tagGroup SexThe Dirtiest Wedding Ever Ch. 02

The Dirtiest Wedding Ever Ch. 02


I lay on my back on the couch, Brett was over me moaning as he fucked me. I couldn't believe it was happening. When he finally came deep inside my pussy, he pushed himself up looking down at me smiling.

"God Sloan you are so fucking hot." He said. I'm five foot six, with D-cups, light brown hair and a really fit body. Brett didn't pull out right away. I could feel him softening as he bent forward to kiss my nipples. "I can't wait to show you off."

Last night despite us having been friends for years I had confessed my submissive side to him. (see part one) Now it looked as though I was going to become his sex slave. A million thoughts swarmed through my head. I really had never dated very much preferring fantasy to reality. Now having confessed myself to my friend I found myself beneath him wondering what was going to come next. He had already shown me off to some of his friends and told them they could fuck me later. I was so nervous, and I had told him I would marry him! He had a huge trust fund that he couldn't get without a wife. Brett pulled out and brought his flaccid penis to my face.

"Clean this off for me." He said. I looked up at him, he down at me, his expression testing trying to see what I was thinking. I began to lick his cum and my juices from his cock. He smiled again approvingly.

For the remainder of the morning as we wallowed in our hangovers he didn't allow me to shower. He got my porn and vibrators out of the bedroom and had me put on a show of inserting some of my toys into my ass and pussy. He took delight in my level of discomfort as I showed off for him. For my part I obeyed as my mind raced wondering what was happening. Later that day he invited his friends back over. When my doorbell rang he instructed me to go down and let them in.

"I can buzz them." I said.

"No I want you to walk downstairs and open the door for them." Brett said opening my apartment door to the hallway. I closed my eyes and stepped out into the hall. I lived on the third floor and I was acutely aware of the light trickle of semen running down my thigh, every sweaty smear of my filthy body as I began down the steps. As I neared the bottom I could see them looking up at me through the front door. Anticipating me. There were four of them, they had come over to fuck me. I felt sick to my stomach. They nodded approvingly and pointed up at me exchanging vulgarities with each-other. I opened the door and they were all over me, groping and grabbing as I led them up to my apartment.

We were barely in the door when I felt myself being pushed downwards towards the couch, a moment later as my face pressed against the pillows the first one entered me. I was very well used by this point and he slipped in easily. As I began to pant in time with his rhythm another lifted my head and fed his penis into my mouth.

"Hey, you're all invited to the wedding." Brett said as he paced slowly around the scene unfolding. There were hands everywhere, pulling and kneading my breasts, I felt fingers in my asshole, tugging my clitoris, fingers going through my hair holding my head on the shaft that intruded into my mouth. A feeling welled up in my loins and spread outwards and I began to come. The most ferocious orgasm I had ever felt centered on my clitoris and tore upwards along my spine making my nipples tingle. Waves of pleasure, lust, and embarrassment cut through me as my body spasmed.

The guy fucking me began to tense up and he too came sending another load of semen into my now slick cunt. As he withdrew another replaced him, this one entering me anally. I shut my eyes trying not to lose the orgasm as this new sensation took over. Inch by inch I felt him spreading my anus, the sensation itself was not new to me, just the fact there was a man attached to the phallus.

"My family is going to want to meet yours, so it will have to be a formal wedding. I think I can get a cash advance to pay for it though." Brett said, thinking out loud. "Oh man, we can do the slut wedding thing, white lingerie and a veil!" Brett said, the guy I was sucking began to come spurting semen down my throat and then withdrawing to coat my face. Brett stopped to watch. I looked up at Brett as I felt the tip of the penis smearing cum across my cheek. He moved and the last guy took his place.

"Hey, maybe instead of a garter she can throw her panties." The guy I was blowing offered.

"Yeah." Brett said, then paused for a minute. "No, we'll have a garter at the end of a strand of anal beads so as it comes down the beads pop out one by one."

Had they said my family was going to be there? I thought to myself. A few moments later I had cum dribbling from my asshole and all over my chest. They had me parade around in front of them. I felt so depraved, they had me put on a pair of panties until they were ready to go again. Once they were hard they removed the panties and had me lick the crotch clean. All the while the wedding plans were set. Talk of the bachelor party, bridal shower, and honeymoon was also set in motion. I fell asleep in a near comatose state a cum-covered mess, only to wake up crusty and alone on my bed. There was a note stuck to my wall.


I emptied your bureaus, I'm going to go through your clothes and pick the stuff I like, get some rest and get cleaned up, tomorrow morning at nine am sharp, we're going ring shopping!

I looked at the clock, it was one in the afternoon Sunday. My body was mostly numb, and a little sore. I drew a hot bath and soaked for more than an hour, refreshing the hot water twice. When I got out of the tub, I looked for something to put on, all I was able to find were my crusty panties from the previous night and a see through bra. I hand washed the panties rather than even attempt to head to the basement where the community laundry was. They didn't dry out until after supper, but I was kind of used to being naked by that point. Ring shopping, I quivered at the thought.

Please stay tuned, I can't go through this alone...

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