tagFirst TimeSuzie's Lessons Ch. 08

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 08


This is a fictional account.


Janie told Suzie the next morning that she had told her parents the whole story and apologized for not calling Suzie back the night before. The discussion with her parents had lasted nearly two hours, mainly because they were concerned about drugs. Her dad also took a ton of convincing not to call Mr. Williams right away, but he finally agreed to wait and talk to Suzie's dad this morning.

On the ride to school with Curt, they continued talking. Janie's dad had insisted she go with Suzie and give her statement too, even though the cops had not yet called. So it was agreed Curt would drive them both after practice and drama club and wait for them. Suzie was to expect a call from her dad around noon about his conversation with the attorney.

When they got to school, parked, and walked to the entrance, Scott and Peggy were there. They had actually been waiting for Suzie. Scott and Peggy had already been called to give statements by the police. Peggy apologized to Suzie but they had to tell the police she was there. Suzie was okay with them telling the truth but she asked about Mary.

"Peggy, did you say anything about Mary?" Suzie asked.

"No, we just told them we didn't know the girl being talked about in the papers," Peggy said.

"That was brilliant," Suzie said. "Maybe we can use the same line. What do you think Curt?"

"Maybe but you need to hear what your dad says after he talks with the lawyer."

"Lawyer?" Scott said. "Your dad is talking to a lawyer about this?"

"Yes, I had to tell them everything once the cops called my house," Suzie said. "The only way I could keep him from calling Mary's parents was to agree for him to talk to his lawyer about how to handle this."

"Oh, my God, it's going to come out about poor Mary then, most likely," Peggy said.

"I'm afraid it might," Suzie said.

"I had to tell my parents too," Janie said. "They wanted to call the Williamses also. My dad would of, if not for waiting for Mr. Johnson to talk with the attorney today."

"Poor Mary," Scott said. "Her name is going to get dragged into this and she's going to have to endure the embarrassment at school and even go through a trial. They say the evidence against Kevin and his brother Keith is pretty compelling and they're likely to do time even as a first offense."

"We'd better get to classes," Curt said. "Scott and Peggy, keep us posted on what you hear and we'll do the same."

Suzie had a hard time concentrating on classes as she went through the day. She ran into Mary third hour and she was remarkably chipper, talking of the prom. Suzie didn't have the heart to tell her then where Janie and she had to go after school. Mary would be devastated by the news, and she was doing so well at forgetting the whole thing, and putting it behind her. This would crush her if it came out. Suzie was sure of that.

At noon, she had her cell on. She had grabbed a sandwich from the cafe with Janie and Andy. They were all sitting in Andy's car eating and awaiting the call. At 12:10 her cell rang and, of course, it was her dad. After hello, she mostly just listened for about five minutes. Two "but, Dad's" were all Andy and Janie heard her say the whole beginning of the conversation. Suzie said two more 'okays' before she hung up.

"What'd he say?" Janie was the first to ask.

"The lawyer, first and foremost, advises we tell the police everything," Suzie said. "If we hold back evidence, we could be charged with obstruction of justice. But he also said we were only obligated to answer the questions they put to us. If we can somehow avoid mentioning Mary, the police would be hard pressed to charge us later on if they found out. That is, if we answered their questions specifically. Mr. Cohen would go with us, but it would only arouse more suspicion on the part of the police if we showed up with an attorney. My dad wants us to tell everything, Janie."

"Shit, Suzie, we can't do that to poor Mary. She'll be destroyed."

"Believe me, I know," Suzie said. "Maybe we can do what Scott and Peggy did and plead we don't know the girl in the papers. That is mostly true, I only know Kathy Walker to say hi, nothing more."

"Yeah, I don't know her either, really," Janie said.

"God, I hope they take us both together," Suzie said. "I'm so nervous; I know I'm going to blow this."

"Me too," Janie said.

"My dad isn't going to say anything to the Williamses until after he hears how our statements went, Janie," Suzie said.

They finished their lunch in near silence. Each deep in thought about Mary, the police, and trying to keep Mary from being hurt more. Suzie went through the rest of the day and even drama club preoccupied with the police appointment. She only hoped it didn't show too much when she was on stage repeating her lines. Fortunately, the studying the night before did come back to her and she carried the lines beautifully. Her memory had not failed her, but she wasn't sure her face had lacked the concern racking her body. At 4:00, she was walking into the parking lot, and Janie and Curt were already standing by the Ford Torino.

