tagMatureThe Best Summer Job Ever Ch. 02

The Best Summer Job Ever Ch. 02


Here's part two picking up with the return of Ellen's daughter as promised. I write these stories as hobby and for my own enjoyment. I'm happy to share them once they're done but never know how they're going to be received. I was shocked by the amount of positive feedback chapter one generated and truly grateful for the kind words. Knowing so many of you enjoyed the first part was a good feeling. I only hope this installment and the others live up to your expectations. Hope you all enjoy and forgive me for any grammatical errors I missed.


"Will you be here when I get back?" Ellen asked as she came out her vanity room, putting a pair of earrings on.

"I'll head home and see you tomorrow," I said from the bed still naked. We'd fucked all day but already I wanted her again.

"Are you sure?" she asked looking down at me. "I though you might want to say hello to Jessica."

"I can meet her some other day," I said sitting up on the bed. "I'm sure you two have a lot of catching up to do."

"Alright then. I really need to get going," she said looking at the clock. "See you tomorrow hon," she said kissing me as she turned to go.

"Bye Ellie," I called after her.

I stood beneath the shower spray in her bathroom fearing this would be our last sex session in her room. There was no doubt that we'd keep finding a way to fuck each other, but these all day marathons were going to end. Maybe when my parents were away starting next week she could spend a day or two with me, but it wouldn't be the same in my cramped little bed. It might be for the best though because if I didn't start to wean myself off her I didn't know how I was going to leave for school again in the fall.

Ellen was a beautiful mature woman and had a daughter that was almost my age. She'd been divorced from her ex-husband for a little over a year when we met. I was covering for her gardener who was away for the summer. Within weeks of me starting the job we started sleeping together. We'd been fucking nonstop since and seemed to crave each other more and more each day. She was rich and lived in a huge mansion, but that's not what made me want her. Over the summer I realized I was falling in love with her, but for some reason she kept pushing me away even though I could tell her feelings for me were growing stronger all the time. Her daughter was getting back from her lengthy trip to Europe today, a present for graduating high school, and I had no idea what that going to do to us.

As I washed myself I found my mind filled with memories of Ellen. She had an amazing body covered with perfectly sun-browned skin. Her short brown hair with lighter highlights was cut to chin length. Her brown eyes became more beautiful every time I saw them and I'd come to love the bold nose I had once thought was too big for a woman. Her full breasts had a natural sag to them and her hips were just wide enough to remind me of her age and turn me on at the same time. The fine lines around her eyes, the faint stretch marks on her inner thighs, and drooping breasts all made me burn with desire for this woman who was old enough to be my mother. Without question though it was her hairless and insatiable cunt, with its dark, loose outer lips and slippery pink entrance that I'd come to crave to the point of obsession.

Finishing my shower, I dressed and headed home. My parents asked me why I was so glum that night and when I wouldn't respond my mother start asking if I was having trouble with a girl. She was right but there was no way I could talk about Ellen with her, so I went to my room and spent the night staring at the ceiling trying to think of a way to keep our relationship alive. We had a little over a month left and I was determined to make the most of no matter what happened. The next morning I woke up and biked to Ellen's just like I always did, except today I actually went there to work instead of straight to her bedroom for our morning sex. It was mid afternoon before I ran into Ellen that day.

"There you are Dan," she said giving me a private look that told me she was missing our normal routine as much as I was. "I was just telling Jessica all about your great work in the garden this summer."

"Oh... uhhhh... hi Ms. Swanson," I said. It was hard not to slip up and call her Ellie like I always did. "Hello Jessica," I added meeting her for the first time.

"Hello Dan nice to meet you," Jessica smiled looking far more beautiful in person than she did in the photos around the house. Her hair was a shade lighter and much longer than her mother's, but she had the same brown eyes. Her nose was smaller, her tan was a little lighter, and her body was slimmer but it was easy to see she had picked up all the beauty of her mother's side of the family. Standing side by side I noted that she was a few inches shorter than her mother and had breasts that looked a cup size smaller. "If I'd known you were hiring hot gardeners like this I would have skipped the trip to Europe and stayed home all summer," she said looking toward her mother.

