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The Fuckbunny


I am a wanton sex toy plaything Fuckbunny.

I greet you at the door; you're wearing a suit and I'm wearing a black lace corset with a matching frilly thong, legs smooth in slippery silk thigh highs. I am yours, to do with what you will. I lead you by the tie into my bedroom and sit you on my bed. I take your shoes off, one by one, and run my hands and breasts over your thighs as I slither like a snake slowly up your body. You are breathing heavily, and as I reach your mouth we devour each other with deep kisses, my fingers raking wildly through your hair. Wrapping my limbs around you, I slide my hand down your torso and undo your belt and trousers, which slip to the ground. I reach inside your briefs and unwrap your cock, as if a present. I sink to my knees, and, unable to take my eyes off your magnificent cock, I take you in my mouth. And it is good...so good. You thrust up and down...slowly...so slowly. As you fuck my mouth faster and faster, my finger finds the ring of your ass. I gently massage the soft tissue inside with one finger, then two. We both begin to whimper and push our bodies into each other as hard as we can. Your sinewy cock, which grows even harder, becomes moist and warm in my mouth. As I begin to move my finger in and out of your ass, you begin to thrash and moan and in three quick bursts your cum shoots into my welcoming mouth and to the back of my throat. I swallow it all and lick your cock clean.

I am a wanton sex toy plaything Fuckbunny.

I arrive at the hotel at the specified time and take the elevator up to room 320. The door is locked and I knock tentatively. After a few moments, the door opens and I walk into the dark room. As I hear the door close behind me, someone comes up behind me, slips a padded blindfold over my eyes and leads me to what turns out to be the bathroom. I am undressed, picked up and placed carefully in a hot bath. With a soft cloth and lavender scented soap, I am washed carefully and with great attention to detail. I am again lifted off my feet and placed on the bed, where I am dried with a thick warm towel. I feel the metal of the cuffs only after they have been placed around my wrists and ankles. Naked and spread eagled I hear the door of the room open and close. I feel no fear. I lie like that for a period of time (a minute... an hour...two hours?) when I hear the door again open and shut. The only sound in the room is the hum of the air conditioner. Suddenly I feel the weight of a body straddling my face; instinctively I open my lips and suckle at the rigid cock filling my mouth. I want to push it deeper into my throat but the metal cuffs have no give. I squirm as passionate kisses trace a line slowly down my body until I feel the warmth of a tongue licking the lip of my pussy and sucking gently on my clit. I begin to moan loudly and uncontrollably as my clit becomes engorged and swollen as the sucking becomes more and more purposeful and intense. I can feel the beginnings of an orgasm deep in my pussy; I arch my back and start to cum. Suddenly the tongue is replaced by a thick hard cock, which my pussy gratefully and greedily devours. My mouth is filled with cum as wave after wave of exquisite pain consumes my body.

I am a wanton sex toy plaything Fuckbunny.

I kiss you softly from behind, on the back of your neck, occasionally licking it with a slight tender bite. As you tilt your head for more, I start to kiss you gently on your lips. Your eyes are closed..I kiss your eye lids softly and then your lips again. I can feel your mouth begin to open and we start to slide our tongues into each other's mouths until we've worked ourselves into a hot frenzied kiss. I move to the hollow of your throat and slowly move down your body, gently kissing and biting until I reach the bulge in your trousers. I unbutton the fly, reach in and pull out your beautiful, rigid cock. I take it in my mouth and feel it grow even harder as it is engorged with blood. I lick up and down the shaft, pulling your balls down with my hands. You grab my head and push me down harder until your cock is as deep in my throat as it will go. My fingers find your asshole and tease the soft tissue; when you begin grinding down, I slip a finger inside and slowly massage. I'm wearing an ass-short skirt with a garter belt and some nasty little French cut panties - pink see-through - and when you can no longer stand my teasing you pull up the skirt and push me up against the wall. You yank those sexy panties to the side and find they're already wet with my juices. Savagely I pull your trousers down as you lift me off my feet and start to fuck me against the wall...over and over...again and again and again...

I am a wanton sex toy plaything Fuckbunny.

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