tagBDSMSweet November Ch. 14

Sweet November Ch. 14


Wednesday, November 20th

Once again I slept like a baby, having been completely worn out by the day's activities. The difference between this morning and the previous mornings was that today I had been awakened by the sound of my phone ringing. Apparently someone had requested that I receive a wake-up call at 8:30 this morning.

Seconds after I hung up the phone to stop the ringing there was a knock at my door and another crème-colored envelope slid under the door. I rubbed my eyes to get the sleep out and then retrieved the envelope on my way to the restroom.


You will be picked up in 30 minutes. Clean up and get dressed. It does not matter what you wear because you won't be wearing it long.

Sensing the urgency, I turned the shower on to allow it to warm up a bit while I went and grabbed the clothes I was going to wear. Then I jumped into the shower to clean up and do a little touch-up shaving. After that I brushed and flossed my teeth and styled my hair. Next I threw on a long-sleeve t-shirt, jeans, socks, and tennis shoes. Finally I checked myself in the mirror one last time and then ran out the door to the lobby with just a couple minutes to spare.

I did not have to wait long as the all-too-familiar black Town Car pulled into the drive and I quickly opened the door and jumped in. As usual, sitting in the driver's seat was my Asian Princess. And, as usual, she would give me no indication as to where we were headed. So I just enjoyed the sack breakfast I had been provided and waited to see what was in store for me.

After a relatively lengthy ride we pulled up to our destination. I recognized it as the warehouse I had been to a couple times during the previous weekend and could only wonder where this would all end.

As the car pulled up to the entrance, I opened my door and exited my ride. The second I closed the car door behind me she accelerated out of the gate and it clanked shut behind her.

From where I stood I took a quick look around this strange property I had been returned to. This warehouse seemed so out of place in the middle of the country surrounded by so many trees. It was obviously put here where few would notice its existence.

Suddenly the door opened before me and there stood a beautiful brunette stranger dressed from head to toe in camouflage, including face paint. The more I thought I had seen it all, the more I realized that I had not.

After I entered the building I was led to the same room where I had been registered for the competition just a few days earlier. The strange thing was that the entire room had been transformed into a men's locker room complete with benches, showers, lockers, and urinals. I could not begin to fathom how they could change things so quickly, but I soon realized I had bigger things to concern myself with.

Upon entering the locker room, I was greeted by fourteen all-too-familiar faces. These were the faces of the other slaves I competed with just a few days ago. I started to ask what was going on when the brunette who led me there stopped me short.

"Sit here for a moment," she instructed politely. "Someone will be with all of you shortly to explain." Then she turned and walked out.

We all just looked at each other in stunned silence for a couple minutes until we heard the door squeaking as it opened once again. There before us stood Helen, the Diva behind it all.

"Good morning, slaves," she started off with a confident and sexy air about her. She too was wearing camo from head to toe and it never looked sexier. "You all need to strip and put your clothes in the lockers behind you."

Some of the slaves hesitated for a second or two to see if there were any further instructions. This only infuriated Helen.

"Strip! Now!!" she hollered, as she slammed her clipboard down on the bench before her. Needless to say the rest of the men were pulling off their clothes as fast as they could in an effort to appease her.

"Now form a line here," she barked, pointing to an open area in the center of the room.

We immediately jumped into formation, shoulder-to-shoulder with each other, facing her with stomachs in, chests out, shoulders back and chins up.

"Very good," Helen chimed, as she walked before us. "I want to do a quick inspection before I give you your orders for the day."

Over the next several minutes she looked each of us up and down, pausing every once in a while to jot a quick note down on the pad held to her clipboard. She was quick but thorough as she looked us over, though none of us knew what she was looking for. She grabbed each of us by the balls and gave a quick tug and then laughed mockingly if a grunt escaped. Then she would run her fingernail up the underside of our cocks a couple times, causing every one of us to have an erection by the time she was done. She seemed very pleased with herself as she finished her notes with a smirk on her face.