"Uhhhh..." I looked toward Ellen with an expression that screamed, 'What the fuck?' but she only shrugged as her daughter turned back to me.

"Relax I'm just teasing Dan," she said extending her hand toward me.

"My hands are dirty," I said looking down at them.

"I don't mind getting dirty," she said taking my hand and squeezing it. "I don't mind at all." I couldn't believe how she was opening flirting with me when her mother was stood right there. The way she looked at me left no doubt as to what she'd do with me given the chance.

"Stop making him nervous young lady," Ellen said to cut the tension. "I believe you have some suitcases to unpack yet?"

"Yes mother," she said as she rolled her eyes and turned to go. It wasn't my imagination that made her hips sway like that as she walk away.

"Ellie what the fuck was that." I whispered when her daughter had walked out of earshot.

"What was what?" she said smiling. "Oh Jessica you mean? I guess we must share the same good taste in men," she shrugged before giving me a quick kiss.

"You saw how she was acting and didn't say a thing," I said looking at my lover in shock.

"That was nothing. When she was fourteen I caught her in bed with the guy who used to clean our pool. I told him my husband was crazy enough to kill him and smart enough to hire a lawyer who could get him off with it, hoping it would scare him away. It worked because after that I never saw him again, but there were a steady stream of others. I tried to ground her but she kept on doing what she wanted to do with boys. I guess she must have inherited her mother's sex drive," she told me.

"But right in front of you like that?" I said still surprised over what had gone on.

"Relax hon she's far from an innocent little flower. If she's going to be sleeping with someone just for the sex I'd rather it was you," she said with a grin.

"No fucking way. You can't be serious Ellie?" I said.

"Why not? I know you wouldn't hurt her and I've taught you well enough that she'd be in for a real treat," she laughed.

"Why didn't you tell me she was a... a..." I was looking for the right words.

"A cock hungry slut like her mother?" she asked with raised eyebrows.

"Well that's not how I would have said it but yeah," I said laughing.

"I didn't know if she'd like you or not, she has really strange tastes in men sometimes. Now that we know she's at least a little interested, she'll be trying to seduce you at every turn just watch," she said shaking her head.

"I don't want her," I said taking Ellen into my arms. "I already have the only woman I need."

"I know you don't want her, but she always seems to get what she wants just like me. Try and resist her if you want, but I haven't seen that look she was giving you since she had a much older boyfriend in high school. We forbade her from seeing him and she still had him fucking her in the pool while we were having dinner with guests inside," she said shaking her head.

"Great so what is this going to do to us?" I sighed.

"Nothing Daniel. I don't want to know what does or doesn't go on between you two, unless of course I'm better in bed. You can tell me that," she said with a kiss and a wink.

"Ellie I..." I didn't know what else to say, this was getting downright bizarre.

"Think of her like Gwen honey, fuck her all you want just remember who you belong to," she said. "Which reminds me, Gwen wanted you to come over and take a look at her garden for her. I'll tell you more later. I'm going to give you a ride home after work," she said with a suggestive smile before running off.

The rest of the day went by in a fog. I couldn't begin to understand what Ellen was trying to accomplish by all but asking me to fuck her daughter and have a good time while I was doing it. I couldn't figure out why she wouldn't have mentioned this potential volatile situation when she knew what Jessica could be like. I finally decided that she wouldn't want me thinking of her daughter as a sex addicted little vixen until she'd shown her true colors. I guess deep down Ellen had been hoping that she wouldn't show any interest in me. When Ellen came to get me for the ride home I though I'd at least started to make sense of the situation. She pulled her BMW, the car she drove most often, over when we had driven just a short ways beyond the front gate.

"You should drive," she said opening her door to switch seats.

"Where are we going?" I asked knowing she wasn't planning to drop me off without having sex first. I could only imagine how wet she must be.

"You know the place out past the city water supply?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said nodding. It was nothing but rundown roads and overgrown fields, the perfect place for our fuck fest.

"Good then drive," she said. "Might as well get the first one out of the way now. I don't want you running out of steam during round one," she said bending over to start undoing my belt.

