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Three Babes



Conrad Pearson, disgraced son of a couple who ran a rural highway maintenance business 300 miles to the south, arrived at Penney's Crossing off a feeder flight on a cold frosty morning to begin his new job at assistant chief accountant at Kline and French.

The wiry 28-year old, with bleached curly blond hair, been thrown out of the family business where he'd been finance manager after $15,000 had been found missing from the company's operating funds. Conrad's own sleuthing had established office manager Kitty Smith had been milking the funds for two months to meet her husband's gambling debts.

Conrad's problem was he'd occasionally dated Kitty when between women when he became horny. Feeling somewhat beholden to her, he convinced Kitty if she resigned he'd admit to the theft.

Kitty resigned that day, claiming she had cancer and the overly sympathetic Mrs Pearson doubled Kitty's termination pay. Conrad confessed to his mother who'd discovered the discrepancy during her quarterly internal audit. He'd expected his parents would have been upset but lenient because it was only a lousy fifteen thou.

But no, he was fired and told to get out of their sight.

Conrad had defended himself, inviting his father to just kick his ass and cut his salary. Kevin appeared to accept that idea but Conrad's mom, who tended to become erratic when challenged, screamed no way her son the thief had twenty-four hours to leave. Once again Conrad was to learn his dad tended to do what his wife Susan demanded.

Conrad applied for several jobs and finally secured way well to the north as a senior accountant after two telephone interviews. Fortunately the recruiter checked out Conrad with his father rather than his mom and Kevin Conrad who praised his son's abilities and his commitment to absolute professionalism.

Conrad arrived at the city that he would learn that locals called The Crossing and first impressions pleased him. Many new buildings downtown mixed with solid long-standing structures, many of which appeared to have architectural merit. Yes he could feel comfortable living here with rivers passing on the west and east boundaries with their confluence a couple of miles beyond the city to form a bigger river.

He'd arrived just after 8:00 am with only two bags, with his other possessions included his beloved motor-cycle in storage in a barn on his widowed aunt's farm. He'd sold his Ford F-250 pickup to her foreman.

The cabbie took him to an inexpensive hotel. Conrad booked in for two weeks to give him time to find more permanent accommodation and went out for coffee, choosing a restaurant almost opposite the department store of Kline and French.

The day manager took him to the table and poured coffee.

"Stranger in town?"

"Yeah Miss, I start across the road today."

"What in corsetry?"

Conrad really appreciated humor and smiled and said admin.

"What's your name baby?"

"Adele as my nametag says."

No waitress was arriving. She said, "What do you want?"

He produced a blush from her by saying, "What are you offering" and to his delight she said, "Do you wish to date me?" rather than demand was he attempting to date her.

"Yes Adele. Do you have a boyfriend?"


"But if we are discreet you'll be happy to date me?"

She smiled and said exactly and that he had good understanding. Her view was he was a stranger in town and would be working at her favorite shopping place.

Adele smiled warmly. "I'm sure you will only regard my gesture as friendship."

"An omelet and two pieces of whole meal toast please Adele. You have made me feel I should eat."

She smiled and walked off, probably aware her butt would be his focus.

They would both have to admit she had a great looking body.

Conrad was delighted. He'd only just arrived in the city and already had a potential friend and he even had the fleeing thought Adele might oblige if he pressed for sexual favors as she appeared to like him. He had no problems with dating a supervisor of a restaurant, believing all women should not be judged solely on where they were at in life.

Adele, whose parents owned the restaurant and two others in the city, emerged from the kitchen and smiled in Conrad's direction, noting he was watching workers entering the premises of Kline and French through the staff only entrance.

She served him his meal and said Thursday evening would be fine. He really hadn't focused and assumed she was talking about the weather.

When the main doors of the four-level department store opened, Conrad left the restaurant, waving to Adele who blew him a kiss.

That warmed him.

Crossing the busy street in rush hour, Conrad wondered if the store did indeed have a corsetry or corset department or was it part of lingerie? He thought the brunette Adele would look rather alluring dressed in a warm red bra and panty set.

"Down boy," he muttered.

Maureen French was standing in admin reception and pointedly looked at her watch as he arrived. He recognized her from her CV on the store's website.