"Don't move," she ordered, and then stepped towards the door and called out for a couple of the women to join her. As they entered the room she handed them the notes she had been keeping and whispered some instruction to them. Shortly thereafter they stepped up behind us with markers in hand and began to write something on our backs.

"Right now the women are writing a number from 1-5 on your back," Helen told us. "Each of these numbers corresponds to a point value I assigned. In just a few minutes I am going to set you free in the woods and six 2-person teams are going to try to capture as many of you as they can. The team with the most points will win a lot of cash and bragging rights. Those of you who remain free after 4 hours will receive a prize as well, although I doubt any of you will."

After the women wrote the numbers on our backs, collars were locked around our necks. They were not the usual slave collars I was used to. They seemed to be some sort of shock collar like those used on dogs to control barking or keep them behind an invisible fence. Helen appeased my curiosity shortly.

"The collars around your neck are, in fact, shock collars." Helen announced. "The hunters will capture you using a 'gun' which serves as a remote to activate the collar. The first shock will merely stun you momentarily, but I promise you won't want to feel the second. So once you have been found it is in your best interest to submit." The woman attaching the collars snickered eerily, confirming that we best not put up too much of a fight.

"To ensure that there is no cheating," Helen continued, "the 'gun' must be pointed directly at you and within one hundred feet." Helen smiled as she finished and then asked if we had any further questions. We all knew better.

"Great, follow me," Helen ordered, as she stepped out the door with fifteen fully-erect men following close behind wearing nothing except for their collars. We followed her out the door and down the hallway to the main room. It also had been completely transformed from the way I remembered it. At the front of the room the stage remained but that was about the only thing that had not changed. In front of the stage sat a dozen women all dressed in camouflage and sitting in metal folding chairs grouped in pairs. They all watched in anticipation as we followed Helen to the stage.

As Helen stepped up to the podium we stood at attention in line behind her. I could not help but notice how drab and gray the room had turned. But what was even more apparent was the line of black metal cages lined up on the left side of the room. They looked to be about 7 feet tall and only about 4' by 4' wide. I had a feeling at least a few of us would be held in those by the end of the day.

"Ladies," Helen addressed the small group of women seated before us, "in just a few minutes we will begin the hunt of a lifetime. This is what you have been training for. This is where the tracking and trapping skills we taught you will be tested."

'This is a lot more serious than I imagined,' I thought to myself.

"Before we begin," she continued, "allow me to go over the rules one last time. The goal of this game is to hunt and capture as many of these 'beasts' as possible. Each of them has been marked with a number which corresponds to the point values on the charts you have been given. The team with the most points at the end of the four-hour hunt will be crowned the champions. Now remember, to get your points you must find and capture each 'beast' and then tag them for pick up. Once you have tagged them it is not necessary to wait for them to be picked up. You may proceed to hunt for another 'beast'."

Then she turned her attention towards us. "You guys don't know how lucky you are," she cackled, as she strolled in front of us slapping our cocks as she passed. "It is actually quite nice outside for this time of year. Four years ago when we came here it was barely over 40 outside and today it is pushing 60. Your little peckers won't suffer nearly what those poor bastards suffered back then."

She turned towards her audience, once more laughing as she spoke. "Their dicks were like little turtles, trying to pull their heads in out of the cold. You wouldn't believe the things we had to do to coax them back out."

"There I go, getting off track again," she remarked as she turned towards us once more. "As I told you before, in just a minute, I am going to give the word, and you will be set free to run and hide somewhere on this complex. When you are found, these ladies will fire one shot at you in order to stun and capture you. If you try to leave the complex the shock collar will triple its normal jolt when you reach the border. This will render you unconscious and result in prolonged pain and suffering. If you try to remove the collar, you will find similar results." Then she paused to be sure we all felt the gravity of the consequences.

"Any questions?" she finished.

One dared to ask and raised his hand.

"What?" she barked.

"How will we know the border, Mistress?" he asked meekly.

