tagIncest/TabooThe Long Weekend Ch. 30a

The Long Weekend Ch. 30a


Late Sunday Evening

While Jake and Mrs. Palmer were enjoying the warmth of the outdoor fire-pit at her house, Jr. drove slowly away s from the bowling alley through the dark lane to the main street. He looked down to see his beautiful mother still almost naked on the seat unmoving. "Are you okay mom?" Jr. asked of his mother as he reached for the small loose blanket that he kept in the cab. With his free hand he flipped it open and covered her to keep her warm.

"I need to make one stop. It will only take a second, I promise." he said as he remembered there being a twenty-four hour pharmacy on the right hand side on their way of out of town. After two or three minutes driving, at the intersection with Lake Street, he saw the pharmacy and pulled into the well lit parking lot. Getting out of the truck Jr. advised his mother "I'll be bit back in just a few seconds don't worry."

Inside the pharmacy he bought a 12 pack of foil packaged condoms. He took them out of the box while inside the store and with a wink to the young sales girl, put six in his pocket. When he got to the truck, he put the remaining six into the glove box.

"Okay mom, were off now. I wanted to tell you that when I was picking up the truck earlier I got a call from Jake who said that his dad went back into town and that he'd be staying overnight at the house of his parent's friend where they went for dinner. Mom, that leaves just the two of us at home. It's never just been the two of us -- your friends always been around. Do you think we could have sleep together tonight? We have to be up early so Jr. won't catch us and tell stories." Junior asked his mom pleadingly. He had wanted to sleep with her for years but never had the chance tonight was ideal. He was desperate to sleep with her. He needed to sleep with her.

Looking down at his mother beseechingly, he slid a hand under the blanket and touched her bare shoulder before he ran his hand over the rolled up green jersey top. He held her large breast in his hand confidently and lovingly and he squeezed it firmly indicating the intensity of his question and the urgency of the answer.

His mother looked languidly up from the seat at the expectation in his eyes. She wanted the same thing. "Jake, how did you know? Of course it is alright, its something that I wanted as well."

Junior drove carefully as he didn't want to dampen the mood of his mother with the bumpy roads and the tight corners. By the time they got to the lake house it was completely dark and his mother had barely moved. Parking the truck he put it in neutral, took the key out of the ignition and looked down at his mother "We're here now mom, let me help you."

Walking around the truck to the passenger side he opened the door and looked at the soft feet of his mother. Her short legs were extended toward him as he pulled the blanket off and folded it up which left her lying almost naked in a fetal position. He reached up and grabbed her thighs and her hips and slid her toward him and stared at her dark red abused pussy lips caked with her own cum. The residue of her juices, from her experience with Kathy, were presented to him on the splayed thighs open in front of him. He slid his hands further up past her waist to just under her breasts. He slid his hands over her sides and under her shoulder blades and pulled her up and toward him. He lifted her up off the seat and helped her out of the truck. He noticed her skirt was around her waist, her top was above her tits as she stood there waiting for him to take action, waiting for him to lead her and finally, waiting for him to tell her what to do.

Junior wrapped his arms around his mother and gave her a warm hug. He casually reached and pulled her skirt down to a more respectable level - covering her hairless naked pussy. He reached up and grabbed the hem of her green jersey top and pulled it down to cover her shapely breasts and red pointed nipples. He moved the two of them away from the truck and he closed the door before they started walking up the stone path to the front door to the lower-level entry. He held onto her arm the whole way and he opened the front door and let his mother enter first before following behind closing the door.

"Do you want to stay down here?" Junior asked his mother

"I think I'd like to go upstairs and relax a little, I'm worn out." His mother replied and began to walk toward the stairway going upstairs.

"Mom, you started to tell me something earlier but then we got sidetracked with bowling. I wanted to know all about the weekend and what you meant about all the sex." Junior asked as he followed close behind her as she walked up the stairs. He watched her short skirt barely covering her bum. He was eye level with her behind he stared at the cheeks of her arse rolled side to side and every now and then caught a hint of her naked tiny pussy that was leading him upstairs with a trail of erotic aroma that wafted toward his nose as they grew closer to the main floor landing.

Reaching the top of the stairs and moving past the kitchen, Junior asked, "Why don't you tell me while we have a hot tub. No one's home, we can be naked, we can relax and not worry."

"Okay Junior, I guess you deserve to hear what's happened. Let's go outside. You take the top off the spa while I have a quick shower in the outdoor spa area, to clean up a bit." Annie directed, hesitantly agreeing to his request.

