tagNonHumanThe Night After Christmas

The Night After Christmas


The storm was right on schedule. A blizzard so thick that it would block all forms of tracking, even satellites would be blind to his route. Secrecy was essential to his mission. Every year it was the same, as he left or approached the North Pole, the blizzard would appear, a 200 square mile storm to completely cover all tracks.

Santa pulled the sleigh to a halt in the centre of the landing pad. The storm was not a problem here. No wind, and no snow below 500 feet allowed him to set down on the first pass, of course the reindeer knew where they were going. They had been doing this since before he was born.

The pad descended into the warmth of the hanger and the hanger crew was waiting for him. The elves had the stalls prepared for the reindeer and the blocks for the sleigh. They too had centuries to perfect their routine. Within minutes the tack was removed and hung up, the reindeer fed and sleigh chocked and blocked for another year.

Santa watched the elves for a few minutes before heading off to his quarters, smiling all the way. It had been another good year completed and he was looking forward to their vacation. Every year since he took over, the week between Christmas and New Years was spent in the tropics on vacation, for the whole company.

He noticed a small spring in his step and more smiles on the faces he passed. The craziness of the last month fell off with the completion of another successful toy run. Every elf he passed was relaxed and the picture of health, they always were. Santa walked on and concentrated on the magic that the elves had taught him.

Elves had the ability to change their physical appearance at will and had shared this gift with the current Santa, a first. Up until he took over Santa was made old by magic and kept that way until he retired, but this Santa had implemented so many positive changes for the elves that they had shared some of their secrets with him, the first being the ability to change outward appearances to one's own wishes.

All of the elves about him now appeared to be in their late teens or early twenties. They chose this form for the strength and stamina of the young. The truth was none was under 300 years old, in fact he had rarely seen an elf under 200. The elves considered 200 the age of majority for their race and kept the younglings in seclusion until that age. For their fact finding missions among the people of the world they could appear as young as 5 or as old as 75 for the senior citizens.

Santa felt the changes start as he approached his quarters, the weight started to fall away, the beard shrank back into his face, the white hair changed back to his normal sandy blonde colour, the wrinkles in his face smoothed out and he had to hold his pants up as he walked, not that it mattered here, but he still did not like to drag the suit around. As he reached his office leading to the master bedroom he was the 22 year old man he had been when he became Santa.

As he walked into his bedroom, he closed the door and let the pants drop. Immediately he was met by two female elves to help him with his suit. It was an antique after all and needed special care. The elves stripped him of clothes quickly and silently, one undressing him and the other putting everything away or getting it ready for cleaning. Once he was naked they led him to bathroom and the hot shower that was running for him. The elves dropped the toga like wraps that they wore and stepped into the shower with him. One knelt behind him and cleaned him from the waist down while the other stood before him and did from the waist up. He turned once and let each do the other side, the kneeling elf paid special attention to his crotch, as she had to his ass. Rinsing him quickly the led him out of the shower and to a steaming bath big enough for eight. The tub was needed to warm him up from the sleigh ride, no matter what you did, at fifteen thousand feet in a slip stream caused by eight reindeer, you got cold.

The girls started to massage his shoulders and feet. Santa sank a little lower in the water and sighed with contentment. When he asked for volunteers for this job, he had been overwhelmed by the response and rotated the girls so that everyone got the chance. He even sent them to school in Japan to learn how to please a man in the bath and give massages. The first girls came back and taught all the others what was needed and he felt like a king ever since. In fact the other male elves had expressed their thanks for his generosity.

Katla the lovely white blonde in pig tails working on his shoulders was especially good at her job and took great pride in the fact that she was serving Santa this night. At five hundred and thirty six, last April, her petite body looked eighteen and she was proud of the fact that she could look like this for her Master. Her 34A breasts swelled as much as possible and the nipples were hard as diamonds since she found out that she would attend Santa on Christmas night. Her 18 inch waist and 30 inch hips completed her look, along with a button nose and bright blue eyes. She had even kept her pubic mound clean for him, knowing how much he liked the clean shaven look.

Meja the brunette working her way up his legs was equally proud to be with the Master tonight. Only the best girls got to work on him on this night and Meja was determined to make the most of it. She looked about twenty, but was four hundred and eighty two, and had a figure like an hour glass with an extra ten minutes of sand thrown in for good measure. Her breasts measured a generous 38D, and with a twenty two in waist and 34 inch hips she was as curvy as possible. Her flaming red hair was pulled back in a pony tail to keep it out of her way.

