tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Redhead Ch. 2

The Redhead Ch. 2


My Redhead disappeared in to the dressing room, her log red hair brushing that lovely ass. Well so much for that fifty! I stuck it in her G-string and now she will be gone like greased lightning. In the hundreds of visits to these kinds of places I've only ever left with one dancer! Even though she wasn't dressed like the usual dancer, this gal, after her stage appearance was obviously one of the dancers. Well - guess I better get in a game of pool and hope I can win some of it back!

When I got to the tables, there was a game in progress and the next guy had a five on the table. I decided to watch the action before I got in the rotation. The tall guy was pretty good the drunk he was playing couldn't find the table let alone shoot pool. The game was 8 ball and the tall guy had just knocked off the second five when he asked if I'd like to play!

"How much?"

"Five ok?"

"Lets do it."

"Rack'em sucker"

Even though I wasn't trying I took him! I think we were both playing the hustler looking for better money! I was unprepared for the next! There was a five on the table and it belonged to my redhead! Tight pink hot pants and that skimpy postage stamp top that she wore on stage. Dame she came back! My cock popped to attention. My knees got weak! I was at a complete loss for words! I wanted to fuck this gal so bad!

"Are you ready?

My thoughts were driven by my crouch and the fact that she had hustled me for a fifty like no other gal had ever done before. Ready? Hell baby I'd hump you right here on this table! Maybe I'd get some of that Fifty back if I charged for admission!

"Ready? — Ready for" I mumbled for real

"That's my five on the table! Are you going to play?"

"Rack'em sucker!"

My eyes were locked on the mound of pink hot pants between her legs when I broke. That's one of the few times I didn't drop a ball! After her second ball, a real tough cut to the side pocket, I knew this game was all over! Long before she dropped the '8' ball, I looked at the tall guy to see if he was going to jump back in. "She is all yours bud! Ain't none of us that can take her!" The second game I spent more time watching her tits and ass than aiming so I lost that one too.

"Double or nothing? She asked

"You've done more than anyone has done in 10 years! You got her on the dance floor! And, she has been offered more than Fifty! So kick her ass if you can!" The guy told me.

"If we play another, I want you!"

"And what do I get when I win?"

"What do you want?"

She whisper in my ear "I want to tie you up and fuck your brains out!"

Shit, Win or lose — Hell I can't lose!

I racked them up then stood just off center and in perfect alignment with her break shot! After all that's what she did to me! I grabbed my crouch and placed my cock and balls for her best view!

It didn't work she not only had a nice spread of hi's but all my low's were in a tight nest almost where I racked them! It sure looked like I was going to get tied up!

The guy took me aside and warned me "If you can win - If you can win you better do it! The last guy she took to her bed had bruises on both wrists and couldn't walk the next day! Hell I don't think he has fucked anyone since!"

I got my chance when she missed the 9 ball! It didn't matter because I was doing to fuck this gal either way but considering the warning I didn't let anything, including the now topless competition, break my concentration. I broke up the group on the first ball, carefully picked my shots, placed my next, and proceed to run the balls! She was a real tease and used every thing she had to make me miss! On the eight ball she was now desperate so she mounted her pink clad mound of pussy atop the pocket! Now I'd never let that slide but then she was different!

I lined up the shot using her pussy for a target I struck the cue ball low and hard! The eight ball lifted above the table like an airplane and struck her right below her bare belly button! It dropped to the table 4 inches in front of the pocket and ever so slowly rolled to the edge of the hole! She was dismounting the pocket when the ball dropped in the pocket!

"Scratch! That's a scratch!"

"Sorry baby! I don't think so! But I'm willing to let these guys make the call if you think it will help!"

"Fuck! Fuck!"

She changed back into her street cloths and we left the club at 2AM. She promised to follow me back to the Hotel but I didn't trust her. I told her I didn't know the way so she would lead! At the hotel she grabbed a gym back out of her truck and we fondled each other through the parking lot and up the back elevator.

"What's in the Bag"

"A change of cloths and a few toys! You do like toys don't you?"

"It depends! Just what kind of toys"

"Well you won so you get to pick!"

I'm going to give this gal the best fucking of her life and I don't think I'll need any toys! But, Then what could it hurt to look!

"Ok baby lets see what you got."

"You just want me to drop my drawers! Just like that! Fuck I thought you would be more fun" -----

"No baby! I want to see your toys! Show me your toys!"

"Oh — I have a couple of Dildos"

She laid out a small vibrator but plug and a very large rubber dildo!

"A 12 inch strap on cock! Since I didn't win I guess I won't get to use that!"

"I think you're right about the cock" I explained to a rather disappointed look on her face. No wonder that guy couldn't walk! That thing would stretch my ass hole beyond repair!

"I have some velcro hand cuffs and some rope but I guess I won't get to use them either."

"Not necessarily! But, then they may be on you instead of on me."


"How about a bath or shower to get started" I asked.

"A shower, but I got to put my hair up first."

"Can't I shampoo it?"

