tagMind ControlTime for Payback Ch. 02

Time for Payback Ch. 02


This is the second chapter of the Time for payback series and I recommend you read the first one. This story is going to be in third person and the main character from the first chapter 's name is Jamie.

After all the fun of putting that bitch in her place Jamie felt a rumbling in her stomach. She realized that she had been so enamored with the remote that she had not eaten all day. Her stomach continued to rumble until she made it to the closest restaurant she could find which was an Applebee's. Jamie sat at the table and eventually her waitress came, she was an average height brunette with a perfect tan and a pair of dark blue eyes that you could get lost in. While her black uniform covered up her bust you could still tell she had a nice set of tits. Her name tag said her name was Tori.

"Hey, are you waiting for someone or just eating alone," asked Tori with an attitude Jamie did not really like.

"Oh its just me tonight," replied Jamie. Tori tried to hide a snicker but did so unsuccessfully. Jamie wanted to teach this girl a lesson on customer service but right now she was too hunger to do anything. "I'll have a glass of ice water and then for my meal I'll have the two for twenty deal. For my appetizer I'll have the Spinach and Artichoke dip and for my meal I'll have the Chicken Fettuccine Carbonara and the Applebee's Riblet Basket," Jamie said with a smile as she handed Tori the menu.

Tori face was trying to hold back another snicker when she finally uttered, "Two for twenty deal for one person you don't see that everyday." This comment made Jamie feel a little bad about her order and made her regret the decision to come here. That was until she remembered the remote.

"Oh that bitch is going to get it, but after I get my food because I am still very hungry," Jamie said to herself.

When waiting for her food Jamie saw a mother, at the booth across from her, berating her son, who looked to be around eight, for spilling a little manatee on his pants. The mom was very young to be a mom probably mid thirties. Without question she was a total milf. She had long blonde hair with brunette streaks. She wore a black top that was probably too low cut for a mom and a pair of blue jeans. The top being so low cut really showed off her massive breasts. I continued to watch them for a while and see the mom just yell at her kid some more. While I'm all for trying to teach your kid some table manners but this bitch was acting crazy. Then out of the corer of her eye Jamie saw a commotion at the front of the restaurant. A blonde girl probably just out of high school was screaming as a waitress, who was probably only 16, to the point where tears were starting to form under the waitresses eyes. Jamie decided to switch her full attention to that dispute. The blonde was in a full pink jumpsuit wearing a pair of Gucci sunglasses and caring a Gucci purse. It was clear that this bitch was one of those spoiled types that got everything they ever wanted from daddy. What made Jamie angrier was when she heard the spoiled blonde was yelling at the young waitress about a couple of cents on the tip. Just then Tori came back with her food. As Tori was bent over placing the food Jamie said, "Thanks."

"My pleasure," stated Tori in a sarcastic tone.

Ok I have had enough of this Jamie thought as she stopped time. "What would make a person want to be so mean to someone they don't know," asked Jamie to no one in particular. First Jamie went up to Tori; she took a few minutes to fully take in the beauty of the bent over waitress. Then finally she pulled down her black pants revealing a nice black thong. "Very sluty panties for work, I bet you fuck the manager so you can keep your job because you're a shit waitress," Jamie taunted her. Jamie then took off Tori's black Applebee's shirt leaving her bent over at the waist in her black thong and bra. Soon after that Jamie had removed the bra and thong, giving Jamie a real sight to see. Tori's whole body was a perfect shade of tan. Tori also had perfect 34 C's that looked so perfect that Jamie thought they might be fake, but with one feel Jamie disregarded that thought. Then Jamie moved behind Tori to get a great view of her tight ass and her shaved pussy. Jamie started to lick Tori's pussy all the way to her asshole. The taste was a little tart especially her ass, but Jamie was sure it tastes better then if she would have licked Angelina's nasty ass. Jamie continued to switch off between Tori's ass and pussy until Tori's pussy started to get very wet.

