young couple. Love in the twenties. They don't stop looking at each other for a second. She's so sexy in that small yellow bikini. He looks so brawny in his boxer swimsuit. If you look long enough you can notice he's a hard. If they keep smooching like that, they'll have to get into the ocean to get rid of the heat. Or just leave and go home, where they can forget about everybody. I'm sure she likes riding him, she is so fit. He will probably hold back his orgasm for quite long, but she'll coax it out of him with passionate moves. See, I was right. They're running towards the water. She only stops when her feet touch the ocean. Too cold probably. Still he needs to feel refreshed and quickly dives in. Freshened up, he goes back to her, holds her hand and the two of them disappear walking along the shore.

Oh, look at that old couple, taking care of their granddaughter - a cute little girl trying to build a castle with the wet sand. Grandma tries to help her while grandpa reads the news. Sundays like this, they must be letting her parents have some time alone. Not having the kid around, they would likely be sweating and screaming what they have to keep secret when the little toddler is sleeping in the room next to them. They are winning the 'grandparents of the year' award. I wonder if they'll still have some fun of their own. Maybe they need some medicine help, and sex doesn't last too long, but they seem quite active too.

And what about those teenagers? They must be barely eighteen, a group of seven playing cards on their towels. Girls flaunting about the bikinis they just bought for their newly flourishing bodies, boys trying to impress the ladies with their slightly more muscular arms and those two can't stop making eyes and giggling at each other. They had probably just started dating this summer, realising they could be more than friends. They must have started exploring each other's skin, still awkwardly getting used to their own naked bodies. Maybe the group doesn't know yet what these two old friends do when they are alone.

Behind the group, I can see a couple of girls. They have completely lost their inhibitions. They walk around the beach topless, holding hands and biting each other's lips every once in a while. They don't care to hide their love in public, not even after that old lady gave them that reproving look. Why should they? They are just like any other couple around. Only their sex is different, maybe easier, as their bodies are much more alike.

Sadly I haven't seen any gay couple. I'd like to learn about that kind of relationship I will never experience. I'll have to keep an eye out for them.

I thought I almost got them when I noticed two men in their thirties far down the beach. They are running around a football with three little boys. The whole family looks so happy even though there's a fourth kid sitting next to them on a towel, a bit sulky. He probably doesn't like getting dirty in the sand. And after a while, a woman also in her thirties appears, and as soon as she leaves her bag on the sand, the tallest guy approaches her running and covers her with kisses. She has to disentangle from his arms, she's not the love scene kind. So I figure out the other guy must be a friend or a brother. Unless they have a quite open relationship. I think I'm seeing him greet the lady quite fondly too, though the distance makes it difficult to ensure. But it's not too important. The idea is already in my head. Two couples, one loses the mother, the other couple welcomes the family into their home, and the guy in their bed. Maybe it is not what I'm seeing there but I would make a wonderful story. Drama, friendship and love.

A lot of ideas I have gathered in an afternoon under the sun. Now the writing process is about to begin. Where should I start?

I can't get the last ones out of my mind, that's the most interesting idea for sure. What will they do when they get home? First they'll have to put the kids to sleep. That won't be easy, for sure. Four active kids like that must be difficult to handle. But after a football match like the one they are having, they'll be tired as hell, so they'll fall asleep quite easily. Then adult games will begin. They need some names. She is definitely an Amanda, the name fits her so well - blonde hair, tall, beautiful. She could have been a young model. The first guy, the most passionate, he's a Thomas, Tom. I can hear her calling out his name during sex, it is such a powerful name. And the other guy has to be a James. He is more delicate and loving. Tom's the one that fucks her hard, James' the one that caresses her and hugs her through the night.

Tom will start it all. He'll hug her from behind and start undressing her while he'll cover her neck and shoulder with kisses. He'll be fast, he misses her, maybe she's been abroad. They'll start while James is putting the kids to bed. When he enters the bedroom they'll already be naked, Tom on Top of Amanda, sucking her round and firm breasts. He'll ask James to help him please her, and James will hurry down Amanda's slit. Slowly he'll begin to please her, his tongue going around her clit, making quick and wet entrances in her hole. With so much attention Amanda will climax quickly, but the fun won't be over. Tom will want to fuck her, aroused to the top from her orgasm. But she won't forget about James, who has taken her to ecstasy. While she gets on her knees, her back to Tom, she'll have James sitting in front of her. Tom will enter her from behind, his hips hitting loudly Amanda's ass with each thrust. And with each thrust, Amanda's body will move forward, accepting James' cock into her mouth. Tom will come first, while James will be enjoying Amanda's lips for a while longer. When he finally spills it all out, Tom will already be half asleep on his side of the bed. James will thank Amanda for being so kind to him, even though he is not her husband, just a friend who lost his wife. He'll thank her through the night embracing her body, warming her until another day begins.


Turning off my tablet, I decide it's enough. Now I got what I came here for. Inspiration. The story is up and running. A lot more polish and detail will be needed, but that will have to be done at home, away from prying eyes like mine on a Sunday beach day.

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