tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 05

The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 05


Chapter 5: To The Victor Goes The Spoils

"Look in your upper right dresser drawer," Victor said on the message. "You will find a white sling bathing suit I would like you to wear. You will also find a white t-shirt, which you may wear over the top. You may not wear any shorts or other covering over the bottom. You will also find white heels you must wear. They strap around your ankles. I'm sure you've worn some like them before. There is also a black collar you should put around your neck. Before you get dressed, rub baby oil all over your body and put your nipple rings in. I would like your hair down and you're the same candy red lipstick you wore yesterday. I expect you to follow these directions explicitly and to be at my suite no later than 8 a.m. The door will be open. Knock twice, then come in."

Cori looked at the clock. She had plenty of time, but she couldn't take time to relax like she had hoped. This endless three-day fuck fest was wearing her out. She hoped Victor would take it easy on her today. Not so much the sex part -- she felt like he deserved to get every bit as much as the other two had and maybe more since he had waited the longest for his own day and had been pretty nice to her throughout -- but the activities. Golf, tennis, snorkeling, fishing, not to mention the photo shoots and various public appearances had worn her down. She understood he'd probably want to show her off too, but maybe just a nice quiet dinner or walk on the beach would be nice. Everyone could still see them together without the physical toll of all the other activities.

But, if that's what he wanted, she would go along without complaint. She had one more day to go. It had gone better than she had expected so far and she was determined to not just finish it, but finish it right. She could rest tomorrow. And the next day and several days after that!

She rubbed baby oil all over her body, making her skin look even darker and feel even smoother and softer. She put the nipple rings in -- no chain this time -- and put the sling on. She was surprised to see that this one actually had very wide straps that easily covered her nipples and part of her breasts. The string running between her ass cheeks and up her back was spaghetti thin like most, however and the suit was a little too short, which made it press tightly against her pussy lips, wrapping around them and showing off her camel toe.

She put on the heels -- 4-inch high white ones with straps that circled her ankles and a strap over the top, showing off her toes. The custom-made black collar said "Vic's Bitch" on it -- pretty tame compared to many she had worn -- the words written in shiny silver beads. It was a thin collar, looking more like a choker than some sort of bondage gear.

She put on the t-shirt. It was thin, white with the letters "BJ" in bright red letters on the front and "U" on the back. She wasn't sure why he wanted her to wear this, but she could guess what the "BJ" stood for. Not surprisingly, he had gotten her a small, which was big enough for her shoulders and torso, but didn't allow enough room for her full breasts. So, the t-shirt sort of draped over them, falling just short of her navel. Still, it was more covering than she was used to and it helped make her walk across the resort a little more comfortable.

She knocked on his door twice, then entered just as she'd been told. She looked around, expecting to see him waiting for her, but he wasn't in the living area or kitchen. She admired the décor, which was elegant and classy. She went into the bedroom, figuring he'd be laying there with a hard-on. Not there either. She looked in the bathroom, but there was no sign of him. She looked out on the balcony and he wasn't there either. She was starting to get worried. Had something happened to him? Had she misunderstood the directions? Or was someone else waiting for her, ready to jump out? She walked back into the living room, intent on leaving and going back to her suite to call him from there. Then, she noticed the note on the TV.

"Cori, play the DVD," was all it said. She looked on the sofa table and saw a DVD with "Cori" written on the disc. She put it in the DVD player and hit play. She found a towel and put it on the soft leather sofa before she sat down so she wouldn't get baby oil all over it.

She watched the screen and Victor's face appeared. She noticed that it was night time and that he was wearing the same clothes as he had been yesterday and figured he must have taped this last night. Probably with Sam's help.

"Good morning, Cori," Victor smiled into the camera. "I can't wait for our day. It's going to be a lot of fun. And I have a big surprise for you that I think you'll like. I know this is probably a kind of scary way to start the day, but I assure you I will see you very soon and that you will not be harmed in any way. This is a role play and you've shown so far that you're excellent at playing your role.

"I want you to take off your t-shirt and go to the third suite from here -- 415 -- and knock on the door," Victor continued. "The man who stays there is named Barry Coffman and he's usually there alone even though he's always bragging about these hot women he claims to have back in Colorado. I know he's here this week because I saw him yesterday. He doesn't know about this role play, so he won't know you're coming or why you're there. But you'll tell him that you're looking for me. Show him the collar and tell him you're lost. When he tries to tell you where to go, insist -- beg if you have to -- that he bring you to my place. You're hopelessly lost, tragically naïve and ditzy and all you want to do is find your man whom you're sure is suffering with a big old hard-on, waiting for you."

