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You enter the lobby of the hotel, scanning quickly and seeing me sitting on a sofa reading a book with a plain white cover and just a few words on it in black letters. You try to catch my eye but I don't look up. You come over and sit next to me, glancing at the title: "Story of O".

"Hello, Tessa." I say without looking up.

"Hi," you say shyly noticing other men looking at you in the low cut blouse and very short skirt I instructed you to wear.

I pass the book to you.

"Read the third paragraph on this page to yourself, please."

You read and realize immediately why I picked that passage. It describes how the main character is supposed to pull up her skirt when she sits down so that, as she is never to wear underwear, her bare skin is against the chair and she is reminded of her nakedness. You blush fiercely as you were given the same instruction about underwear... and you complied.

I smile at you and stand, offering you my hand to help you up, holding your eyes with mine. I lead you to the glass elevator and hold it open for you. I push the button then turn to you and tell you to remove your bra. Your eyes and mouth open wide but you see I am not kidding. Blushing again, you unhook your bra and slip the strap over your left arm then pull it off with your right. I smile approvingly. The door opens and an older couple enters. You look down, sure they know how little you are wearing. The man stares at you enough to get a nasty look from his wife before they get off a few floors later.

Finally, we arrive at our floor and I lead you to my room. You try to stay patient but you are hoping desperately that no one else comes down the hall as you're waiting. I open the door and let you in, grabbing you and shutting the door behind us. I press you against the wall and kiss you forcefully, my tongue driving into your mouth and my hard cock obvious even through my pants as I grind against you. You feel my hands move up the sides of your body and firmly gripping your breasts, my thumbs playing over the nipples through the thin material of your blouse.

Breaking the kiss, I whisper in your ear, "Are you excited, Tessa?" My hand slides down quickly and slips between your legs and under your skirt, gently parting your thighs and touching you there, feeling your heat, your wetness, your desire. "Oh, yes you are, it seems."

I suddenly move away from you, smiling and saying, "Well then, let's get started, shall we." I motion for you to move into the room. I move past you and sit in the chair in the corner. "Naked and kneeling, Tessa. Now."

Your breath becomes quick and shallow as you fumble unbuttoning your blouse, feeling my eyes on you. You glance up and see me looking at you intently... and blush, yet again. Composing yourself, you set your blouse aside, unzip your skirt and let it fall to the floor. Remembering my favorite part of a woman, you turn around before bending over to pick it up. Setting the skirt down, you almost forget to kneel.

"Hands behind your back, Tessa." I say as I rise from the chair and begin to circle you.

You can almost feel my gaze moving over your naked body as I walk around you silently. You keep your eyes down and try to relax. You feel my fingers graze your shoulder, your neck, your back, the top of your breasts, as I walk. Finally, I stop and crouch down before you. I put my finger under your chin and lift your head. Staring intently into your eyes, my hand travels down your neck and shoulder, gently caressing your breast, my thumb grazing the nipple then softly pinching it. I hold your gaze as my fingers trace their way down your side and across your hip, firmly grabbing your ass. Your eyes widen, causing the barest hint of a smile to cross my face. Following the curve of your leg, my hand then moves down the outside of your thigh and, much more slowly, up the inside. Reaching the top, one finger draws across the wetness between your legs.

"I'm glad to see you're as excited by this as I am, Tessa. Stay still now." I say as my finger pushes more firmly into the slick, soft folds of flesh there. I stroke you gently, but firmly several times before slipping one finger inside you, holding it very, very still and feeling your body tighten around it. Very, very, very slowly, I pull my finger out and bring it up between us, drinking in your scent before placing it in my mouth and sensuously sucking it.

I smile and stand up, moving back to the chair.

"Get your list, Tessa. And return to your position."

You had forgotten about the list. Staying on your knees, you move to your purse and get the piece of paper on which you've written all your transgressions for the past week. You move back to the center of the floor and resume your kneeling position, holding the paper behind you.

I let you remain there for a minute, wondering what my plan is, before speaking.

"Read it to me, Tessa. All of it. Each and every entry."

Your breath catches. It was one thing to write them down, but to confess them... out loud... to me. You swallow hard but know there would be no point in arguing. I made it clear that you would be giving yourself to me and that, while we have arranged safe words, refusing a command would not make either of us happy at all. So, trying to keep your voice from cracking and remembering to breath, sometimes, you read the list: every time you had a dirty thought, every time you didn't work quite as hard as you could, each time you cursed, each time you didn't say please or thank you, every tiny little misstep. The list appeared long on paper but out loud it seemed endless.

You try to catch a glance at me a few times without my noticing but each time, I am looking directly at your eyes and you hurriedly return your gaze to the paper. Once you've finished, I once again let you sit for a minute... wondering.