"What are you doing?" I said even though it was obvious what she was up to.

"Just keep your eyes on the road," she warned. "I don't want to have to explain this to the paramedics."

I was thinking it would be over with quickly since I hadn't cum since yesterday afternoon with her. Unfortunately she was onto me and proceeded to drag it out for as long as possible. Ellen gave the most incredible blowjobs and knew my cock almost as well as I did by now. Despite my protests, she teased me to brink of cumming before stopping again and again. When we stopped at a red light the older man in the car next to me gave me the strangest look. I can only imagine what kind of expression I must have had on my face.

Now I was really starting to get into it. The thought that someone might see us made me even more excited. I took a roundabout route to our destination and told Ellen the roads I was taking. She stopped for a moment and looked up puzzled, then realized what I was up to and happily went back to pleasuring me. Most women I'd been with sucked cock like it was a chore, but with Ellen you'd think there was nothing she rather do. Maybe it was just when she was with me though, since we clicked so well in bed. I'd never had an issue with going down on a woman, but it wasn't until I met Ellen that I started to truly enjoy doing it. Suddenly, I found myself eagerly anticipating my chance to return the favor once we got there.

Ellen got louder and louder as we drove, exaggerating the slurping noises she was making and talking dirty. I already had the windows up, but I turned up the radio so no one would hear her in the next lane over. I finally resorted to telling her we were getting close to our destination. She forced the head of my cock to the back of her throat and used the swallowing motion I couldn't resist to bring me off. I spilled a full load of cum into her mouth and some of it leaked out onto her chin. I bit my lip to hide my smile as she sat up, still wiping the cum back into her mouth, and kissed me.

"Daniel!" she screamed when she noticed the disgusted look the lady in the next lane was giving us. She ducked down her face turning beet red as I laughed and laughed and laughed. "You're lucky I'm so fucking horny or you wouldn't be getting any pussy tonight," she said starting to laugh along with me.

"Relax Ellie. She probably just thinks I'm a rich kid getting a blowjob from an old hooker on the way home," I said bursting out into laughter again.

"Old hooker?" she said squeezing my balls with an evil looking grin.

"Ok, ok, ok! I meant to say beautiful mature mistress," I said.

"That's a little better I guess," she said letting me go.

"We just pulled off the main road," I said. "I'm serious this time," I said when she gave me a dirty look. She looked so cute peeking over the edge of the door on her side to make sure it was safe before sitting up.

"Pull over here," she said. "I'm ready to fuck your brains out."

Who was I to argue with that? I pulled over right away and she leaned over me to trigger the trunk release. By the time I had my pants done up again she was waiting with a nice thick blanket and wicker picnic basket.

"We'll eat if there's time between the fucking," she said turning to move into the open field.

"Let me carry that Ellie," I said catching up to her and taking the basket from her.

"Here looks good," she said when we came to a grassy spot behind a stand of trees.

We hadn't been looking long but she was right it looked perfect to me. I was ready to throw the blanket down over a pile of rocks if it gave me a chance to fuck her. I laid the basket down and helped her spread the blanket. We both stripped down as fast as we could but she was wearing just a dress over her luscious body and was lying down with spread legs looking impatient by the time I was naked. My cock was hard again already so she pushed my face away from her pussy when I tried to lick it and demanded I fuck her instead.

I fit the tip of my cock into her pussy and pushed it home. We kissed as I slammed down into her as hard as I could, driving the air from her lungs. Her pussy was so wet I glided in an out of her with ease and was soon rubbing her clit with my thumb at the same time. She screamed at me to give it to her and I somehow managed to fuck her a little harder. It was hard to believe it had only been a little more than a day since we last fucked. What would it be like if we went a week without each other? A month? A year?

After driving her to her first orgasm I slowed way down to let her recover. She gave me a tired smile and beckoned me to kiss her so I did. Taking her tits and pushing them together I licked her nipples just the way she liked it, still screwing her with slow steady strokes. Soon she was ready to be fucked again and let me know by pulling me into her with her legs. I brought her close to cumming again and then pulled out telling her to roll over, planning to finish her off in style. I loved fucking her from behind because it let me admire her sexy round ass and she loved it because it let me fuck her just a little deeper.