Victor chuckled and Cori laughed too. Unbelievable, she thought. And yet, she knew he really expected her to do this. She knew that somehow he probably had cameras rigged up along the path between the suites to capture the action, 1) to make sure she did as instructed and 2) to have a record of his fantasy brought to life.

"On the way back, you will slip and fall. You won't hurt yourself, but you'll knock the straps off her tits. You'll pretend not to notice. We'll see if he lets it go or tells you. If he tells you, ask him to put them back for you. If he doesn't just make sure he gets a good eyeful. You'll also bend over at least once to adjust the strap on your ankle. Make sure he's behind you when you do this.

"When you get back here, just stay in character. I don't want to ruin the surprise, but you'll know what to do when the time comes. It won't happen, but if he tries to pull anything, don't worry. I'll be watching. You won't be harmed by him, me or anyone else.

"Now, take off that t-shirt, tweak your nipples and go to work."

Cori shut off the DVD and took off the t-shirt, folding it and leaving it on the couch. She pulled the straps of the sling to the sides of her breasts and pulled and rubbed her nipples and the rings, making sure they were hard, pointing out visibly under the suit. She put the straps back in place and walked out the door and down the path. The grounds here were immaculate and there was a lot of landscaping. These suites had a lot of space in between them, allowing for privacy for each of these rich residents. Her heels clacked on the sidewalk as she strode past the first two suites, finally coming to 415.

She took a deep breath and stepped to the door, knocking softly. After a moment, a man came to the door. She assumed it was Barry Coffman, but didn't dare ask for fear of blowing her cover. Instead, she smiled at him, pretending not to notice him check her out. He appeared to be in his 40s, medium height with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a broad, toothy smile. He was shirtless, wearing only a pair of baggy shorts and some flip flops. He had a broad chest with lots of hair and a bit of pot belly that suggested he'd probably had a few too many beers in his day.

"Well, good morning young lady," he grinned. "Care to come in?"

Come in? Wow, this guy was something else. "Uh, no, I don't think so," Cori said, using her best bubbly girl voice. "I need to find Victor Jones' suite. Do you know where it is?"

"Hmm, I'm not sure," Coffman said. "Why don't you come inside and we'll see if I have his number anywhere."

"Really?" Cori asked, schoolgirl-like, "Well, gee, I don't know. He told me to come right to his suite. He said it was an emergency. He had to have to have me there right now. Oh, I'm supposed to be there! See?" She pointed to the collar, showing him that she was "Vic's Bitch."

"So, you're Victor's bitch, huh?" Coffman sneered. "Looks like his luck is finally looking up. If you're his bitch, shouldn't you know where his suite is?"

"Well, I've been there before," Cori stammered, quickly making up an excuse, "but he likes to blindfold me sometimes and a lot of times it's late at night. I just can't remember the number and these places all look the same in the daytime."

"He blindfolds you?"

"Yes, you know, kinda role playing," Cori said. "Handcuffs, costumes, stuff like that."

"I see," Coffman said, obviously intrigued. "Look, whatever's he paying you, I'll double it."

"Paying? Oh, no," Cori said. "He doesn't pay me anything. I'm his little for free. I love being his bitch. Well, today I'm his bitch. Yesterday I was his slut. He likes to give me different names on different days. Oh, he's so wonderful. And I just know he needs me. He probably has such a big hard-on right now and I'm not there to take care of it for him. Please help me!"

"All right," Coffman said. "I gotta see this for myself. Follow me." He didn't bother to put a shirt on, just stepped out, closing the door behind him. "One thing I think you should know about old Victor, though," he said, leading her back down the path she had just traveled, "he's got a different girl here every month. If you're counting on him to be your sugar daddy, you're barking up the wrong tree. He'll leave you here selling beer at a golf course in two weeks."

"Oh, no, he'd never do that," Cori said. "He loves me. He says he couldn't do without me for even one day."

"Whatever," Coffman said. "Believe that if you want, but I'm just telling you, when he dumps you, you come back down to my place. I'll be your sugar daddy all right. Anything you want, babe."

