"What?" Bill asked, staring at Ann.

"The loser has to do to the winner what the card says," Jill said through her laughter.

"But, but how?"

This caused more peals of laughter and even Ann was smiling. Then as their laughter died down she spoke up.

"Since you don't know, I'll have to show you and then you have to do it," Ann said.

They all gasped in surprise as they stared at her.

"You'd let him do that?" Jill asked as she stared at her.

"Contrary to what you've heard, masturbation is not bad for you," Ann replied.

"But you'd let Bill do that to you?"

"Wouldn't you if it had been you?" Ann asked, smiling at her. "I don't mind."

"Well, I don't know," Jill said softly.

"Bill?" Ann asked, looking at him.

"Yeah, I don't mind either," he said.

"Then this is what you do," she said, leaning back on one elbow and bringing her feet up and apart, spreading her legs and exposing her pussy to all of them.

As they all watched Ann rubbed her finger up and down her slit, sliding it into her hole several times and making circles around her large distended clit. She did this for a minute or two, noticing that they were all holding their breath as they stared at her fingers in her pussy. Stopping, Ann brought her fingers to her mouth and gently sucked on them, tasting herself and seeing the absolute shock on their faces.

"Okay, Bill, now you try," she said, leaning back on her elbows so that she could watch.

Tentatively Bill crawled over between her legs, his cock standing at attention as he crouched in front of her open and wet pussy. Slowly he reached out and began to gently do just as he had seen Ann doing to herself, feeling the hot slipperiness of her pussy, the damp warmth of it as he slid a finger into her, feeling her muscles contract on his finger and squeeze. He did this for several minutes before Ann pushed herself to a sitting position, her face flushed, dislodging his fingers.

"That's very good," she said, her eyes slightly glazed and a big smile on her face. "If you hadn't stopped I was about to cum," she said. "And I'm not ready for that."

"That felt good," Bill mumbled as he sat back down, his cock impossibly hard and standing straight up, a fact that both Joan and Jill couldn't help but notice.

"Yes, it certainly did," Ann said with a laugh, reaching forward and mixing the cards. "Shall we play some more?"

Silently they all reached for a card. Jill had high card and Joan low. SUCK.

"What does that mean?" Joan asked uneasily.

"That means that you suck Jill," Ann said neutrally.

"What do you mean?"

"That means that you suck her pussy," Ann said. "Or if it was Bob or Bill, their cock."

"You're kidding!" Joan said. "How could I possibly do that?"

"You don't have to do anything," Ann told her. "This is just a game. If you don't want to, just say so and we'll keep going."

"Well, I don't want to," she said.

"Then let's keep playing, if you want to," Ann said, leaning forward to mix the cards.

"Well, let's try it a little more, just to see," Jill said, drawing a card.

This time Bob won and Ann lost. Ann turned a card over and they all gasped yet again. SIT ON FACE.

"Are you going to do that?" Jill asked, staring at her.

"Only if Bob wants me to," Ann assured her.

"Wow!" she exclaimed. "You're sure nothing like mom."

"How do you know? Have you ever asked her to play stripped poker?" Ann asked her. "How about it Bob?"

"I don't mind," he said softly. "If you're sure."

"Well, lay on your back," Ann said with a smile on her face.

Blushing furiously, Bob lay back, his cock pointing straight up at his chin. Ann crawled over to him, crawling up his body, making it a point to let her hand softly trail up the length of his cock, dragging her pussy along his cock before ending up with her knees next to his ears, her pussy spread above his face. As the others watched with bated breath, Ann lowered herself until she had plastered her pussy onto Bob's mouth. She smiled as she felt his tongue begin to explore her and she began to softly and slowly rock back and forth, rubbing herself on his face. His tongue got more and more insistent, driving up into her wetness. When she felt his lips fasten onto her clit she had to reach down and grip his hair as her body convulsed in delight. Before he could bring her off, though, she slid off of his face, leaning down to kiss him and tasting herself all over his face.

"That was very, very nice," Ann said as she sat back down, her legs spread and her pussy glistening.

"Did you like that?" Joan asked her brother.

"Yeah, it was really, really cool," Bob said, smiling at her. "You should have taken your turn."

"I can't believe you!" Joan said.

"Don't knock it until you've tried it, that's all I'm going to say," Bob told his little sister.

"Do you want to keep playing?" Ann asked.

They responded by mixing the cards and drawing again. This time Joan won and Bill lost. Joan was holding her breath as Bill turned a card over. She stared at it dumbfounded when she read it. SUCK ASS.

"Does that mean that he "

"Yes," Ann said as she laughed at the expression on their faces.

