tagErotic HorrorThe Evil Mirror Pt. 05

The Evil Mirror Pt. 05


When my vision cleared again the scene had again changed. I looked on a great vaulted chamber lit by bronze oil lamps that flickered from the walls. It was opulently appointed in the Ottoman style. There were low couches or cushions set in a semi-circle around a circular raised platform, which was draped in velvet and silk. Around the raised platform, supporting the high roof were six marble pillars. The pillars were oddly carved with Djinn and Efrits and other demonic spirits I could not name and on each one facing the raised platform was one of evil mirrors. At the other side of the room was a raised dais upon which the Sultan's throne sat, slightly below the throne were cushioned seats where the Sultan's favorites could relax themselves.

The Chamber was occupied by thirteen of the Sultan's viziers and satraps who sat upon the cushions, many smoking hashish from ornate hookahs and talking amongst themselves. The Sultan himself sat upon the throne speaking softly to the woman who appeared to be the chief of his favorites. Five other lovely women dressed in harem pants and silky vests that barely contained their bosoms also occupied the lower steps of the dais, indicating their inferior status.

It was into this scene as I saw my wife walk; she was accompanied to my shock and disbelief by no one other than myself. She was dressed beautifully in a late sixteenth century gown. She was tightly corseted which only showed her fabulous cleavage to better effect. The gown was a rich green color, which only complimented her chestnut hair, which hung in curled ringlets, and her lovely green eyes. The man who appeared to be me was also finely dressed in black velvet, but I could not take my eyes from Dee. She looked more ravishing than ever I thought, but also nervous even frightened.

"Theo," she spoke to the man who was not me, "why are we here? The Sultan has such a fearsome reputation. None of the other countryman have dared to bring their wives to his court."

"The Sultan has been very generous to me my wife and it seemed only polite and politic that I present you to him, after all it was a specific request."

Dee blanched at that. "A specific request? I don't understand."

"Don't worry my love." The not-me soothed. "Everything has been arranged. It will be a most memorable evening."

They walked up the center aisle and bowed deeply before the Sultan's dais. I could see the Sultan, roused for a moment from his bored reverie, look down with ill concealed lust at Dee's face and body. His dark eyes drunk in her beauty, but there was cruelty there, as well as lust I was dearly afraid for her.

After the introductions were made by the grand vizier, the Sultan said nothing but mere acknowledged the whole business with a nod and shrug, Dee and the imposter were seated on a low couch directly in front of the small raised platform, and directly in front of the Sultan.

"Theo," she inquired of my replacement, "what is that for?" She inclined her head toward the silk and velvet-draped platform.

"I think there will be some form of entertainment." The imposter said without much inflection, although I felt there was a dark meaning to his words. As he spoke a servant brought a hookah filled with burning hashish. The imposter took a long drag on the pipe and passed it to Dee.

Dee's eyes went wide with disbelief. "I don't think I ought." She whispered.

"You mustn't insult our host my dear. Try it the sensation is not at all unpleasant." Dee did as she was asked and the coughing and sputtering that came from her elicited, laughter and exchanged jest among the guests. The Sultan was also amused. He took a long pull from his pipe and nodded his head in my wife's direction, clearly indicating that she do the same. This was repeated three times, until Dee light headed and coughing had to be supported by the imposter or she would have fell from the cushioned sofa. Again, there was much amusement among the guests.

Dee's eyes were now quite dilated and I could see her looking about the room at the faces of the guests with a great deal of anxiety. She was obviously the center of attention, a situation my wife was normally fond of, but now in this situation was quite frightening.

The Sultan nodded to the Grand Vizier, who struck a small brass gong. Three of the Sultan's harem wenches descended the stairs from the dais and approached the raised platform.

"Let the entertainment begin." The Vizier said and gave a pointed look to the imposter. The imposter, taking my wife by the hand brought her unsteadily to her feet and toward the raised platform.

"Theo," She asked, clearly disturbed by this chain of events, "what are you doing?"

"I'm about to make myself a very rich man."

"I don't understand."

"Its really quite simple, my sweet," he said as he pulled her up onto the platform. "The Grand Vizier saw you at the embassy party last month and mentioned your great beauty to the Sultan. The Sultan was intrigued; he is, as you know quite the connoisseur of women. At his request the Vizier approached me and I told him of your amazing qualities in the bedchamber." Her eyes widened with shock at this but he continued. "And he made me a generous offer, which I naturally accepted."

The three harem-girls had now joined them on the platform and playfully began to touch my wife, who looked around her in great distress. "Oh no, my love please tell me you didn't promise him anything. Please." Her eyes were full of betrayal and hurt.

"But I did. I truly did. I promised that you would be tonight's entertainment."

