tagBDSMThe Fertility Clinic Ch. 05

The Fertility Clinic Ch. 05


Author's note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

This is a continuation of a story separated into several parts. For it to make sense you really should read the whole thing, in order.

Lastly, if you haven't read the Author's note at the beginning of Part 1, PLEASE do so.


Now on to the story:


Soon Shelly came out and escorted us back to the same examination room I'd been in the week before. Shelly had Sally sit in one of the chairs and sent me to change as before. This time I realized there was no point in stalling, so I just got to it and came back into the exam room in my 'gown' that barely covered me to the waist.

She got me up on the table and had me all positioned just as Dr. Jones came in. The doctor started talking to Sally as if I wasn't there again. "So, how did everything go, no problems?"

Sally indicated there hadn't been. That was easy for her to say!

"Well, let's see what results we have then," and with that Dr. Jones started to examine my cock and balls much as she had a week before. This time I had no illusions about being able to stay soft and within seconds my cock was rock hard. She spent quite a bit of time on my balls again and they were aching to cum long before she was finished.

After pausing for a few seconds to check her notes in my chart she resumed, saying, "My, Sally, it appears you have been very successful. Mr. Howard's testicles are extremely full! I imagine the urge to have an orgasm is severe, isn't it Mr. Howard?"

As she asked this I could hear Sally trying unsuccessfully to stifle a giggle. "Uh, well, yes, the urge is quite strong," I mumbled.

"Well it won't be much longer before we can let you have some relief. Just one more thing to do before we take the specimen. Sally, I'd like you to show us exactly how you went about the 20 minute stimulation sessions," said the doctor.

That was too much. I'd tried to go along with everything so far, but there could be no reason for Sally to need to do this now! "WHAT FOR? Why would you need to see that?" I was shouting without even realizing it.

"Mr. Howard, as I've told you before, there is a medical reason for everything we do. First, I need to see what Sally's technique is like in case we need to modify it for more effectiveness. Second, I want this sample to be truly indicative of your sperm count at the time you and Sally try to conceive, and stimulation for a 20-minute period immediately before intercourse is the best way to maximize the probability of success. Now please, just relax and cooperate." She was soft spoken as she said this, but it was quite obvious she was very serious and more than a little irritated with me. I still didn't catch on to what was coming later.

"I'm sorry. All right, go ahead Sally," I replied rather sheepishly. Somehow this gorgeous doctor had the ability to make me feel like a little schoolboy who had been bad.

So Sally started her ministrations while the doctor and nurse observed carefully. Just as she had the past several days, Sally started out slowly and eased me towards an orgasm. Though given the treatment that the doctor had just performed it still was only a short while before I was right at the edge of cumming. Sally used all the tricks she had learned over the past week to keep me at the very edge of an orgasm without letting me cum. I was trying to retain some dignity, but within minutes she had me squirming severely. I managed to keep from crying out things like "Oh GOD!" and such as I did during our sessions at home, but I couldn't help moaning rather loudly. I had my eyes screwed shut to minimize the embarrassment of all three women staring at me in this predicament.

"Well Sally, it looks like you have developed a very effective technique. There are some advanced applications I can teach you later if necessary, but I don't recommend them except in extreme situations because they are so incredibly frustrating for the male!"

"Oh really!" was all Sally said in a way that obviously expressed curiosity. I couldn't imagine that there were more frustrating techniques than those Sally had already learned!

"I want to see just how effective one of these is in Mr. Howard's case," said the doctor. "Sally you just continue and I will add another dimension."

And before I had a chance to even think, she had taken my balls in her hands and was gently massaging them as Sally continued to stroke my cock. I nearly jumped off the table.

"I know it's difficult Mr. Howard, but try to relax a bit and be as still as possible" she said as she continued to play with my balls. YEAH RIGHT!

The sensation of the two women working on me at once was almost unbelievable. If I thought I'd experienced a brutal need to cum before, this made it pale by comparison. It was only a very short time since the doctor had joined in before I just knew I was going to cum. I was really thrashing and they just kept on. I was so close. I could feel my balls contract. Evidently so could the doctor. I assume she gave Sally some kind of signal, because just as I started to cum, Sally quit completely and the doctor took a firm grip on each one of my nuts and firmly, but gently pulled them down in my sac.