"That's gross though," Joan said.

"It's up to the two of you," Ann replied. "And it's not gross, it's very, very exciting."

"You've done it, or had it done, I mean?" Jill asked.

"Yes, both ways and many times," Ann told her with a smile. "Actually I'm a little jealous."

"Well, I'll try," Bill said, blushing.

"What would I have to do?" Joan asked, also blushing.

"Just get on your hands and knees," Ann told her. "That's the easiest."

"Oh, god, I'm so embarrassed," Joan said, laughing. "I mean, he's my brother!"

"Then just say you pass," Ann said. "We'll just move on."

"No, no, I'll try it," Joan said. "It's just that well, you know. I'm just a little embarrassed."

They all stared at her as she struggled with herself about what to do. Finally she took a deep breath and got on her hands and knees, turning so that her ass and pussy were pointed at her brother. Everyone moved around next to him and Joan blushed as she realized that they were all staring at her pussy and asshole. She felt a flush of heat in her pussy and she knew that she was excited and probably wet too. Putting her face down in her hands on the floor, her ass high up in the air, Joan waited.

Softly she felt lips touch her ass, softly moving across. Then she felt what she knew were kisses and she giggled, thinking about how ridiculous it was to be in such a position with her brother kissing her naked butt. Then she felt Bill's hands on her ass gripping both of her cheeks and gently squeezing, then squeezing harder and pulling them apart. She gasped as she felt the warm air of his breath on her asshole, realizing that she was about to get her ass licked and sucked. She felt his tongue dart out and touch her and she caught her breath in her throat. Then she felt him kiss her inner thigh, trailing his tongue back and forth. Then he was on the other side doing the same thing. She felt herself getting hotter and hotter as his tongue and lips excited her. Then she felt him squeezing her cheeks and pulling them apart again. His tongue trailed up her inner thigh and shocked her by sliding between her spread pussy lips before pointedly pressing on her asshole. She gasped as she felt her brother's tongue make circles around her asshole before pressing against it again. Twice more she felt his tongue slide down between her pussy lips before sliding back up to her asshole. Then he was gone and she couldn't move, just stayed where she was, her pussy and freshly licked asshole pointing at everyone.

"Well, now I am jealous," Ann said softly, laughing. "That looked positively marvelous."

"I've never even imagined feeling anything like that," Joan said, slowly crawling to her seat. "I mean, that's really weird but it feels so nice."

"Let's play some more," Ann suggested, mixing the cards.

They leaned forward and mixed and then drew cards. This time Bob had high card and Ann had low. Smiling, Ann turned a card over and her smile got even bigger. BLOWJOB.

"Blowjob!" Jill exclaimed. "You mean "

"That means you suck until the person cums," Ann told her. "That's why I stopped Bill when he got MASTURBATE."

"You mean you're going to suck his, his "

"Yes, if he wants me to I'm going to suck his cock until he cums," Ann finished.

"Wow!" Jill said. "You're great! I never thought "

"Bob?" Ann asked.

"Sure! I'm not crazy," he said.

"Then sit here in the middle with your legs out in front of you," Ann suggested.

Bob did as she said and Ann crawled between his legs, a smile on her face as she saw his cock standing up so hard. It had to be at least nine inches. Knowing they were all watching, Ann slowly reached out and grasped Bob's cock in her hand, feeling it jerk as she squeezed it. She knew he wouldn't last long so she had to make the best of it. Leaning forward, Ann stuck her tongue out and ran it around the head of Bob's cock, hearing him and the others gasp as she did so. Then she opened her mouth and let her head drop down, Bob's cock disappearing inch by inch into her mouth and throat as she felt her face mash into his pubic hair. Slowly drawing back, she let his cock slide out of her mouth, her lips holding a nice suction on it, the shaft now glistening with her saliva. Then she began to bob up and down on him, fucking her mouth with his cock, a hand wrapped around the shaft, the other holding and fondling his balls. Bob was already gasping within a minute, never having ever felt anything like what was happening to him, his aunt sucking his cock in front of his brother and sisters. He felt his cock spasm just as Ann felt him swell even larger, the precursor to him cumming. When she felt his cum begin to shoot from his cock, Ann pulled away, allowing the first stream to shoot up into the air, drawing yet another gasp from the others. Then she quickly sucked him back into her mouth, sucking and swallowing all of his cum until he stopped spasming, then sitting up and licking her lips, getting any stray cum that had hit her face.

"You have a very tasty cock, Bob," Ann said, smiling at them all staring at her. "Whoever gets to suck it is very lucky."