"Hi Mrs French. I'm careful with figures but a little sloppy about punctuality. I give accounting the thrust of my diligence and accuracy than my regard to clock-watching unless time is of the essence."

Well what could she say to that? Well she looked quite unimpressed.

"Good morning Conrad, call me Maureen," she said a little stiffly. "Please follow me."

Conrad followed her quite trim figure and wondered what was her choice of lingerie color today, if indeed she wore any. Perhaps he should ask?

"We've received your signed contract and it's in order. Your web page went live this morning."

"I'm impressed, most efficient."

"We try to perform well for our stockholders and that's why we've paid more to hire you for this new position, to inject more strength into finance and accounting. It has become a bit slow and, to use your word, sloppy. You have had a little experience as an investigatory accountant."

"Yes but sloppiness refers to standards as does under-performance and the finger for that would point to the chief accountant."

Maureen, by then seated and waving him to a chair, squirmed and murmured, "Who is Mr Kline's son."

"Ah," Conrad grinned. "I suspect I have been hired to expose my principal's short-comings."

She looked uncomfortable once more and said, "Please let this be our little secret."

They chatted and then she said, "Come through and meet Tubby, oh god, I meant to say my business partner Anthony Kline."

"And that little slip shall be our secret Maureen."

She smiled gratefully.

As to be expected, Anthony Kline was considerably over-weight and had a soft pudgy handshake, the kind of handshake women appear to detest. Left almost wishing he could wipe his hand after it had been shaken, Conrad understood why women felt like that. He had no desire to think of Mr Kline's sweaty lingerie... er underwear.

Coffee was served and they had a cozy chat that ended when Anthony announced he was off to a business appointment.

"We have quite a bit of money invested in you Conrad, make sure you earn it."

Conrad didn't acknowledge the fat prick's rude comment and thought well that placed him firmly in Maureen's camp.

Maureen had briefed Conrad that she was the director responsible for finance and admin while Anthony supervised retailing and marketing and their worked jointly on store operation. Her next action was to introduce Conrad to everyone working in finance/accounting.

Freddie Kline was almost as fat as his father and didn't offer to shake Conrad's hand, to the relief of Conrad, but was warm in his welcome.

Conrad found he was to share a large office with the internal auditor. The very attractive babe who, surprisingly, looked vaguely familiar scowled at him when he addressed her breasts as Maureen introduced the internal auditor as her daughter Christie.

"Hi," Christie said crossly, not using his name.

Conrad recalled her name and face from his study of the web site but had no recall of her surname.

"You also received your masters from Lansdale."

"Yes," the 24-year old said in surprise and that thawed her somewhat. Conrad accepted she was quite a babe and noticed no engagement or wedding rings.

"Well I'll leave Christie to continue your induction," Maureen said. "Please remember it's not Conrad's fault you two must share an office."

"Yes mother."

As soon as the door closed Christie flared, "Will you please stop looking at me like that."

"Like what?"

"Like you are undressing me?"

Conrad thoughtfully walked across to the door and locked it.

"Okay let's get over this over with. Get your dress off."

"How dare you," she almost spat.

He turned and went to his desk, grouching, "Then have it your way."

"Why do you wish to see me nude? I can't understand this interest in me."

"My only interest is in the color and style of your lingerie. That's all. My mother and older sister until she married and left home often walked around in their underwear and I'm guilty of missing that."

"D-did you touch them?"

"No of course not. What do you think I am?"

"At present I have no idea. Um if I remove my dress is that all?"

"Yes but I'd like it to be a morning ritual."

"There's a fat chance of that happening," she almost giggled. "Here we go."

Conrad turned and leant against his desk.

Christine lifted the dress to cover her face and chestnut hair to conceal her embarrassment.

She had smaller tits than the woman across at the restaurant and they were wide apart and cute. Probably 34b or c. Her thighs were slim and he could see the bulge of her pussy. The lacy underwear was almost gold in color.

"Very nice. You also have cute tits."

She pulled her dress down and turned away from him, blushing, but in smoothing the fabric over his butt gave him the start of an erection. He hurried to sit behind his desk.

