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Three Stoner Chix - Green Poison



This is the second part of the Summer Secrets series, which all have Green in the title. You don't have to start with the Blue Stoner Chix stories to enjoy this series, but you might want to start with 3 Little Stoner Chix -- Green Candy.

If this story seems familiar to you, then you may have already read our novel-length submission on Laurie's page, which is entitled IT WAS THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER. (and followed the earlier submission IT WAS THE BEGINNING OF SUMMER.) Laurie and I decided to break that novel into two easier to digest chunks, and make some improvements. This chapter contains a few new sex scenes, and characters.

This story contains many different types of sex: Guy on girl, girl on girl, gay on lesbian, sex toys... you name it. There's something for everyone. There are also several incestuous elements that some readers aren't comfortable with, so if you're grossed out by bisexual-male cousin incest, or mother-daughter flirtation, then maybe this story isn't for you.



By Laurie and C.B. Summers

©2013 Laurie and C.B. Summers




Tanner stepped out of the room to get Dana Lee a beer from the refrigerator. She lay luxuriously on her back with her legs splayed apart while Doug was tenderly stroking the length of her left thigh. She gasped as his fingers found their way to her slit and he slipped two of them inside her. Fuck. How's he know how to do that? How's he have that touch? It's like he just naturally knows how to make me cum. She gasped again as he twisted the fingers he'd entered her with in a clockwise direction and then twisted them back in a counterclockwise direction. Oh shit. That feels good. He must watch a lot of porn, or something. Fuck.

She rubbed her hand over his head, enjoying the prickly feel of his buzz cut, and said, "You want to lick it, Doug?"

He nodded his head excitedly as a guttural sound emitted from his throat. Without waiting for further approval, he leaned his face into her pussy and began to lap away like a thirsty puppy sticking its snout into a recently filled water bowl. Dana Lee arched her back and pressed her pussy up to meet Doug's lapping tongue. Her neck muscles completely relaxed and her head fell limply from side to side as her eyes rolled back in her head. With one of the digits that was wet from finger fucking Dana Lee's pussy, Doug softly but firmly began to massage Dana Lee's asshole. "Ahhhh. My god," she gasped. "That feels so fucking good."

He needed no further encouragement to firmly press his index finger into her asshole. She clinched tightly around his finger and then relaxed as she enjoyed the stimulation of the pleasure nerves in her anal entrance. She opened her eyes to be able to watch and saw that Tanner had set the beer he'd brought her on the dresser that was next to the bed and he was slowly stroking Doug's cock with his right hand while he stroked his own cock with his left. She smiled at her lover and silently mouthed to him, "Let me watch you suck your cousin's cock."

He smiled back and tapped Doug on the butt and said, "Roll over, big guy."

Doug stopped licking Dana Lee's pussy and did as he was instructed. With Tanner and Dana Lee's guidance, he slid backward until he was sitting with his back to the headboard. Dana Lee rolled over him so she could get to the beer Tanner had brought her and took a sip as she sat next to Doug with her legs crossed Indian style. As she took that sip, the fingers of her free hand found their way to Doug's left nipple so she could gently tweak and pinch it until it stood at full attention for her. Then she playfully took the nipple between her lips and sucked it softly. At that point, Tanner's soft lips were sliding their way down the length of Doug's cock and Tanner happily put on a show of sucking his muscular cousin's fat cock for all of their enjoyment.

While Tanner slowly sucked Doug's cock fully erect, Dana Lee was playfully alternating holding the ice cold beer bottle to Doug's nipple and then sucking it with her warm lips. Finally, she sat the beer bottle aside and concentrated fully on sucking Doug's nipple while Tanner gobbled his cock. Loving the moans of pleasure she was hearing come from Doug's lips, she abandoned the nipple and began to lick his ear. He began to thrust his hips up from the mattress to drive his cock into Tanner's eagerly sucking lips. Dana Lee watched for a minute, then pushed Tanner away and quickly positioned herself over Doug's cock.

She was so wet that the cock parted her slit easily, but he was so thick that she could only slowly inch by inch allow herself to be impaled. Finally though, she'd lowered herself until the entire length of his cock was inside her pussy. She sat for a moment, just to let herself adjust to his girth. She saw that Doug wanted her to move so she rose almost as slowly as she had lowered herself and then lowered herself again, moaning, "Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuck" and again sat still when she'd engulfed the entire length of his cock.