"How'd my pretty little actress do today?" he said, trying to joke.

"Good, I hope," Suzie said. "As long as my face didn't show the stress I'm feeling, I guess I was pretty good."

"You're going to need your acting skill for this police statement," Curt said. "Janie was just filling me in on your conversation with your dad and his with the lawyer."

"What about me?" Janie said, lamenting. "At least she can act. I'm just a dumb soccer player."

"You're a better liar than me," Suzie joked halfheartedly.

"See, she's even good at acting the innocent one," Janie shot back.

"Good comeback. Proves you're the quicker witted one," Suzie said.

"We'll see about that," Janie fretted.

Curt drove them to the station. They all went in together. At the counter, after explaining that Curt was their ride, and Janie also needed to give a statement since she was at the party too, the police asked them to sit in the lobby for a minute. About ten minutes later, a man and woman approached.

"I'm Detective John Peterson and this is Officer Lisa Banks. We're the people that will be taking your statements today. Would Suzie Johnson please come with us?" he asked.

"Could we give our statements together?" Suzie asked, shyly.

"I'm afraid not," Detective Peterson said.

Suzie followed the officers down a hall and into a meeting room. It was a plain room with a rectangular table and four chairs. The table was set in the middle of the room. Other than a wall mirror, it had no other furniture or pictures. On the table was what looked like a recording device.

"Do you mind if we record our session?" Detective Peterson said.

"No," Suzie said.

"Okay then, we'll begin," he said, as Officer Banks hit the record button on the player.

"Your name is Susannah Johnson, is that correct?" he asked.

"Yes," Suzie said.

"Where were you last Saturday, April the nineteenth?" he asked.

"At a party at Kevin Richards's house," she said.

"Was the party already started when you got there?" he asked.

"Yes," she said.

"Did you have something to drink?" he said.

"I had a Diet Coke," she said.

"You didn't drink a beer or anything else alcoholic?" he asked.

"No," she said.

"Did your friend, Janie, have a beer?" he asked.

"No. She had orange juice, as I recall," Suzie said, feeling bolder with these questions.

"Describe to us the scene at the party please?" he asked.

Suzie talked about each room and the outside. She told how they had a beer keg in the kitchen. The rooms were smoky from cigarettes, so she went outside. That was where she found her friends Scott and Peggy, and talked to them for a while. Suzie went on to talk about the music being kind of loud, and the rooms were mostly packed with people. She only knew a few people. Most of them seemed to be college friends of Kevin's older brother, Keith. They're the ones doing most of the drinking.

"What happened during the party? I mean did you notice anything unusual?" he asked.

Suzie then described the whole incident with finding Janie drugged on Ecstasy or something; how she pulled Janie from the clutches of this guy, Bart; and how Scott and Peggy helped her get Janie into the car.

"Did you see anyone put a pill in Janie's drink?" he asked.

"No," she responded.

"How'd you know it was Ecstasy?" he asked.

"I didn't, but I knew Janie would never take anything, on her own. I knew she wasn't drinking. So when I found her acting funny, I knew something was up," Suzie said.

"Did you see anyone else drugged?" he asked.

"I understand from the paper that the girl raped was drugged too," Suzie slyly said.

"Did you see her?" he asked.

"No, I didn't," Suzie said.

"Did you see anyone having sex?" he asked.

"I saw plenty of people making out," Suzie said.

"But did you see anyone having sex?" he asked again.

"No one having intercourse, if that's what you mean," Suzie said, hoping that wasn't a lie. After all, she didn't see anyone actually fucking Mary, only getting a blowjob. That wasn't sex according to President Clinton, right?

"Did you leave once your friend was in the car?" he asked.

"Yes, after I said goodbye to Scott and Peggy," Suzie said.

"Was the party still going on at that point?" he asked.

"Yes," Suzie said.

"Is there anything else you can tell us, Miss Johnson?" Detective Peterson said.

"Not that I can think of," Suzie stated.

"Did you hear anything odd like a scream or anything?" he asked.

"No," she said.

"Did you talk to any of the college guys?" he asked.

"No," she said.

"Were many of them drunk?" he asked.

"They were drinking beer, but I can't say if they were drunk," she said.