"Wow - Sure but I need a dryer"

"No problem the hotel has a good one in the bath room!"

With a soft sound radio station in the back ground we both slowly stripped. Her nearly transparent smoke colored bra did a perfect job of supporting her luscious breasts but did nothing to conceal a perfect set of huge aureoles and engorged nipples. I think I'll tie her to the bed and suck them until she cums! Her matching hip hugging panties cut across just below where a tuft of beautiful red hair should been, but she was shaved smooth as a new born baby. Even though she was pushing thirty five her womanhood was tight closed like a young girl still waiting on her first hair. I've always kicked myself for missing out on sucking on a young smooth pussy! Although older her smoothness and tightness made my mouth water in anticipation!

As she slowly slid down her panties, I could hardly control myself from dropping to my knees and forcing my tongue between her tight vulva! She kicked her jeans and panties aside then turned her best asset toward me to remove her high heeled shoes. Bent over at the waist her pussy opened graciously to reveal the best cock teasing pink I've ever seen! I could not resist so I stepped up to her behind and rubbed by cock up and down her dripping wet slit. She didn't resist! In stead she braced her self on the dresser with one hand guided my cock like a dildo teasing her self to the verge of climax!

Then, she pushed me into her pulsating cunt! "Don't you cum in me!" she warned as I slid into my balls! I couldn't stroke in and out or I would have blown my load so I grabbed hold of her hips and held her tight as she convulsed through a long orgasm! I had to pull out before she got done or she would have got my wad deep inside!

She again grabbed my cock but this time she chocked it tight! "Bad boy! I told you not to do that!" It was only a little pre cum but if she hadn't chocked it off her ass would have got sprayed with my cream!

I released the clasp on her bra and let her breasts fall fee. Reaching under I took one in each hand and firmly rolled her nipples between my fingers! "Now lets get that shower" I told her. She stood and turned then let her bra slid down her arms. With a wiggle designed to make her tits tantalizingly sway she remarked "I'm ready baby!"

Through the steam of the shower I watched as her beautiful 38 inch ass disappeared behind the curtain. If I was going to get though this shower without blowing my load it was going to take a miracle. She was everything I'd ever fantasied and more! I had jacked off my soapy cock hundreds of times fantasizing about her and now she was going to take me in her hands and surely take more than just a few strokes! I just knew that I was going to pop off as soon as she touched me! Somehow I had to save myself for later! How?

Shampoo in my hand I stepped in behind her. Her hair was already wet, after all it draped her back clear down to her ass. I squeezed the shampoo on to the top of her head and slowly worked my fingers into her tantalizing hair. She moaned as if I was rubbing her slit and the more I worked her hair the more she moaned! It took forever to wash it all. Now to rinse it I turned her around. With her legs spread wide, my cock pressed tight to her mound and her breasts flattened to my chest I leaned her back under the water and began to rinse her hair. Her lips came to mine and we kissed open mouthed. That first kiss lasted for ever just to get her hair rinsed but I made it last longer.

I had to break or I would have shot my load into her belly button! "That was great honey" she whispered! "Now soap me up and let me feel your hands slither over my body! Make my pussy drip with passion!" she continued. She didn't have to ask twice! With her nipples grazing my chest my hands were all over her shoulders, back and then her ass.

Then she turned around! "Now the front baby! Wash everything baby!" she moaned. I wedged my ridged cock lengthwise between her firm cheeks and forced them apart. If she even moved I was going to shoot everything I had into the small of her back! As my hands slide over her breasts her ass raised up and down! Or was that me pumping my cock? I had to back away! I just couldn't let myself waist this load in the shower!

I reached down and worked my way up the insides of her thighs until I had just brushed over her vulva! Then I kneeled behind her and washed each leg! What a tease but I had to save the best for last! Almost finished I reached up and palmed her mound and slowly slid my fingers along the length of her slit and then spreading her ass cheeks I finished.

She was pumping and trying to get my fingers to slip into her pussy but I didn't give them to her! Not the way she wanted! Instead I took the but plug vibrator from the soap tray where I'd placed it earlier and before she knew what happened I shoved it up her butt hole! She squealed at first and then began to purr like a kitten as the vibrator took over. "That's going to make me cum!" she said softly

"That's not what I want!" I whispered as I inserted two fingers into her tight pussy then pushed the palm of my hand to the head of the vibrator and made sure it didn't pop out! In seconds she was in shaking like a leaf.

"Save it baby! Don't you dare cum! I'll tell you when you can cum!"

"I can't wait!"

"You better! If you can't follow my orders I'll have to tie you up and have my way with you for the rest of the night"

That did it she climaxed big time! It took several minutes until she could talk!

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! It just happened! I couldn't stop it!"

"I told you what would happen!"

"That's not fair"

"Well you should have followed instructions!"

It was my turn and she pressed her breasts to chest and washed my back and ass! My cock was standing straight up and she was intentionally rubbing it between us! Just when I thought I was going to waste it in her belly button she turned me around! The impending climax slowly subsided while she washed my chest! I really want to save this load but payback for the butt plug was surely coming.