She did this again three more times, then and as she was raising herself the forth time, she saw Doug release a long sigh and felt his warm cum sloshing around inside her pussy. Shit. He fucking came again already. Panicking was pointless, but she still eased herself off Doug's cock and slipped down until she could comfortably take it into her mouth. One or two streams of cum hit her face and another got in her hair before she was able to wrap her lips around the head of his cock and swallow the remaining four or five gushes of cum that shot from his cock. Then she began to work her mouth up and down the length of his cock, managing to keep him nice and hard.

Doug sighed with pleasure as she slowly worked her lips up and down the length of him. She'd always stop at the top and spend a few extra sucks on just the head where it was most sensitive. Oh god. That feels so good. Tanner's good too, but his girlfriend is so much better.

Meanwhile, Tanner had a wicked idea, so he ran to his sister's room and found an elastic hair tie. When he returned, he picked up the bottle of lube from the nightstand and crawled up onto the bed behind Dana Lee. Her knees were spread apart as she kneeled between Doug's legs. As she continued to suck Doug's cock, Tanner gripped her hair and pulled it behind her into a ponytail with his fist. He slipped the hair tie down over the ponytail, twisted it into a figure eight and then pulled the ponytail back up through the other portion of the hair tie. He did this twice more until the ponytail was snuggly held in place with the hair tie, then he said to Doug, "You can tell I have a little sister."

Tanner chuckled at his own comment and then slapped Dana Lee on the rump. She lifted it up as he was desiring her to do, allowing him to pour oil directly onto her asshole and then onto his fingers. He tossed the bottle aside and began to work one and then two fingers in and out of her asshole. Dana Lee momentarily stopped sucking Doug's cock so she could turn and look at Tanner with an almost evil gleam in her eye.

In a voice that Tanner barely recognized as being Dana Lee's, she said to him, "Do it, boy."

They'd discussed anal sex the last couple of times they'd fucked and he knew she was eager to try it. He was pretty sure she'd been practicing with her dildo, so he didn't wait for further invite or encouragement. He placed the head of his cock right up against her little brown eye and began to press insistently forward.

As the tip of Tanner's cock began to pierce her anus, Dana Lee gasped, "Ahhhhh. Oh god. Do it slow, baby. Do it slow."

Tanner took his time and ever so slowly eased more and more of his cock into her asshole, giving her a chance to relax and adjust as he went, until finally his cock was buried in her down to the base. His balls rested against the back of her thighs when he reached full penetration. He let his cock sit inside her for a moment before he eased it halfway out and then eased it all the back in until his balls were again resting against the back of her thighs.

Dana Lee sighed and moaned with pleasure. "Ahhhh. That feels so good." Then she giggled. "But I guess you already know what this feels like. Jimmy Snyder told me he fucked you up the ass."

Tanner laughed nervously. "Uh... shit. You... Uh... don't mind, do you?"

"Less yapping, more fucking ."

Tanner smiled from ear to ear. That's my girl. When Dana Lee started sucking Doug's cock again, Tanner began to work his cock in and out of her tight little asshole a little bit faster. He moaned at the sight of his cock sliding in and out, and she was clearly loving it too, because she let Doug's cock fall out of her mouth just so she could moan.

Tanner chuckled to himself. Dana Lee groaned, "What do you find so funny back there?"

"Oh, nothing. I just sorta expected your asshole to be tighter than your pussy, but it isn't really. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. You're a gymnast after all. You've got a tight pussy."

"Oh, you want tight, do you? Well how about this?" Dana Lee squeezed her butt cheeks together, willing every powerful muscle in her ass to clench like a fist, and Tanner let out a yelp of surprise.

"Oh holy SHIT! That's fucking TIGHT!" If not for the oil, his cock would have burst into flames from the friction and pressure, but he dug his fingers into her skinny waist and pounded her hard and fast, literally having to force herself through her clenching sphincter, until he finally felt another orgasm thundering out of his balls. But she was squeezing him so tightly now that his cum had nowhere to go. So his orgasm went on and on as he whimpered and moaned. "Oh fuck! Ohhhhh ffffffffucking fuck fuck!" Finally, after what seemed like ten minutes of pure ecstasy, she unclenched, and his cock exploded inside of her, coating her lower intestine with cum. When he pulled out with a gasp of relief, a flood of white squirted out of her asshole all over his belly.