"Let's sit on the sofa to talk," she said, checking her cell phone for messages.

Conrad rushed to the sofa before she was in position to notice his bulge.

Later when he returned from induction from Freddie, he said to Christie politely, "I won't complain if you request this office be subdivided. It's large enough to produce two small offices."

She sat behind a glass-topped desk with supported by an aluminum frame. "And how would I allow you to constantly check on the color of my panties?

He felt his face redden and heard her giggle.

"Come," she said. "I'll buy you lunch."

"Great, we can talk confidentially away from here."

"Conrad, I go out with a guy who could become my fiancé."

He shrugged and crowded her but she didn't attempt to move clear.

Eating sandwiches they looked at each other.

"Well away you go but please don't be foul."

To Christies surprise Conrad talked business.

"Has you mother said anything about why I have been hired?"

Christie squirmed a little and said, "Mom said something in confidence. That's all I can say."

"Fair enough Christie. Look this is what I want you to do. I want your mother and Anthony Kline to agree to everyone in the department reporting to me. I'll process those reports and pass them on Freddie to thus free him of time-consuming routine work, with me being responsible for the quality of reporting and chasing up on deficiencies. Your mother alone could authorize this but if Freddie goes to his father complaining this could overturn that decision. Suggest this change will allow Freddie to spend more time on direct management including one-on-one training of his more senior personnel."

"Why are you suggesting I make this suggestion?"

"To avoid Freddie thinking I suspect he's responsible for ineffective control and leadership of his department."


"Make the suggestion to your mother and writing and tell her to give Anthony a copy of the report when she discusses it with him. That should avert any suspicion about my involvement but your mother will know where this idea has come from because she was frank with me when discussing why I had been employed."

"Okay but expect Freddie to have a piece of me when he finds out I'm responsible for this idea."

"It's part of you duties to think like that Christie and he'll probably accept that. You are the internal auditor."

"May I think about this?"

"No just write your report. This company has a major problem that requires fixing."

As they walked back to the office, Christine said, " You have just arrived in the city. Um I'm available if you wish to date you now and again."

"You mean for sex?"

She looked up at the sky and said it didn't look like rain.

Conrad took her arm to cross the street and though Christie was showing she had skills and she wore cute underwear.

Next morning when arriving Christine found Conrad already at his laptop, probably reading the staff manual. She pulled up her short skirt when seated and looking down across the gap Conrad could see her lingerie today was green.

He said, "Great color but I really think our desks could be pulled a lot closer?"

She giggled and she she'd completed her confidential report last night and had just send it encrypted to her mother.

"Thanks darling."

She scowled but that couldn't conceal the blush. The ash blonde was twenty-seven with pale skin and that complexion exposed every blush.

There was no immediate reaction from Christie's mother and that didn't surprise Conrad. She'd need to consider all options and possible outcomes. Her first priority would be to ensure she continued to work smoothly with her business partner; they were to two biggest investors in the business.

Conrad spent his first weekend looking for a suitable apartment but found nothing that appealed. Neighboring residents he came across during inspections were often noisy or, well, unwholesome or perhaps both.

His last call was on a husband and wife who had an apartment attached to their house. They were quite upfront. It had been built for the wife's mother who'd recently passed away.

"In return for free use of the pool and the spa house, all that we ask is you shovel away snow and look after pool maintenance."

Conrad said no problem and signed up for the lease after confirming it was okay to have women friends visit him.

"Women?" said the wife querulously but when her semi-invalided husband said, "He's a young buck dear, capable of two or three at a time," his wife said 'Oooh' and added that would be acceptable. They asked for two days to consider all applications and to brief their attorney.

Three days later Conrad took a call from a Mrs Starke, an attorney who said she was calling about an apartment he's expressed interest in.

"My clients the O'Carroll's are happy to lease their apartment to you."

Conrad played it cool and said which apartment was that as he'd inspected quite a few.

"You must remember them. Mrs O'Carroll's was wearing a neck brace and Mr O'Carroll was in a wheelchair."

"Oh I'm not so sure about that environment. They sound as if they have fearful rows."

"Mr Pearson, I assure you my clients the O'Carroll's are fine, upstanding people. They are recovering from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident when their vehicle rammed the end of their garage."