I had actually started to cum, but the action the doctor took stopped it before any cum actually squirted. A small amount dribbled out of the end of my cock. This was definitely cum, not precum. But that was it. My orgasm started and stopped almost simultaneously. NEVER have I had such a frustrating experience.

"NOOOO!" I screamed. "Let me cum, PLEEEAAASSSEEE!"

I heard Sally giggle. And Shelly let out a very soft, but still audible "WOW".

"Shelly!" Dr. Jones said sternly. "I guess the urge for orgasm is stronger than I realized. Was he often like this?" Again, asked as if I weren't even there.

"Well, close, but nothing quite like this," Sally replied, having to struggle to keep from laughing.

Dr. Jones held my balls for a few more seconds and then released them. What she had done wasn't painful, but it most certainly left a huge ache in my balls.

"I think you just need a few more minutes of stimulating him Sally and we'll be ready to take a sample. Then we're done for today. I'll go get a collection kit and when I return it should be time. Shelly, observe please. Sally is very good at this. You can probably learn by watching her." And with that the doctor left the room.

Just as I was again about to cum the doctor returned and said, "Okay Sally, that should be good enough." I just let out another loud groan, which elicited more giggles from Sally.

The doctor approached with the collection kit and quickly started to put it over the head of my cock. Having received soooo much stimulation and being so horny, I nearly came as she did so, but not quite. I noticed she seemed to put it over more of the shaft than last time.

"All right Mr. Howard, please begin," Dr. Jones stated.

This time with all three of them watching me, and with only about half of my cock's shaft exposed, I was wondering if I'd be able to cum. However, being terminally horny, it didn't take long before I was filling the collection tube. The orgasm was surprisingly unfulfilling however, since I could only stimulate part of the shaft. It was more a release of cum than an orgasm I realized. I still ached to cum. At least the ordeal was finally over, I was thinking. And none to soon.

"Shelly, please remove the specimen and go do the count, I'll clean Mr. Howard. We'll know soon enough if this is going to be successful Sally. I hope so for both of you."

In a matter of minutes Shelly returned, "Good news, his count is 876!"

"Yes that is good, not great, but good. What this means is that Mr. Howard's sperm count is high enough to conceive, but only with high levels of stimulation and build up, like we've done this past week. Sally, when was your last period?" Dr. Jones was all business again.

After Sally told her when it had been the doctor picked up a calendar and counted. Shelly slipped out at this point.

The doctor was once more addressing Sally as if I weren't even there, "All right, the optimum time for conception is in ten days, next Wednesday. Here is what you two need to do. Follow exactly the regime you have been for the last week every night until then. Starting next Wednesday you should have intercourse twice a night for three nights running. Do a 20-minute stimulation immediately before intercourse. It will be best if your husband stimulates you to orgasm between the stim session and intercourse. After the first time rest about 20 minutes and then Sally, you will need to stimulate Mr. Howard until he is fully hard and for 15 minutes more. Is he usually able to orgasm twice in one night?"

Sally giggled, and replied, "I'm sure he will be after 10 more days of 'treatments', but yes, normally he is."

"Good, well then Sally, about two weeks after that you make an appointment to come see me. Good luck to both of you." And with that the doctor was out the door and gone. But within seconds she was back. "One more thing, Mr. Howard, I'm sure you would enjoy sexual activity tonight, but it is crucial you begin the build up immediately. Your count is just barely within normal. Since your release today was only partial your results will have a much higher chance of being successful if you continue from here rather than starting at zero again. I'm sorry, I'm sure that is disappointing, but believe me it is essential." And with that she was gone for good.

I was in complete and total shock. This possibility had never occurred to me. "Sally, we can't do that! Besides, you promised about tonight. One more night can't make any difference, Sally I have to have a real orgasm tonight. I'll settle for just one, and it can even be any way you want. Please Sally, I can't do this otherwise!! PLEASE." I was begging and groveling and I knew it, but I didn't care. There was NO WAY I could do as the doctor had prescribed.

