tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThresholds Ch. 03

Thresholds Ch. 03


The third chapter in my story of sexual awakening and the many thresholds I crossed one glorious summer a few years back. Again, I hope this does not get reclassified as BDSM the way Ch. 01 was.

Thursday morning dawned with a gentle rain and no sunshine. I lay naked in bed for far too long, thinking about the previous three days and the thresholds I'd crossed. It had been scintilating but I was feeling frustrated, beginning to feel a strong need for release. You were taking me places I never would have gone but you were also tormenting me. I thought of the bulge in your speedo the previous day and I wanted it. I wanted to caress that bulge and feel it grow harder until it was dying to be freed and then satisfy the tension that was mounting inside me.

It was warm out. I wished I lived somewhere that I could just step outside in the nude and feel the rain on my bare flesh. Instead I settled for a shower. Just as I finished drying off, the phone rang. Wrapping the towel around me I dashed for the kitchen and snatched the receiver from the cradle.

"Good morning."

Damn. That voice of yours just did something to me that was inexplicable. The trace of raspiness, the crisp intonation. Coming from your lips, the phrase "good morning" was sensual and seductive. I felt my knees weaken a little and involuntarily I let the towel fall to the floor.

"Good morning." I whispered back.

"Are you naked?"

How could possibly know? It felt suddenly almost as though you were there in the room with me, your eyes roaming over my bare flesh, your hands prepared to briefly fondle a nipple or graze against the fur of my crotch, but not long enough to be satisfying, only long enough to torment me and leave me craving more.


"Did you play with your pussy last night?"

"No, but I slept in the nude and played a little with my nipples."

"That's alright, but no touching your pussy."

It still shocked a little to hear my vagina referred to as a "pussy". Not only that, but at that point I'd also never masturbated. I'd heard about it, but was still so naive as to not even know where to start, thinking that it involved sticking something foreign up inside yourself and I found that a little revolting.

"You're not ready for that yet, and may not be for quite some time."


"Looks like we'll have to call off our date for the beach again today. They're saying this will probably last at least through mid-afternoon."

The excitement that had been coursing through my body since the first sound of your voice began to trail off. I knew what was likely coming next.

"Lets bag today and plan on tomorrow for certain. The weatherman says low eighties tomorrow and nothing but bright sun. Should be an absolutely perfect beach day."


"I'll pick you up at your office at eleven-thirty tomorrow unless I hear otherwise from you."


And it was over. I stood there with nothing on suddenly feeling improperly exposed. Returning to the bathroom I finished drying my hair, finished my morning preparations, then dressed. Selecting a recently aquired persimmon bra and panty set, I began to feel a little more upbeat. I slipped on black slacks and blouse that almost matched the lingerie and finished things off with high pumps and some chunky black earings. The bra was tight and kept me from jiggling as I walked, but also seemed to make my b cups seem larger despite no padding.

That day I focused on work and actually was able to get my mind off you until around three when Darcy our elderly receptionist rang me to say there was a package for me at the front desk. Of course I imagined it was from You and when I stopped by to pick it up I recognized your immaculate printing instantly. The box was the size of a chocolate sampler and my mouth began to water.

"It was left by a very charming gentleman." said Darcy.

You had been there! Sometime only shortly earlier You had stood right where I was now standing. I'd been only a few hundred feet away and I had missed You. It was simultaneously both exciting and disappointing. Why had you not had Darcy call for me?

"He said he was running late, then asked that I make certain you received the gift."

"Thank you Darcy."

Returning to my desk I opened the note that was affixed to the box. "Don't open at work." was all that it said. I shook it and decided that it was too light to be candy. My curiosity was overwhelming for the next two hours.

What were you up to now?

When I left work, the rain had ceased, but the humidity was incredible. Driving home I almost opened the box en route, but held off. Once inside my apartment, I shed all my clothing and opened a few windows for ventilation, then sat down with some wine and proceeded to open the gift. Inside the box was another note. This one had no envelope and simply read "Wear tomorrow when I pick you up and don't wear a bra".

Tucked inside several layers of pink and white tissue was a pair of simple wine colored stretchy nylon thong panties. No lace, no edging, no... well, no back! Well, at least no back to speak of. A band about an inch high sufficed as a waist and swooped down into a narrower vertical band and that's all there was in terms of a back. There wasn't a whole lot more to the front, the primary way to discern front from back was the tag at the waistband.