"You swallowed that?" Jill asked, a sour look on her face.

"Oh, yes," Ann said. "There's very little that tastes better that I've ever tasted."

"Wow, I never would have thought," Jill said, a pensive look on her face.

"So, are you ready to go to bed or should we continue playing?" Ann asked.

"Let's play," Jill said, mixing the cards.

They drew cards and Jill won and Bill lost. He turned a card over and Jill had a big smile on her face. SUCK.

"I don't mind," she said, laying on her back and spreading her legs wide, her face crimson in spite of herself.

"Well, I don't either," Bill said, crawling between his sister's legs and sticking his tongue directly into her pussy.

"Ohhh," Jill gasped when she felt his tongue drive up into her pussy. "That feels nice."

"Tastes nice too," Bill mumbled from between her thighs as he continued to suck his sister's pussy. He went on for several minutes before Ann spoke up.

"You're not supposed to make her cum, remember," she admonished.

"It just tastes so good," Bill said as he pushed himself up.

"I can't believe how nice it feels," Jill said, her face flushed with excitement.

"Let's play one more hand and then call it a night," Ann suggested. "There's a whole summer in front of us."

They agreed and mixed the cards, each one then turning one over. Once again Ann lost and Bill was the winner. Ann turned a card over and had to suppress a big smile while the others sat with mouths hanging open. FUCK.

"Well, it's finally getting interesting," Ann observed with a laugh.

"Are you going to "

"Bill looks ready, don't you think?" Ann asked as she saw his big hard cock twitching.

"Oh, I just never thought ."

"It sort of makes sense though, doesn't it?" Ann asked, getting on her hands and knees and crawling over to Bill, putting a hand on his chest and pushing him onto his back. "And this looks very nice," she said, wrapping her hand around his cock as she straddled his body, rubbing the head of his cock back and forth between her pussy lips, getting it nice and wet.

As they watched in astonishment, Ann placed the head of Bill's cock at the entrance to her pussy and just sat down, enveloping him in one thrust of impalement. Bill gasped when he felt her hot pussy grip his cock. Bob and his sisters leaned in close and watched as Ann began to ride up and down on Bill's cock, her pussy lips clinging to the shiny shaft each time she rose up. It was only a few minutes before Bill cried out and thrust his hips up as his balls exploded in orgasm. Ann clasped him tightly with her thighs, her pussy muscles milking him of his seed as he emptied himself into her. When he had finished cumming and Ann felt his cock subsiding, she lifted herself up off of him, cum dribbling from her pussy onto his cock. She turned around and lowered her face to his cock, taking it into her mouth and sucking on him, slurping all of the juices from him and swallowing, tasting their combined cum as it slid down her throat.

"That was delicious," she said as she licked her lips. "You both taste so good."

"That was incredible," Bill gasped as he lay on his back, his cock flaccid and laying to the side.

"I'll say," Jill said. "It looked ..great!"

"Your time will come," Ann said. "But for now, let's get to bed. It's late and tomorrow's another day."

"Yeah, I am tired," Joan agreed, yawning and stretching.

"Anyone who would like to is welcome to sleep with me," Ann told them. "I don't mind the company."

"Really?" Joan said.

"Really," Ann assured her. "It's nice to have someone to wake up to, to suck or have suck you, or fuck."

"You mean you'd let us " Bob began to ask.

"Oh course," Ann replied. "My room, my bed, my body is there for any or all of you if you want."

The next morning the twins slept in, worn out from their long day and exhilarating evening the night before. When Joan finally got out of bed, she pulled a t-shirt on and wandered out to the kitchen, ravenously hungry. When she got there she stopped short, her mouth falling open. Their backs to her, Ann was leaning up against the kitchen counter, her legs spread wide apart, and Bob was standing behind her, naked, from the motion of his hips, fucking her. Joan quietly moved so that she had a better viewing angle, and indeed Bob's cock was sliding in and out of Ann's pussy, a glistening sheen on the shaft each time he drew back. Joan watched, a strange feeling of jealously washing over her as she watched her brother's cock fucking their aunt. Then Ann suddenly turned her head in Joan's direction and their eyes locked, a dreamy smile on Ann's face.

"Oh, good morning, Joan," she said, Bob stopping, a startled look on his face as he looked to the side and saw his sister standing there. "Don't stop, Bob. It's only your sister."

Uncertainty on his face, Bob nevertheless began so move his hips back and forth, commencing with fucking Ann again.

"Did you sleep well?" Ann asked Joan as Bob fucked her.

"Uh, yes, thanks," Joan said, nodding.

