Twin Magic


The Bella twins were in a good mood, seeing ad they had just defeated Eve and Kelly Kelly for the second week in a row.

They were walking to their bus, Nikki, wearing a tight black shirt and a white miniskirt and Brie wearing a tight white shirt and a black miniskirt, when they noticed R-Truth sitting in a chair with his head down and his shoulders slumped.

"Hey Truth, what's up?" says Nikki, mimicking the catch phrase of the WWE Superstar.

"Oh hey Nikki, hey Brie," R-Truth says," I'm just down because Vince won't give me a title shot."

"What!?!" says Brie, "You are like one of the best Wrestlers we know, and one of the hottest"

Brie gave R-Truth a sexy wink and Nikki licked her lips.

"Tell you what, Truth, how about we take you to our bus and we cheer you up", Nikki says in a sexy voice.

"OH Nikki! That's a great idea!" squeals Brie.

"Well ok ladies-", Truth began but he was cut off when each of the twins grabbed one of his hands and pulled him toward their bus.

It was a coach bus with 4 beds, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room.

The Bellas lead Truth into the bus and then they both tell him to sit on one if the beds. Truth obeys. Nikki and Brie strip down simultaneously. Both removing their tops to reveal two sets if identical, hot C cup breasts. Then the both bent over and pulled down their miniskirts to give the black superstar a look at two perfectly toned asses with shaved pussies.

"Well, what do you think, Truth?" asks Brie.

"Ladies, both of you are getting drilled tonight, and that's what's up!" R-Truth said.

The Bellas giggle and turn to face the superstar. They both then get on their knees and crawl over to him. They both take off his baggy black pants and see his already hard 14 inch black cock. Brie took half of it in her mouth and then used one hand to stroke the other half. Nikki meanwhile was sucking on his balls, making loud sucking and slurping noises.

"Damn girls! That feels amazing!" says R-Truth.

"OH", they both moan in response.

Soon, Brie climbs on top of Truth, sits on his face and tells him to start licking. Truth greedily laps his tongue into Brie's wet cunt.

"Oh yes baby that's the spot!" Brie yells.

Nikki meanwhile takes over for Brie and starts bobbing her head up and down Truths shaft.

"OH", Truth moans into Brie's cunt.

After this, Brie climbs off Truth and Nikki takes her place and Truth resumes licking a basically identical pussy.

"Oh God yes!" moans Nikki. Brie meanwhile has mounted Truths member and is riding it reverse cowgirl.

"OHHH YES, HE IS HUGE!!" screams Brie.

Truth loves every minute of it. He can taste the sweet juices Nikki's cunt and can feel Brie's pussy squeezing him and he completely fills her snatch with his black cock.

Soon, Brie yells, "I'm CUMMMING!!"

Truth feels her cum flow over his shaft and nearly explodes himself but then Nikki and Brie both climb off and Truth sits up to see Nikki, on all fours licking her sister, who is on the floor of the bus, clean.

"Oh yes Nike, that's fantastic!" Brie moans.

Truth sees Nikki's ass sticking straight up in the air, begging to be fucked. So, he goes behind the hot diva and slides his cock into her waiting asshole.

"OHH FUCK YA!!! DRILL MY ASS!!" screams Nikki.

Truth can tell that Nikki's ass is even tighter than Brie's pussy. Soon, he is thrusting in and out as fast as he can. Truth feels like he is about to blow his load when...

Nikki screams, "IM CUMMING!!"

Truth feels her body shake and he pulls out, leaving her to catch her breath. Brie meanwhile comes over and quickly licks her sister clean.

"Oh yes sis that is great!" moans Nikki.

After watching the twins each other out for a while, Truth tells them to make him cum.

"With pleasure", says Brie, in her sexiest voice.

The Bellas crawl over to Truth and lick his cock up and down. Nikki then puts Truths cock between her breasts and tells him to fuck them. Truth obeys and slowly he is fucking her Tits while Brie sucks and squeezes his balls.

Truth moans deeply and it doesn't take long for him to cum, all over Nikki's tits and mouth.

Nikki's scoops some off her tits and licks her fingers and say, "Tasty!"

Brie then pulls her sister to her and kisses her; they feel each other's tongues and taste both Truths cum, but also their own.

Brie then licks her sisters tits clean while Nikki licks R-Truths cock until it is spotless. They all sit there for a while until Truth announces he has to leave. They all put on thief clothes and the Bellas give him a quick kiss on each cheek before seeing him off. They then sit there and make out until they become horny enough, then it's time to rock another superstars world.

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