"Hmm, let me think about it. I know how desperate you are, but you know how important getting pregnant is. It still is to you too, isn't it? I really have to give this some thought. We'll make a final decision at bedtime tonight, okay? It is still important to you to have a third child isn't it Joel?" Sally said all this in a very pensive way.

"Of course having another child is important to me (it is too, but just right then nothing was as important as getting my rocks off HARD!). Sally, I can't believe one day can matter that much, it's TEN days until we're supposed to conceive. Please agree to giving me one major orgasm tonight, PLEASE!" I was completely frantic.

"We'll decide at bedtime!" Sally said sternly, obviously ending the discussion.

I spent the rest of the day beside myself. I knew Sally understood my extreme anxiety, but I wasn't sure which way she'd go. Would she let me have the relief I need so badly or would she be more concerned to follow the doctor's orders exactly? I just didn't know what to think, and that in itself made the rest of the day Hell!

I was actually very apprehensive and therefore didn't say a word until we went off to bed, but the second we got to the bedroom I had to know. "So, what do you think Sally?" It was all I could get out.

"I've thought about this a great deal Joel, and I know this has been much harder than you imagined. I don't think one night of relief can make that much difference, and since I know how much you love my blowjobs, that's what I'm going to do. I'm not even going to ask you to make me cum tonight. I know the next ten days will be really hard for you so you get this break tonight, okay?" Sally smiled.

OKAY, Jesus! I almost screamed and jumped up and down, but managed to say, "I love you Sally. I don't think I could have stood to go right back to the stimulations again. Thanks babe!"

Sally told me to lie down and get comfortable. It took me two seconds. She giggled. "A little anxious aren't we?"

Sally could tell how tense I was and didn't keep me waiting. As she had most nights over the last week, she started out playing with my cock and balls gently and slowly. It took almost no time before I was rock hard. She then started to lick my cock all over while still using her hands on my balls and cock too. It felt fantastic. She was slowly but steadily moving me towards cumming harder than I ever had, I could tell. She started sucking more seriously, sliding the head all the way out between her lips and then slowly sucking almost my entire cock into her mouth. She was keeping it very slippery with saliva and therefore the build up was slow, but very steady and, unlike in the recent past, she never backed off at all, just kept building up slower and slower. I was getting very, very close.

I started to moan and squirm. I couldn't help it. "OH yes, oh God that feels good. Oh baby yes, yes like that. Damn, oh God that feels soo good. I'm so close baby, oh yes, YES, YESSS!" I yelled as I reached the point of no return... and then... she just stopped. She let my cock plop out of her mouth on to my belly and stopped touching me completely.

My eyes flew open and I saw her just looking at me with this huge smile on her face.

"Nooooo, for God's sake don't stop now! What are you doing???" I yelled.

Her smile widened, but she said very gently, "What do you mean Joel, you couldn't have taken any more without cumming."

My cock was pulsing and throbbing. "I KNOW that, you said you realized I need to cum before we started a new round of stimulations. Why in Hell did you stop?" I was nearly screaming without even realizing it.

"Joel, whatever do you mean? I agreed you needed a night off from making me cum and having to put up with the frustration of cycling up to cumming and then stopping and starting. And I just gave you what must have been a wonderful blowjob. It felt fantastic didn't it? Well, didn't it?" Sally was using that maddening, reasonable tone she'd developed recently.

"OF course it felt great, UNTIL you STOPPED!" I was still nearly screaming.

"Joel, you heard what the doctor said today. I NEVER was considering letting you cum. I'm really sorry if somehow you got that impression, but that is just out of the question and you know it! Now relax and let's go to sleep. At least you got a break tonight, which was all I ever meant. These next ten days are going to be difficult. And I don't want you acting like this again!" She said as she went off to the bathroom.

This was absolutely the worst yet. At least every other night I'd known I wasn't going to cum. I didn't care what Sally said, she knew damn well she had given me to believe she was going to suck me off, and I was convinced she had done it on purpose. I was in worse shape now than right before my token release at the doctor's office earlier in the day. Her blowjob had me right back where I'd been that morning and then some. And the head game she had just played on me was crushing. What's more is I could tell she had really enjoyed doing it. I was starting to gravely worry about Sally's metamorphosis.

Ten more days was almost beyond comprehension. I slept very poorly that night.

To be continued...


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