"Staying on your knees, fetch the chair from the desk and place it where you're kneeling then kneel beside it, Tessa."

You do as you're told sure you know what is next and almost insane with the anticipation. I move to the chair and sit down, looking down at you.

"I'm going to spank you now, Tessa. One for each transgression. You will count them out loud and, after every 10, thank me for your punishment. Do you understand, Tessa?"

"Yes, Sir," you reply, making sure that I hear the capital S.

"And, in the spirit of your honest confession, I am also spanking you because I want to and I enjoy it and I know that you enjoy it to," I say with that tiny, almost invisible, smile.

"Get over my lap and put your hands behind your back, Tessa."

I hold your wrists gently but firmly with one hand and gently caress your bare buttocks with the other. Grabbing a handful a couple of times before raising my hand.


You gasp at the sound and sensation, almost forgetting.

"One," you say quietly.


The strokes continue, sometimes fast, sometimes slowly, always with a gently increasing force. You continue to count, fighting the urge to squirm or move your hands. After twenty-five, I stop and my hand again strokes your now tender skin, this time sliding my fingers between your legs slowly and letting my fingers slide between the warm, wet flesh.

"You seem to be enjoying this as much as I am, Tessa. Would you like to cum for me now."

"Yes, Sir," you manage to whisper.

I release your arms and tease and stroke you gently at first and then, as your breathing becomes quicker and more intense, faster and more intensely. I watch as your body tenses and you reach down and grab the legs of the chair for support as the orgasm builds within you quickly. I have to fight a little to keep my fingers in place as you reach the peak and your legs close tightly around my hand. I slowly remove my fingers and gently caress your back while you relax your breathing steadies.

"Arms, Tessa, you have more coming to you," I say when I think you're ready. You return your arms to your back and I hold them again as I begin the spanking working up again from light to heavy blows as you count. You are perfect in your counting and the required "thank you"s.

When I am finished, I have you stand and I lead you to the full length mirror on the closet doors. I turn you around so you can see the red flesh as I caress and stroke it.

"Stay here, Tessa," I say as I stop into the bathroom and bring back a bottle of lotion I have had cooling in ice water. I take quite some time applying the soothing lotion to your burning, stinging flesh.

"Kneel, Tessa," I say when I am finished as I stand directly in front of you. "Do you know what I want now, Tessa?"

You look up at me, then down seeing my cock straining against my pants.

"You want me to... pleasure you, Sir?"

"Yes, Tessa. But how in particular? Be specific. Be explicit."

"You want me to suck your cock, Sir."

"Very good, Tessa. And do you want to do that?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Then ask for it, Tessa. Beg for it."

"Please, Sir, please let me suck your cock."

"You can do better than that. Describe my cock, Tessa. And tell me why you want it. And what you'll do to it. Again, specific and explicit."

"Please, Sir, please let me suck your fat, hard, cock. I want to feel it in my mouth. To taste it and run my tongue over it. I want to please you and thank you for the pleasure you have given me. Please, I want it, I NEED it."

"Take it out, Tessa."

You reach up and open my pants, stroking my cock through my underwear briefly before pulling it down and pulling my throbbing cock out. You reflexively lick your lips as you start to stroke it.


"Yes, Sir."

"Did I tell you to stroke me?"

You stop suddenly, your hand frozen in place wrapped around the hard shaft, not daring to look up at me.

"N-n-no, Sir."

"It's OK, Tessa. I think I would have been disappointed if you hadn't." You can hear the smile in my voice. "If you want something, Tessa, ask for it."

"May, I please stroke your cock, Sir?"

"You may, Tessa."

You start to move your hand up and down, slowly, the purple head of my cock inches from your face. A quiet moan escapes my lips as you open your mouth and are about to lick the shaft. You hear me give a short "reminder" cough.

Blushing, you ask, "May I lick and suck your cock, Sir? Please?"

"You may, Tessa."

"Thank you, Sir," you say, twisting your head to the side so you can reach the base of my cock with your tongue, licking the entire length in one long, slow motion. You continue to slide your tongue up and down the throbbing shaft, moving from one side to the other, top to bottom. You hear a moan escape my lips as you open your mouth and wrap your lips around my cock. I feel your tongue caressing it as you move up and down on it.

"Moan for me, Tessa. Show me how much you like sucking my cock," I say quietly.

You close your eyes and moan as you continue to slide my cock deep into your mouth, pushing it just a little ways so you don't gag.

"God you look SO sexy, Tessa. Look at yourself."

You open your eyes and look into the mirror at yourself, naked, kneeling, submissive, a vessel for my pleasure alone. You seem my eyes beaming at you in the reflection and feel my cock twitch in your mouth.

"Do you want my cum, Tessa?"