Junior watched as his mother, in her languid state, step out of her skirt and pull the top over her head. She was left standing in the middle of the room naked except for her shoes. He gazed at her in wonder. He loved his mother. He loved looking at his mother. He lightly stroked his cock through the outside of his jeans as he moved toward the patio to open the patio door, before moving over to the spa to turn it on and take the top off. After completing his work, he took off his shirt and stepped out of his jeans. He stood naked beside the spa and, as his cock started to rise, he gazed at his mother with the hot shower water pouring over her body. He watched as she ran her hands over her breasts down to her waist and hips and even lower to her private area. He watched as she bent over and soaked, lathered and clean off her legs and her feet. He watched as she turned the water off and walked toward him to join them at the spot.

Jr. was watched her through the steam evaporating under the clear starry night. She appeared as an apparition of his boyhood fantasy. The single light from under the eave lit up her body and showed every curve and contour of his mother's body. When her left leg moved her sex was on display. When her right leg came forward it was hidden in the dark shadow of her thigh. Her breasts rolled and bounced as she came forward appearing chaste and vulnerable. Junior held his hand out to help his mother Annie, as she walked up the stairs. He held her hand and she stepped down into the hot water of the tub. As she set herself down her face passed his hardening cock hanging from his throbbing crotch. She let go of his hand and held onto his stiff cock for balance he planted his feet firmly as she used her fat fleshy erect walking aid, and gently lowered herself down into the tub, becoming partially hidden by the mist and steam.

Junior stepped down into the hot water sat on the bench across from his mother. Trying to catch her averted eyes, "Tell me mom, I'm all ears. I want to know, don't be shy." Junior gently demanded of his mother.

"I don't know where to begin. I'm a little bit embarrassed at what has happened. I don't want you to be mad at me or disappointed at me." His mother said earnestly in an apologetic tone as she continued to avoid his glance.

"Mom, I love you. Nothing you say will change that" Junior encouraged.

"Really, I don't know where to start. The night we arrived you know I went down to the lake to have a look around. Jake came down and jumped in the lake naked, then masturbated in front of me. I know you showed him pictures of me and you know he has spied on me. But he was so bold. He really put on a show and I did nothing to stop him.

Then when you boys went out that night, Brice and I had a hot tub, I wore my suit and so did he. In the tub he told me about he and his wife and buying the place but there I was in a hot tub with a person I had only met.

Later that night, because we were sharing a bathroom, I accidentally saw Brice naked and saw what a huge cock he had. I think he had a look at me as well, but I am not sure.

Then when I went to bed, I was anxious and scared and joined you downstairs where you let me cuddle next to you and I ended up sucking you off.

Saturday morning when I unpacked Brice's bags for him, I found some BDSM stuff in their luggage and a photo album showing Brice and his wife doing things...like you would not believe.

When you guys went into town to pickup supplies and get some lunch, I was getting some sun at lunch when Brice joined me and wanted to go down on me and frankly I was so horny I let him. He was eating me out to orgasm while I was waving from the balcony at you and Jake driving up the road to the house.

Then in the afternoon, you came up to say hello to me. You saw me sunning myself and you let me lick you before you came all over me

Before dinner, Jake was desperate for me to see his cock again so I let him show me. He wanted so very much for me to go down on him but I wouldn't.

Then when you helped me choose my outfit for the evening at the club, you brought me off with your tongue, before I went out with Brice to meet his friends

Then to be like everyone else at the club, I took my top off baring my breasts to everybody there.

I met Beth, whose house Brice and Jake went for dinner tonight. I also met Kathy and her husband and their son Danny and I also met Nancy who invited me to her place tomorrow. Kathy and her lady friends have been teaching Danny about sex and she said he is a wonderful student. I watched Kathy and Danny have sex and I don't know why really, but I let Danny finger me. It was his birthday and I felt like it was a gift to him.

Brice took off his shorts and I saw Brice's horse like cock and on the dance floor I accidentally touched his cock and he held my bum during a slow dance.

When we got home from the club, Brice was super horny and I did not want to have sex with him but I watched him masturbate

Sunday morning, I got up early and was going downstairs to see if you were okay, when I saw you and Jake with a woman.

Later Sunday morning I was getting some sun while speaking on the phone with your dad. Jake was spying on us and Sr. told me to show him my tits. I did. I encouraged him to watch and he got so horny, he came out of the house and went down on me. He has a wonderful tongue and brought me off.

At ladies day I saw Brice there, he was an auction prize (I'll tell you more later about that) but he had twosome with the tattooed girl from the clothing store and an a small Asian woman.

Kathy met me there and told me she was bi and wanted to go down on me and I let her. I have to tell you that I had a few girl friends at school years ago and it felt so good the way she did it.

She offered me a ride home and on the ride home, she drove and Danny touched me up a little. Kathy knew Brice and his wife and in fact had sex with them regularly. Kathy is likely the only person in the whole world who can deep throat Brice and Brice asked her to show me she could. While she went down on him, I got so hot I went down on her. I had not done that with another woman for thirty years. I just wanted to reciprocate for what she had done to me. She is super nice and super sexy.

