"Jenny... I..."


Fuck it.

I tilted my head to the side, closed my eyes and pressed my lips to hers. I've never felt quite so terrified in my life. When I felt her body relax and her soft lips move against mine as she let out a low moan of pleasure, I can't remember ever feeling so good. Our mouths opened and our tongues gently teased each other. I didn't even notice her shifting against me, or feel my hands slide down to hold the taut curves of her shapely ass. She lifted one of her legs to wrap around me. I didn't notice the movement until I felt her grind herself against my swollen cock. The flimsy material of the little slip had hiked up leaving my fingertips to gently squeeze the lower portion of her bare bum. I realised that she must have been rubbing her naked pussy against my jeans as we fell into the steady waves of bliss that came from our kiss.

That was when I felt Jenny slip her arm from around my shoulder and start to tug my t-shirt upwards.

"Whoa there." I suddenly released her and stumbled back up against her bedroom door.

"What?" She grinned at me. She knew exactly what.

"Jenny we are not doing it in your bedroom with your mum and dad in the house!" I whisper-shouted.

"Party pooper." She accused whilst poking me in the chest and closing the distance between us again.

Seeing the sudden pouty school girl act from her made me relax and I couldn't help but chuckle at her antics.

"What in the hell has gotten into you?" I asked.

"Well I'm trying to get you into me, but I'm not doing so good." She let the finger that had poked me trail downward over my chest. "Have you been working out, Larry?"

"Kind of." I shrugged modestly. Then when I felt her finger continue its voyage south I grabbed her wrist and pushed it away. "Seriously!?"

Jenny just smirked and then giggled at me. Then she turned her head to look at the bag I'd brought her and left upon the bed. Her attention shifted and I let go of her wrist as she reached for the bag and poked her nose inside.

"You brought me chocolate?" She turned back to look at me, her smile less playful and much more genuine.

"'Course I did." I tried to avoid grinning like an idiot. I failed.

"You're one of the good ones aren't you?" She plucked her chocolate out of the bag and looked it over.

"I try." I nodded.

"Well what do you want to do today?" She asked as she put the chocolate bar away.

"Whoa, you're not going to take a chunk out of it right now? Who are you and what have you done with my Jenny?" I teased.

"Your Jenny?" She looked up at me, eyes flaring brightly at catching me using that particular choice of words.

"Sorry, I mean... I just," I started to splutter.

"Your Jenny." She affirmed gently as she walked over and kissed me on the cheek. "I'm not in the mood for chocolate right now. I want something meaty, barely-cooked, and smothered in barbecue sauce."

"Well we can't go anywhere can we? Your leg?" I reminded her of the limp she supposedly had.

"Oh that? It's fine now. Look." Jenny turned and sat beside her bag of chocolate on her bed. I saw the light bounce of her lovely breasts as she sat and our kissing had certainly caused the peaks of those beautiful mounds to poke out against her slip.

Then she lifted one of her legs from where they hung over the bed to prop her heel up beside her. This gave me a very clean unspoiled view of the silken pink folds of her glistening sex. I choked and turned around suddenly.

"What?" She asked, slightly annoyed.

"You're... um... not really decent for that position Jenny." I explained.

"Larry, the first chance I get you alone you're going to see a lot more than this. Stop being a prude and look. I don't mind. Then when you're done you can look at my bite." She teased.

I considered things for a moment and then turned around to look at her. She was still sat in that position with one long slender leg lifted up to rest her heel on the bed whilst the other hung loosely over the edge. She was offering a wicked little smile and twirling her fingers innocently amidst her silky blonde curls.

Out of an effort to be decent I moved to sit down beside her, blocking my view of her sexy slit. Her eyes followed me as I moved her chocolate bag out of the way and she was stifling a laugh when I started visibly shaking at our renewed intimacy.

"Larry, it's me. You don't have to be so terrified." She teased before leaning over to kiss the tip of my nose.

"Sorry. I just... I've kind of wanted this for a long time."

"Wanted what?" Her tone was all sweet innocence whilst her eyes had the look of a shark that had just sensed blood in the water.

"You." I replied simply.

"Really? Since when?" The surprise in her expression was obviously genuine.

"About four years ago." I felt a wave of heat begin to burn my face.

