tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Voice Ch. 3

The Voice Ch. 3

bydeputy duffy©

Debbie heard her name being called out from the speakerphone. She had spent the last couple of hours searching for answers to her current dilemma, but had come empty.

"Welcome back Debbie, it's time to dress for you haircut," the voice boomed.

"Ah, I usually wear sweats," Debbie moaned.

"Not today," the voice boomed, "let's start with some hot shorts, Daisy Dukes seem appropriate."

"Funny I get it," Debbie groaned, as she reluctantly searched her draws, the voice finally settled on a pink pair of shorts, which were a little too small. Next she found her black push up bra, which the voice had no problem with, however finding a top took some time. The voice finally led her through a systematic cutting up, of a normal white T- shirt, until the shirt barely covered her black bra.

As Debbie was dressing, the voice also told her exactly what it wanted her to do with Daisy. None of it really surprised Debbie, after the morning with the paperboy. Although she still wasn't sure she could pull it off, and was none to happy about it.

"Debbie back in the bathroom," the voice ordered, when Debbie was dressed.

Back in the bathroom, Debbie stood in front of the full-length mirror staring at her reflection, once again.

"Isn't this getup just a little obvious?" Debbie moaned. "Why don't I just wear a shirt that says, fuck me, I'm a whore, in big letters!"

After adding more make up and a dose of perfume, Debbie sat on the couch, nervously awaiting Daisy's arrival. She still wasn't sure she could go through with it. It wasn't like Daisy wasn't attractive, she even reminded her a lot of Nicole Kidman. She was lean and tall, with fair skin, and she had a thing about changing her hair color, but Debbie's still got queasy when she thought about two women making love.

Debbie looked out the window; the big white truck was still there. Debbie began feeling more and more like a rat in a cage.

Several minutes later, she saw Daisy's car pull in her driveway, so she met her at the door. After the two exchanged pleasantries, they headed for the kitchen. Debbie opened a bottle of wine and pulled a chair to the center of the kitchen, as previously instructed by the voice. Daisy quickly went to work on Debbie hair. The two swapped stories about their children as she worked. It didn't take Daisy long to finish up, as Debbie only needed a trim.

"Daisy would you have a glass of wine with me in the living room?" Debbie asked.

"Ah I guess, your paying for the sitter," Daisy said.

The two women moved to the couch, Debbie's heart was racing, as she was trying to follow the plan that the voice had laid out.

"Is this how you normally dress around the house Debbie?" Daisy mumbled, as she finally couldn't help herself.

"No, it's just, you know, the husband and the kids are away." Debbie mumbled, more then embarrassed at the way she was dressed, especially compared to Daisy, who wore a simple pair of jeans and a man's button down shirt, tied in the front.

"Is everything ok, Deb?" Daisy interrupted.

"Well not really."

"I knew it, you've been acting strange all day, first on the phone and then here," Daisy roared.

"It's just, ah you know..." Debbie just couldn't think of how to word it.

"Is it your husband?" Daisy asked.

Debbie just nodded her head, this wasn't what she planned, and she felt bad about what she was about to say.

"It's just he doesn't do for me what he used too," Debbie managed.

"Whose husband does!" Daisy laughed, and then went on to tell a long rambled story about how great her sex life was, when she was younger, and then she got married, and how things change. The two traded stories until Daisy excused herself, to use the bathroom.

"You're losing her Debbie," the voice hissed, from the speakerphone, that was on the coffee table.

"What am I going to do, jump her and tear her clothes off?" Debbie cried. "I just."

"Well Debbie, If we can settle up, I have to go, but call me and we will talk," Daisy said, as she came out of the bathroom.

"Please Daisy just a few more minutes, ah I have one more thing."

"What is Debbie, you're not pregnant again?" Daisy moaned.

"No nothing like that," Debbie said, as she pulled Daisy down on the couch again. "Well it's just, you know, I never went to college, and I never had a lot of girlfriends."

"I like you too Deb," Daisy said, as she gave Debbie a quick hug. When Daisy went to break free from the hug, Debbie held on tight, as she looked up into Daisy's blue eyes.

"Hello Deb, it's me Daisy," Daisy whispered, as she felt Debbie shaking in her arms.

"I'm sorry!" Debbie cried out, as she slammed back against the couch, her hands covering her face.