"Was Mr O'Carroll drunk?"

"Certainly not. He was asleep in the passenger's seat."

"Was Mrs O'Carroll the driver drunk?"

"All I can say that was a matter of speculation. The O'Carroll's were not admitted to hospital until next morning."

He grinned and the attorney's voice sounded icily when she replied, "I would think so," when he asked again would he be safe living in that environment?

The negotiations ended mutually agreeable to both parties with the O'Connell's agreeing to a reduction in rent of $45 dollars a month.

Conrad went to Mrs Starke's office two days later. She declined to call on him, saying it was accepted business practice for attorneys in that city to work substantially from their office.

"Come for coffee."

He arrived at plush office of the old bitch and the PA left him looking at Mrs Starke seated on the sofa and pouring coffee.

She was an absolute honey, a brunette with substantial tits and a wide smile.

She said, "Somehow I pictured you as being old and grumpy."

He looked down at her. She had her legs apart slightly to pour.

"Midnight blue," he said.

She made no comment and slowly crossed her legs.

"Sit beside me Mr Pearson."

They drank and chatted and Conrad thought he could almost feel her sexuality.

"Do you date Mrs Starke?"

"Please call me Pauline. I'm married."

"Yes I guessed that because you have the title that suggests that but your reply didn't answer my question."

"Might we progress on to business? Please be seated at the desk and if I choose to wear midnight blue panties that's something you should ignore."

"I couldn't. Your stocking thighs caught my focus."

"Business Mr Pearson," she said, remaining calm.

He signed the three copies of the lease agreement and as he was leaving said, "Pauline I'm a newcomer to town. Here's my card. Should you even feel like a night out with me please give me a call and don't feel embarrassed about it. I shall respect sensitivities."

Conrad had no idea what that comment about sensitivities meant but he just wished to reassure the babe he wasn't after it like a hungry dog.

She thanked him but didn't drop the card into the refuse bin, at least not while he was watching.

On the way out he asked the PA what did Mrs Starke's husband do and was told Mr Starke work in the Police Departments crime division.

Oh shit.

Conrad figured he was attempting to force the pace too much and ought to withdraw from attempting to become involved with women.

Early next morning he took a call.

"Is out date on tonight?"

His mind went into panic mode. What date? Who was she? What was the day? Slowly the pieces clicked together and he said, "Oh hi Adele. Yes I've kept Thursday evening free to be with you. All night if you wish?"

He heard Adele gasp and waited for the call to be cut. But all he heard was heavy breathing.

Adele then said, "I share a small studio apartment. We could eat in, having pizza, or we could eat out and return to the apartment."

He considered that choice.

"Do you really know what would be wonderful?"

"No but please tell me."

"I'd like you to serve pizza wearing only sexy underwear."

She asked hoarsely was he for real and he replied yes.

"Omigod. Very well. Will I be safe?"

"I promise you'll be as safe as you with to be."

"God you are exciting," she almost whimpered.

Conrad thought Adele really was his kind of girl.

He arrived with flowers and wine and picked she was nervous about having sex with him.

The way to go was to smile and not kiss or touch her. He did that and now she looked unsure about whether he liked her.

"Busy day?" he asked, pouring the wine without being asked.

"Yes it always is. It's a great location. The rush begins about 9:45 as it's an office district but we do serve at least thirty breakfasts each weekday morning. We close at weekends."

The next move was to bring her out into the open, to give her the opportunity to commit or walk away. Conrad's theory was there was no in-between.

"Does your boyfriend know I'm here with you tonight?"

"God no."

Her temperature appeared to be rising. Very good.

"Are you wearing red lingerie?"

"Her mouth opened and she nodded and then said, "I've done what you asked."

She didn't hesitate and pulled up her dress hem to show her legs and red panties.

"Oh gorgeous. Here let me help to get your dress off."

He stood and she committed, backing toward him and lifting up the hem and he pulled down the back zip.

"You have a gorgeous body," he said, and kissed into her neck before pulling off her dress. She reached a hand around and grabbed a handful of hair behind his head. He could hear her panting and kissed her once more and pulled off her dress and said, "Not let me have a look at these tits."

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