"Four years ago!?"

"I know, I know. I should have told you. I'm sorry. You just had other priorities and I didn't want to get in the way. I..."

The sudden slap that crossed my cheek stung like hell. Jenny had moved so fast I hadn't seen it coming and when I looked at her again her eyes were furious and her lip was quivering. I thought she might cry. Hell, I thought I might burst into tears and join her.

"Other priorities!? Other priorities!? Larry you idiot, I'm your best friend! I'm," Her voice stuck in her throat. "Oh God, I just slapped you, didn't I? I'm sorry."

The little sex kitten, or rather sex lioness that she had been seemed to melt away and I saw the uncertainty in her. She lowered her head into her hand and held her brow for a few moments, shaking and then looking up to me again.

"I don't know what's going on." She finally admitted. "I feel different. Look."

She peeled back the white bandage on her leg where the bite mark obviously was. It barely looked like a scratch that had long since healed over.

"That's it? It doesn't look like much." I ventured, my interest and surprise stifling the emotional rollercoaster this visit had turned into.

"I know! I can't even feel it anymore but the night before last it looked like I'd been mauled by a bear. I took a picture." She slipped off the bed and walked over to grab her mobile phone. A few button presses later and she held it out to me. "This is what it looked like at the hospital."

I wasn't sure what she was getting at but I took the phone and looked at the image. It was a close up of the bite obviously taken in a hospital bed. I seemed like Jenny had peeled the dressings away to take the picture. The wound itself was difficult to believe. I could see the obvious teeth marks and the bottom jaw of whatever had bitten her seemed to have torn away a lot of flesh.

"That's impossible." I noted with some confusion.

"I know! I took that photo to see if anyone might be able to recognise the bite of what it was that bit me. It was big, like a dog. They said it might have been a stray that was feral. It..."


The word rang in every corner of my mind as I looked at the image. I knew it was impossible. I knew that people didn't turn into wolves. I'd grown up from being a boy who was afraid of the dark and all the things I knew lurked there.

I knew that Jenny had been bitten by a werewolf.

"Have you shown anyone?" I asked gently, not quite knowing how to give my thoughts a voice.

"Just you." She said.

"Let's keep it that way. You don't have another doctor's appointment do you?" I sure as hell didn't want her to get examined like this.

"No. I've just got to re-dress it until it heals and take the pain medication I got."

"Alright then. Keep dressing it. Just like you've been doing." The slap she'd given me was still tingling on my face. The impression of it must have started to show because she reached out to touch my face. I felt her fingertips, cool on my heated cheek.

"You're afraid of me." She accused in a very small voice.

"No." I turned my head. It was my turn to get angry. "You're my friend, Jenny. You always have been. I'm never going to be afraid of you." I looked at her and took the initiative. My lips met hers again and the kiss that followed was short, sweet, and filled with apologies. Then we parted and I looked at her again. "That doesn't mean I can't be afraid for you."

"You think I'm a werewolf?" She came out with it pretty fast. I wasn't the only one that seemed to have connected the dots. From the look on her face, this seemed like the first time Jenny had admitted it to herself.

"I think that bites from big dogs don't heal overnight. I think that you being this horny is a sign. I'm really hoping you're playing a prank on me. Failing that, I think we should keep an open mind." I told her as she carefully replaced her bandage around her leg.

Jenny glumly nodded.

"We're probably just freaking out here. Let's do some research and see if there's a more obvious solution before we start thinking about the supernatural." I offered in a more assured tone. "Right now we're getting most of our presumptions from B-movies aren't we? That's probably not a good start."

The thought brought that smile back to her face. My heart did a quick loop-the-loop.

"Alright, where do we start?" She asked, settling her injured leg down to hang over the edge of the bed with the other one.

"Well, why don't we go catch a movie and I'll buy you dinner. Then we can head over to the city library and see what we can find out about miraculously-healing bite marks and sudden onsets of slutiness."

She jabbed me in the ribs. I kissed her on the cheek.

"Look," I went on. "Whatever this is, it's already been a great thing for me. I finally got a kiss, didn't I?"

The reminder made her eyes light up again suddenly, the worry melting from her face to be replaced with lecherous intent.

"You could have a lot more." She offered, leaning in against me and nibbling on my neck.