She took my balls and rolled them furiously for what seemed like eternity but I held back! But, then she took by cock at the base and stroked it off the end! With the other hand she did the same! Oh shit! I knew what was going to happen, from a previous encounter I knew she was going to stroke from root to head alternating hands until I begged to cum! Stroking in one direction was like choking off a load that would not subside! Sure enough that's exactly what she did.

She grabbed my balls and cock with one hand and tightly stroked right off the head and then repeated the stroke with the other hand! Stroke after stroke faster and faster! My crouch cramped in pain! I had to cum and she wouldn't let me. The strokes manufactured cum but nothing released it! If she would just stop! Oh I wanted her to stop! No I didn't I wanted her to stop! Stroke in JUST ONCE so I can blow this load! She didn't do that! She stroked off the head until I was ready to pass out! My knees when weak and I was on the way to the tub when she stopped. With her arms wrapped tight around me she held me up. Then it happened My cock blew its load it pumped wad after wad unto the shower wall! Wasted all wasted!

She didn't think it was wasted! "That was great honey! You lasted longer than anyone has ever lasted!" That was great! And, see you are still hard so now we can fuck all night!

She sat on the vanity with a towel wrapped around her while I dried her hair! "I like that honey! I love it when a man plays with my hair" she purred. Her hair dry we moved to the bed.

"You were a bad girl and now you have to pay"

"Oh please don't make me pay! I'll be good! I'll be good."

"No! You were bad! Lay down on your back while I tie you up!"

"Please I'll be good!"

I took out the four velcro straps and put them around her wrists and ankles. Then I pulled the ropes through the straps. First I tied her hands back to the head board then I spread her legs wide and tied each to the leg of the bed. Carefully I pulled her hair from under her body and fanned it like a headdress on the bedspread above her head! She looked like a buffet all laid out waiting on me to select what I wanted to eat first. She didn't fight me she wanted me to have my way with her! She had done this to so many men. Each time she had fantasied what it would be like to have a man take her this way! Now it was going to happen! She showed a little fear but that wasn't going to stop it! Well anyway it was too late! She couldn't stop it now that she was tied down anymore that the men she had done could stopped her!

Her lips were first! I leaned in and softly kissed her lips then pulled away! I kissed her again this time I forced her lips open and our tongues played tag like two kids in the back yard. Next I mounted her chest and caressed her lips with my cock's engorged head. She lapped at it like a lollipop until I took it away. Slowly I jacked it off while she watched every stroke! Soon I had the pre-cum I wanted! Again I placed it's head to her lips and she sucked in the dripping cream. She begged for more but I had other plans.

I slid down until my cock lay in the val between her breasts and then pushed them together forming the best titie fuck hole I'd ever used! When she told me that my cock would stay hard after she wasted me in the shower she was right. It was as hard as ever and more than ready to produce! I fucked her tits until I shot my second load of slippery cum and then slipped out.

Kneeling between her legs I, parted her labia with my fingers and gently stroked her sopping slit from hood to ass. "Feels so good!" She moaned with pleasure. Slowly I slipped my thumb into her love hole. She met my efforts by raising up.

Something was now pressing on her 'G' spot. She wasn't sure how my fingers could feel so good but she loved the sensation. When I put pressure on her mound she realized it was my thumb that was tantalizing her 'G' spot.

I was now pressed hard on her mound. Her clit was excited beyond control and as I applied the pressure I pinched it between my fingers. Her body was convulsing and she knew that she was going to climax!

Oh-Shit she had to PEE. "Dam - what the fuck! I can't pee I want to cum" she mumbled. "Let it go" I replied even though I didn't hear what she had mumbled.

"I can't - I can't"

"Just let it go!"

Then I pressed down hard!

"Fuck I'm going to PEE!"

"No your not! Just let it go!"

Her pussy lips were spread wide and their sensitive flesh was tantalized by the palm of my hand. Her clit was standing between my fingers and I was jacking it off like a little cock. Her "G" spot was swelling with sensational desire. She couldn't hold it! She PEED all over her self and climaxed at the same time! "Oh God! I can't believe I did that" she said as the convulsions slowly receded. "I peed all over you! I'm so sorry" she apologized.

"You didn't pee! You ejaculated! I wasted you!"

I released her hand ties and she slowly sat up and saw the thick yellow cream that had shot out of her pussy like she had a man's cock! "That was the best! I mean the Best I have ever cum -----!" And then she collapsed back on to the bed.

I collected the sticky cum in my hands and gently massaged it along with my own cum into her breasts. She was spent and she drifted into a deep sleep.

When she woke it was 7 AM and I was in the shower! She stumbled to her feet and wandered into the bathroom. She palmed her breasts. She was still naked! As my eyes met hers she blurted "Again! O-God! I want to cum again!" Sorry honey I have a meeting to go to! The most I can offer is a quick shower and a cup of coffee in the restaurant down stairs.

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