"Wow, thanks," Cori said. "I really ... ooh," she pretended to stumble and fall. She was behind him a couple steps and quickly pulled the straps off both sides of her breasts, letting the straps push them together.

"Are you OK?" he asked, spinning around and kneeling next to her.

"Yeah, just clumsy," Cori said. "You'd think I'd be used to walking in these things, but every once in a while ..."

"Well, they can be awkward, especially when you're so, uh, top heavy," Coffman leered. "Speaking of, you seem to have spilled out there. Here, let me help you. I'm sure Victor would appreciate me keeping you covered up like the innocent, shy girl you are."

"Oh, thanks!" Cori gushed as he slowly placed the straps back over her nipples. "You're so sweet!"

"One way to find out just how sweet I am, sweet cakes," he said, making a blowjob motion with his hand and mouth.

"Oooh, you're too funny," Cori giggled. "Oh, is that a snake?" she pointed into the grass and ran ahead of him. He looked around and saw nothing.

"Where, I don't see anything," he said.

"I thought it was there," she said. "It looked like a snake. A big. Thick. Long. One." She stretched out these words, emphasizing their double meaning. Then, before he could get back in front of her, she turned around and bent over at the waist, pretending to adjust the strap on her shoe while giving him a perfect view of her ass. "Oh, I think this came loose when I fell," she whined as she loosened the strap. "Can you help me?"

Coffman stepped forward and knelt next to her long, smooth legs, tightening the strap, then looking up and getting an eyeful of her ass and the barely covered pussy mound that was only inches from his face. Cori wasn't sure what she'd do if he groped her -- would Victor want her to let him? She guessed she'd go along with it until Victor stepped in. Coffman stumbled -- or pretended to, Cori wasn't sure -- as he got up and reached out to catch himself. Cori wasn't surprised when both hands found themselves on her -- one on her hip and the other her ass -- as he caught himself and regained his balance.

"Sorry," he laughed. "Lost my balance."

"We're both a little wobbly today, huh?" Cori smiled.

They proceeded on, Victor now encouraging her to go ahead of him while he no doubt enjoyed the one-of-a-kind show Cori's ass in a thong presented.

"This is it, sweet cheeks," Coffman said as they approached Victor's place. He led her to the door and they were both surprised to find a flyer taped to it. It said "Lost Pet" in bold letters at the top and below it were two pictures of Cori. She recognized yesterday's golf outfit immediately. All of the guys had been taking pictures, so they had plenty to choose from. The ones on the flyer -- which was printed in full color -- were one of her facing straight on, her jacket three-quarters of the way unzipped, her cleavage and nipple chain popping out. The picture was cropped just below the hemline of her skirt. Beside it was a profile shot of her in the same outfit, this one full-body, showing off her long legs and heels. She noted that she wasn't wearing the leg warmers, so this picture was taken after she had taken them off.

Under the pictures, in smaller type, it read: 22-year-old blonde. 36-22-34. 5-6, 120. Blue eyes. Pierced ears, nipples and navel. Answers to Slut, Bitch, Babe and Cori. Last scene wearing nearly nothing ... except a collar that says "Vic's Bitch" If found, please call Victor at VIC-BABE. Huge reward if unharmed and untouched!

"Wow, looks like he's desperate to find you," Coffman said. "That's quite a description. Nice pictures too."

"Oh, I wonder if he's here. He said he would be. He said to knock twice and come in. Do you think I should?"

Coffman tried the handle without knocking. "Locked," he said. "Better call him, huh?" Fortunately, he had thought to stuff his cell phone in his pocket on the way out the door. He dialed the number and Victor answered.

"Hey Vic," Coffman said. "I got your bitch here."

"Where is she?" Victor demanded, doing his best to sound angry. "What did you do to her?"

"Hey, I haven't done anything," Coffman said defensively. "Not that I wouldn't like to. Damn, she's a fine piece of ass. But she knocked on my door about 15 minutes ago, lost. I brought her to your place. We're standing outside your door right now."

"All right," Victor said, his voice calmer. "Thanks. I'm sorry I accused you. Thanks for taking care of her. I'll be there in five minutes. Tell you what, you have a seat and tell her to pick the weeds out of the flower garden there in the front. Trust me, you'll enjoy the show."