"Easy, tiger." I chuckled and barely won a contest with every instinct I had by placing my hands on her bare shoulders and gently pushing her back.

"Tch, fine! Be that way." She mock-scolded me before standing up and walking over to her wardrobe.

I was admiring the little sway of her beautiful bum when she quickly crossed her hands over herself and grasped the lower hem of her slip. Before I had any clue of what she was about to do she'd whipped that slinky garment up and off over her head. As a result, I found myself sat on Jenny's bed staring, slightly slack jawed, upon the focus of my desires for as long as I'd had desires.

She definitely didn't disappoint. Her ass was beautifully toned and rounded with her smooth, sun-bronzed skin looking incredible. The delicate lines of her back were beautiful, slender and her long bare legs parted into my wildest dreams. I was speechless at her sudden nudity, even more so when she opened her wardrobe and bent down to rummage for clothing. She didn't slouch but rather curved her back to thrust her bare ass out towards me as I got an incredible view of her hairless, velvety pussy. Her arousal was certainly no act for those delectable pink lips glistened brightly before my eyes as did the skin on the highest part of her inner thighs.

My cock jumped back to full attention immediately, putting a harsh strain in my pants. Jenny wiggled that gorgeous ass at me as she foraged for her clothing. I couldn't stand it any longer, parents be damned. My hands reached out for her as I slipped from the bed and fell to one knee before her. She felt my fingers slide over her peachy bottom and I felt her body suddenly grow taut and tense beneath my touch. I had no experience at the particular act I was about to perform but as my lips first kissed her blossoming pussy I knew instinct would suffice.

I felt Jenny's body lurch forwards as my mouth opened and I quickly started lapping at her juicy flesh. She tasted incredible. Fresh, sharp, and delicious. I licked her for a few moments without regard to technique, merely enjoying her flavour and from the way her pussy began to quiver upon my lips I didn't think Jenny would argue. Then I began to explore the texture and shape of her, sliding my tongue inside that hot sheath as my hands shamelessly groped her firm rear cheeks.

From the mumbled moans that my ears barely registered I knew that Jenny had buried her face in amidst the clothes that hung in her wardrobe to stifle her cries. Sealing my mouth over her fiery pussy, I gently sucked as my tongue probed her sticky sweet depths. The action provoked a muffled scream from the girl I so adored as she began to move her hips in time with the beat of her climax. She smeared my mouth with her juices as I felt a fresh wave of that appetising nectar splash on my tongue. In a moment of clarity I was surprised that I was still capable of, I slid my thirsty tongue from her saturated pussy and swirled it around the sensitive little nub of her swollen clit.

The action wracked her body with another sudden and apparently mind-shattering orgasm. I'm not trying to brag. The reason I say mind-shattering is that Jenny momentarily seemed to forget herself and I heard the wood of her wardrobe begin to splinter where her hands held on tightly. My licking eased up, becoming less ravenous and gentler as she rode the waves of her orgasm and finally I gave those luscious folds of delicious flesh a parting kiss.

Jenny spun around and fell into my arms the moment I stood up. Her mouth sought out mine and she had no qualms about tasting herself on my tongue. Clearly she was appreciative of my efforts and I was rewarded with her gorgeous supple form pressed up against me, this time without even her flimsy slip. I wanted to have her then and there. I wanted to give her everything I could. Still, she was at home and her parents, though understanding, probably wouldn't have taken kindly to the sound of me banging their daughter up against her poster-covered walls.

"Not now, Jenny." I told her in a tone far more assured than I actually felt.

"Ok, ok. After that I think you've earned a reprieve." She grinned, that white smile between flushed cheeks was beautiful.

"Get dressed." I couldn't resist a lighter kiss on those plush feminine lips.

"Anything you say," she teased in a husky whisper.

This time she actually did get dressed, and I got treated to the sight of her shapely form surrounded by a beautiful summer dress. The heat of the season had stayed longer than usual and the chill of autumn was having trouble grasping a foothold. Jenny's dress finished in the middle of her thighs, showing off most of her long, nude legs. She wore no underwear, and I saw the beautiful contours of her soft round breasts as those appealing curves plunged together into her cleavage.

"Aren't you wearing any... um..." Underwear. It was amazing that after what I'd just done I got nervous about saying that.