We cleaned up and I lent her some clothes. Brice came to say good bye and caught us putting skin lotion on each other and got so horny. I felt bad for him so I gave him a tit job...I hope you don't mind. He needed it and had been so nice. Kathy licked off his cum and kissed me and pushed his cum back into my mouth...is that a snowball?

The rest you know.

I feel like such a slut, but I tried to be good. I never let anybody penetrate me and never went down on anybody but you. I am so ashamed but it all just happened. I did not mean to be unfaithful." Annie said as she completed the litany of her sexual escapades. She had purposely left out some details and only briefly alluded to others in an attempt to make is seem not as lascivious and debauched as it really was."

"Wow Mom, I can not believe what you just told me. I don't know where to begin. I want to get more details but I can see how you would be exhausted tonight." Jake said as he looked lovingly, but in wonderment, at his mother.

He gave her a loving squeeze and continued. "I understand. I've felt that way myself up here. Is it the mountain air, the freedom of the country life or the beauty of the lake? You have natural urges like all of us and I hear you saying that you tried to draw certain boundaries. I am not upset. Will you tell dad? Do you think he will be upset?"

"Thank you Jr., you know I love you and your dad and don't want anything to happen to our family or relationship. I will do whatever you say. I will tell you dad in bits and pieces so he won't be mad. In fact I think he might like coming up here and meeting Jake's parents." Annie blurted out almost confessing.

Sliding along the circular bench, Jr. moved closer to the distraught woman and put his arm around her naked shoulder to comfort her. "There, there. It will be okay, don't you worry." Jr. said soothingly as he stroked her hair, the ends of which were wet and damp from the steam and stuck to her shoulders and the nape of her neck. He looked down to see her naked body below the warm foamy body. He was consoling but he was also horny. Her stories had gotten him hard. He was a bit embarrassed about the fact he was excited by her actions over the last few days, but he could not hide the hard truth. He reached under the water and began to stroke his mother's thigh and he gave her a gently one arm hug. Finding her hand under the water, he took it and put it on his rampant tool.

"How can I be upset, when you have done this to me? I'm sorry mom, but you got me horny again and I want you." Jake said with anticipation in his voice.

'I want to sleep with you. I want you to come to my bed. I dreamed about seducing you for years and now is the chance, now is the right time." Jake stated compellingly.

"I want to sleep with you too, Jr., but will you come to my bed instead? I want to welcome you fully into me. I want you to come to me." his mother beseeched, as she gripped his hard member and squeezed it as a signal she was ready.

When he had risen up out of the water, his red fat cock was like a flagpole. The steam rose off it as, Annie used it to help herself stand up. He gave her a big hug and pressed his sex into her abdomen.

"Let's go. I'll get us some towels and close up the spa. You go and get ready. I'll be up in a minute." Jake organized as he helped her out of the tub and placed a soft towel over her shoulder and began to pat her dry.

As he put the cover on the spa he watched his mother walk through the patio door into what was going to be the fulfillment of his boyhood fantasy. With anxious trepidation he climbed up the stairs and entered the bedroom. He was momentarily disappointed as he saw it was empty. He saw the bathroom door open, the light on and heard his mother inside. He went around the room and turned the overhead light off and the bedside lamp on to create the romantic vision he had always of when he made love to his mother.

He went to the one way mirror to watch fondly as she took off her makeup in the bathroom. His eyes cascaded over her body; its perfect legs, bouncy bum, hint of a waist and its sultry shoulders. He watched the small of he back with its delicious contours as she pressed herself forward for a close up in her mirror. He moaned as she brushed her disheveled hair and reapplied some red lipstick.

He was hard and ready as he entered the bathroom door and came up behind her. She watched his tall toned body approach her and press himself into her back. He looked at her in the mirror lovingly, before reaching around to cradle her two breasts in his hands.

"Would you put some lotion on me?" his mother asked, holding a white open tube.

Without a word, Jake took the tube, filled his palms with the silk creamy lotion and began to spread it on her shoulders, her upper arms and down her back. He caressed her skin in large circles then swept up and down before kneeling down to continue his application on her thighs.

He sat back as she turned around, and exposed her open sex to her son.

"Now the front. But be gentle." Annie said as she handed him the tube.

He filled his palms again and reached up to her chest where he laid his hands flat before dragging them down over her breasts, her nipples, her stomach and inner thighs. He pressed in, his body leaning against hers. His heat met her heat, as he rubbed the soothing cream into her skin. He made sure every pore was soothed and when he got to her belly button, he made little round circles inside it.

His mother held his head into her stomach. So close to where he had entered the world from and just below the nipples he had lived on for the first few months.

"It's time Jr., take me to our bed."

Jr. rose up and like con-joined lovers they walked through the door into the bedroom. They were, for the first time; together, naked, willing, and anxious. They had all night.

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