"How many people would you say you knew at the party besides Kevin?" he asked.

"Only a handful," Suzie said.

"Can you name them?" he asked.

Suzie named them, but by their reactions it didn't appear she mentioned anyone they'd not already heard of as being there. She did not, however, mention Mary.

"Officer Banks has some photos to show you. Please identify any you can," he said.

Officer Banks spread over 30 pictures down on the table. Susie picked out Kevin and his brother Keith right away. The rest were not familiar, except one. She couldn't find or didn't recognize the guy that passed her leaving Mary as she had approached. But she did remember and recognize the guy that had been fucking her mouth, and pointed him out to the police.

"What about him?" Officer Banks asked.

"I recognize him as one of the guys that was in the hallway by the bedrooms," Suzie said.

"You looked down the hallway leading to the bedrooms?" Officer Banks asked.

"Yes, but he's the only one I recognize for certain was in the hallway," Suzie said.

She suppressed a smile as she said it. 'I hope they get that bastard,' she said to herself. She only wished she could remember the other guy that had probably been fucking Mary just before she entered the room. Suzie scanned the pictures again, but couldn't be certain of the other guy. "Anything else?" Officer Banks asked.

"No," she said.

"One last question please, Miss Johnson. Could you repeat for me what I'm about to say?" she asked.

"Sure," Suzie said, wondering what this was.

"Officer, I'd like to report a rape," Officer Banks said.

Suzie paused for a second in shock, but then repeated the words.

"Thank you, Miss Johnson. Officer Banks will escort you out," Detective Peterson said.

"Oh, and one more thing, Miss Johnson, if you think of anything more please be sure to call us right away. This is a very serious case," he added.

"Okay," Suzie said, and she followed the officer back to Janie and Curt. Officer Banks asked Janie to follow her. Janie glanced at Suzie for some sign of how it went, but with the officer there, Suzie couldn't say anything. After they left, she sat with Curt and whispered to him what had happened and how it went. She thought she had handled it well, not to expose Mary, but she could be accused of lying to them a couple times.

Suzie was really worried, especially about the last part where she had to repeat the phrase. Those words reminded her of exactly what she said when she placed the 911 call. She had only finished telling Curt everything and sat back when Janie was lead back out by both police officers. Suzie was shocked they were done with Janie already.

"Thank you both for coming in," Detective Peterson said.

Curt, Janie and Suzie walked to the door. Suzie looked back at the two officers. They were standing side by side talking and looking right at her. It sent a chill up her spine.

They walked to the car in silence but once inside and underway, the conversation flowed. First Suzie wanted to know how Janie finished so fast.

Janie said, "They figured out early on since I was drugged I did not see anything and could not be a reliable witness to anything."

They asked her preliminaries about how she got to the party; who she knew - and she didn't mention Mary either; what she had to drink; and whether she saw who put something in her drink. Once she was drugged they could not give much weight to anything she might say, so they finished with her quickly.

"Did they ask you to repeat a phrase?" Suzie asked.

"No," Janie said.

"Did you look at pictures?" she asked.

"No," Janie said.

"Did they ask you if you saw anyone having sex?" Suzie asked.

"No," Janie said.

"Oh, I'm screwed!" said Suzie, worried. "They know I have more information than I told them. They're going to throw the book at me."

"Did you tell them about Mary?" Janie asked.

"No," Suzie said.

"Phew," Janie said. "I was hoping you hadn't because I didn't and if you did I was screwed too."

"My dad's going to kill me," Suzie exclaimed.

"Mine too," Janie agreed.

"It's looking like it's going to be impossible to keep Mary's name out of this," Curt said. "Maybe we ought to tell her so she can prepare versus being caught surprised."

"That's a good point, Curt," Janie said. "Suzie, we should warn her anyway."

"You're probably both right. I think those officers are going to want to talk with me again, and this time I won't be able to get around it," Suzie said.

"We tried, Suzie, but lying to the police is serious business and we have pretty much lied to them," she said. "I'm sure Mary doesn't expect us to go to jail to protect her."

They talked the rest of the way home about the statements they gave and what they should do now. Suzie was elected to talk with Mary. They couldn't agree to a time though. Suzie and Janie wanted to wait till after the prom. Curt thought she should know now. He also added that Suzie's and Janie's dads would not be comfortable that they did not tell the police the truth and want to tell Mary's parents. Suzie and Janie agreed he was right but could not bring themselves to possibly ruin the prom for Mary. They still had not agreed, when they dropped Janie off.

