tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Neighbors Ch. 2

The Neighbors Ch. 2


- A Ms. Neb Story -

I had grown quite fond of Julia and her husband Rick. We spent quite a lot of time together. Julia and I also spent time alone when Rick was at work or traveling on business. As much as I tried, it was hard for me not to recall what I had watched from my husband’s study window. Sometimes it was difficult to concentrate on what Julia was saying while I envisioned her pleasing herself with such intensity. I thought about confessing what I had done but could never get up the nerve. I did not want to loose her as such a close friend.

About a month or so later, when I went up to the study to vacuum, I heard the sounds of playfulness from the window. Looking out, Julia and Rick were giggling and splashing around in the pool. A smile came to my face and I began to vacuum. It didn’t take long and when I shut the machine off, all was quite. I assumed that Rick and Julia were back in the house. Again I went to the window. Wearing their swimsuits, my neighbors were lying in lounge chairs on their sides, facing each other and kissing. I stayed to watch and promised myself that it would be only for a moment. They reached for each other but could not manage a tight embrace from the lounge chairs. They stroked each other along their sides and kissed each other gently. Rick’s hand went behind Julia’s neck and undid the knot of her top with just one pull. Her bikini dropped away. Julia’s hand moved down between Rick’s legs, her fingers tracing the increasing bulge in his tight European-style suit.

My aversion to watching them was waning as time passed until there was no doubt that I would watch for as long as I could. I was happy for my neighbors who obviously loved each other. If I couldn’t make love, I was happy that they could. This was as close to sex as I had been since Frank had died.

I remained standing as the passion in the next yard increased. Julia was rubbing her open hand between Rick’s legs. As best as he could manage, he was nibbling at her breasts. My own hand move down and covered the crotch of my shorts. The thick denim prevented any serious sensations. A rush came over me. Do I dare remove them? Do I dare take my shorts off and stand at the window in my panties?

It was of course a silly speculation but the tension it created just added to my aroused feelings. Yes, I dare! I removed my shorts, the cool air tingling my pussy due to the evaporating moistness that had already seeped into my panties. Now I could feel myself! Ah, much better! My fingertips dabbled at the wet crotch of my panties and felt the firm resistance of the flesh beneath. My other hand slipped under my T-shirt and rubbed my desperate nipples through the thin material of my bra. This too would not do! Off came the shirt. I felt much better now, very vulnerable, yet deeply excited.

I watched Rick get up, his erection beneath his tight trunks was very obvious even from this distance. He stood at the foot of Julia’s lounge chair. His back was to me. I watched him slide the elastic suit from his body, exposing his tight, muscular and well-tanned ass. Now a quick sense of desperations came over me. For the first time I wanted more than the circumstances were providing. Now I wanted to be there, to see what Julia was seeing, to experience what she would soon feel. I wanted to be the one lying naked, exposed, in the open air, about to be made love to! The best I could manage was to take off my bra.

Rick removed Julia’s bikini bottoms but my view was still blocked. I saw her legs move to the side and again straddle the chair. Rick leaned forward and rested between her legs, his face at her pussy, her hands immediately grasping his head. Oh my! What a lucky woman! I wanted a tongue so desperately inside of me, tickling me, caressing me, tasting me! Any tongue! Rick’s tongue! Julia’s tongue!

What had my sex craved mind done! Why did I think like that! Why did that thought even enter my mind? Gratefully, the thought and the tension that it had created quickly disappeared. There were more pressing matters at hand, literally! I could not have a tongue inside me but I provided the only available substitute. In one smooth stroke, my fingers slid into my wet pussy causing me to gasp and almost loose my balance. I began thrusting in and out, covering my hand in slippery juices, generating the smell of sex, watching Julia thrash about in orgasm from Rick’s oral efforts. With remarkable agility and swiftness and with Julia still shuddering in climax, Rick rose up and entered his wife. I let out a sympathetic gasp. I watched his wonderful ass move up and down while he delivered another orgasm to his wife just as my own efforts delivered one to me! I fell back against the wall facing back into the room, my pussy grabbing and twitching around my fingers, sputtering them with cum, my legs weakened almost to the point of collapse.

