tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Russian Mistress Ch. 05

The Russian Mistress Ch. 05


Natalia, the young and gorgeous Russian, walked from the bar with her head low. Her entire body ached, but especially her swollen pussy and her beat red back door. She didn't even say goodbye to the bar tender as usual. She wondered if he felt bad for giving Natalia to Todd the way he had. Probably not. Todd probably paid good money to do what he did to her.

Natalia did not go back to the bar for several weeks. After over three months, she got a phone call from the bartender.

"Natalia, where are you sweetie? Look, I know what Todd did was a little harsh, but did you see that check I mailed you? You made quadrupedal what you usually make! Over nine grand for just a day!"

"Yeah, I guess. I don't know. That was a little much, even for me. Sex with a guy is one thing but what he did to me, I'll never forget, Rodger."

"I'm sorry sweetie. Look, come back to work and I won't let Todd do that to you again. Promise."

"Okay, I'll be in tomorrow." Natalia said with a smile. Besides, she needed the money.


Dressing in a skin tight red dress and black high heels, Natalia wore her straightened black hair down to her waist. Natalia was happy with her, as usual, beautiful appearance. She only had to apply some eye liner and mascara to complete her look and be off to work for the first time in a long time.

The drive was a quick one. When she got there, Natalia waved to Rodger and he smiled pleasently in return. He already had her drink made and ready by the time she got to the counter.

"Room one, sweetheart." He said.

"Thanks!" Natalia replied with no idea of what she was in for.

When Natalia opened the door her heart immediately fell from her chest to her gut. There sat Todd, with a smile across that handsome and smug face of him. Natalia immediately began to shake. The liquor in her drink splashed side to side and she had to set the glass down on a table by the wall. She looked over the round white bed in the center and through the pink lighting to stare Todd straight in the eye. Rodger had betrayed her.

The dirty-blonde, well built, male kept on smiling before saying, "Good to see you again slave. Its been too long."

"Y-yes, master. It has been." She stuttered.

"Well, lets get started. I know my cock has missed you terribly. Get up on that bed, slave." He ordered.

Natalia did as she was told right away.

"Undress. Quick." Todd ordered, as he removed his plain blue t-shirt. His muscles were even more toned than before. He undid his pants, leaving nothing but his tight black boxer briefs, covering a semi hard and thick cock.

Natalia slid from her dress, it dropping to her feet and she kicked it away. Next she bent over to undo the heels and throw them on the ground. Knowing her role she stuck her arms up, ready for them to be cuffed into the bar above her head. She was right too. Todd climbed on top of the bed and cuffed her wrists tightly into place, spread apart above her head. Next he got on his knees and cuffed her legs, spread wide apart, on the bed.

Todd got up and stepped back to admire the freshly shaved Natalia.

"My oh my, slave." He said with a smile.

Todd began to rub his cock behind his boxer briefs. Natalia could see it getting harder and longer. He was soon tugging them off and his dick was standing nearly straight up, eager to play in Natalia's holes. The question Todd had was where to start. He walked around Natalia, admiring her bubble butt and perky breasts. He climbed onto the bed and stood inches from her face. His lips forced themselves onto her's. Natalia closed her eyes, kissing back. Her heart beat quickened in a bad way.

She could feel one hand on her breasts, his index and thumb squeezing and twisting her left nipple. Slowly he moved to the right, then back. She yelped below their kissing in pain as he forced her nipples hard. His other hand slid down between her legs. There was no introduction. Two fingers were forced inside her tight pussy and he didn't hesitate to pump them in and out at a fast pace. Natalia moaned in pleasure and Todd pulled back from kissing.

"Oh, you like that, huh slave? Have you missed me?" Todd mocked her.

"Yes master. Oh...ah...oh yes, master." She moaned as his fingers continued to beat her pussy until juices rolled down his fingers.

Todd removed his fingers and held them to her mouth, forcing them passed her lips before she had any time to think. She was forced to suck her sweet juices from his fingers. She licked the tips of his fingers too, sucking and moaning as if she was enjoying a cock in her mouth. This made Todd laugh.

"You want this and don't worry slave, I'm gonna give it to ya good!" He laughed.

Natalia shivered at this. Knowing of what Todd was into and how rough and dirty he could be.

He was walking around her now. Todd stood still behind her, his body pressed up against her's. She could feel his thick cock touching her legs. His lips touched her neck gently and then he nipped her nape's flesh, sending shivers down her spine in a good way. Natalia's knees went weak as he continued to kiss and bite her neck. One hand wrapped around her and held her neck tightly, a little upright as well. The other went from behind, between her legs, and she rubbed her pussy. His fingers became soaked and he used this to rub against her tight asshole.