Santa just laid back and floated in the steaming bath, letting the tensions for the flight work their way out of his body. Katla and Meja would take care of him, he choose them especially for this night. Each was an accomplished masseur and stunningly beautiful, but each was also completely insatiable. That is what he needed more than anything. After dealing with presents, dogs, alarms and 747's he needed to be relaxed before he could do anything else.

Meja spread his legs and began to work the insides of his thighs. She forced herself to go slowly, but it was difficult. She wanted him inside her and he was so close. She paused in her massage and started to lick his inner thighs, looking up at him she saw his cock twitch.

Katla saw this and not to be out done moved down to his chest and began to suck gently on his nipple. They had done this often enough and had been told by the girls who had been here before how sensitive Santa was and where to work to get the most out of him. Soon the girls had him hard and twitching.

Katla switched to the other nipple as Meja slid her mouth down his length. Santa groaned as her mouth, soft as velvet and not a hint of teeth, engulfed him. Meja had learned well how to suck cock and she was using every trick she had to excite him. She pulled up and her tongue swirled around the crown of his penis and she slid back down. Meja established a rhythm that soon had him climbing the walls.

Katla let go of his nipples and slid her tongue down his body and drilled into his navel. Santa jerked in the bath and tried to sit up, but the hand on his chest held him down. Katla was a lot stronger than her petite frame looked. Her tongue burrowed in his belly button sending electric shocks up and down his spine until Meja took her mouth off his dick and started to suck his balls.

As soon as Meja let go, Katla swopped in for her turn and took him all the way into her throat without a hint of gagging. Katla paused with him all the way in and then started to try to swallow. The feel of her throat rippling on the head of his cock was almost too much for Santa and he shouted in delight. Meja felt his balls convulse and knew that he was shooting his load down Katla's throat. Katla pulled off and held his penis to her open mouth and her small hand jerked his throbbing penis.

More ropes of cream exploded from the head of his cock and shot into her open mouth as Meja fought her way up to get some of his sperm as well. Katla aimed the pulsing head at Meja and she took the rest of his orgasm into her mouth as Katla her tongue around the gift he gave her.

Santa sank in the tub as his body relaxed after the orgasm and pulled his attendants up to join him on the seat built in to the tub. The girls kissed each other before moving to the seat, swapping the cream back and forth between them until they had swallowed all of it. Moving to sit beside him the elves snuggled under his powerful arms and cooed contentedly as he fingered a nipple on each of them.

Each was in a high state of arousal as they had satisfied him, but not themselves. The girls' hands met over his flaccid dick, causing it to start hardening again. They started to stroke him to get him fully engorged and Santa slipped his hands down their backs to start fingering each girl from behind.

Santa sank in knuckle deep on each of the soft little pussies beside him. The elves sighed in unison as they wiggled their asses to take his fingers even deeper. They were both tight as virgins, but that was due to their body change magic. Santa worked another finger into each and as the elves started to bounce on his hands he raised his thumbs.

Meja and Katla squealed as his thumb slipped past their sphincters. He had his thumbs completely in their asses and three fingers in each pussy when his baby finger flicked their clits. Both elves went rigid and he felt the warmth of their cum coating his hands. He continued to work their pussies and brought each through multiple orgasms before letting them come down. The girls collapsed on his chest panting and limp, completely worn out by his fingers.

Santa stepped out of the tub and dried himself off while he watched the girls, the water would stay hot for them and they would get out when they had the strength. Santa dropped the towel and went into the master bedroom. He smiled as he saw the bed.

The double king size bed was covered in red silk sheets and bodies. The elves were indulging in their annual post Christmas orgy and his wife was hosting as usual. The twenty two year old body was being worked over by no less than seven elves. She had all three holes filled, an elven dick in her mouth, pussy and ass, two in each hand and two more female elves sucking her breasts. The look of rapture on her face was mirrored on each of the elves on the bed.

Santa lay down on the bed and was immediately covered in writhing female elf flesh. He could not make out faces, but it did not matter, one sat on his face and another on his cock. He could feel a tongue licking his balls and he knew that it was going to be a good night and a great new year.

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