I held the flimsy thing up then stepped one foot and then the other through the "legholes" as they were then slid it up to my waist. It took a moment to get the back centered between. my cheeks but once it was, it was surprisingly comfortable. A trip to the bedroom and a look in the full length mirror showed me that I looked pretty good in it. My legs seemed to go on forever and as I looked over my shoulder with my back turned towared the mirror my cheeks presented themselves as two cute little orbs, the faintest trace of a tan line along the bottom curvature or each.

Thong panties were only just beginning to appear in the mainstream lingerie shops at that time. I'd seen them but worked up the courage to try a pair and now hear I was not only in possesion of such a thing, but admiring myself while wearing it. As I checked out the view from the front again I noticed a few errant hairs making their presence known to each side of the triangle of fabric. It would be necessary for me to trim a bit more to gracefully wear this.

That evening I ordered pizza and when the delivery boy arrived, I slipped a short robe on for a few minutes, but as soon as he was gone I was back to full nudity. The warm night coupled with the high humidity made clothing superfluous, particularly with no one else around. Again I slept naked, this time without even a sheet.

In the morning I rose early, showered, and trimmed some off each side of my pubic patch. It was friday and it being casual day at the office I opted for a khaki wrap skirt topped by a white polo. Underneath was the thong along with a white padded bra. Around eleven fifteen the bra was removed in the ladies room. By eleven thirty I was anxiously waiting out on the sidewalk for You. A hot June sun beat down and I was actually glad that I was wearing no more than I was.

Again you arrived precisely on time. Again the flutters hit me as I slid into the passenger seat. You reached over and lay your hand on mine and smiled beguilingly.

"I see you followed my instructions with regard to no bra."

That could only mean one thing - that my nipples were making themselves evident. I smiled and replied "Yes."

"Shall I assume that you've followed the rest of the request?"


"Were you braless all morning?"

"No, I took it off just before I came down to meet you. Where are we going?"

"To the beach."

"Am I to wear only the thong?"

"Yes - do you have a problem with that?"

"If its what you would like to see, that's what I will do."

The traffic occupied your attention for the next few minutes, but then you asked "How does it fit?"

I was tempted to just unfasten my skirt and show you, but I decided it would be your turn to be on the receiving end of a littlle torment instead.

"It fits fine, but I had to trim quite a bit down there to accomodate the cut of it."

This seemed to please you. We drove the rest of the way to the beach in silence, you with the slightest trace of a grin on your face, me wondering if I could actually pull off wearing even less on the beach than two days earlier.

You were wearing your Ray-Bans so it was a little difficult to truly read your expression, but You seemed to be happy with me and that was all I wanted right then.

After parking and traversing the short path to the beach we found a suitable spot to spread the blanket. It was a little more crowded than the first time. There were quite a few more couples this time, but the only topless woman was the older bronzed goddess I had noticed before. Again she seemed oblivious to everything but the sun beating down, ignoring the leers of almost every male that walked past.

The first day at the beach I'd had no idea that I would be baring my breasts until you released the clasp of my bikini top. This time I'd had two days to consider the situation as well as remember the exhilaration of sitting there in public feeling the sun and a soft breeze playing over them and the glances of others checking me out. I hadn't realized it until later, but I guess I really enjoyed being ogled like that.

This time I would be going further, baring most of my posterior and the construction of the thong was far more minimal than the bikini bottom had been. The thought that I would momentarily be so exposed, displayed started my heart racing and a combination of trepidation/exhilaration that I would learn to know well (as well as grow to crave).

Carpe Diem, right? Grasping the sides of my polo I pulled it up and over my head then shook my hair out. Then, before I could change my mind I unbuttoned the skirt and peeled it away.

You broke into a broad smile as I did this and slowly, seductively you peeled your jeans off and then the black T. This time you had chosen a brightly striped speedo that emphasized your bulge even more than the navy number had. Your tan was deep and the fine layer of hair on your legs and arms was bleached light by the sun. I wanted so badly to drape my nearly naked frame over your body, feel my rigid nipples scrape against your chest and grind my pelvis against that speedo clad bulge.

Instead, I stretched my arms high above my head, arching my back, displaying myself for your enjoyment. It actually felt pretty damn fine displaying my body like that for not only You but everyone else to see. My breasts flattened out slightly as I stretched and I could feel the thin fabric of the thong draw taut at my crotch.

The sun felt particularly delicious that day and I alternated laying on first my back then my front, exposing both my breasts and my posterior to the hot rays. You had brought tanning oil and I slathered myself in it, making certain that I rubbed it onto my breasts as you were paying attention, cupping them as I imagined you might do, running my hard nipples between my fingertips. I passed the bottle to You then turned my back and cozied right up close to You and You took the hint, slathering the stuff on my back.