"I don't want them in the way if you get a sudden urge to do that again." She smirked and settled the thin straps into place over her shoulders.

My ears felt like they might burst into flames.

Jenny slipped on some strappy sandals and twirled about in front of me. She was perfect.

"Ready?" I asked.

"One sec." She said before moving over to her dresser and quickly fixing some lightly-applied make up. Once she was finished she turned back to me, batted her long lashes, and walked over to take my hand. "And now, I'm yours."

"Well I'm definitely happy to have you." I squeezed the offered hand. "Are your parents going to be ok with you going out with your injury?"

"I got it taken care of." She wisely said before she led me out of her room and down the stairs. "Get ready to run."

I was about to say something when Jenny flung the door open into the kitchen and blitzed through with me in tow.

"MomdadgoingoutwithLarrygottagobye!" She blurted as we hurtled out of the door and into her front garden.

Her dad didn't even get a chance to protest, instead he watched on with a slightly baffled expression at our sudden entrance and abrupt exit.

"Nicely done." I complimented her on her insanity.

"Thank you, kind sir." She continued to hold my hand as she curtseyed.

We walked to the bus stop talking about our different summers, avoiding the subject of Jenny's camping trip. She told me that during her cruise in the afternoons she'd tanned herself naked on the private balcony of their room on the ship. Her parents had gone for drinks and left her to herself. I failed at stifling laughter when she'd told me she managed to sunburn her butt on the first day.

We settled into a seat on the bus together and Jenny snuggled up against me. Life was good as she lost interest in talking and started doing obscenely pleasurable things to the nape of my neck with her lips, tongue, and teeth.

We arrived in town and she insisted on paying for the movie if I was buying dinner. I can't remember what we saw. We spent the entire film with our lips locked together. The early hour meant that the theatre was empty except for a few viewers in the distance who didn't notice us furiously making out on the back row.

Jenny's hand slipped under my shirt and I heard her moan of approval at the feel of my body. Her light touch became more intense as she slid her hand over my chest and lightly pinched my nipple. I returned the favour, her plump breasts heaved beneath her dress and I quickly slid my hand down into that valley to cup one of those soft mounds. Jenny ravenously devoured my kiss and squealed against my lips when she felt my hand release her breast and slide up under her little dress. The dark cinema was a perfect hideaway for our scandalous actions.

I felt the lean smoothness of her thigh and trailed my fingers upward to feel the slick, silky folds of her pussy. She whimpered against me and I slowly explored where my tongue had been hours before with my fingertips. I quickly brought her to her peak and felt the wet splashes of her orgasm on my hand. She came with an intensity that I could hardly believe was possible. I wasn't done with her either. I continued to tease and stroke that juicy treasure for the rest of the movie. By the time the credits rolled Jenny could hardly walk straight.

She laughed as she stood up and I quickly pulled her dress down over her bare bottom where it had ridden up during the proceedings. She slipped her arm into mine and we stifled laughter at our behaviour as we descended the stairs. On our way out Jenny stopped by the bathroom and I waited outside, reading whatever was there. One of the signs mentioned that every audience member in the theatre was being filmed in an effort to prevent movie piracy. I blinked in terror.

"Whatcha readin'?" Jenny's voice behind me.

"Oh, um, nothing. Just keeping occupied." I said as I quickly ushered her away from the notice and we quickly got the hell out of there.

The restaurant was in walking distance of the theatre. We walked, talked, and may have ducked into an alcove for a quick snog once or twice. She was insatiable and I... well, I was an eighteen-year-old male. When we arrived at the restaurant, we quickly took our seats in a private booth. It was dinner time so the place was bustling with activity.

"I think I'm going to get the chilli with onions." I pondered as I looked over the menu.

"Because you hate me?" Jenny added.

"No! Why would... oh right. Onion breath. Sorry. Not really used to this." I yielded, embarrassed.

"Don't be a dope, I was just messing with you. Besides if it's really that bad I'm sure I can find other bits of you to kiss." She lowered her menu to wink at me before lifting it up again. "I think I'll have the steak. Since you're paying and all."

"Hey it's fine with me. I saw my first naked girl today thanks to you. Go nuts." I closed the menu and set it down on the table.

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