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The Beach


It was a hot summer day, very hot. I don't have air conditioning because it doesn't normally get that hot, but I guess global warming or something has caused my city to turn into hell on earth. I was sitting at my desk with a fan blowing in my direction, but it wasn't working. The sweat was dripping down between my breasts and it wasn't a sexy sweat. It wasn't the kind of sweat you want when your lover has demanded a third round of sex in just a few short hours. I would have loved to be hot and sweaty for that reason. No, I was hot and sweaty because I was stuck in my home office, trying to write the next chapter of my novel, with the fan barley cooling me off.

I decided that I needed to go to the beach. I packed my bag and got into my swimsuit. It's a two-piece. The bottoms are black and make my butt look cute and round. The top is red and is very low cut. It almost touches the edge of my bottoms so it's not a bikini or anything.

My red hair was tucked under a wide brimmed hat and I had on my white sandals. The drive to the beach was intense. The leather in my car was burning like hot coals and I had the air conditioning blasting on high. Of course, all it did was blast the hot air, but at least sub consciously it made me feel better.

The beach I go to is just outside of town. It's on the river that goes through the city. Not a lot of people know about this beach and I like it that way. The sand was hot on my feet and there wasn't anyone on the beach. I was surprised at first and then thought to myself there was a very good reason why. It was the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday. Most people came to the beach on the weekends. No one was playing hooky except for me.

I laid out my towel and put sunscreen on. My skin was a little tanned, but being a red head meant that I burn a lot. I lay down on my stomach and closed my eyes. The wind cooled my skin at first, but the sun was shining bright. I'm not sure how long I lay there, but when I opened my eyes I realized I wasn't alone. There was a cute guy sitting on a towel a few meters away from me. I tried not to stare, but it wasn't working. He was younger than me and had tousled blonde hair. It was the kind of hair I'd love to grip while he licked my pussy. In any case, he smiled at me and I smiled at him.

The cool breeze hadn't cooled me down from the sun and now I was just hot and bothered. I got up and slowly entered the water. The bottom was sandy and the cold water was a shock to my body. I knew that if I just stood there in ankle deep water, I would never get in. I took a deep breath, counted to three and ran in.

The water felt great. I turned around and screamed. The cute blonde guy was in the water next to me.

"Jesus Christ you scared me!"

"Sorry. I was burning up on the sand. I figured your way to get in was best. I'm Trent."

"I'm Erin."

Trent grinned and then swam towards the raft. The raft is wooden and quite old. No one has taken any initiative to fix it up, but it fulfills its purpose. I watched as he climbed the ladder and then sat on the platform.

"So, Erin with the red hair, you skipping out on work early or does your husband make enough money that you can lounge around the beach all day?"

I smiled. He was cute and flirty. Normally, there was no way that I would go for a guy like this, but I figured why not flirt back. I climbed onto the dock and lay on my back.

"I'm a freelance writer. I needed a break so I thought I'd come here. I didn't think there would be anyone here." I knew that was a lie, but he didn't need to know that.

"What do you write? Anything interesting?" Trent was lying on his back next to me. He was close enough that I could feel the heat radiating off his body. I was dying to touch him, but I had no idea if he was flirting with me for fun or whether he actually wanted me.

"I write erotica." I waited for a reaction. Sometimes guys didn't believe me. Sometimes they thought that meant I was a porn star. Either way, I could judge a guy's intent on their next statement.

"Romance or hard core?" Trent was so matter of fact about it, I smiled and sat up. He did the same.

"Romance with some hard core elements. I'm working on a story about a psychic right now." I knew I was going to start rambling on. I could talk anyone's ear off about my stories. They weren't the best, but it was the challenge and excitement of writing them that made it fun.

"Sounds interesting." Trent slid his thumb against my cheek and brushed one of my curls away. I reacted to his touch by softly moaning. He leaned forward and brushed his lips against mine. I was in pure heaven. I tried to kiss him back, but he pulled away.

"You're very cute. I have to tell you though I have a weakness for redheads." Trent leaned over and whispered against my ear. "They make me horny."

"I can deal with that."

Trent reached out and pulled me into his lap. He slid the strap of my bathing suit down and sucked hard on my nipple. It was hard from the cold water and from my arousal. When I felt his teeth bite gently on the sensitive flesh, I cried out. "When I'm horny I can be aggressive, assertive, demanding." Trent was pulling down my bottoms as he spoke. "Normally, I'm romantic and sweet, but when a cute redhead flirts with me, I lose control."

I looked straight into his eyes and saw complete lust. He saw the same in my eyes. I leaned back and spread my legs. He pushed my knees up into my chest and stared at my pussy.

"God I want you." Trent pushed down his swim shorts and sank his cock into me in one thrust. This was going fast, but I didn't want him to stop. I hadn't even seen what his cock looked like, but it felt amazing. It was thick and not so long. I could feel him stretching the entrance of my pussy and it felt marvelous. He thrusted his hips against me. The raft was rocking back and forth and I could hear the water lapping under us. At first, I had my eyes closed, but I opened them to watch.

"Cum for me Erin. I want to feel you cum all over my cock. Rub your clit for me. Do it." Trent was panting so hard and his voice was so insistent that I obeyed. I reached down and felt my clit. It was so swollen I barely touched it when I came. I whimpered softly until I heard his voice.

"Don't hold back. I know you want to moan louder." I looked right into his eyes and knew he was right. I wrapped my legs tight around his hips and pulled him closer. I pinched my clit and screamed out. My voice was drowned out by the wind and the waves, but I would not have cared if everyone in town heard.

Trent stopped moving inside me and I couldn't help but pout. "Doggie style. Against that rock over there." Trent motioned to a rock in the middle of the swimming area. I grinned. He grinned back. We grabbed our suits and gently slipped into the water. We didn't dare touch each other until we could both touch the bottom. We would have started at it and probably drowned each other in our attempts to fuck in deep water.

I was still hot and bothered and I knew his cock was ready to burst. I moved quickly and barely got onto my hands and knees before he thrust his cock back inside me. I leaned over the wet rock for balance.

"Oh yeah baby." Trent slapped my ass and gripped my hips. I was facing the beach and was thankful it was still empty. Cars could see the beach from the road, but I wasn't going to tell him to stop. The idea of someone catching us was both scary and thrilling at the same time.

"Cumming!" Suddenly Trent began to cum. He pulled out and I felt his hot cum land on my lower back. I lay in the cold water and desperately tried to catch my breath. He sat down in the water and I turned to face him.

"Feel better Trent?" I saw that his cock was shrinking in size and he was also trying to catch his breath.

"Oh yeah. Sorry for attacking you. I have a weakness for redheads."

"Yeah you said that before. Do I get to see the romantic and sweet side of you sometime?"

"Of course."

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