"A fair question," she responded, obviously appreciating his respect for her. "Around most of the wooded area is a short wire fence. However the rest of the border is indicated by a series of small red flags set about fifty feet apart from each other. If you come close to one of these flags, I suggest you turn around."

Helen looked over us one last time as if to allow us one more chance for questions, but no one seemed to have any, or at least no one dared to ask. Then she directed our attention to a set of double doors at the back of the room where two of her assistants began to open the doors.

"You have ten minutes," she announced, looking at her watch. "I suggest you run."

We hesitated about half a second to see if she was serious. She raised her right eyebrow just enough to make her point and we took off. I am sure it was quite a sight to see: fifteen stark naked men running full speed in different directions out the back of a building with dog collars on. I could only imagine.

A couple minutes into my run I found myself fairly deep into the woods. I had managed to avoid stepping on anything too rough or jagged, but was pretty tired from the sprint. As I bent over with my palms pressed to my knees I looked around for a place to hide. I had managed to distance myself from all but one of the others. Fortunately he seemed as determined to separate from me as I was to him. As I stepped towards a hill to my right he disappeared from sight in the other direction.

I knew I did not have much time left so I began to jog through the brush doing my best to keep from cutting myself. As I approached the hill I figured I must have at least a couple minutes to spare, so I thought I would get to higher ground and see what I could see. Once I got near the top I saw a stream on the other side and decided to head towards it with the idea that running through it might help hide my tracks.

Once I reached the stream I tested its temperature with my toes and discovered that it actually seemed to be warmer than the air around me. I could only assume that meant that it was fed from a hot spring somewhere upstream. As I stepped all the way in and headed down stream with the hill to my back in an effort to put an even greater distance between me and the main building, I discovered that not only was the stream warmer than expected, but deeper as well.

My original intention was to run down stream a ways and then emerge on the other side with the idea that the shallow water would hide my tracks from my would-be predators. Now that I discovered that the stream was both warm and nearly waist-deep in parts I determined to use it to hide.

I had traveled downstream approximately two hundred yards from where I stepped in when I happened upon a couple of downed trees near a deeper section of the stream. I waded my way over to them and began to push some brush around to make a small area for me to hide under when suddenly a loud siren went off. I could only assume that was the signal the ladies were waiting for in order to begin the pursuit. I wasted no further time and threw the few sticks I had gathered around the logs and took my place. So far it looked like my plan was going to work marvelously. I could sit comfortably in the warm running water and see out from the brush, but I was confident they would not be able to see me.

I sat there for who knows how long when I heard the sound of someone running towards me. As I looked to see who it was I saw one of the other men running desperately in my direction. I watched as he passed, with leaves and sticks flying, then dove behind a couple of large trees and struggled to catch his breath.

Seconds late I saw an ATV come around the near side of the hill with two women riding high obviously in search of their prey. Once they stormed past the hill they stopped abruptly near the edge of the stream and jumped from their ATV with the cleverly-disguised stun guns in hand.

Knowing that they must not be hunting me, but the man hiding less than 50 feet away from them, allowed me to relax and enjoy the show. I was impressed as the women slowly crept in the direction of the slave when they spotted the leaves and mud he had cast as he ran. It became brutally obvious that they had, in fact, taken the training and this competition seriously.

I watched as they quietly communicated with one another once they determined where his location should be. Then one of the hunters quietly snuck around back and waited behind a few small trees while her partner circle around to where he was hiding.

Sure enough, he took the bait. Just as the first woman got close enough to make him uncomfortable, he jumped from his position and ran straight to where the second hunter laid waiting.


I was startled by the sound of the stun gun. Not only did it look like a real rifle it sounded like one as well.

He went down hard and fast as the jolt hit him. I did not appear that it hurt him too bad, but it was definitely enough to knock him off his feet long enough for the women to overtake him.

What I witnessed next was nothing short of mind boggling. If I didn't know better I would swear these women did this professionally. In a matter of less than thirty seconds the first woman had zip-tied his feet together and then pulled his hands together up under his knees and zip-tied them together as well. This had the effect of completely immobilizing him in a fetal position.