It took a few moments but soon I came back to reality. My eyes started to once again take in and process imagery. The first object that I recognized was the telescope! There it stood in all it polished brass glory atop the fine mahogany tripod. With the passing of time it had become just another piece of furniture to me, like a lamp or a table, not like a precision optical device capable of shortening distances. Guilt and anxiety once more washed over me. I looked at the window. At the window, not out of the window and then back to the telescope. What should I do?

I became very excited about doing such a forbidden thing. Accidentally stumbling upon your neighbors is one thing but this! This was so intentional! My excitement grew at the thought of doing such a thing. I started for the telescope but paused. I looked at myself, clad only in wet panties, my chest breathing deeply from a subsiding orgasm and future anticipation. With a bizarre sense of penance for what I was about to do, I took off my panties. I had bared all now.

I could barely lift the heavy and awkward telescope. I carried in a hugging grip, various bulges and knobs pressing into my bare breasts. I managed to place it in front of the window. My heart was racing as I swung the long tube in the general direction of my neighbors and looked through the eyepiece. Black. All I saw was black. In my excitement, I had forgotten to remove the cap. With legs parted, boobs giggling, I looked into the eyepiece again. Blue! This time a brilliant blue! My hands waved around, blindly reaching and twiddling knobs. My excitement had grown to the point where I would have had difficulty operating the thing even if I knew what I was doing.

Better. The blue is different. Coming into focus. Ah. It was the pool! I swung around with much too much speed the scene flew past. The color of flesh blinked by. I swung back again, slower this time. Rick’s back. I could tell I was looking at Rick’s back. I focused again. It was clear now. I could see the center of his back. It was moving away and then towards me. Less zoom. Much better.

I moved the scope down a bit. Rick was now standing, his legs straddling Julia’s chair. At first I could not see Julia but eventually saw her legs astride the chair as well. I moved up his legs until I reached his rear end. Julia’s hands were holding each buttock firmly, her fingers making indentations in the muscular flesh. Rick ass tightened and relaxed with each thrust in and out.

I stopped looking as soon as I realized what they were doing! She was sucking on him! While I had been fumbling with the telescope, Rick had left his wife’s pussy and was now thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth! Oh, what did he taste like! I wanted to know! So masculine, so strong yet laced with his wife’s liquids!

I kept the telescope still now. I was settled and watching very intently. I wanted to place my fingers inside of me once again but I knew that I could not manage that and watch at the same time. My excitement would just have to go unaddressed for the moment. I felt it trickle down my inner thigh.

Rick’s thrusting became faster. He must be close to coming now. Julia’s face was completely hidden. Her hands firmly clenched Rick’s ass. I heard him gasp, the only sound that I had ever heard from either of them. He stopped thrusting. The muscles in his back rippled like the wheat in an Iowa field. He quivered for several moments and then slowly started to relax. I so desperately wanted to know what happened where I could not see. What had Julia done? What was Julia experiencing?

Rick’s ass moved towards me and then he stepped away from the chair. I now saw Julia in the telescope for the first time. She was smiling, almost giggling and looking at her husband. What was she doing with her hands? She was moving them below her chin and then bringing them to her mouth just as one would do if they unexpectedly had a piece of spaghetti dangling from their chin. But it wasn’t spaghetti! I focused again. I could see Julia’s teeth because of her great smile. They were covered in a milky film as was her lower lip. Three or four strands of cum were dangling for her chin and she was dutifully trying to retrieve them. A few dots of semen spotted her chest as well. I easily surmised that she had brought her typical enthusiasm to giving head just as she did to everything else. She talked and laughed through cum soaked lips until she had licked all her husband’s semen from her fingers after gathering it from her breasts and chest.

I fell to the floor with a thud. I was desperate for another orgasm. I pulled at my breasts and thrust my fingers deep into my cunt with more passion and lust that I had experienced in many years. I loudly cried out when orgasm crashed through my entire body. I laid there, almost motionless, for a good twenty minutes before I considered putting the telescope back and finally putting some clothes on again.

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