It was only 6:30 and Janie was supposed to be going bowling with Andy at 7:30. She said goodbye and hurried inside to get ready. Curt then drove Suzie home. They hadn't planned the evening, but knew Suzie needed to get out of the house fast, if she was to avoid a long discussion with her Dad that resulted in Mary's parents being told. They agreed to go to the diner for dinner and then to a movie. Suzie was to hurry and change while Curt drove home, changed and hurried back.

As Suzie entered the house, she could hear Beth yelling something to her Mother about needing something ironed. Suzie remembered Beth's date with Mark. Maybe, just maybe, that would be enough of a distraction to allow her to get ready and leave before getting bombarded with questions. She tried to make it upstairs without being seen but her mom and Beth were talking in the hall. As she crested the stairs, they both said hi. Her mom wanted to know right away how the police statement went. Suzie said fine but her mom wanted more details.

Suzie started to tell her the whole story but Beth interrupted and said she would be late if her skirt was not ironed. Suzie's Mom wanted her to come talk to her while she ironed but Suzie told her she had to hurry as she was going to dinner with Curt and then a movie.

They all parted and Suzie escaped to the bathroom. She tore off her clothes and jumped into the shower. She covered her hair first, so it would not get wet. She took a fast shower being sure to clean her pussy and anus well. She got out, toweled off, grabbed her old clothes, put most in the hamper, and with the towel around her dashed to her room. Her mom had finished the skirt and knocked on her door.

"Suzie, can we talk now?" she asked.

"Give me a minute. I just got out of the shower," she said.

Suzie put on some clothes and then opened the door. Her mom entered and sat on the bed as Suzie worked to get ready.

"Please continue," her mom said.

Suzie related the whole story and didn't leave much out. She knew she'd get in trouble for not telling about Mary. She just hoped they didn't ground her or something. She was thankful to tell her mom first and maybe avoid having to tell her dad. He would be less understanding and quicker to ground her. When she was done telling her mom the complete story, right down to the disagreement over when they were going to tell Mary, her mom seemed to be trembling.

"Mom, you okay?" Suzie asked.

"Suzie, do you have any idea how serious this is and what you've done?" she said.

"Mom, all I know is I have to protect Mary or she might freak out and do something stupid," Suzie said.

"So you and Janie do something stupid for her, and lie to the police. Are you mad too?" she exclaimed.

"Mom, you don't understand," Suzie said. "We..."

"I understand perfectly, young lady. I don't think you understand this isn't a game. You're playing with the law and you could end up paying a very high price to protect your friend, only to have it be in vain anyway," her mom said. "Furthermore, you defied your dad when he told you to tell the truth."

"But, I mostly did, Mom," Suzie said. "I only really lied just once."

"Suzie, it's noble you and Janie to try to protect Mary but this is crazy. You need to tell the truth and Mary needs to face the facts. I'm sure her folks will be able to get her help and in the end that will be the best for all," she said.

"We agree, Mom, but can't it just wait till after the prom?" Suzie begged. "Give her one day of still being a girl and not a raped woman that everyone looks at with pity or disregard."

Her mom looked at her, either taken back by what she said or surprised at her statement.

"Okay, Suzie, we'll play it your way if we can. I'll talk to your father. He's going to be mad but I can hold him off for one day I think. On Sunday though, the truth comes out," her mom said with emphasis."

"You tell Mary she needs to tell her parents!"

"I understand, Mom," Suzie said, as she ran and hugged her mom. "Thanks for being so understanding."

"Well, you're a convincing advocate for Mary. I suppose all that acting is paying off," she chuckled. "It helps that you do hold a small piece of the moral high ground here."

They hugged again and Suzie hurried out the room to see if Curt was outside. Fortunately, her mom followed her downstairs because her father was just coming up. He started to demand Suzie stop and tell him what happened when her mom intervened and told him she knew everything and would tell him. He was still saying, 'but... but' as Suzie hurried out the door to Curt in the driveway. She could hear her dad yelling in the background that she shouldn't be going anywhere till he had some answers. Curt backed out of the driveway and soon as she was belted in and they pulled away quickly.

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