Now its time to make you look stupid bitch, first Jamie poured her ice cold water down Tori's naked chest causing her small brown nipples to become as hard as diamonds. Then Jamie looked at her food, Tori had made her so self-conscious about it Jamie was no longer hungry. "First the appetizer," Jamie exclaimed as she grabbed the spinach dip, she dipped both of Tori's perfect tits in the dip causing them to be coated green. "Next the first entrée," Jamie continued to taunt as she grabbed the Fettuccine and dumped it on Tori's head. Jamie then mixed it into her long brunette hair causing her hair to become a complete mess. "Last but not least the final entrée," Jamie laughed as she grabbed the rack of ribs. Jamie ripped the ribs apart causing her to have eight individual ribs. She slowly proceeded to stuff as many ribs in Tori's pussy as possible, "one, two, three, fffoouur" Jamie counted as she stuffed the fourth one in after a few minutes of pushing. "Four more to go," Jamie taunted the bitchy waitress. Jamie then moved behind Tori and began to slowly proceed to stuff the remaining four ribs in her ass. "One, two, three, ffffooo," but the fourth on was a little too much for Tori's ass to handle. Then an idea popped into Jamie's head she grabbed the last rib and began to chow down on the meat. Then Jamie gave Tori a messy French kiss transferring the chewed up rib meat from her mouth. Then with all her might she finally shoved the fourth chewed up rib in Tori's ass. Jamie looked at the bitchy waitress and had to take a minute to recover from laughing so hard.

After admiring her handy work for a while Jamie decided to move on to the milf berating her son. "So you did not want your son making a mess well I'm going to make a mess out of you" Jamie laughed. Jamie went up to the milf and rummaged through her wallet finding her name to be, Ellen Richards. First thing Jamie did was to remove Ellen's top not being able wait another second to see those massive orbs. To Jamie's surprise Ellen was not wearing a bra and her double D's just hung there in all their glory. Jamie began sucking each breast only stopping when her lips got tired. Jamie pulled Ellen's white skirt off giving her a nice view of her white lace panties. Quickly pulling her panties off Jamie shoved them in the milf's mouth. To this point in Jamie's time stopping endeavors she had only seen shaved pussies so it was a bit of a surprise when she encountered Ellen's full blonde bush. Jamie's lips still tired from sucking on Ellen's boobs for so long, decided she did not need to taste the milf. "Since you yelled at your son for his mayonnaise mishap its only fare you have a mayonnaise mishap of your own," Jamie explained to the milf. Jamie looked around Applebee's and finally spotted two bigger men who both had just gotten their cheeseburgers. Jamie took to top bun of both cheeseburgers, which still had the melted cheese on it and took it back to Ellen. Jamie then loaded the buns with mayonnaise and slapped them on her huge boobs. As Jamie had expected the mayonnaise and the cheese made the cheeseburger buns stick to her chest as mayonnaise started to ooze out of the sides of the buns. Looking at the table another idea hit Jamie, she saw that Ellen's son had chicken fingers, so Jamie grabbed two chicken fingers and started to position Ellen. Jamie put Ellen's legs up on the table so both her pussy and her ass were visible. Jamie grabbed the chicken fingers, "Now what to use for lube...... oh what else mayonnaise," Jamie joked as she dunked both chicken fingers in mayonnaise and proceeded to shove one up her pussy and the other up her ass, as mayonnaise was now pretty much covering her body. Jamie laughed the she decided since she did not want the kid scarred for life she moved him to the men's restroom.

After dealing with the milf Jamie moved on towards the spoiled bitch yelling at the scared waitress. The blond stood at 5'7" still yelling at the young waitress. First Jamie looked through her purse not only did she find her name to be Trisha Johnson but she found $500 in cash and an American Express black card. "This bitch was arguing about a little tip while she was loaded as hell," Jamie said angrily. First she gave $100 to the waitress crying because she felt bad for her and pocketed the rest. Jamie ran outside and found a bum which she traded Trisha's black card for the bum's one and only pair of underwear. It was a pair of tighty whities but no longer white, they were very crusty and produced a foul smell. Now it was time for the real fun to start as she went back to Trisha. Jamie pulled down the pink pants to the jumpsuit showing a very tiny pink thong and a perfectly tanned and toned ass. The pink top came off just as quickly as the bottoms and surprise, surprise a pink bra held her tits, which were between C's and D's. "You really like pink don't you bitch," Jamie asked a frozen Trisha. After that the pink bra was ripped in half off Trisha's body leaving her chest completely naked. Now while Tori had real breast that looked fake it was clear that Trisha had a big old set of fake tits. They were almost unnaturally big on her body and were standing up perfectly. Jamie grabbed a sharpie from the hostesses and wrote "FAKE" across her chest with arrows pointing to both boobs and wrote "THANKS DADDY" on her stomach witch arrows again pointing to each boob. Jamie then slapped each fake tit till they were both beet red so they would stand out more. Jamie started to move her interest down to Trisha's bottoms. Jamie pulled the thong down showing off Trisha's shaved pussy and one of those hearts you get from tanning on her right hip. "How adorable," Jamie snickered as she rubbed the heart, "but I think its time to eat your pussy and ass," Jamie decided. While Trisha's pussy was not the grossest thing Jamie had ever tasted it did have a slight fishy taste that Jamie was not that into, and that was the same story with her ass, it was not terrible but she could definitely taste and smell asshole. Jamie then grabbed the sharpie again and wrote "FISHY" above Trisha's slit with an arrow down and "STINKY" above her crack with an arrow down. Jamie then thought of what to do next, she saw that the cash drawer was open and saw a roll of quarters. She laughed as she got an idea. Jamie opened up one end of the roll of quarters and placed half it up her ass then pushed the quarters up her ass, so that when she was done the quarters were up her ass without the paper surrounding them. "There is your extra change you wanted bitch," Jamie said in a taunting voice.