Doug didn't waste a moment diving down to lick the cum from Tanner's belly and cock. When he was done, Tanner said, "Your turn Cuz." Doug grinned from ear to ear, then he gripped the top of Dana Lee's slender, shapely thighs and pulled her down to the foot of the bed so that he could penetrate her from behind as he stood on the floor.

Meanwhile Tanner jumped up onto the bed and thrust his softening cock into Dana Lee's mouth, wondering if she could taste anything nasty. Apparently not, because she gobbled him with gusto, slurping the dregs of cum from his balls as if his cock were a straw, and his cum was an extremely thick milkshake.

Dana Lee winced with dread as Doug placed the tip of his fat cock to her asshole and roughly pushed it inside. He sank through to the base just as Tanner had, because she was so lubricated with Tanner's cum. Dana Lee silently thanked the higher power she'd seen Alyson pray to a thousand times for allowing her to still be open from Tanner's cock. Otherwise Doug's massive slab of meat would have split her in two.

Doug pumped once, twice and then three times before his cock slipped out of her ass, but when he tried to reenter, it slipped into her slit instead and stretched her pussy to its physiological limit once again. She shrieked with pleasure. One pump. Two pumps. Three. Then she heard Doug grunt and felt several short orgasmic spasms generate from his hips as he came inside her again. This time she didn't have the energy to pull away. She just let him fill her up with his copious load of cum. When he finally finished, and he pulled out of her, Dana Lee's entire pelvis was tingling like mad from the royal reaming she'd just received. All she could do was collapse onto her belly and moan. "Ohhhhhh hoooooly gaaaawwwwd."

Tanner grinned at his cousin, and said, "Well, I guess we ought to clean her up." Then he leaned down and began to lap the cum from her asshole. Moments later Doug bent over and joined him, and the two boys lapped and slurped and sucked, while Dana Lee moaned with utter contentment. It was a strangely pleasant and luxurious feeling, like one of those treatments they have at the Yacht Club Spa that Alyson had treated her to on her eighteenth birthday. It almost made up for the stinging sensation in her ass. Almost as if reading her mind, she felt Tanner's tongue begin to gently lap her still distended anus, bathing her in sweet relief.

She hummed happily to herself. But then, for no particular reason, she thought of her virginal friend Alyson, who was going about life utterly unaware of the awesome wonders of cock. Oh, Alyson, if you only knew what you were missing. I wish you'd let some boy fuck you. It would totally open your eyes.


Alyson ran the key card through the slot in the door. She'd hoped for a bit nicer hotel. She wasn't expecting The Hilton but this didn't even match up to The Days Inn. Still, it had a bed. There was even a pool if they felt like going for a swim after they fucked. After we fuck. I can't believe I'm about to let a boy fuck me. I'm even excited about it. A few minutes and it's no more little virgin beauty queen.

She pushed the door all the way open so Christian could follow her inside. She could easily tell that he was even more nervous than she was. That's cool. I like that.

"Just drop those bags on the dresser, sweetie," she told him. He's like an obedient little puppy that'll do what ever I say. She giggled. Pussy rules. She kicked off her Vans and stood in her bare feet.

Christian looked down at Alyson's pretty white feet. Not one inch of her body was tan. She cupped his chin like she had outside the food court and brought her lips to his. He didn't let his mouth open at first, so she softly sucked his top lip. Then she slowly licked that same lip with the tip of her tongue until his lips parted and she slipped her tongue into his mouth.

Wow. She can really kiss. I don't know who she's been dating. I didn't even think she had a boyfriend, but whoever it's been, they must kiss a lot. She slid her hands into his shirt and cupped his pecs just the same way she'd cupped Amy's tits during their make-out sessions. He groaned as her thumbs brushed across his nipples. That feels nice.

Christian was beginning to loosen up, but he wasn't getting hard. Oh me. What am I going to do if I don't get hard? She's so horny right now she'll probably get pissed and tell everyone she was going to let me make love to her and like the little faggot that I am I couldn't do it. Alyson Ferrie wants ME to fuck her, and I can't get hard.