Natalia knew what was happening now. She shut her eyes tight just as he inserted his soaked index finger deep inside of her back door. Natalia squealed in surprise.

"You like that, don't you?" Todd whispered in her ear.

"Y-yes, m-master." She moaned as he thrusted his finger in and out, hard and fast.

Once he decided it was lubed up enough, he stroked his dick, still holding her tightly by her neck. He pressed the head of his cock up against her asshole. She gulped, squeezing her eyes shut even more. Natalia held her breath as Todd's thick seven inch cock slid its way into her back hole. Her jaw dropped and she gasped, exhaling hard. All seven inches were shoved deep inside of her one thick inch after the other. Her ass hole was stretched wide to allow him inside.

"Oh yeah baby, nice and tight just how daddy likes it. Call me daddy." Todd whispered in her ear, holding his cock still inside of her.

"Da..." Was all Natalia could manage before he was thrusting as hard as he could. His balls slapped between her legs as seven inches of massively thick cock slid from one inch to seven inches inside of her tight asshole. Natalia screamed in pain.

"Say....d...daddy!" Todd moaned as he thrusted.

"Da..da...daddy! Daddy!" Natalia finally managed between rough breathing and screams. She felt her ass hole behind spread wide and turning red as he thrusted it into her with no mercy. The tears began to form in her eyes, then fall down her cheeks.

"Oh...yeah...baby!" Todd huffed and puffed, his hand still holding her throat and the other holding her left hip bone as he thrusted his cock in and out of her asshole.

This went on for at least five minutes. Natalia cried, screaming and moaning all mixed into one. There was no pleasure for the slender Russian woman. The pleasure was all for Todd.

Once Todd stopped he slid his dick out very slowly. He was breathing heavily, stroking his dick slowly as he got off the round bed. He walked to the front and smiled up at the tear filled eyes of the Russian mistress.

"Oh baby. Don't cry. We're not done, don't worry." Todd mocked some more.

He walked to a wall of toys and grabbed a gag ball and anal beads. These were thicker than Natalia had ever seen before! The last one had to be at least three inches all around.

He got on top of the bed and put the gag ball into her mouth. Oh he loved the sight of that. Next he slid the tip of the anal beads into her pussy first to lube them up. Then he began to insert them one by one into her sore asshole. She held her jaw tightly shut and closed her eyes, feeling the balls spread her back door wide open once more. When the last one had her ass spread open to three inches, Todd sneered.

He then held the head of his cock to her soaked pussy. He went slow at first as if teasing her. Natalia moaned slightly into the gag ball, almost forgetting the pain in her behind. But it was soon remembered once he began to thrust hard and deep. His balls slapped between her legs again and Natalia moaned and screamed into the gag ball. Her eyes shut tight again and her head rolled back. It felt good but it hurt too.

Her clit began to swell in pleasure as his thick cock stretched her pussy wide open, and Todd held the balls firmly in place inside her asshole. He began to move them up and down inside, making Natalia tensed up and scream into the ball.

"Oh...hush..baby..girl." He moaned as he thrusted even faster into her swollen cunt.

Natalia screamed and moaned some more. She could only pray he was close to finishing. It was Natalia's lucky day and Todd's cock began to tense up. He yanked his dick out fast, her juices falling down her legs. He let go of the balls which remained inside her ass hole as he stroked his dick fast until his cum shot up onto her stomach. The thick white liquid dribbled down her stomach.

"Not finished yet. It's your turn!" Todd smirked.

He dropped to his knees, her swollen and soaked pussy in his face. His tongue began to lick her clit with no mercy. But this actually felt food. Natalia moaned, her eyes closing and her body shaking in pleasure. He inserted a couple of fingers, moving them in and out quickly. Then another hand grabbed the handle for the balls inside her asshole. He shoved them up and down. The pain returned and tears swelled in Natalia's eyes. Despite the pain she couldn't help but enjoy herself too. She felt the orgasm coming on. Her legs tensed and her body shook. How could this be happening? Natalia absolutely hated the feeling of her ass hole stretched open for cock or toys, and yet somehow it made her body crave an orgasm more than ever.

"Come on." Todd coaxed when he moved his mouth away. he blew gently on her swollen clit. His tongue returned to her clit, his fingers pushing harder and deeper. Finally she screamed in pleasure as her pussy squeezed around his fingers, her body shaking as she came. Todd slowly pulled the anal beads out, one by one. The pain felt good somehow this time.

When the last one was out, Todd pulled his fingers from her pussy and got off the bed. He undid the cuffs and signaled for the door.

"Free to leave. This time. You better be back. I have your address. Don't doubt me." Todd said, turning his back and dressing.

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