"I can't fucking do this!" Debbie cried out.

"Debbie what's really wrong," Daisy whispered, as she wrapped her arms around Debbie, "man your shaking!"

Debbie cried for several minutes, as Daisy did her best to comfort her. Finally Daisy held Debbie's face in her hands, as she dried her tears with a tissue. Debbie broke free and pressed her lips into her friends, she also held Daisy firmly on the shoulder, to prevent her from pulling away. Debbie slowly broke the hold, and opened her eyes.

"Well that was interesting," Daisy moaned, which sent Debbie back into tears.

"Really Deb, it's all right," Daisy said, as she went back to her comforting mode. "I mean, what's that saying a kiss is just a kiss?"

"Does that mean you didn't like it?" Debbie mumbled.

"No, it just, you know, caught me by surprise, that's all, especially from you," Daisy mumbled. "You know our husbands are friends, we are friends, and our kids play together."

"That's why I figured I could try it with you," Debbie mumbled.

"You mean you want to like fool around, or something?" Daisy mumbled.

"I ah, just wanted to know, you know, what it's like, I guess I missed that part when I was younger," Debbie groaned.

"So it not like, you know, you have feelings for me?" Daisy stuttered.

"Well yah I like you as a friend," Debbie moaned.

"Just a friend?" Daisy asked.

"Yah it's not like I want to leave my husband for you."

"Oh thank god!" Daisy cried out in relief, as the two women hugged.

"Have you ever?" Debbie finally asked, finally breaking the awkward silence.

"Ah a couple of times, when I was in high school, just petting though. I really don't think I could, you know, go down on a woman." Daisy mumbled.

"Oh," Debbie said, as she hung her head.

"Oh Debbie, look at me," Daisy said, as she lifted Debbie's chin, "I think I understand."

"I doubt it," Debbie said, with a nervous laugh.

"Listen I really hate to see you like this," Daisy said, "so I'll try to help you out."

"You mean," Debbie said, as she looked into Daisy's blue eyes.

"I mean, if you want to fool around a little, you know, touch each other," Daisy muttered.

"Sorry for making you so uncomfortable, you know I wouldn't ask you if I didn't have too!" Debbie cried.

"Yah I guess so, wait, what do you mean you have too?" Daisy said, as she held Debbie's chin in her hand.

"Ah, I just have too...get it out of my system," Debbie said, as she cringed.

"Ok, just no toys, or anything," Daisy said, and the two women giggled. "Ok you can kiss me now, this time I might even kiss you back."

Debbie closed her eyes, as the two women's lips met, she didn't know if she was enjoying the kiss, or the fact that she had seemingly pulled it off, as a sudden calmness fell over her.

The two spent some time kissing, before Daisy pulled away laughing.

"What, was it all right?" Debbie asked nervously.

"Yah Deb, it was fine, your a good kisser really, it's just, ah, it's just like kissing my sister. Maybe we can move on?" Daisy stuttered.

"Ok what's next?" Debbie asked.

"Hey it's your deal!" Daisy cried out.

"Oh yah, ok, ah lets see." Debbie said, as she looked at Daisy shirt. She reached out and started to untie the bow, that held the two halves together.

"Ah Debbie what are you doing?" Daisy said, as she held the front of her shirt. "I thought we were just going to fool around, you know petting.

"I ah, that's what I'm doing, isn't it? Please I just need to do this!" Debbie cried.

"Ok Debbie, I trust you know what you're doing."

"Well I don't, but that's the idea," Debbie said, as she pulled the shirt open, reveling Daisy's breasts, which were now only covered by a small red bra.

For the second time today, Debbie felt that unique feeling of being felt up, for the first time, only this time she was doing the feeling up. Debbie pulled at the top of the strapless bra, and pulled it down to Daisy's stomach, causing both women to gasp. Debbie's hands were shaking when they returned to Daisy's breasts, they were just like Debbie figured, small and firm, with small areola and pinkish nipples, which Debbie spent some time fondling. She looked up at Daisy, who wore a look of concern.

"Relax Debbie," Debbie moaned, "ah, I mean relax Daisy."

Debbie leaned forward and kissed her neck, before trailing her way down to her breasts, she spent several minutes kissing them all over, before getting the courage to finally take a hard nipple into her mouth. She took turns sucking and softly biting each one, for several minutes.