Your touch made me shiver, despite the warmth of the day and the sun beating down. Your hands were firm and application of oil turned into a luxurious, sensual backrub that lasted for several minutes. Then they drifted to my shoulders and my neck. I had pinned my hair up leaving my neck exposed and for a bit You focused on it before returning to my shoulders.

I was in heaven. Feeling your hands on me like that was one of the most intoxicating things I'd ever felt. Through all the time I had been married, I'd never been touched like that, never felt so appreciated, never flet that someone wanted me to feel so wonderful. I tentatively rested one hand on your thigh and as I did your hands slid from my shoulders to my breasts, cupping and fondling them much as I myself had, but feeling so different. You squeezed my nipples, gently but firmly. I felt like I would melt away right there on the beach, melt away to a puddle that would then wash away to the horizon.

It probably only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like much longer. Then your hands slipped back to my shoulders. I realized my eyes had been closed and as they readjusted to the brilliant sunlight I glanced around. It didn't appear that anyone had noticed You fondling me like. If they had they were certainly very nonchalant about it.

When You took your hands away I almost felt like crying. I lay down again on my front and a few minutes later I felt a hand on my bottom. No massage, it just rested there. I was again content and all was good in the world.

After a bit I sat up and we had lunch. As I sat there with so little on I was amazed at how comfortable I felt. People would stroll by at the water's edge twenty yards or so away. By and large, mostly men, I got lots of appreciative glances and some downright leering. There were no solo women but several couples. Some of the women obviously didn't approve, others seemed ambivalent, and one smiled broadly. Middle aged, she wore a modest two piece suit in a Hawaian print. A few minutes later they passed by walking in the opposite direction and this time her top was in her hand. Her breasts were larger than mine and a little droopy, wobbling away as they strode along.

We finished lunch and You packed everything back into the cooler. As You rose I thought we were leaving, but instead You extended a hand toward me.

"C'mon let's go for a walk."

Wow. There it was again, another one of those thresholds. Just as I'd gotten comfortable sitting there out in the open wearing so very little, You expected me to casually go for a stroll like that. There was something very comforting about the big green blanket spread out across the sand and achored at each corner by a cooler or a rock. As I stood and stepped off the blanket I suddenly felt very very exposed again. The thong had seemed very daring as I tried it on in the privacy of my apartment the night before. I'd never worn anything like it before and now here I was, actively parading around in public.

On the other hand, the breeze wafting in off the lake was refreshing. I felt my nipples stiffening.

Your hand holding mine was not just reassuring, it was downright mesmerizing. I got totally lost in the moment until we passed within a foot of a guy coming toward us in the other direction. My only thought was "oh my god, what if its someone I know?". My stomach started doing flip-flops and I must have just about broken your hand I was squeezing it so hard.

But then he passed by us, a silly grin on his face, looking even more embarassed than I felt. At that point You released my hand long enough to cop a quick feel of my posterior followed by a soft little smack. We continued walking and my nerves slowly disappeared. After passing by several other men we came upon a couple also hand in hand and lo and behold she too was topless although her lower bits were covered by a far more demure black bikini than my posterior baring flimsy thong. As I watched her breasts wobbling slightly as they approached, I became very aware of the movement of my own little orbs.

Her companion smiled appreciatively as they passed and she did the same. Looking up at your face I saw a similiar expression and felt a flush of jealously. Logically I knew I shouldn't feel that way, but there it was anyway.

You must have sensed this, as I felt You squeeze my hand.

"You have much nicer tits."

Tits. Another term that wasn't really a part of my lexicon. Despite the crudeness of it, I adored the comment. I leaned against your shoulder and You released my hand relocating yours to rest on my shoulder as we walked. Mmmm.

All total our walk probably lasted fifteen minutes total. When we came back upon the blanket it was time to head back to work and we packed up. I started to dress, but You told me not to put the skirt back on. The polo came just past my crotch, so I was basically coverd as we headed for the car, albeit just barely. When I sat in the car it shifted up almost to my waist, revealing triangular swath of wine colored stretch nylon.

A block away from the office You suggested that I might want to put the skirt back on. As I exited in front of the building, You handed me a smallish box, the size a bracelet might come in but weighing no where near enough for that.

"I'll be out of town for the weekend. See you on monday at eleven?"

Disappointment swept over me. Today had been so nice, I wanted it to just keep on going.


I knew the agony I was feeling must have come through. Your eyes locked on mine with a mixture of gentleness and commited firmness in them. I realized that it would be futile to object.

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