Crouching behind her with my knees bent I fed my cock back into her gaping cunt. Looking down I could see her pink inner lips clinging to my shaft each time I pulled back for another stroke. I could also see the sides of her hanging breasts as they jiggled around with each jarring impact of my groin against her. The cum was ready to blow from my balls any moment now, but I knew she wasn't quite there yet. I reached under to massage her clit and slapped her ass pumping into her a few more times before letting my load spill into her contracting cunt.

"I swear it's like your pussy was made for my cock Ellie," I said as I flopped to my back sucking in air. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about fucking you again since I went home yesterday."

"Mmmm... that's so sweet hon," she said cuddling into me with a kiss. "I feel the same way. I'd keep your cock inside me forever if I could."

"Fine with me," I said smiling as I gazed at her beautiful face.

"I guess we should eat before you're ready for more," she said flipping my flaccid cock with her finger.

We ate together naked in the summer sun. Sitting close we shared a plate feeding each other, kissing between bites. She'd packed more than enough food for the two of us and we ate slowly chatting about all sorts of things. These were the times I cherished most with Ellen, well besides the sex that is. Whenever we did things like a normal couple, I was able to see what it might be like to be with her forever instead of worrying about losing her so soon. When we were done she sat in front of me and leaned back letting me nibble at her neck as we looked for shapes in the early evening clouds. The peaceful interlude didn't last too long though. Our time alone together was far too precious to waste gazing at clouds.

"That one there looks like my pussy don't you think?" she asked giving me a smile.

"Sure," I said though there wasn't a cloud in sight that looked anything like it. "But maybe I should take a closer look," I said slipping out from behind her.

Giggling and moaning and squealing as I ate her, Ellen started to guide my head for a moment but then took her hands away. I already knew exactly how she liked it so all guiding me did was remove the element of surprise and anticipation. I decided to see how long she'd let me lick and finger her without touching the enticing target of her clit that hung near the top of her lips. After what must have been ten minutes or more she tried to start playing with it herself, but I shielded it with my arm and swatted away her hands. She tried to get me to lick it by moving her crotch instead but I lifted away from her and waited for her to stop moving before I went back to the outer lips again.

I was ready to fuck her again but wanted to finish bringing her off by eating her snatch first. It was so much fun to watch her squirm as I worked. She was fully aware of what I was doing but suffered in silence waiting for me to give her the release she needed. I waited until I could see her cunt opening and closing with involuntary pulses before taking the sensitive little nub into my mouth. The moment my tongue touched it, her legs started to thrash around wildly and her pussy gushed with juices that ran down my chin.

Without giving her a chance to rest, I climbed on top of her and slid my cock back inside. I thought she would ask me to stop, but she surprised me by yelling at me to start fucking her when I paused with it buried deep. I shook my head in wonder and gave my lover what she asked for. Pushing her legs back so I could fuck her at a better angle I pumped my hips for all I was worth. The way she was crying out I knew she was in the midst of one long drawn out orgasm after cumming so hard moments ago. She tried to last as long as she could but in just a few minutes she clung to me so tight I couldn't move any more and I stopped to shower her with gentle kisses. We ended up staying in the field together until twilight, trying to squeeze in as much sex as possible.

"Oh I mentioned Gwen wanted you to look at her garden for her didn't I? She said tomorrow night would be good if you wouldn't mind after work," she said to me as she drove me home.

"Sure I'd be happy to take a look," I said.

"Thanks hon she keeps telling me she doesn't know what to do with it," she said with a warm smile.

"So what about us?" I asked more interested in when I'd get to fuck her again than talking about her friend's garden.

"I'm not sure hon," she said with a sad tone. "My daughter usually sleeps late so if you want to come up to my bedroom first thing in the morning there should time but it's risky."

"You could just tell her about us. That way we can keep doing what we've been doing all summer and she'll leave me alone too," I said thinking I'd found the perfect solution.

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