tagNovels and NovellasSurrogate Farm Ch. 03

Surrogate Farm Ch. 03


Episode Three: Being Prepared

The next day all seemed to be quite normal. The birds were singing, people, laughing, jostling through their usual morning activities. After breakfast I prepared Sarah Janes horse for her early ride.

Danny was a powerful stallion, black, shiny and beautiful. I polished his saddle, bridle and the rest of her gear in preparedness for her Ladyship. Then just as I led him out into the sunshine she appeared. It was like a dream. She stood there with the light behind her, silhouetting her figure with streaks of sunlight enveloping her like a goddess.

I was speechless. I am passionately in love with Sarah. I have been ever since I could remember which is about a week ago when I first met her. She came forward, close to me; I could almost feel her body heat. With whip in hand she held onto the saddle and asked, with a slight gesture for a lift.

As I cupped my hand she hopped up onto the horse and winked at me with an ever so gleeful glint in her eye before galloping out across the paddocks.

I stood there for an eternity watching her, dreaming and saying out loud the words of Shakespeare

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date:
Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines….

Now dear readers you are by now probably wanting to read something a little 'hot'. You have in your minds our young, naive anti-hero Waine Knight standing in a trance as his goddess, his love rides away into the sunshine. Well how can we make it a little more spicy for you. I mean you are reading this for a bit of a turn on aren’t you. Why else would you bother?

Perhaps I should let Emma do that for you and tell you her side of the story.

It was one of the stable girls. Emma is a country girl. She has spent all her life on and around farms since being conceived in a haystack after the annual show ball some eighteen years ago.

'Hi Ya, I'm Emma' I had to say something to break the ice. I hadn't really met this bloke before and my boss, Jeremy the leading hand had just given me some quite explicit instructions. It sounded like a bit of fun when he first suggested it but now here I was in front of this fella and I had to go through with it.

Jeremy had just popped into the girl’s shower room for a quick perve I think and just yelled for me. He often does this but we just put up with it. He's harmless enough because he's gay and some girls find it a bit of a turn on being perved on especially if they are kissing or feeling each other.

When I came over rubbing my hair with a towel I just stood there naked with my mouth open he told me what to do.

'Emma, this new chap who arrived last week I want you to find him and give him a bit of a wank OK'.

Well I mean it was a little beyond my job description but he had left before I could say anything. As he walked out the door he turned and added, 'By the way make sure its only a little tease he mustn't.. you know… finish, Sir John's orders.'

So here I was, under orders to give this guy a 'little tease'. Mind you he was quite good looking so it certainly wasn't going to be unpleasant work.

Then I realised something very strange was going on. He was standing, almost in a trance and believe it or not reciting poetry. I followed his gaze to see the object of his concentration - it was Lady Sarah. This man is in love, poor guy with an impossible dream.

I crept up behind him and carefully slipped my hand around his waist and managed to gently pull down the zip on his trousers. I couldn't believe it. He actually had buttons for his fly! I think these went out of fashion about 50 years ago. Oh well here goes. I managed to open it and slowly feel inside. His penis was alive and well. It sprung from captivity and gently rested in my hand. Ever so slowly I began to move my fingers along his shaft, at first just under neath and then I held it in the full grasp of my hand.

He just kept on spouting poetry and staring at his loved one. This is great, I thought, I am giving this guy a real come on and he doesn't even know it! I wonder how long it will take him to wake up?

My hand was moving faster now, back and forth, under and over as I could feel his body begin to sway with my rhythm. This was such a turn on for me I managed to slip my other hand under my dress and ever so gently feel my pussy. I think I was just about to cum when I realised he too was on the brink and Jeremy's instructions were very clear. I mustn't let him come so I just left him there, penis sticking out, reciting Shakespeare and dreaming. It really was a sight to behold. I couldn't wait to tell the other girls in the stable.

The next day I had to repeat my performance. Sure enough there he was in the same place, looking far out toward the girl on the horse and of course reciting poetry. This time I did much the same thing but I had some company. Two of the other girls had crept in with me. They were amazed and once I got started they too became really turned on and began to feel each other as they watched me move my hand up and down Wain's penis. Once the first drops of pre-cum eased out of the tip of his rode I stopped. The girls nearly went mad. They had to be absolutely silent while fingering each other and seeing me showing incredible self-control by actually stopping before he climaxed. For me that was quite an accomplishment!

After a few days of this I was becoming quite irritable. It may have had something to do with my PMT starting. Usually during this time I begin to hate men. Why should I suffer and not them. God must have been a man to inflict such a curse on women or maybe she was just in a bitchy mood that day!

I wanted to get my own back on Waine. I also wanted to know why I was being asked to do this and from 'on high', Sir John himself….

A plan was hatching, the evil within me had an idea and I think might make Waine really jump!

Well readers, was that a turn on? Comment and tell me if it was.

Also what would you do to Waine if you were Emma and why do you think Sir John had ordered Emma to carry out such a darstedly deed on poor old Waine? Give me your ideas

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