While the first woman had bound his hands and feet the second reached into one of the pockets on her camouflaged cargo pants and pulled out a special tool and clipped the shock collar off from around his neck and put both the tool and the collar into her pocket. (The tool looked like a hand held version of those tag removers you see at department stores when they have to remove the security device from the leather jackets, high line purses or whatever else they have tagged them with.) Then from out of another pocket she pulled a folded-up burlap bag. She unfolded it and pulled it down over the slave's head and then with a flick of her wrist pulled the draw string on it tight enough to hold but not restrict his breathing. Then she pulled out a stake and plunged it through the loop of the drawstring into the ground. This held his head firmly in place while they added their finishing touches. Finally she pulled out a small tube of lubricant and squirted a generous amount on his asshole. The second she finished applying the lube to his ass the first woman mercilessly shoved a short tube into his ass and they forced him into a position that kept his knees and head down, but his ass straight up. After that, they slid a long rod into the tube with a little orange flag on one end. Finally the woman gave each other a celebratory high five and ran back to their All-Terrain Vehicle. Once there, one of the women reached under the seat, grabbed a flare gun and fired a shot into the air. After that the two women looked around a bit to see if there were any other opportunities around. Then they decided between themselves to return to the starting point where they would have plenty of tracks to work with. With that they started up their ride and drove away quickly.

Several minutes passed while I watched the captured slave wiggle in his humiliating and obviously uncomfortable position. Then I watched as four women, one of which was Helen, pulled up in a large ATV with a cage on the back. One of the women was carrying a clipboard and appeared to be writing down a myriad of information. The only fact I can say for certain that she wrote down was the number written on his back. I know this because I watched as she wiped some dirt and leaves off of him before she wrote it down.

Once she was done, a second lady removed the flag, rod, and tube from his ass. Then she unclipped the zip ties, pulled the stake from the ground, and told him to stand. Once he was on his feet she attached cuffs to his hands and locked them behind his back. She then attached cuffs to his ankles that had just enough slack to allow him to shuffle his feet as she led him slowly over to the vehicle. As they reached the ATV, Helen mocked the slave for being caught so easily and then taunted him for how small his dick was. (It was obvious the cold air had affected his penis, but that did not matter to them.) Then a couple of them flicked his cold and withered member a few times and laughed at his humiliation. Finally, they took him to the back of their ATV, pushed him into the cage, jumped back in their ride, and drove off. I was amazed by what I saw, but after all I had experienced in the last few weeks it was going to take more than that to really surprise me.

Over the next hour or two a few of the hunters came by the area where I was hiding, but none came close enough to concern me. For quite some time it appeared I had found the perfect hiding spot. Unfortunately, after sitting in the stream for that amount of time I began to get a bit uncomfortable. My legs began to cramp a bit and my skin was starting to wrinkle like a prune. It soon became apparent I was going to have to leave my location in search of dry ground where I might be able to stretch my legs a bit.

After a couple more minutes had passed and I felt confident that the area around me was vacant of any threat I crab-walked backward up the edge of the stream wall towards the back corner of the property. Once I was clear of the brush that had earlier served as my fortress I took one more quick look around before standing to my feet. I quickly but quietly pranced away from the stream towards some very large trees near the border. I figured with as many hunters I had seen already search that area the odds were fairly good they would not be back before the time was through.

When I reached the large oak trees nestled close together in a tight V-shape I knew I had found another good spot. I took a few seconds to stretch my leg muscles a bit before I settled into the small clearing of grass at the base of the trees. Just as I was about to sit a stiff breeze blew across me and I was soon reminded how warm the stream had been and how the water clinging to my skin accentuated the coldness of the air around me. I swear I could have cut glass with my nipples and my normally impressive cock seemed to be looking for warmth within me. I gave my dick a quick tug to straighten it out a little then found my place on the cold hard ground.

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