"Ah Deb, I don't know about this," Daisy moaned, when she felt Debbie kissing her way down her stomach. Debbie didn't know just what to say to comfort Daisy, especially when she started pulling her jeans down.

"Ah Deb," Daisy moaned out, as Debbie began rubbing her hand over Daisy's small red panties.

"Doesn't that feel good?" Debbie purred.

"C'mon you know it does, but still," Daisy moaned.

Debbie could see that Daisy was struggling with her own emotions. Thinking fast, and in one burst of courage. Debbie moved Daisy's panties to the side, and quickly brought her tongue down, licking from the bottom to the top of Daisy's long pussy, which was covered in fine red pubic hair.

"Oh... Debbie," Daisy moaned, "this wasn't what I had in mind."

Debbie wished she didn't just say that, because that's exactly what she had been thinking the whole time, in fact the whole day.

Debbie continued to lick Daisy's pussy, she tried to remember how she liked to be licked, back in the day, before she had kids, because after that Debbie swore off oral sex, giving and receiving. She just didn't think a mom should be doing that kind of stuff.Debbie also closed her eyes, and tried to put out of her mind what she was doing, and to whom she was doing it too.

Debbie seemed to find Daisy's spot, as she grabbed Debbie's head and held it, as she was crying out rather loudly. She began bucking back and forth. Debbie was beginning to panic as her whole face was being pressed right against Daisy's pussy, and soon Debbie wore a shinny mask of Daisy's juices. Daisy slowly let go of her head, and the two sat on the couch, next to each other, in awkward silence.

"See that wasn't so bad," Debbie mumbled, not really sure how she meant that.

Debbie looked at Daisy and then with a smile, lifted her T-shirt over her head and quickly unsnapped her bra.

"Oh yah, their nice Debbie, but I have to use the bathroom first," Daisy said, as she rushed for the bathroom.

"I can't believe this," Debbie mumbled, as she took of her pink shorts and noticed she had a small wet spot in the crotch.

"Oh my," she moaned, as she used the shorts to wipe the moister, between her legs. She was more than a little embarrassed that she had become aroused, and she didn't want Daisy to find out just how much.

Daisy opened the bathroom door, and was met by the naked Debbie, who gave her a small kiss.

"I have to freshen up too, and then we can continue," Debbie said.

Debbie looked at her reflection in the mirror, her face was still shinning from her earlier actions. She washed her face with cold water, somewhat surprised that steam didn't rise off her face, as it was burning hot. Then she wiped her pussy with a damp face cloth, and then ran a towel between her legs.

"Ok Debbie, you have come this far, some day maybe I will be able to explain all this to her," Debbie said to herself before taking a deep breath.

"Ok Daisy, I'm ready!" Debbie cried out, when she opened the door. "Daisy?"

Debbie raced to the window just in time to see Daisy's taillights racing down the street.

"Ah, what the fuck!" Debbie cried out.

"Well that two strikes," the voice bellowed from the speakerphone.

"Fuck that!"

"And fuck me, I know," the voice interrupted.

"Yah fuck you, and your an asshole too, how's that." Debbie snapped.

"Predictable, rejection is a bitch," the voice hissed.

"How will I ever explain this?" Debbie cried, "Oh my god, what if she thinks I did it, just to get out of paying her, like the paperboy!"

"Don't worry about that now, you have more important things to think about," the voice boomed.

"Please, I mean how much more do you think I can take? You're ruining my life!" Debbie shot.

"Well I think I have one finale task in me, and I hope you do too."

"That's it, just one more! That's all I'm doing!" Debbie snapped.

"Yes, just one more, but you can't fail this one, or it's three strikes and then..." the voice hissed.

"I know please your not helping," Debbie moaned.

"I know what you need, a nice hot bath," the voice hissed.

"Oh yah that's what I need," Debbie said sarcastically, as she remembered that's exactly how this whole day started.

Debbie started the tub, adding some bubbles for shelter, as she was suddenly becoming painfully aware of her naked state. Settling into the tub, she almost laughed, as she thought the voice might have actually been right, for once. Her jovial state didn't last long, as she soon found herself following another command, by using the water pouring out of the faucet to masturbate.

The End of Ch. 3

Ch. 4 the finale task, coming soon.

Thanks for reading my story, please don't be shy with your comments and suggestions, and feel free to vote.

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