As they continued to kiss, she walked him back toward the bed until the back of his knees hit the mattress and she fell atop of him onto the bed. I hope the sheets are clean. She giggled again. Seriously, Alyson. Who gives a fuck about clean sheets? She slid her tongue around and playfully licked his ear the way Amy liked to do her. Her hand began to slide down his torso toward his belt buckle.

NO! Christian went into full panic mode. She can't see me limp like this. He rolled her off of him so that he was now atop of her and for the first time aggressively kissed her. Mashing their lips together and forcing his tongue into her mouth, he now slid his hand up her torso and cupped her left boob. He wanted to softly caress but instead gripped it forcefully and pinched her nipple.

"Ouch," she said. "Watch it, Christian. That fucking hurt." What the fuck happened to him? He's so sweet, but it's like he suddenly got hit with a surge of testosterone that melted all his sweetness. I don't want this.

He quickly let go of her tit and said, "Oh shoot. I'm so sorry, Alyson. Please. I'm so sorry."

She brushed his curly blonde hair with her fingers and said, "It's okay. Just take it easy. A girl is like a guitar that should be slowly strummed." Where the fuck did I come up with that line? Still, this is how I like him. He stays sweet, I'll let him fuck me; but if he turns into an asshole I'll have to find someone else to help me prove I'm not a dyke. She took his hand and moved it back to her tit and said, "There. Gentle, sweetie. Gentle."

They returned to kissing. Soft kisses. Easy kisses. Tender kisses. Not forceful kisses, and Alyson began to become extremely wet. Nice. So nice. I don't believe it. This feels so fucking good. Oh my god. I'm not a dyke. How about that? I'M NOT A DYKE. I'm in bed, making out with a cute boy, and I LIKE IT. I'M FUCKING NORMAL.

Christian let his lips leave Alyson's and listened as she moaned when he began to suck her neck. "Okay," he quickly said when he barely heard her gasp for him to not give her a hickey.

Get hard. Get hard. Oh my, please get hard. He kissed her tits, then she shrugged her arms and shoulders out of her white shirt, and now he was kissing her breasts through the fabric of her green bikini.

"Ties in the back," she told him as she guided his mouth directly to the nipple that was pressing out against the fabric of the bra.

"Huh?" he mumbled as he sucked and nibbled at the nipple, soaking the fabric with his saliva. Get hard. Get hard. Oh please get hard.

"My bikini top unties in the back, goofy," she said.

When he continued to suck her nipple through the fabric, she giggled at his clumsiness and reached behind herself and untied the bikini so it could fall free. And just as suddenly as that, Christian was face to face with the bare freckly boobs that every boy at Silver Lake High School wanted to suck. For that matter, he'd overheard a few girls express what they'd like to do with Alyson if they ever got her naked. But Alyson would never do anything like that. I'm the only fruit in this bed right now.

She pressed his face into her bare tits and he cupped them and pressed them together. My god. They are nice. And for the moment, they're mine. Mine to do with as I please. He sucked her little pink nipple on her left boob and then briefly sucked the little pink nipple of the right boob before returning his attention back to the left boob. Nice. So nice. I might be a fag, but I do like her tits. Surprised as much as relieved, he even was beginning to feel the smallest tingling of an erection.

He continued to cup and softly massage her tits as he slowly began to kiss his way down her flat tummy until her reached her belly button. He was glad it wasn't pierced. He knew her friends Amy Gleason and Dana Lee Pruitt both had pierced navels because he'd seen them at the junior class beach party at the end of the school year. Both had shiny gold hoops flashing from their bellybuttons. But Christian's father called it 'Defiling God's Temple', and considered it a sin almost as vile as homosexuality. I sure am glad Alyson hasn't defiled herself. Then Christian giggled at his own hypocrisy. If things go as planned, I'll be defiling her plenty before the day is out! He licked a slow circle around her unmarred belly button and then kissed his way even further down. I can do this. She's the prettiest girl in the whole school. Licking Alyson Ferrie's pussy should be simple.

Alyson lifted her hips as he began to tug on the elastic waistband of her shorts. He hooked the shorts and her bikini bottoms with his fingers and in one swoop they were down her legs and she was pulling her feet through them. Just like that she was naked with a boy for the first time in her life. Now she was starting to freak out a little. Oh shit. Oh fuck. Ohshitohfuck. This is it. This is fucking it. I have to do this. I have to do this. I fucking have to. I have to I have to I have to.

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