You start to pull your mouth off of my cock but my hand stops you and you are confused. How are you to answer me with your mouth full?

"Say it, Tessa, just like that." You hear the lust in my voice.

"Yes, Sir. I want your cum." The words are muffled but understandable. A groan from me lets you know why I had you do it that way. I pull my cock out of your mouth and stroke it furiously, putting my hand on your shoulder and holding you back slightly. Seconds later, thick streams of warm, thick cum pour from me and land on your gorgeous breasts, slowly dripping down. You move to rub it into your skin but I stop you.

"No, Tessa. Let it stay."

I put my hand on your arm and help you stand, leading you silently to the bed. Guided gently by me, you lay down, still feeling the spanking, and stretch out as I cuff your wrists and ankles to the four corners, smiling at you devilishly. As music plays softly in the background, I spend the next hour touching, caressing, licking, sucking, stroking, and teasing your most sensitive parts without speaking a word. Over and over and over and over, I bring you just to the brink of orgasm and stop, sometimes gently, sometimes abruptly. At first you ask, beg, plead for release. But each time I put a finger across your lips to quiet you.

Finally, when you are sure you can stand no more, when you are ready to cry out and promise anything for release, I ask, "Would you like to cum for me, Tessa?"

"Yes, please, God, yes, please, please let me cum, please, Sir, PLEASE," the words pour out of you as my tongue lands, once again, between your legs. It moves slowly but firmly along the soft folds of your wetness, teasing gently around your clit then caressing it. Your core tightens and you cry out as I continue licking as you struggle against the bonds. I continue as your body writhes and twists continuing until you have crested twice then slowly easing the motions and climbing up next to you after releasing your wrists and ankles. We wrap ourselves around each other and lay there until your breathing has returned to normal.

"Well, Tessa, we need ice," I say, getting up and going into the bathroom and returning with the ice bucket which I hand to you. You stare at me. Can I possibly mean that you are to get it... naked, with your bottom still red, cum drying on your breasts? As you stand up with the bucket, I put a pair of handcuffs on you and say, "Be careful not to spill any on the way back."

Knowing I would never put you in danger of any kind, you take a deep breath and head for the door. I stand behind you as you peek out and check to make sure no one is there. The coast is clear so you step out and walk quickly to the vending area, your full breasts bouncing on the way. You fill the bucket as quickly as possible, being sure to actually fill it so I won't have any reason to send you back out and carefully but swiftly return, seeing me waiting in the doorway with a huge smile on my face.

Back in the room, you start breathing again and I hug you tightly and kiss your temple.

"Very, VERY good, Tessa. I'm proud of you. Now, it's time for something I know you wanted very much."

I take the ice bucket from you and lead you to the middle of the room and tell you to stand still. I pull a big role of pink bondage tape from my bag and pull some out. I have you lift your arms a little and start wrapping the tape around you, leaving your hands cuffed and binding them just below your breasts. I continue wrapping your torso, leaving just your breasts exposed. Then I bring you over to the table and help you lay your chest down on it. I wrap your legs together, leaving you exposed from the waist to mid thigh. Then I wrap a section around your mouth.

"Are you ready, Tessa? Moan twice for me if you are."

You do and you feel my hand rubbing your still slightly sensitive ass. I walk away and you see me pull a ruler, a ping pong paddle, a hairbrush, out of my bag and take off my belt. I return, rubbing my hand on the small amount of bare flesh available, slipping my hand between your legs and feeling your wetness.

I begin with my hand, giving you 10 gentle to moderate spanks. Then I repeat the sequence with the rule, paddle, and brush. I wrap the belt around my hand, moving to the side so you can see me.

"Do you want the belt, Tessa? Nod or shake your head."

Hesitating for a moment, you nod and I smile. I give you 5 strokes with the belt then stand back to admire my work.

"God, Tessa, I can't help myself, I have to take you now."

You hear me undo my pants and feel my cock as it enters you from behind, pushing slowly into your tight wet pussy, stretching you, filling you. I start with long, slow strokes, feeling every inch sliding in and out of you. Then my lust takes control of my body and I grab your hips and start slamming into you, fast, hard, driving; my hips slamming into your reddened ass. I reach forward and pull the tape off of your mouth.

"Do you want my cum, Tessa? Do you want it inside of you?"

You gasp yes and I moan loudly, filling you and continuing to grind into you when I've finished, leaning forward and whispering, "Cum for me, Tessa. Cum on my cock."

I lean back up and pound into you again, feeling your pussy tense and squeeze me as you cry out. I keep pumping until you've crested and slow until you relax. I grab a pair of scissors and carefully cut you out of the bondage tape and take off the cuffs.

"So, ready for a shower, Tessa," I ask with a smile...

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