"Does this excite you, watching your brother fuck me?" Ann asked.

"Yes," Joan replied breathily.

"Come over here," Ann invited, holding out a hand. "Stand closer."

Mesmerized, Joan moved over next to them, watching her brother's cock as it continued to pump in and out of Ann's pussy. As she got closer she could see Ann's pussy lips clinging to the shaft of Bob's cock each time he pulled back. Joan felt Ann's hand slide around her thigh and slide up under her t-shirt to rest on her pussy, a finger nestled between her pussy lips.

"Oh!" she gasped when she felt Ann's fingers on and in her pussy.

"You are wet," Ann said, withdrawing her hand from between Joan's legs and bringing her fingers to her mouth. "And you have a very nice tasting pussy too," she said after softly sucking her fingers.

Joan sighed loudly, her whole body trembling with excitement. Ann smiled up at her, enjoying Bob's cock in her pussy. Then she slid her hand back up between Joan's legs to her pussy, working a finger into her hole and rubbing her clit at the same time. Joan was panting, leaning against the counter to hold herself up. Bob began to grunt and groan as his orgasm approached.

"Your brother is about to cum," Ann said to Joan as she played with her pussy. "Would you like him to cum in your mouth?" she asked.

Joan's mouth fell open in surprise, but to her own surprise she didn't complain. She moaned in ecstasy at the feelings Ann's fingers were producing. Ann took this to mean something else.

"Just sink down to your knees," she said, gently tugging on Joan who slid to the floor, dislodging Ann's fingers from her pussy. "Bob, when you begin to cum, after your first spurt I want you to pull your cock out of my pussy, okay?"

"Yeah," Bob panted, feeling his orgasm building.

"And Joan, you take him into your mouth. But you'll have to be quick or he'll shoot all over the place."

Joan just stared in a daze at Bob's cock pistoning in and out of Ann's pussy. Then Bob grunted and slammed his hips in hard, burying himself deep inside of Ann's pussy as he began to cum. Somehow he managed to pull his spurting cock from Ann's grasping pussy after he felt the first spurt of cum shooting from the end, and now another spurt sailed across to hit his sister Joan in the face, dripping from her nose and cheek as she opened her mouth and he inserted his wet spurting cock, her lips closing on him as she sucked, tasting a cock for the first time and also the juices from Ann's pussy. Bob couldn't believe how much cum shot from his cock as his sister knelt in front of him, sucking and swallowing as fast as she could, a low moaning coming from her throat. Finally she stopped, letting his cock slide from her mouth, glistening clean.

"Now suck my pussy clean for me, Bob," Ann implored him. "Suck my pussy juices and your cum out of me so I'm ready for some more."

Without thinking Bob dropped to his knees next to his sister and buried his face in Ann's gooey pussy, running his tongue up into her as he sucked and slurped at the cum cocktail that filled her. Joan just knelt next to him, panting with the exertion of having sucked his cock while he came, feeling herself intoxicated with lust as she watched Bob burying his face in Ann's pussy as he sucked her clean. After a couple of minutes Ann stood up, dislodging Bob from her pussy.

"Umm, that was nice," she said, leaning over and kissing Bob. "I liked your cock and I liked your tongue," she told him with a smile. "I hope you'll let me use them both more often."

"Well, sure," Bob replied, almost blushing with delight.

"And Joan, she sucked your cock really nicely for you, didn't she?"

"Yeah, it was great," Bob agreed, putting a hand on his sister's shoulder.

"Well, don't you think you should repay the favor?" Ann asked him.

"You mean "

"And I'll bet Joan will just love it too, won't you? You're so wet, aren't you?"

"Yes, yes, I am," Joan almost cried.

"Sit on the table, Joan," Ann told her. "Sit on the table and lay back. That's right. Now put your feet up on your brother's shoulders," Ann instructed her.

As Joan complied, Bob was in shock as his sister's red-fringed pussy spread open in front of him. It was actually brimful of juice, and so red. Her swollen clit peeked out from between her pussy lips.

"If you don't eat that, I will," Bill said as he came into the room with Jill. "If she tastes anything like Jill, it's worth dying for. And I seem to remember a bit of a taste that was really good."

Jill just blushed as she remembered Bill eating her pussy the night before. She stared at her sister laying on the table, her feet propped on Bob's shoulders, her pussy spread wide open. She had never seen her sister so exposed and she stared at her, realizing that must be the way she herself appeared. Then Bob leaned forward and plastered his mouth onto Joan's juicy pussy, audibly slurping at the juices which filled her. She groaned out loud, loving the sensation of a tongue probing up into her hot hole.

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