"Oh, I believe it," Coffman said. Then, while Victor was still on the phone, Coffman said to Cori, "He wants you to weed the flower garden while we're waiting for him to get back."

Cori knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted her to drive Coffman crazy. Well, she was pretty sure she'd already done that. But if more is what Victor wanted, more is what she'd deliver.

Coffman hung up and sat down in a lounge chair, pulling it up so that he was only a few feet away from Cori. What was the point in trying to be discreet now, he figured. She was showing off her body to anyone who wanted to look and Victor had given him the greenlight to look all he wanted. So, he sat, staring at her ass and legs while she bent over and diligently plucked at non-existent weeds.

Cori enhanced the show by spreading her legs enough so he'd be able to see the pussy pouch between her thighs and bent from one side to the other, legs straight at all times, so he'd get profile shots of her breasts hanging down. She exaggerated all of her movements, making her hips and ass and tits shake and jiggle as much as possible.

After about five minutes of this, Coffman's phone rang and Cori turned around. She noticed that he had an erection and one hand resting between his legs. "Hey Vic," he answered. "Yeah, she's fine. Haven't let her out of my sight."

"Good," Victor said. "Listen, I really appreciate this. I got held up and it's going to be another five minutes or so before I get there. I need to ask another favor."

"I never we were such good friends," Coffman scoffed, "but go ahead."

"I'm horny as hell. I woke up this morning, ready to fuck my bitch and she never showed when I called her. Now, I'm so horny I'm about to pop. The second I get there, I'm going to have to bang her good and hard, you know?"

"That would be my advice," Coffman laughed.

"Well, it's probably already wet, but I want to make sure. Can you please rub her pussy for me and make sure she's ready? I don't want to waste a second when I get there."

"You want me to heat up her cunt for you?" Coffman said, looking at Cori, who tried to hide her surprise. "You better tell her yourself."

"No, no," Victor said. "That won't be necessary. Just do it and I'll be right there."

He hung up and watched the show. He had been hiding in some bushes just down from the suite when Cori arrived that morning, making sure she got there OK and was dressed properly. He had followed along, ducking behind trees and bushes all the way to Coffman's and back, his powerful binoculars allowing him to maintain a very safe distance.

Now, he was inside the suite just across from his. It was unoccupied this month, but he and the owner had exchanged keys years ago, trusting each other to check on their places in their absence. He had a perfect view of the whole show now. Plus, they couldn't hear him on the phone. He had already checked in with Miles and Sam, who were carrying out their part of the plan as well.

He watched as Coffman pulled Cori too him, making her bend over in front of him and spread her legs. He pulled the strap over to the side and rubbed his fingers over her pussy.

"Ol' Vic was right," Coffman said, breathing heavily now as his excitement grew, "you're already wet. You're as horny as he is, aren't you babe?"

"Yeah," Cori whined, her breathing exaggerated, sounding almost like panting. "I'm horny all the time."

"I bet you are," Coffman said. "Well, if Ol' Vic's ever not getting the job done, you just come on down and I'll give you what you need."

"Ooh, thanks!" Cori mewed. "I'd like that! But Vic's soooo good. He gets me off every time." She wasn't sure if Victor was watching or listening, but she suspected he was doing at least one or the other, so she was making it the best visual and audible performance she could. "Oh, that feels so good."

"Poor little cunt just needed some attention, didn't it?" Coffman said. He now had three fingers inside her, pumping slowly. He watched them go in and out, her soft pussy hugging his fingers tightly. He was rubbing his crotch with his other hand, fighting the urge to fuck her. Hell, he was about ready to pop. He'd probably be done before Victor even got there.

Just then, he heard Victor's voice and turned to see him walking up the sidewalk. "She's ready for you, man," Coffman said.

"Good," Victor said. He jogged forward, grabbed Cori by the rest and pulled her inside, leaving the door open. Coffman figured it was an invitation to watch the show and followed them inside. Victor hadn't been kidding about wasting no time. By the time Coffman got to the bedroom, all he saw was Cori's heels high in the air and Victor's ass pumping away. Coffman walked around to get a better view and watched Cori's tits bounce all over her chest as Victor gave her a good hard screwing. Technically, she was still clothed, as Victor had simply pushed the straps over her breasts aside and had done likewise with the thong strap.

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