Jamie looked around Applebee's for more fun items, she came back with 3 thick hotdogs, two tongs that the cooks were using, and some rubber bands. Jamie took the hotdogs and one by one slid them into Trisha's pussy. To Jamie's surprise all three slid in with ease, the bitch was tremendously loose. "Oh does daddies little bitch love the cock," Jamie taunted. "Now time for the titties," Jamie thought to herself. Jamie took the tongs and squeezed Trisha's nipples as hard as she could then wrapped the rubber band around the tongs to keep them latched on her nipples. Just so Jamie's enjoyment would last a little longer she took the two halves of Trisha's bra and tied her wrist behind her back and her ankles together. For the final touch Jamie shoved the bum's dirty underwear in Trisha's mouth. Standing back Jamie fell to the floor in laughter about to see all three bitches publicly humiliated.

Jamie got back to her seat and said, "Here we go as she started time. Tori the waitress who was still leaning in front of her screamed from the serious amount of pain in her pussy and ass. The scream caused the pre-chewed rib in her mouth to be spat across the table. Tori started to bolt for the bathroom to selvage some dignity. At the same time in the booth across from Jamie, Ellen, the milf, released a muffled scream as she realized she was a mess and felt something in her ass and pussy. Ellen was about to take the cheeseburger buns off her chest before she realized it was the only think covering her up, so she held them tight to her chest and ran to the bathroom. On her way to the bathroom the two bitches collided, Ellen ran Tori over knocking her off her feet and onto her ass. This caused the ribs to get shoved further up her ass. As Tori screamed again, Jamie saw that Tori was borderline passing out from the pain, but she eventually avoided passing out and crawled very slow to the bathroom. Trisha produced a muffled scream probably from the pain on her nipples and just sheer embarrassment. Jamie doubted that she even felt the hotdogs or quarter because of how big a slut she was. Trisha then spit the bum's underwear out of her mouth as she started to gag. Trisha tried to escape by hopping out of Applebee's this caused the tongs to bounce up and down bringing more pain to her nipples. Also with each hop a few quarters fell out of her ass.

The waitress who was on the verge of tears was now sporting one of the biggest smiles as she yelled, " Guess you can keep that change." Trisha kept hopping what seemed like forever until she finally made it to the bathroom, where all three bitches stayed until the manager finally brought them some extra close he had in the back.

Jamie was laughing so hard but she wanted to try out one of her other powers, so she stopped time and walked into the bathroom. First she went up to Tori and hit the m/c button on the remote, mind control. "Tori I want you to bring home a different man every night for the next two weeks to fuck silly but you will not be able to get off unless you are some how humiliated with some sort of food during the sex," Jamie commanded thinking that would humiliate that bitch. Jamie went up to Ellen and commanded, "For the next month you will tell your husband the only way you two will have sex is anal in public places." "And now for my last bitch, Trisha for the next six months the only people you are allowed to do sexual acts with are the nerds you made fun of in high school. If you just want to masturbate the only person you can get off to is the idea of your dad. You will steal his dirty underwear to masturbate with and try to catch him naked to have those vivid masturbation images." Jamie laughs, "It looks like daddies little girl will really be daddies little slut." Jamie then commanded all of then, "After your allotted time is up you all will remember what you had done and you will feel ashamed and humiliated," Jamie laughs again. She decided she had enough of those bitches and left for more fun somewhere else.

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