She let out a moan of despair as two of the girls grasped her by the arms and the third began to slowly disrobe her. "No, please my love no." She implored. "Do not do this to me. Do not shame me like this, not in front of all these... all these..." She looked around in horror at the faces of these lustful men who were staring at her with great interest and then up at the throne where the Sultan was looking on with a satisfied smile.

The imposter too began to disrobe and it was then to my horror I noticed something. His reflection in the mirror was different than my own and I believed showed his true form. It was the Demon who had first ravished my wife in the mirror, who looked up at me for an instant, smiling, gloating. And it was then I heard Lydia's voice in my head.

"By the time this night is done, she will feel so betrayed and used by you that she will never look on you with love again, Theo." My wife had been stripped of her fine dress and wore only a bustier and the white lacey Stockings that I so fancied her in. The three women pulled her down upon her back and arranged the cushions on the platform beneath her.

"Theo, please," she entreated, "what are you going to do? What are you going to do to me?"

" I am going to fuck you in front of all these people. Or, I suppose more accurately, I am going to rape you in front of the Sultan and his court, as you obviously seem unwilling. And, they will all see what a little harlot you are. But first I think these 'ladies' will get you ready for me."

She sobbed. "Oh Theo, no, no, how could you do this to me? Please my love, please, not like this. Take me home. I'm frightened."

But it was too late for any more entreaties. The harem girls caressed and kissed and licked my wife's body till she was beside herself with desire. One expertly kissed and licked all the right spots between her trembling thighs and then when Dee could stand it no more; the girl after a passionate kiss ground her two fingers into Dee. Dee's whole body jerked at the intrusion and the other two had to pull her down onto her back again as their companion began to rapidly finger-fuck Dee. She must have cum at least three times during all this, much to the approval of the Sultan and his men. After the last time the girl removed her fingers from Dee and licked them clean with relish. Dee lay on her back still held down by the other two who would occasionally kiss her or caress her tits. I could see why they were entertained, my wife looked gorgeous lying there, here chest heaving. The girl who had fingered her now got her ready for the next act, she placed a pillow beneath Dee's back to give the not-me better access to her womanhood. Then to make it easy for him she spread her wide opening Dee's flower with her fingers. It was only then that the demonic imposter knelt between her legs and made ready to take her.

"Gently my love please, gently. Dee whispered

"I think not." He replied and took her with no tenderness and began to ride her in front of the entire court. Dee came almost at once. She had always told me how powerful that first sensation of being entered was for her and now under Asmodeus's enchantment, the sensation must have been much stronger.

Dee's legs were widespread; her knees bent and in the air as the Imposter took her. Her lovely green eyes were open and still hazy from the hashish, her mouth made a lovely "o" shape from which little gasps escaped each time he thrust himself into her. Slowly at first, but hard he rode her, then, faster and faster till she was nearly fainting from the repeated orgasms that her body had, one after another. In the mirrors all around I saw not my image but that of the Demon once again taking my wife by force. From time to time he seemed to be looking right at me, gloating in her ravishment. Finally the Demon Imposter let go and came in her after thrusting himself as deeply into her as he could. As he flooded her womb with his semen, she came as well crying out and wrapping her legs around him.

"Oh Theo! Oh Theo my love." She cried.

The Imposter had no time for such sentiment. He quickly dismounted his conquest, and began to get dressed. Poor Dee, tried to leave the platform as well but the three women restrained her.

She looked confused. "Please Theo can we go home now?"

"Not yet my wife. The Sultan has asked for some additional entertainment tonight and I told him you would be happy... no eager to comply. Well maybe not at first but I told the Vizier how your lovely body cannot resist a good raping. And I guess the proof will be in the pudding, or rather in you!" He said as he rose and looked down at her ravished and sobbing form.

The Sultan and his favorite had obviously enjoyed the act. They summoned the Grand Vizier to them and after a whispered conversation, the Vizier approached Dee and the women on the platform.

"Strip her fully naked. " he instructed the girls who removed her bustier and Stockings. "Now we will see how she performs when she is raped by someone other than her husband.

"NO! Theo no, please! I want only to be yours...only to be yours." She tearfully begged. To my horror my double struck her open handed across the face. I have never struck Dee and the look of hurt and betrayal on her face was hard to bear. She was weeping almost uncontrollably now.

But the Vizier looked on with approval. "This man knows how to treat a wife.," he said laughing "But the Sultan's favorite has suggested a new sport for the lovely lady Dee. One of the Sultan's Moorish soldiers is possessed of a very large member. The Sultan wants to see Lady Dee raped by this man. And what the Sultan's desire is let no man, or woman gainsay..."

I could hear Lydia's voice inside my head again. "She will never forgive you this." She gloated.

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